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tv   7 On Your Side at 6pm  CBS  February 19, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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primary. >> he lied about ben carson in iowa. >> a fitting starting line for a marathon week of campaigning. >> you are the single biggest liar. >> donald trump the south carolina front runner up 20 plus points in the poll was the attack of ted cruz. >> this spot prompted to threaten cruz with legal action. >> donald i would encourage you if you want to file a lawsuit challenging this ad file a lawsuit. >> donald trump didn't just have beef with ted cruz. he called out the pope who weighed in on trump's plans to build a wall at the mexican border. >> the pope said that anybody who would build a wall is not a christian. that was a bad statement.
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darling of the antiestablishment vote. >> we need to show that south carolina makes president actualed and -- and that our next president will be marco rubio. >> governor nikki haley gave the endorsement to marco rubio. dr. ben carson also struggles for support this week. many question if this is the end of his presidential run. >> in a race that has seen its share of mud slinging and preplanned statements it was the humanizing moment that has many giving governor john kasich another look. >> over a year ago a man who was like my second dad he killed himself. and i was in a really dark then a few months later my parents got a divorce and then a few months i was in a really dark place for a long time. depressed. i found hope and i
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friends and now i've found it in my presidential candidate that i support. i'd really appreciate one of those hugs you've been talking about. today... clemson university released its >> reporter: earlier today clemson university released its palmetto poll for the republican primary. sitting on top no surprise donald trump with 28%. ted cruz is next with 19%. marco rubio coming in third with 15%. you can find the full list of results on our website, reporting live in greenville, addie hampton, 7 news. >> it's been quite a campaign. thank you, addie. there's still time to rsvp if you want to attend ted cruz's rally at the marriott. you'll find a link on click on links in the big blue box. tonight you can catch marco
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at 7:30 he will speak at the madren conference center on clemson university. mama bush hit the trail with her son, jeb, today. he spoke to us before we climbed on jeb bush's bus for a one on one interview. did you know she went to ashley hall in charleston. >> you want back to your school in charleston? >> i had such fun there. a great school. >> thank you for -- >> my daddy was married in greenville. >> i didn't know that. >> after my mother die d he married. that was fun. spoke at her son's meet and greet... urging the crowd to support her son. and his >> she urged the crowd to support her son and his two brothers were also present. it was a standing room only situation there inside the wades restaurant. bush hit trump hard for unstable views and not being a true conservative. >> this is a game for him. the press is like a moth
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with the guy and it basically makes it hard to have a broad conversation about how to fix the mess in washington. >> the full interview is on our website. we talked about social security, education and more. you can check out the governor's cowboy boots that he showed off to us on : "out... get him out. get him out...of here!" ------ out. get him out. get him out. republican candidate get him out of here. >> republican candidate donald trump is known to dish out some tough words. he's clearly not one to be heckled. during a campaign rally today in myrtle beach he called on security to remove a guy from the audience who was taunting him and rudely yelling. once he got the room back under control he addressed his upon on a boycott of apple urging it on until the tech giant complies with the fbi's demands to unlock an iphone used by the san bernardino terrorists. john kasich made a stop in columbia this morning. he held
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he's been putting a strong emphasis on his faith and comforting others going through hard times. he said if we don't grow the economy and grow jobs people will be hurting. ben carson took his campaign to north charleston and he campaigned in florence this afternoon. both the democrats and republicans have been hitting you with ads on your tv our computer. >> you can't escape them. we sat down with randy nick el who is keeps a close eye on all this messaging out there. he's chair of the department oh of communication at limestone college. he said it's clear who they want you to vote against but not for. some rely on your emotions or humor to help change your mind. how effective are these ads? some studies say that depends on your age. >> the older voters, they have seen it all and done it all. they kind of know the game by now. they may be a little more
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they're less likely to change their vote because of it. >> nickels said don't underestimate the power of the ads that make the candidate feel more like your friend. the likability factor can be persuasive. you've been giving us your opinion. more than 1,300 have weighed. tonight we're sharing the results. a couple of notes. this was taken online from 2:00 p.m. until today. we relied on you to volunteer. two-thirds identified yourselves as republicans. that matches up with actual voting results in 2012 when anderson, pickens, spartanburg and cherokee county gave mitt romney more than 60% of the vote. the same percentage said you were
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endorsements like governor nikki haley's support for marco rubio. nearly 90% said that didn't matter. this may be one of the most important indicators, do you approve of the job that congress is doing. about 7% approved and strong support is below 1%. about 44% of your said you are voting for donald trump. marco rubio finished a distant second at 22%. ted cruz the only other candidate in double digits at 15%. last thing the so-called establishment candidates, rubio, kasich and bush combine their support and trump still wins. the weather certainly won't be a problem if you're going voting tomorrow. that's always a good thing to hear. let's get over to meteorologist christy henderson for more or that. >> it's going to be another the warm day for us. in fact, it's going to be warmer tomorrow than today. the difference is that the cloud cover is going to move in tonight. rain chances will be very low for the upstate during the day tomorrow.
