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tv   7 On Your Side at 6pm  CBS  February 17, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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cried liar when he exposes their record. >> president trump banned partial birth abortion? >> i'm very pro-choice. >> but you would not ban it? >> no. >> or ban partial birth abortion. >> no, i am pro-choice in every respect. >>reporter: it's these words from the mouth of donald trump in 1999 that the cruz campaign is using for their latest attack, alleging that trump can't be trusted to make conservative choices, based on a supreme court nominee based on his record. >> life, marriage. >>reporter: cruz played that ad before revealing that the trump campaign has threatened him with legal action if he doesn't remove it. >> to mr. trump, you have been threatening frivolous lawsuits for your entire adult life. >>reporter: cruz says it's trump's own words, trump's legal team says it's defamation. >> if you want to file a
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the lawsuit. >>reporter: cruz said he deposed donald trump himself, forcing oath. but he's the one who's untruthful. >> the single biggest liar, you bush. >> ted cruz has been telling lies, he lied about ben carson in iowa. >>reporter: the response of both donald trump and marco rubio is to yell the word liar. >>reporter: cruz turned focus to marco rubio, who just this week, accused the cruz camp of creating this facebook page, alleging south carolina congressman trey gowdy was rescinding his endorsement of rubio for cruz. >> marco rubio, is bhaifg like donald trump at this time. >>reporter: cruz denied they were involved and blasted the rubio campaign for making th accusation and putting out robo calls calling cruz unethical. we did reach out to the trump and rubio campaigns as well, as
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them were available for comment this afternoon. meanwhile, again, cruz and rubio facing off at this town hall live on c, this n tonight. many -- cnn tonight, many are expecting fireworks similar to last's debate in greenville. tonight in greenville, addie hampton, 7 news. at 10:00 and 11:00, you can count on us to bring you highlights from the cnn town hall in greenville. at the old cigar warehouse on south main street. tomorrow night, cnn will host the second down hall. three tonight and three again tomorrow. and anderson keeper will be the moderator. happening right now, republican candidate doctor ben carson and ted cruz are in the upstate. they're attending the faith and freedom coalition, that's going on at first baptist north spartanburg. this event is just beginning right now. a 7 news crew is there and we will recap what happens tonight
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the con tif review convention will take place in downtown -- doctor ben carson and ted cruz, marco rubio are all expected to be there. it begins at 7:00 p.m., count on 7 news to bring you the highlights from the campaign trail. if you don't plan to vote in saturday's republican primary, south carolina law gives you did option to go to the polls the next weekend to vote in the democrat ic primary. >> we want to remind you that the state law allows you did vote in only one of the primaries. as the democratic primary approaches you might imagine it has candidates hillary clinton and senator bernie sanders on edge. a south carolina primary win will break the tie after clinton won the iowa caucus and sanders won the new hampshire primary. the latest south carolina polls shows hillary clinton leading by 37 points among african-americans, but white democrats prefer bernie sanders by 14.margin. 7 news wants your opinion about the upcoming south carolina democratic and repen primaries.
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be part of our online poll on on the candidates and issues. you can also participate using the new and improved 7 news app. we inright you to share your opinion -- invite you to share your opinion with us. a boil water advisory continues for people in part of anderson koun. after a water main break, it affects you if you live in pendleton and in belton, customers are also asked to boil their tap water for at least one minute before using its for cooking or drinking, while crews make a scheduled repair. >> rain across the upstate has dried up at this point. closer to the weekend, temperatures are climbing higher. >> yes, it's been a beautiful day. christy henld has more about the great weather. >> the temperature will be edging up. we'll be looking for 70s to show up. mostly clear skies tonight. a little bit more in the way of cloud cover towards the tennessee line. and the steady cooldown is on the way, too, so many of us are going to be closos to, if not
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into tomorrow morning. right now, it's 39 in asheville. 51 degrees in greenville. 54 degrees the current temperature in laurens. the temperatures will be dropping steadily. the next several hours here, by 11:00, 38. near freezing. plenty of sunshine on the way for tomorrow, though, can and that means a good rebound in temperature. we'll talk more about your forecast for thursday and the weekend, coming up in just a few minutes. >> they plan to appeal a judge's decision to drop charges against a former police officer. former officers zachary covington beating a handcuffed man if the head during an arrest back in october. covington is the son of seneca police chief john covington. tonight, police tell us a man wanted for murder is still on the run, they need your help to catch him. >> we want to give you another look at 29-year-old garnet, police say he shot and killed a woodruff man on february the 6th.
