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tv   7 On Your Side at 530pm  CBS  February 19, 2016 5:30pm-6:00pm EST

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phil robertson, star of the show duck dynasty. in turn cruz suggested that he is the good person to be the representative for the united states. >> marco rubio continuing to get support from governor nikki haley on the campaign trail today. there they are. they rallied together at events in columbia. john kasich also started his day campaign anything the midlands with a rally in columbia and then headed towards the coast to conway. >> jeb bush is focusing most of his efforts on the upstate. >> barbara bush brought some celebrity to his campaign. they both sat down with 7 news anchor amy wood. how was that? >> it was neat to see barbara bush. i think there's a lot of barbara bush fans out there, people who followed her as a first lady and then a literacy advocate. jeb talked about this campaign and barbara about being back in south carolina. so let's listen. >> mrs. bush, are you enjoying your time? >> yes. >> in south carolina? >> a lot of fun. it's a thrill to be back . >> good to have her out on the
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>> it was standing room only for jeb and barbara bush at wades restaurant, a great place to start your day around here. his campaign manager told us that the polling is encouraging with undecided voters. that's what they said on the bus today. we went one on one with the governor on his campaign bus. >> you were hitting on trump hard this morning. >> i do every day because he's not a conservative for a conservative party it should be a conservative. donald trump has 18 delegates. i have 4. i'm 14 behind him. there's a long way to go. >> we're going to continue to talk about this at 6:00. he explains his frustration with the trump factor in 2016 and talking about why he said that's costing everyone in terms of the conversation taking place. >> if he finished badly in south carolina the big question with jeb bush is is he going to continue.
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because a lot of people are wondering that. they are in it for as long as they can stay. from what i understand they all have plans to go to las vegas. they have flights booked for 12:30 sunday. that's where they're going to be focusing next. >> the nevada caucus for republicans one week of our primary here. we'll look for more at 6:00. the democrats are already in nevada where the caucus for democrats will be tomorrow. both candidates have been courting members of the powerful labor unions who work on the las vegas strip. the culinary union, the largest union will not endorse a candidate this year. hillary clinton has an 8 point lead over senator bernie sanders in the new national poll. the democrats and republicans have been hitting all of us every day with their ads. they're everywhere, tv, computer, mailbox. >> laura thomas is breaking it down.
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south carolina you have seen them online, on your television and mailbox. >> you can poke your eye out. >> doctor raven dal nick -- dr. randy nickels keeps a close eye on his messages. we sat down with him to break them down for you. >> nickels said in some of the attack ads it's clear who they want you to vote against but not for. >> donald trump is not a conservative. >> some rely on your emotions to help change your mind. >> i was thinking in my mind that we need to make some changes. >> others used humor. >> look, i got the trump action figure. >> no one is going to question kids. they're kids. now if one of the other candidates said this about him it would come off as mean spirited. we would say i wonder if that's the guy that we want. >> are ads like these effective. some studies say that answer depends on your age. >> the older voters, they've seen it all and done it all and
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their vote because of any of that. >> nickels tells us don't underestimate ads that make the candidate feel more like your friend. >> the most important preparation for a big game or big speech, make sure there's water near by. >> that have been persuasive too. >> do we relate to the speaker or writer of this message. it's sometimes more powerful than we believe. >> so here's his advice for us, as you watch these ads on television make sure you listen to it, analyze it but also listen to what they're saying and maybe even more importantly who is saying it and who is behind these ads. >> the way to do that, yo you read at the bottom of the screen and it will say whether it's approved by the campaign or a super pack. you need to research who it is made by because that makes a difference. >> absolutely. so many viewers have seen this these because you've seen them in the commercial breaks. >> definitely. thank you a lot, laura. you can count on 7 news to bring you tomorrow's
