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tv   7 On Your Side at 530pm  CBS  February 25, 2016 5:30pm-6:00pm EST

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helped snow showers to develop, still coming down over parts of north carolinates a look at the wind gusts, the 30 miles per hour, in spartanburg, and temperatures tonight, nice can and cold, down to freezing by tomorrow morning, it will feel colder than that tomorrow. people here in the carolinas to new york, are cleaning up and assessing the dang after a ast-moving storm raced up the coast. >> have you ever done the storm chasing? looked for storms. >> i've been on the radar tracking them. >> that's the safest place to be. we've got a news crew from our sister station in raleigh, take a look at what played out on live tv. >> you guys, i think you need to take cover. get out of the car, he's right in the heart of it. >> with do we need to get out of the automobile? are we unsafe? >> yes, get off the road right now. >> if we do need to, i'll bang on the door and go into somebody's house.
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right here, they've got a front porch. all right. >> steve, are you with us again. >> yes, we are here watching you on tv in chapel hill, when you said it was time to get out of the kashgs we left the car running,,that is a live picture right now, of parkside drive, is that where we are? with me right now -- he didn't even realize -- >> just a lot of wind and the rain, and it's -- you know, generally speaking, it was -- nothing indicated that a tornado was close by. >> we're all here, this is the home that we took shelter in, we thank you all very much. >> wow. i have done that before. not in tornadoes, but i've been in a horrible snowstorm where hi to knock on a total strangers home. >> you cover the news, you have to be safe. meteorologists. >> we may not have seen the number of tornadoes reported in north carolina but the winds we've seen have knocked out power for thousands of people
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that is the poll question we're asking the people about. >> we're asking how long is the longest you have been without power? >> people have a lot of stories over the years, a week or more, 40% of you. >> whoa. >35%, a day or less, that's probably way most people are. 22.7% there. boy, that lucky 3% there, staying never. >> never lost powerer. >> that is a miracle. >> i grew up out in the country in north carolina, my folks always had generators, firewood split up and a tractor ready to >f it is rural. >> you have to be self-sufficient. >> there's problems in downtown areas, like downtown greenville, they're trying to get the power process. tom, thank you. you never know hw gn to go out, when it does, you don't always know exactly who to call and it's hard to get that in a hurry, head to and plan ahead. we've got a list of power company
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them down and stick it on the fridge, make sure you're prepared for the next outage. south carolina lawmakers are taking steps to better inform parents and students about greek life in our state. >> inspired by and named after tucker hipps, he's the clemson student who died in 2014 after pledging to a fraternity. >> what this new legislation could mean and 7 news state house watch. >> gary hipps father of clemson student tucker hipps who died while pledging a fraternity says he and his wfe didn't know about allegations of z sexual assault and alcohol l abuse, against several fraternities at clemson until two days after their son died. >> had we known the dangers based on known alleges of misconduct, we would have pull our son from this organization, thereby saving his life. >>reporter: hipps day after
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heart well in 2014 after a early morning run. they feel the public have the right to know all infractions made by any university orring in sags. so -- organization. so they came up with the tucker hippss transparency act. republican sponsored by representative joshua putnam is to make information violations ready accessible to the public. >> with this bilw s fse and parents to have the information to make the best choices. >>reporter: whether it be criminal or code of code of conduct. we're not doing this just to have tucker's name on the bill, we're doing this because we feel this information is important to parents and students. >>reporter: and so no other parent has to say had we known. >> had we known what we know now, tucker would have never been on that bridge that morning. >>. >>reporter: 7 news. so if passed, the bill would not expose the identity of students who committed infractions. >> instead, their goal is to
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accountable for their actions. the bill was tabled and will be further discussed in a meeting next week. the university of tennessee's athletic director is speaking out, a day after two new women were r added as plaintiffs in the lawsuit against the school. both are former students, and say they were sexual assaulted by football players. the lawsuit -- enables athletes to commit sex assaults and helpss them avoid punishment. >> it has my hope that the amount of publicity that has been generated in recent days will not discourage victims from coming forward. guilty parties, should be immediately dealt with and prosecuted. >> yesterday, all 16 head varsity sport coaches at the university held a news conferenc to defend the culture at the athletics department.