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travelling to columbia or perhaps goosecreek. right now, 7 news reporter brin na smith is in wood riff, only the one to spoke with the family members today who are begging for some closure here. briana. >>reporter: amy, this is a really tough case, 10 kids he's left behind as well as a wife and family members, wanting to know why this happened. we're here in front of the woodruff police department. they've gotten the u.s. marshal's task force involve as well as s.l.e.d.. we talked with cecil's wife today at their home where he was shot. they have friends over, they were playing cards, when garnet knocked on the door, to talk to cecil. since then, rumors have swirled that the argument they had was over cecil being his father. cecil's wife, isn't buying that story, though. >> i would like for him to at least explain to us, what's the reason that he did it. because i just can't believe he
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him as -- cecil denied him as his child. >>reporter: it's been really hard to track down garnet because obviously, theer is ch is spanning the entire state from the midland to the low country. they tell me after he left the shooting, garnet went to family's homes in greenville county and other areas around the upstate, they all turned them away and called the police. but they weren't able to catch him before they took off. they do know he has a gun, because they haven't recovered it from the murder scene, so they're say fg if you see hill, you -- saying if you see him, he may be dangerous and armed. please call the police if you know the whereabouts of garnet thank you. it's one of the largest mass shootings and tragedies that we have ever seen in south carolina. and the state lawmakers are working to make sure that the nine people killed, the three people hurt, in last year's charleston church shooting are never forgotten. unanimously approved a resolution to declare june 17th, mother emanuel 9 day. the house approved the resolution three weeks ago.
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case of child abuse, police say a 14-year-old girl was given drugs, photographed in the nude and forced to have sex. easley police say these two women are behind it. they're now in custody with no bond, and charged with engaging a child for sexual performance. according to the arrest warrants, misty collins and emily brown, had the girl consume marijuana before sending naked pictures of her to a man in exchange for money can drugs. collins and brown arranged for the man to come to a home in easley and have sex with the girl. next, over the hill, some older drivers, sometimes get a bad reputation. but critics need to lay off, according to the latest numbers on wrecks that involve our older drivers. >> and rolling across the carolinas for an important cause.
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advertising i while some candidates suck up to trump...or run away from him in fear... jeb bush isn't afraid. jeb bush: "that is downright wrong..." he stands up to trump for his liberal democratic positions. calls out trump for insulting women, attacking the disabled... even trashing a decorated war hero. trump: "i like peoplethat weren't captured..." jeb bush: "john mccain is an american hero..." jeb bush. the better man. the real conservative. a commander in chief. right to rise usa is responsible for the content of this message. child's life. for most people ... driving represents independence..and control... sz driving represents independence and control. >> but for years, there has been
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how old is too old of an age for someone to be driving? according to the latest numbers, older people on the road are doing fine. the fatalities in crashes involving the older drivers declined from 13% to 2012, and researchers point to a number of factors, including better health, safer cars, and safer roads. but drivers like 80-year-old ginger spencer says for her, it was time to throw in the towel. >> a lot of suffering. i just feel like i lost the spontaneity of doing my own thing. >> ginger says the decision was partly based on economics, she says she is saving about $700 a month not having a vehicle. a local mother is on a desperate mission to save her daughter's life. you may have seen this van driving around western north carolina. on it is a plea for help that is now going viral. it says, daughter needs kidney.