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we'll bring you continuous updates here and on the air at and the 7 news app. *wx chat* you know, it's already so -- people are so motivated for this election they will vote no matter what but i wonder if they will have good weather when they head out to the polls in the morning. >> i think it's going to be fine. saturday morning might be weekend. for the upstate and for south carolina in general it's looking dry for tomorrow so that's good news for voters trying to get out to the polls. of rain. the reason why is our pattern will change. yesterday i showed high and dry with high pressure in control. that's still keeping things sunny and calm for us. that high is going to move out and a front is going to move in and it's going to bring some cloud cover and increasing shower chances through the weekend. really highlighting sunday afternoon and sunday night as our better chance to find some wetter weather coming back. out there tonight mostly clear skies, temperatures near 60 degrees around the upstate. 54 in asheville. we'll see the clouds
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in the morning the 40s. we'll talk about your weekend forecast coming up in just a few minutes. >> thank you. tonight deputies in anderson county are looking for two people who robbed and shot a gas station clerk in pendleton this vehicle. >> the victim was shot just below his chest with a shotgun and is in critical condition. eryn rogers is live. >> reporter: his mother said he worked here for 3 years now. wednesday morning was the first time he was shot on the job but he's been robbed at this very same station three times. now, bobby warden was working alone at the hickey point gas station when deputies say two men walked in. now you can see the suspects in the surveillance video so take a good look at your screen. warden's mom said her son wasn't scared when the men walked in because he had been through that very same
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she said this time the two took the money, then turned around, said some nasty words to her son and then shot him. she said the robbers only got away with $62. now warden is in icu. he was able to call 911 himself. the family said his liver is shredded. he still has hundreds of pellets inside of him. his family said he definitely has a long road of recovery ahead of them but they wish gas stations would do more to protect their clerks. >> these clouds and it's mostly kids working these jobs are risking their life for minimum wage. office says there hasn't been any updates in the ca fat ifonain abuo could ha donetl tanrs sheriff's office. >> reporter: now the sheriff's office said that there has not been any updates in this case. if you know anything at all call the anderson county sheriff's office. i've in pendleton continue, eryn rogers. 7 news. >> just awful to hear what happened to that clerk. thank
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next on 7 news live at 5:00 it seems like a season of coughing. how could it tell you more about your health? straight ahead in a 7 news medical watch. good evening...i'm tom crabtree. tonight... on "7 news at 6"... low income families .. in need of assistance to keep their homes warm... man >> i'm tom crabtree. low income families need assistance to keep their home's warm.
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it's a familiar sound this time of year --- that hacking that sound this time of year, that hacking cough but not all coughs are the same. we're going to help out a little bit here. if a person has a dry cough that ends with a rattle that might be asthma. when the cough is wet can colored mucus that can be pheunoma. a cough followed by a whoop might be whooping cough. speaking of health, we know about the health benefits of getting a good night's sleep. a new study suggests more than a third of americans aren't getting enough sleep. >> 7 news anchor tom crabtree is here. we did a poll on this. >> i've been treat ed ed at a sleep lab before. it's ground zero when it comes to good health. look at what you're saying about the amount of sleep that you're getting. 4 to 7 hours, 70% of you almost saying that's how much you get.
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look at this group, 7 to 9 hours is really good, 25%. less than 4 hours is 5%. >> that's rough. >> more than 9 hour s, a little bit up. >> maybe those are the new moms and dads out there waking up every 2 hours. >> yeah. >> the study says that you should get 7 hours. do you guys get that? >> yeah, i'm a 7 hour guy myself. that keeps me going. >> not as often as i should. tom, thank you for that. next on 7 news live at 5:00, a boy battling cancer is about to get the trip of a lifetime. what the trip means to him. >> lots of sunshine today and very comfortable temperatures. we were up to 60 at gsp. the weather should be changing through the weekend. i'll talk about those rain chances coming up. >> do you know that 70% of men said they have exaggerated about this. what is it?