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review sooumed in nashville today. she is suing the nashville marriott at vanderbilt yuft and the management company for 75 million dollars. she claims the hotel help her stalker record a naked video of her by revealing her room number, and allowing him to book a room next door. today, a manager from marriott international testified that the information should not have been fwifen out. counting down to the oscars, those who don't win won't walk away losers, hear how much the swag bags they're getting are worth. >> quite frankly, there's not enough p s the state. >> not enough open beds for veterans, but on the streets of
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lowe's presents: how to put your foot in your mouth. man, wish my yard looked like yours. hey, the grass is always greener on the other side of the... sorry. now get 20% off sta-green fertilizer,
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7 news live at 5 is back with oscar news. vice 0001 7 news live at five is back with oscar news. vice president joe biden will have a serious message for audience at this weekend's award show. >> first, make ag call for sexual assault awareness, then introducing lady gaga, she'll perform until it happens to you. that's a song that was featured in the cnn films documentary the hunting ground. sexual assaults on campus. >> jennifer lawrence is this year's highest paid oscar nominee. that's almost twice as much as decap rio.
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at 25, that makes her the youngest person ever with four nominations. >> she is a really good actress. win or lose, oscar nominees are getting the most expensive gift bag ever this year. totals $200,000, 50 things. a acceptabled the presents for 14 scombreers says it's all abbt the -- yeas and says it's all about the product placement. >> wearing your t-shirt, it's worth more than any price of product that they're giving away. >> $200,000 gift bags accepted here, by the way, too, if you're interested. >> taxes on that, gordon. >> okay, never mind. well, we can sell it. but the academy filed a lawsuit over the big bundle of goodies, claiming the company used the oscar name to promote the bag. even though it is not a a fill yated. -- affiliated. we'll get gordon to pay the taxes and diane and i will gladly accept the gift bags. we had windy conditions around
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in the mountains, but the weather is changing again. we'll talk about what you can ex hillary clinton: i do not believe we live in a single-issue country. the economy is rigged in favor of the top. americans haven't had a raise in 15 years. but i want to go further. whether it's poison in the water... hardworking immigrant families living in fear... racism holding people back... wall street and big financial interests along with drug companies, insurance companies, big oil companies... the indifference, the negligence. that's what i want to take on.
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to root out all of these barriers... because i think america can only live up to its potential when we make sure that every american has a chance to live up to his or her potential. i'm hillary clinton,
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welcome back to 7 news live at 5. coyotes are found in every county across welcome back to 7 news live at five. coyotes are found in every county across the state, and it's becoming a nuisance for farmers, now, there's a proposal on the table that would reward hunters for killing them. 7 news reporter dave jordan is live in union county tonight where a meeting on the issue is about to get underway. dave. >>reporter: hey, there, diane, this is a meeting that the state is ag l people about the coyote bounty program, there was so much interest in this meeting that they moved it from one location to where i am tonight in jonesville, and while there is still debate as to whether these bounty programs work, one rancher i spoke with said something needs to be done.
