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lot. in fact, marco rubio said he was a liar, and i was glad he said it first because frankly it's a little bit easier, but you know he misrepresented me on the second amendment.------ hear more of that interview.. we talked immigration.. abortion .. supreme court appointments. it's all on wspa dot com. we also got mister trump to test out his .. ya'll saying skills. it's all on line. and we had a chance to dig deeper ... on the endorsement ... we told you about last night. so far... the biggest of them all is governor nikki haley's 11th- hour endorsement ... of republican senator marco rubio. the senator and governor sat down with us... and i asked how effective a haley endorsement is..considering when governor haley endorsed romney in 20-12... ... he went down in the polls... and lost the election: : "do you think the endrosement will help you? sure that's why gov bush wanted her endorsement i respect gov bush bottom line she is respected not just in south carolina it's going to help us across the country." ----- "the important thing for me was i have never not made a decision while it may have been politically correct thing to stay out of it the point was i am a voter. i am a
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get out there and vote."to get out there and carolinian and need am a south was i am a voter. i am a south carolinian and need to get out there and vote." in our election poll... 90-percent of you are saying... the endorsement will have no impact on your vote. in my full interview with both of them.. on w-s-p-a dot- com... learn more about issues like social security... national defense...and immigration. jeb bush took the stage in columbia today trying to win over south carolina voters before saturday's primary. after an introduction from u-s senator "lindsey graham" bush talked about key issues like education terrorism and relationships with allies. we didn't get the chance to ask "bush" ... about governor nikki haley's endorsement... of "florida senator marco rubio" yesterday but he did respond to "pope francis"...questioning donald trump's christianity: ----- gov. jeb bush: "i don't question anybody's christianity because i honestly believe that's a relationship that you have with your creator and it only enables bad behavior when
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trump." ----- bush will participate in another town hall this evening ... with ohio governor "john kasich" and "donald trump" moderated by "anderson cooper". that begins at 8 p-m... at the "u-s-c school of law building" in columbia. tomorrow.."bush" will visit the upstate for two events ... he and his mother... former first lady "barrra bush" will appear in a series of "meet and greets". one at 9-30 a-m at wade's restaurant ... in spartanburg. the other...scheduled for the "kroc center" .. in greenville... "ted cruz" was campaigning in greenville at the "poinsett club" this afternoon. the texas senator told the "greenville county republican women's club"...if elected president... every justice he will put on the supreme court will be what he termed a "principled constitutionalist". cruz has focused more attention to supreme court appointments... in his south carolina campaign...since the death of justice "antonin scalia" last week. some more endorsements... today ... for senator rubio ... and governor "john kasich".
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campaign trail today... by big names ... from south carolina sports... ... hoping to get their the winner's circle... "7 news reporter addie hampton" has the story of how sports meets politics...... "who he is as a person means a lot to what he would do for his country." clemson and n-f-l star tajh boyd never gave much thought to politics until he met john kasich... now...he's on the campaign trail....stumping for the ohio governor...hoping to sway the tiger family and the rest of the palmetto state. : "kasich is a very strong candidate. i think he is the candidate because of what his morals are and because of his integrity. the way he carries himself...because of the maturation that he presents when he's out there on stage." in a competive political world that often plays out like a football game... tajh is right at home...moving the kasich ball down the field... now it turns out ...a friendly rival is also in the game... "it's a priviledge to show my support
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family." former usc quarterback....connor shaw campaigned with senator rubio in greenville, thursday. cheers for the winningest u-s- c quartback....just as loud as the presidential hopeful.: "i think we can all agree, whether we're gamecocks or tigers, that marco rubio should be our next president." tajh boyd...can't help but notice theirony. " i'm going to push kasich as much as possible. i know he's going to do the same for rubio, but i'm very confident about kasich and his ability to lead." addie hampton...7 news... that was addie hampton reporting... happening now...the "conservative review" is holding their convention inside the "bon secours wellness arena" in greenville ... g-o-p candidates "doctor ben carson" scheduled to be there...along with "ted cruz" and "marco rubio"... we'll have a close look at what happened tonight on 7 10 and 11... 'you've been telling us about your opinion in the upcoming primaries by participating in our exclusive 7 news online poll. over seven-hundred of you have weighed in--and at this hour -- donald trump holds a commanding lead with about