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her daughter joni was born with a rare problem that affects the kidneys. >> if you're out there, and you're willing to help me, you cannot imagine how much it would mean to me. for you to help me. >> after someone posted the picture on facebook, they received dozens of calls from people hoping to help. accidents on the road, none
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at the special training new at -6-... an effort underway tonight to keep you safe on the road after an accident. new at 6:00; an effort underway tonight to help keep you safe on the road after an accident. >> the d.o.t. is training its incident responders on how to move cars quickly, and safely. so other drivers don't wind up getting hurt. 7 news reporter dave jordan is joining us from along i-85 many greenville with more tonight. dave. >>reporter: amy the d.o.t.
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essential because it could mean the difference between life and death for drivers. this unfortunately has become a familiar sight all across the country. car crashes and wrecks that injure and sometimes kill all the while, backing up traffic for miles. now, the department of transportation is working to make sure those damaged cars are removed as quickly as possible. >> all of the statistics show that secondary collisions are normally more fatal than the primary incidents are. >>reporter: john weaver is working with the d.o.t. state highway emergency program or shep to train responders on how to properly remove vehicles from a crash scene. this serving as a makeshift accident scene. a new straj ji for an old -- strategy for an old problem. >> usually we drag them out of the road. >>reporter: this is the first
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received this type of training, some of them are amazed at how the instructors had vehicle removal down to a science literally. >>,relearned a lot of the math behind it, the physics and that helps a lot. something might be too heavy or not be sure or put us in a dangerous situation. and can that really, really summed a lot up for me. >>reporter: a life saving purpose. >> get them out of the roadway as soon as possible. move them to a safer location on the shoulder of the road and allow traffic to move in the normal conditions. >>reporter: can and this training is going on statewide. there was a training session in columbia, just last week. another one is slated for charleston next week. and we are live tonight along i-85 in greenville, dave jordan, 7 news. well, our weather today was very nice. we had temperatures that were right where they're supposed to be for this time of the year. and that was mid to upper 50s. we stopped in the 40s in asheville, but overall not a bad
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going to like tomorrow as well. we'll keep mostly clear skies through the overnight hours, so it will be a cold one for us with a light freeze and most areas by morning. see a lot of sunshine for each afternoon, at least through sunday. and we'll see those temperatures getting warmer each afternoon as well. looking ahead to the week, well, it will be a warm one for us, with a few 70s possible in up the state. and the next chance of rain will be back in the forecast by sunday night. the satellite map tonight is nice and clear as far as the rain is concerned. a little bit in the way of cloud cover, but not much across the upstate. it's been a little more prevalent up towards the tennessee line, but even those clouds are going to go away as we head through the course of the overnight. the clouds are much more expansive over most of tennessee and back into kentucky and west virginia, we have just a few snow showers on going right now, not much, though, and relatively quiet compared to the active weather that we had earlier this week. and with high pressure staying in control of the weather,
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so a cold start to our day tomorrow, but a fast warmup to mild readings in the afternoon. we'll be right where we're su poe -- supposed to do. friday, a chilly start to the day. you'll want the jackets for sure. but as winds pick up out of the south in the afternoon, we'll see the readings getting warmer, quiet weather will extend from the carolinas to the mississippi river. we're not going to increase much moisture until we start to feed the air with deeper moisture on sunday. a dip in the jet stream holding on, that will lift out and allow the warmer air to the south and west to begin to take place and take root into the western carolinas by the weekend. right now, it's 39 in asheville. lower to mid 50s across the upstate. and mid 50s in northeast georgia. here's yeo your pinpoint planner for greer, not bad.
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to 43 by 9:00 o'clock. 43 will be the low. fast warm up in the afternoon. all day sunshine will be on way. here's what to expect for the next 72 hours. there's that warming trend, mid 50s tomorrow. upper 50s on friday. and into saturday, we'll expect a lot of sunshine, a little bit in the way of cloud cover, but not much. a lot warmer, too. we'll start out around 42. and we'll expect a high of 68 degrees. saturday is going to be a biefl day around here. -- beautiful day around here. sunday, not bad, either, a good chance that the daylight hours will stay dry, but look for the shower chances to increase by sunday night. and it looks like the first half of next week is going to be quite active. with rain chances holding on through wednesday. highs will be a little bit cooler, too. and there's your mountain forecast, beautiful weather were and getting warmer in the mountains as well. saturday's high mid 60s, a chance of rain by sunday night. and more shower chances on the way into next week. with highs mainly in the 50s. .