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>>reporter: he knows all too well how predatory and dangerous coyotes can be. >> calf will be born at night, and when they smell the after birth of a calf, they'll attack that calf, they'll start at his naval and eat on each end of it. >>reporter: that's what happened to 6 of fowler's calves last year. by the way, his calves are worth about $1,000 a head. >> if you lose like we lost last year, $6,000. six calves, off the bat. >>reporter: now, the state is hoping to change that, through awe bounty program, it says will likely raise interest in hunting coyotes. a state lawmaker introduced a bill that would offer a $1,000 bounty for each coyote killed. the coyotes would be tagged by the department of natural resources. but, again, the overall goal is to encourage hunters to target coyotes. at the fowler farm, the family is taking steps to keep 250 calves safe. >> we have been trapping the
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out in the woods, so the coyotes won't get our calves and we had pretty good luck with it so far, they're tricky. >>reporter: that's why rifles and spotlights are now a way of life in rural union county to prevent piezed possession from becoming prey. >> when a it's a problem, we have to rectify that problem. >>reporter: and right now, this could come up for a -- this came up for a vote, it passed the committee and expected to go to the full legislature. if theys pass it, it goes into effect july 1st. back to you. all right. dave jordan, thanks for the report. copper thieves are targeting phone lines in one anderson neighborhood, they've caused communication problems. lines were cut 7 times this month alone. 7 news reporter addie hampton got to the bottom of what's being done to stop it. >> did you put a sign up over there? hey, here's the easy spot to steal the phone lines? >>reporter: peggy hamilton mills
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her phone went dead at her anderson county home. >> no phone. >>reporter: it got fixed, but. >> thursday, 2:11, no phone. >>reporter: and again, monday, 2/15, no n >>et total of 7 types this month, according to mills, she learned she was the m have of copper thieves -- victim of copper thievess, along with 100 people. it swings in the wind while the gray wires lie on the ground. >> the 911 emergency service gets knocked out to anybody who depends on it, a landline. >>reporter: they are aware and working hard to stop it. but burns added that it might be easier for thieves to get away with this kind of theft than you think. >> they have a law in georgia that's much stricter than the law we have in south carolina. >>reporter: we took a look at the laws, while georgia and south carolina require permits
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offices to sell copper at designated places, a georgia law enacted in 2012 makes it illegal to buy copper wire that's been burned or heated to conceal identity. >> somebody is buying this product, this stolen product, they're not doing it just for mischief. >>reporter: we sat down with burns who says it's time to take back the state legislature and tighten up the laws. >> it's not happening in georgia and the last time i chekd, the only thing separating us from georgia was the river. >>reporter: it's a sentiment shared by mills. >> y'all must have some kind of idea does it? >> good. . >> we are. >>reporter: for now, she's hoping her phone is working. in anderson, addie hampton, 7 news. >> if you know anything about these thefts, call the anderson county sheriff's office. maybe help them solve a crime. we've had sunshine today, clouds, and the mountains have had a lit w some spots, there's a live look from
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the view in downtown. we know what we're looking at. there it is. it's been a breezy day. quiet windy, but not as bad i as it was yesterday. usually when you have a lot of wind around, it stirs up the air and keeps the temperature from rising too much or dropping as fast as it would under calm condition, the same, we're bringing in the colder temperatures can and by tomorrow morning, we're going to expect a freeze across the mountain locations. and a good chance of a light freeze this the upstate. the lows will range from 30-33 for the upstate, 25-30 will be the range on the low for the mountains. and going into tomorrow morning, ml bit of a breeze, won't be windy, but a little bit of a wind chill factor will be with us in the first part of tomorrow and the reason for the windy conditions per sigs today, we're on the western extent of the storm system that brought us the rain yesterday and it's been helping to bring w the mountains in north carolina. thanks to those winds being
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see the snow falling in the northeastern part of the country. these snow showers are going to continue as long as the winds stay up. and so that's going to happen all the way into tomorrow morning, a little bit of action there in madison county. eastern sections of buncombe county, parts of mcdowell county as well. they're not going to work their way into the upstate. as a matter of fact, later tonight, as the winds try to -- we lose the wind gusts, we will see clearing conditions across the upstate. and that will set us up for a sunny friday. we'll start out cold, might be a little breezy, but not windy tomorrow. the trend will be for lighter winds during the afternoon hours. and saturday, the winds start to change direction. we'll get off to a freezing start to the day, but with the wind out of the southwest, we'll look for a warmup, cool on the temperature on saturday. much warmer getting into sunday. so into the weekend, breezy, a light freeze, lots of sunshine. less wind ch especially by tomorrow afternoon. and quiet weekend weather is on
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highs will be in the 50s, and 60s, the 60s will show up on sunday. as you can see, we're a long way from 60s, 30s and can 40s and the wind is blowing, sustained at 10-20 miles per hour. you can take off 5-10 degrees from the actual temperature to see what it feels like. bundle if you're out this evening. beautiful weather tomorrow, highs in the mid 50s for friday and saturday. mid 60s by sunday. weather will stay dry until we get into tuesday night, and wednesday. the next is that will give us a good chance for showers around here and it will cool us off, too, by wednesday and thursday. and there's your mountain forecast, we'll expect highs to stay in the 40s into saturday, but look at the big warmup on the way for the mountains by sunday, we'll be in the 60s. >> thanks, next live at five, a dad's online post has gone viral, a lot of parents are concerned about what they've seen, we'll have the details of it, straight ahead. prayers at public meetings, should they stay or should they go?