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responding in our poll, saying they intend to vote for him in saturday's primary. number two is marco rubio coming in at twenty-two percent. ted cruz -- in third place with fifteen percent. while ben carson, john kasich and jeb bush all have only single digit percentages of support. our poll reflects only the opinions of those who have taken the time to participate on or on the 7 news app. the 7 news poll will stay open for the next twenty- four hours, so if you havent weighed in yet there is still time. we will have final results for you tomorrow night--right here on seven news, beginning live at five." many of you would endorse the great weather we've been having... and some warmer weather is headed our way soon... "storm team 7" chief meteorologist "christy henderson" is here to tell us
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in police are investigating a shooting... "air 7" was over the scene.... police say it happened around 1 this afternoon...on "butler avenue" and "pinckney streets"... they say a man in a white truck....was injured...but not from a gunshot...but from broken glass... he taken to a nearby hospital... no word on his condition.... police say early indications are two vehicles were shooting at each other ...and the driver of the truck was caught in the crossfire... if you know what happened on "butler avenue"...greenville police want to hear from you...or call greenville crime stoppers at 2-3..crime... an easley man is dead... after his pick-up was
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chased by authorities. it happened on early this morning on in powdersville... at the intersection of highway-153 and highway-81... 62-year-old "stephen burnett" of easley... was driving near this intersection ... when authorities say a man on the run from greenville county deputies... slammed into his white pick-up ... killing burnett at the scene. deputies were in the process of trying to arrest 25 year old "dexter reeves" on four active warrants. that crash shut down this intersection for hours. "reeves" is in the hospital recovering from his injuries... he will likely face additional charges in connection with this death. the greenville county sheriff's office says it's conducting interviews with the deputies involved in the chase. four men are in jail tonight... after police say... they killed a 17 year old ... and then drove off ... only to be caught hours later at a gas station nearby. easley police say it happened here... at "tri- cities lanes" in easley... on "calhoun memorial highway"... around 9 last night. they say...officers responded to shots fired... and when they arrived... they found 17-
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a gunshot wound to the chest. he died... at the scene. we were there last night... as police were investigating who shot brown. officers were able to put out an alert... on the car... the suspects were traveling in... and they were caught... a short time later. police say...they believe "albert taylor" pulled the trigger... but that "dennis gibbs"..."jamari fair"... and a 15-year-old were with him. while in court today... the suspects had a lot to say: ----- the fourth suspect was not in court today... because he is a juvenile. he'll time. state lawmakers..agree that fixing our roads ... is the top priority in south carolina. but after being in session for six weeks ... they still don't have a plan ... "7 news" reporter "robert kittle" explains why one senator is holding things up ... with a filibuster - in a 7 news "state house watch". you want protection from
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he's trying to protect your wallet too. he's filibustering a senate plan to fix our roads ... because it includes raising the gas tax by 12 cents a gallon. "we can take care of our roads and bridges with existing resources." he says the state's 1-point-3 billion dollar surplus should go to roads. but senate leaders say that money is needed for other things ... like fixing crumbling schools. senator ray cleary co-wrote the roads plan ... and says raising the gas tax makes the most sense ... because tourists and truckers would pay their share. "the gasoline that your person uses while they're driving to florida, driving to hilton head, going to myrtle beach, shouldn't they help pay for the roads?" the plan also includes some tax cuts. critics don't like the plan because the tax -cuts- are less than the tax -increases-. but senator cleary says when you factor in drivers from other states paying a big part of the increase ... you would -save- money overall. the plan would also reform the d-o-t commission ... to make sure roads are fixed based on greatest -need- ...