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just 2 minutes. 7 news live at 5 is back with "do you know?" 70 percent of 7 news live at 5:00 back with do you know. 70% of men admit they have exaggerated about that. what is it? jordan and i both checked on this one. >> i don't want to get in trouble on this question. the answer is athletic ability. >> yeah, i can bench lift five of those. >> i bench press like 1,000 pounds. this guy doesn't exaggerate his abilities. this is a 20-year-old pulling a 12 ton bus with his teeth. he's been a local hero in the gaza street with his feats posted on facebook. here's an encouraging sign that spring is coming. college baseball season is here. clemson, wofford and usc are playing this afternoon. in downtown greenville the first pitch at floor field.
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>> a young man from north carolina has a passion for nascar that's about to be taken a whole new level. 12-year-old howl brown is battling cancer. >> the make a wish foundation is fulfilling his dream of seeing the daytona 500 in person. >> 12-year-old howl brown couldn't wait to tackle the games. >> i just want to win a lot of tickets. i don't care. >> playing games is fun all the bells and whistles and lights can't compete with his first love. >> my whole life i've been a nascar fan. >> thanks to the make a wish foundation he will see his dream of at the daytona 500 become reality. >> this is his biggest wish and he's never been there. >> when howl was 9 doctors removed a stage iv brain tumor. radiation and chemo followed. >> he was doing fine and now the cancer came back on his spine. we're worried about that.
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and chemotherapy. we're just hoping for the best. >> cancer may have effected him physically but it's no match for his out look on life. now a weekend of a lifetime awaits. >> i was thrilled. it's cool. i mean, there's been a lot of history at that track. and howell has a prediction for who that hopefully i get to see another driver get his name on the trophy. >> he has a prediction for what that driver will be. >> chase elliot because he's never won a daytona 500. >> he just so happens to be howl's favorite driver. he will clear for the up and coming star in if person. >> i like the noise. sometimes i don't wear het set head sets because i like the rumble. >> the more than 100,000 fans in attendance will have a 12-year-old boy seeing his wish come true. >> he knows a lot about nascar.
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>> that was todd gibson reporting. the city of belton repealed its boil water advisory. if you live on pell zero, kelly, woodward, jackson or ramsdale you no longer have to boil your sunshine and warm temperatures. there's folks at the biltmore today. we were almost as warm in asheville today as we were in the upstate. is it going to last through the weekend? we will keep our warming trend going with highs near 60 tomorrow in the upstate. we'll see a lot in the way of cloud cover. mostly dry on saturday. our rain chances start to increase during the day on sunday. heavy on the clouds over the weekend. still looking at warm weather though. on sunday near 70 in some upstate spots. here's the satellite picture tonight.
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we've got clear skies all across the area, a little bit in the way of cloud cover. over all a beautiful evening to be out and still pretty comfortable too. we haven't really cooled down too much yet. later tonight we'll see clouds on the increase as high pressure begins to move out. the moisture is able to stream in from the west. you can see quite a bit of clouds here lined up along a front to the west tonight. in the morning we'll look for lots of cloud cover, a chilly start to our day. there might be enough moisture in the air for a new showers in the mountains. we'll expect winds out of the south and that's going to ensure a warm afternoon. getting into sunday a relatively quiet start to the day. look out to the west and there will be rain falling over tennessee, kentucky, mississippi. that's all part of this whole frontal system that's going to move closer to us. we'll see better chances for showers as we get into sunday afternoon and especially into sunday night. so into the weekend clouds will
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for milder temperatures as those clouds will kind of act as a blanket to keep us milder than we have been. mostly cloudy, a few mountain showers tomorrow. the upstate is dry. a better rain chance for us all by sunday night. warm weather out to the west. lots of 70s. we will continue to bring some that in to increase our afternoon temperatures. we have readings now in the 50s, even a few 60s still holding on. 63 tomorrow, mostly dry for the upstate on a better chance of rain into sunday. once the rain arrives our rain chances will wednesday. we'll get some breaks in there at times. over umbrellas handy through the you need to get the jackets out. our high only 50 degrees on tuesday. sunshine back in the forecast by thursday. your mountain forecast. lots of clouds, the shower chances and still holding on to the warm weather.