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now it's 50 in asheville, 58 in greenville, spartanburg is reporting 57 degrees. here's what is going to happen through the evening and into the early morning hours tomorrow, 48 by 9:00, 46 by 11:00. you notice the increase in cloud cover and those cloud covers will keep us in the 40s for the low. we'll talk about the high and when the rain chances start to increase for the upstate coming up. after being robbed and shot at this gas station i'm eryn rogers and tonight i spoke to his family about what they want
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>> nasty falls may be a given deputies in anderson county....are still looking for -2- people... who deputies in anderson county are still looking for two people who robbed and shot a gas station clerk in pendleton early wednesday morning. >> the victim was shot just
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she's in critical condition. 7 news reporter eryn rogers spoke to the family earlier today. >> she's joining us now with an update on the case. >> reporter: patty ward said his son bobby has worked at this hickey point gas station on 187 for the past 3 years. wednesday morning was the first time he was shot on the job but he's been robbed three times since this one on wednesday -- or not since but he's been robbed a total of three times at this very same gas station. he was actually working alone when he was robbed last wednesday morning when the deputies say that two men came in. you can see them here in this surveillance video. please take a good look at your screen. ward's mom told me her son was not scared because he had been through this before. she said this time the men took the money and then turned around, said some nasty words to her son and then shot him. now the robbers
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family said. ward was able to call 911. unfortunately he is still in the icu even though his family said today he was doing a little bit better. his family said his liver was shredded. they had to take a piece of his colon out. he still has hundreds of pellets from the shotgun inside of him. he has a long road to recovery ahead of him but wish there was more to be done to protect the safety of clerks working late at night. >> the bullet proof glass. a lot of people are going to that. it's necessary. these kids, it's mostly kids work, these jobs, they are risking their life for minimum wage. there hasn't been any updates in the >> reporter: the sheriff's office said there ^ had ^ has not been any updates in this case but if anyone knows anything about the suspects to call the anderson county sheriff's office. live in pendleton, eryn rogers 7 news. >> thank you for that. now if the u.s. con sumer
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its way you won't be able to buy hover boards don't meet federal safety standards. this comes after reports of fires sparked by hover boards in 24 states. they are being blamed for $2 million in property damage. u.s. auto regulators said they will seize or recall any of the scooters if they fail to meet federal safety standards. several airlines and college campus haves banned hover boards because of the risk of fires. next on 7 news at 6:00, a local agency is supposed to give federal funds to low income families that need some heating assistance but some families say they're not getting the money. it's not because they don't qualify. tonight we're finding out why. what do you need to know... bef >> so what do you need to know before casting your ballot tomorrow? we have talked to
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new at -6-... some people...needing help... paying their heating bills... haven't been abl some people needing help paying their heating bills haven't been able to get federal assistance but it's not because
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>> it's because they didn't get an appointment with the new program running the program. diane lee met with the head of the nonprofit to figure out if there's a solution. >> waiting in line for public assistance isn't unheard ofof what about waiting outside in the hours just to make an appointment. >> it was really cold, like 20 degrees outside that day. it was really cold. it's nighttime. >> you waited how long? >> like 2 and a after hours. >> maria is one of the lucky ones but anyone past the 10th place in line is turned away. that's the story each morning outside of the spartanburg center where the non-profit gleams is running the heating assistance program for spartanburg and cherokee counties. >> it was horrible. they wouldn't see me. they turned me away. i mean, the lady with her child turned away. everybody got turned away just about. >> we took that concern to gleams ceo. >> is that something you might look to change?