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political power. "still not having a roads plan has been frustrating for members of the house.they passed their plan last april and sent it over to the senate." senator davis ended last year filibustering the bill ... and is doing it again. senators can vote to stop it ... but rarely do. "if it gets tedious and superfluous, as we call it, then we may look at it, but right now i think he's giving us some information that we need." in columbia, robert kittle, 7 news. senator peeler says it could take -weeks- to get to a final vote on the roads plan. even after the filibuster ends ...whenever that is ... there are more than 3-hundred amendments to the bill to work through. next on 7 news .... a frightening moment for people on board a chopper near a hawaii landmark... the latest on a helicopter crash near pearl harbor... and... a local man who's thankful...for quick- thinking co-workers... after he was a heart-beat away ... from death. how they helped ... save
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authorities in hawaii
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critical condition... after a civilian helicopter...made a hard landing in the water... near "pearl harbor." here's video...from that scene....this is a video from the chopper crashed.. the coast guard says... 5-people were on board the helicopter... and at least -3- were hurt... when it went down this morning ... near the "arizona memorial" in oahu. they say all -5- people were transferred to land...and taken to a hospital. people who saw the crash... jumped into the water... and helped pull the victims to shore. there's no word yet... on what caused the crash. the "centers for disease control" says ... someone in the u-s ... has a heart attack ... every -43- seconds. an upstate man...knows that reality...first-hand. as "7 news" reporter rachelle spence explains... he suffered a heart attack on the job... 2-weeks ago... but thought it was something else. his co- workers...stepped in... and he's thanking them... for potentially saving his life: - ---- for randy harriger.. february 4th.. started like any other day. "i get up at 5.i'm at work at 6." he works for greenville health system.. and that day..his
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lifting at a local office. "lifting some of the printers -- it hit me." but randy told his coworkers.. he was okay. "he said, 'yeah, i'm having heartburn.' i said, 'i'm not so sure this is heartburn.'" "i told randy, i said you stay right here -- i'm going to get help." surprisingly..just down the hall was a nurse. it was only her fourth day on the job .. and she was in the building by chance. "i had my stethoscope so i grabbed it!" randy was set on "toughing it out"..and taking the truck to his next stop. but his coworkers had other plans. "i said, we really need to get you to the hospital." "the ladies weren't going to take no for an answer." it's a good thing they didn't. at the hospital..doctors found one of his arteries.. 99% blocked. "three other arteries were 70%." it's something he may not have known..until too late. "these are just some of the heavy items randy was here to pick up that day when he started experiencing symptoms. two weeks later, they're still here.he's back to get them -- feeling so much better." he's back on the
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everyone..who potentially saved his life. "what if he would have collapsed and we wouldn't have found him?" thanks to this circle.. it's not a sad ending. randy's heart has never been more full..with love and appreciation. "he cried, i cried.. we probably both cried again." "it's more than you can say." in greenville, rachelle spence, 7 news. randy received a stent... and says...he's well on his way ... to living a healthier lifestyle.
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next on "7 news" ... wal-mart employees... have something to look forward to... this weekend. they're getting a raise. find out how much more... they'll be making... and how much it'll cost the company ... in a "7 news" consumer watch.
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at your primetime lineup
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the world a president has to grapple with. sometimes you can't even imagine. that's the job. and she's the one who's proven she can get it done. ...securing a massive reduction in nuclear weapons... ...standing up against the abuse of women... ....rotecting social security... ...expanding benefits for the national guard... ...and winning health care for 8 million children... the presidency is the toughest job in the world and she's the one who'll make a real difference for you.
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a "7 news" consumer watch now... wal-mart workers ... will soon get... a little something extra. effective saturday... more than 1- million of those workers... get a raise ... wal-mart will boost its minimum wage... to 10-dollars an hour. right now... it's 9-dollars. the change applies... to virtually all of wal-mart's hourly workers... including some supervisors. those affected...make up the majority ... of the company's 1-point-4 million workers. the changes... do not come cheap... the payraises will cost extra 1-point-5 billion dollars... this year. next on "7 news" ...why police in philadelphia are recruiting "kayne west" to join the force...
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"philadelphia police" are trying to help kanye west out of debt. it appears they're offering him a job. the police department posted this tweet on thursday. it says..."we r hiring, @kanyewest! starting salary of
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dollars...u could be debt-free by the year 3122!" kanye tweeted last week that he has "53 million dollars in personal debt" and that mark zuckerberg should invest 1 billion in him as the "greatest artist of all time." so far..."west" has not responded.has not far..."west" time." so far..."west" has not responded. thanks for joining us. 'll see you at 10 on the carolinas c-w.. and we'll be back here at 11. until then you can get the latest updates by logging on to wspa dot com. stay with us for
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