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and still to come at 6:00, we will tell you which tigers wide receiver decides not to come back.
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or bust she spent a lifetime making a difference for people. winning healthcare for 8 million children. benefits for families of reservists and the national guard. standing strong around the world for human rights and women's rights. hillary clinton. she'll raise the minimum wage. take on the drug companies to lower the cost of prescription drugs. and give everyone the opportunity to go to college without going into debt. she'll get the job done... for us. i'm hillary clinton
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it was back to practice today. >> now, in tomorrow night's races, obviously, you continue want to be too aggressive, you want to keep the car for sunday. but what about the 500? the way things have changed nascar's playoff structure, may develop a whole different line of thinking in that regard. >> some guys can look at their team, and say, you know, we can be aggressive, take risks, chase
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to include 16 teams. it's not the most incredibly challenging mark to me. >> i think i've got the best team i've ever had underneath me and everyone if we wreck out of this race, we'll be able to bounce up in points and work our way up tards the championship. i'm looking at this as win or bust. >>reporter: a great example of how race number one doesn't impact the playoff picture anymore. kyle bush in the path he took to winning the title. now to todd summers in the studio with more. todd. >> clemson wide receiver has decided to graduate this summer and play the final year somewhere else. 21 receptions with 317 yards and one touchdown, he did not have a single catch in any of the tigers post-season games. clemson goes in search for the 16th win of the season. the tigers can claim wins over -- projected to make the ncaa tournament like duke, syracuse
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projection. a fact the coach is well aware of, he realizes his tigers are point of the season. >> have the opportunity to go to the tournament and trying to play your win in, there's a know for sure they're in, probably 50 of us u that are in a situation that how we played the last 2-f 3 weeks of the season. >> the tigers have not made ncaa tournament since 2011. >> last night, at missouri, the gamecocks were in a similar spot, taking on the last place team in their league, and they did not step up to the challenge. south carolina shot just 33% are the floor and lost by 5. the gamecocks will try to avoid a third straight loss saturday at noon when it plays host to florida. and finally, we send you out with this from last night's westminster. well behaved and all around champion. now, here's -- the 50 seconds of dog shows trying to get treats
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is exactly what our family beagle would be doing as well. >> trying to get treats out of the pocket. >> yeah. >> that would have a handful of treats. >> a cold one tonight, temperatures down to near freezing later on rnlts okay. >> we'll see you at 7:00 with a lot more news. >> be sure to join us at 11:00 and always on and the 7 news app. we'll see you back here at 7:00 o'clock.
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>> pelley: the battle lines of privacy are drawn. apple refuses a court order to hack the phone of the san bernardino terrorists. also tonight, criminal hackers have seized a hospital's computer system, and they're holding it for ransom. trump talks up torture to fight terror. >> torture works, okay, folks. >> pelley: and a veteran who saw so much death get the gift of life. >> probably the best wake-up call in the history of wake-up calls. >> pelley: so why won't the v.a. pay for the treatment? captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news"
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and the right to privacy have collided tonight. the f.b.i. got a courur order requiring apple to help investigators hack the iphone of one of the terrorists behind the san bernardino massacre. but the head of apple is refusing the order. with more on this, we have jeff pegues joining us. jeff. >> reporter: scott, tonight, a top industry official tells cbs news thth apple could theoretically write software to comply with the judge's order, though it has never been done before. but apple says it is ready to appeal this ruling and take the fight all the way to the supreme court. within hours of the ruling, apple's c.e.o. tim cook called the demand "chilling" and said that it could lead to the tech giant being forced to "build surveillance software to intercept your messages," or even access your phone's microphone or camera without your knowledge.


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