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because it's going to cool down next week, highs only in the 40s by tuesday. >> thank you. next live at 5:00, con -- kayne west said he's in debt. a group is stepping up to help by offering him a job. >> i'm amy wood. after dozens of reported fires spark ed from hover boards federal officials are stepping in to take action
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makers and sellers of that welcome back to 7 news live at 5 .. one of the most welcome back. one of the most recognized authors has died. harper lee wrote to kill a mockingbird and won the pulitzer prize. it was the
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and became the faster selling book. just days after canceling her grammy appearance rihanna is canceling part of her tour. she's canceling the first eight stops due to production delays. they'll be rescheduled for may. earlier this week rihanna canceled her grammy performance because of bronchitis. the police department posted this tweet which reads we are hiring start salary 6749 $47,900 to kayne west offering him a job. he said he's $53 million in debt. he still has not responded to the job offer. next on 7 news live at 5:00, a 10-year-old wakes up to discover something is wrong with her grandmother. what she does next may have saved her life. that story straight ahead. >> we'll look outside now thanks for joining us. all over
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a 10-year-old girl is being called a hero tonight .. for making the 9-1-1 call that saved her grandmother's life. a 10-year-old girl is being called a hero for making the 911 call that saved her grandmother's life. >> 911, what's the location of your emergency? >> hi. i'm a 10-year-old girl. >> jasmine nickels found herself in one of the most terrifying moments in her young life. she woke up to use the restroom early thursday morning and found her grandmother not moving in the living room. >> i came in here and i was like she's sweating bad. she wouldn't wake up. >> jasmine's first thought was to call her mother who was working over night. mom told her to call 911 immediately for help. >> she's breathing. it's like she's just not listen ing to me will but she's breathing really
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>> jasmine provided crucial information about her grandmother's condition. >> thank you so much. i'm shake. >> they ing -- i'm shaking. >> they took her grandmother to the hospital where she had a bad reaction to a new medication. >> i was talking to my friend and i went to sleep. when i went to sleep i didn't wake back up. >> once she got to the hospital she couldn't believe what jasmine had gone through all by herself. >> this one here stuck by my through everything. i stuck by her through everything. i'm proud of her. reporting. stay with us... >> proud indeed. that was tenay howard record ing reporting. 7 news at 6:00 start s now. >> live from the news station, this is 7 news at 6:00. south carolina voters are gearing up ... for the "first south carolina voters are gearing up for the first in the south primary this weekend. republican candidates are making last-minute campaign stops before the polls open in the morning. >> plus, it looks like clouds are going to be moving back into the area tonight. how long are we going to have to wait for rain to fall.
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answer in my forecast. first at 6:00 in less than 24 hours south carolina will choose a winner in the state republican primary. >> the six gop candidates have crossed the state for nearly two weeks campaigning for your vote. from humanizing votes to tensions with religion leaders, the count down to the primary has been anything but dull. addie hampton is in greenville where ted cruz is expected a little later. >> addie, lots of highs and lows leading up to saturday, right? these candidates. this primary has correctly chosen the >> reporter: well, definitely, amy. south carolina is an important state for all of these candidates. the primary has correctly chosen the eventual nominee since 1980 with the exception of 2012. now, this campaign cycle has been nothing short of explosive many say. that was very true this week as each candidate sought headlining
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primary. >> he lied about ben carson in iowa. >> a fitting starting line for a marathon week of campaigning. >> you are the single biggest liar. >> donald trump the south carolina front runner up 20 plus points in the poll was the attack of ted cruz. >> this spot prompted to threaten cruz with legal action. >> donald i would encourage you if you want to file a lawsuit challenging this ad file a lawsuit. >> donald trump didn't just have beef with ted cruz. he called out the pope who weighed in on trump's plans to build a wall at the mexican border. >> the pope said that anybody who would build a wall is not a christian. that was a bad statement.


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