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we'll look at and make some adjustments there and try to make adjustments for the better. >> part of the problem is the use of this building is temporary. it's actually a community center that is used by kids after 2:00. so all of the workers have to be out of here by then. >> the other problem is there has not been a private intake room so they had to cut off making appointments at 10:00. that might change. >> while there we noticed a private room that isn't occupied until noon. it could extend the appointment intake another 2 hours. >> that may eliminate some of the people that have to be turned away because the technicians that are actually making assessments in there can move much faster. >> so we have a possible solution? >> i think that will work. >> hopefully everything does change and will be okay and i don't have to worry anymore. >> gleams took over the program after a state investigation found the previous administrators, piedmont
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for more information on who qualifies look for the story on we had very comfortable temperatures this afternoon. our warming trend is going to continue over the weekend. the big question is, with clouds on the increase who is going to get the rain. there's a system getting closer to us. i'm here to give you answers. as we move into the weekend let's take a look at what to expect. clouds will increase over night. you can look for milder temperatures. in fact, many of us may stop in the loww 40s rather than 20s and 30s, which is where we have been. during the day tomorrow the upstate has a good chance to stay dry despite a lot of cloud cover. could see an isolated shower in the mountain locations and then better rain chances across the area by sunday afternoon and especially into sunday night. the reason for that is that high pressure that has been helping to keep us high and dry is going to be moving out and that's going to allow this frontal system to move in and the moisture associated with it. you can see the cloud cover stretched along that front tonight. by tomorrow morning it
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upper level winds will carry in some of that moisture. we'll start out with quite a bit of clouds, an isolated shower in the mountains but a chilly start to the day. a few mountain showers a possibility in the afternoon. still warm tomorrow compared to today. quiet conditions to start our sunday. out to the west is where we're going to have most of the action. all of that tries to work in our trend. the trend or sunday will be for the up state and the mountains to see increasing showers and an isolated thunderstorm is not out of the question because we'll have the warmth. some of us near 70 degrees for the high on sunday. that front is going to park close to us. the first half of next week the weather will stay unsettled. right now 50 asheville, 57 in spartanburg, 55 in lawrence. we're at 60 degrees in elberton. a beautiful evening out there. still holding onto clear skies
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increasing after midnight. here's what to expect, 63 tomorrow, 68 on sunday. better chances for the upstate for sunday night and into monday. those temperatures start to come down. down right chilly by tuesday. 50 for a high. good rain chances into wednesday before that whole s sstem pushes out and our pattern changes again. bright sunshine by by thursday. hang on to the umbrellas and the jackets. for the mountains highs in the lower 60s, chillier weather into next week as rain chances increase actually high of only 47 on thursday and a whole system wraps up with a few high mounain snow showers on wednesday afternoon into wednesday night. clearer by this time next week with highs near 50. >> thank you, christy. have a wlook at this -- look at this, the kids at boiling strings are studying leadership.
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leadership quality of a president. they were very bright.
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it's a beautiful day for baseball.... it's a beautiful day for baseball. imagine a week ago there was snow there. of course they bring out their new video screen as the college season open. michigan's state annual trip south to play this weekend. they come back and get the 11-5 win on bc. part of games going on there this weekend that also include furman. at clemson the monte lee era started. he's just the third coach since the late 50s. triggers striking for a cup. against maine. it's a 3-3 ball game in the 6th.
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maine all tied up. in columbia this afternoon gamecock opening up their season against the great danes of albany. going to work quickly on the mound and in the offensive department. southward southbound has -- south carolina has a 9-1 lead in the 6th. other area teams getting their season started today. usc approves the salaries for will muschamp's offensive staff. long time steelers tight end heath miller called it a career. on saturday clemson back onon the road in the acc. three of their final four on the road. gamecock home against florida trying to get a win to sure up their ncaa settle. a buzzer beater and wofford will try to avenge that.
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the dual had the impact on sunday. dual number one went to dale junior. he holds off the field as he goes onto his 17th victory at the track in a clean fashion for him. in dual number two final lap everyone chasing kyle busch, jimmy johnson and jamie mcmurray got together thaa triggered a wreck including matt kenson. >> i thought we had control of the race and i didn't work out. i saw the wreck before it started and a car got pushed into the wreck. >> i skizped off the wall. an aggressive move and sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't. >> there's some great cars out there, some really, really good guys that are s srting to become tough on the tracks. >> dale able to stay in front
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cole writ wrecked in the ernheart time at daytona. 7:00.
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we a >> pelley: pax romana. >> i think he's a terrific
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with the pope on the eve of a critical weekend for both parties in the presidential race. also tonight, law enforcement's battle for access to the cell phones of criminal suspects. remembering author harper lee, and her americaca classic. >> it was a sin to kill a mockingbird. >elley: and steve hartman, when a young boy summoned the police, they responded in force. >> i didn't know it was going to be this big, really. captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley. turning point in the race for the white house. democrat hillary clinton, who scweekd by in iowa, only to be buried in a new hampshire landslide, faces even odds nevada. ted cruz is closing on republican donald trump, is looking to south carolina for a second win. the rest of the g.o.p.


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