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the state house takes up welcome back to 5 .. 7 news anchor amy wood joining us now to talk about something that has par welcome back to 7 news live at five. we're talking about an issue thatst outrage -- that's outraged parents, mold di sippy cups. >> when you start to undo your sippy cup and you find the mold diens, that looks fine, but here you go, the inside. parents who have the same brand of cup at home are really quick, though, to dispel this brand. >> it looks like it was set on fire. >> yeah, it's mold. >> if y yu wash them as soon as your child is done with them, it won't get mold di. >> ronnie is saying, hey, a news
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wet will get mold. you need to clean it well. >> it's not like you can stick a brush inside of the part of the sippy cup. >> you have so many different types of sippy cups, it's hard to get it all out. >> it's a real problem. >> you still weigh in on the facebook page. >> that's right. >> aem, thank you. j.c. penny starting to sell merchandise for a penny. called get your penny's worth. and can the penny sale will involve the house plans like the arizona line of products, this is the latest chain by the way to have this effort turn around. because of the declining sales. up, down, touch the ground, stretching is important, even if you don't exercise regularly. hear why, next. >> but first, let's take a live
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is only beneficial after a mary you may think stretching is only beneficial after a workout it strechs beyond that. -- stretches beyond that. >> flexibility is important at any age and one of the best ways to improve your joint range of motion is stretching and doing it regularly. adults should do flexibility exercises 2-3 times a w a cd home, the gym or at work. some tips to consider while trying to improve your flexibility, focus on major muscle group, when you're stretching, focus on your calves, thighs, hips and lower back, neck and shoulders. and make sure that you stretch both sides. hold your stretch. try to hold each stretch for at least 30 seconds. and remember, to brrathe normally. don't aim for pain. you should expect to feel some tension, but not pain.
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ease off until it no longer feels painful. bring movement into your stretching. the gentle flow in yoga or tie chi can help you be more flexible in specific movements, experts warn to always you proper technique. stretching incorrectly can actuldohn>>t'hoea goo yoga teacher. mary reporting there. sta with us, 7 news at 6:00 starts right now. live from the news station, this is 7 news at 6:00. coming home, as never felt so lonely. a troubled veteran, turns into a neighborhood menace. tonight, how spartanburg is pulling together to get him help. >> plus, an answer to the prayers, the state's top lawmakers take up the elephant in the room before meetings all over south carolina. and tracking snow showers in the mountains and a lot of wind everywhere. i'll let you know when the winds will die down in the forecast. we told you time and time again about the struggles our
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come home from war. issues. >> bryan smith is here to -- brianna smith is here to share the story. >>reporter: tom, right now, the upstate board solution is working with the spartanburg county sheriff's office to get a veteran that was arrested help. due to the sensitive of the work, we've chosen not to name him. when soldier returns home from battle, it's a journey that they can feel alone in. just ask marine jonathan burgess frnts theres the missing piece of the protective factor of having the peer support network. >>reporter: he spends his day with the solutions, helping the veterans get off the streets or out of bad situations, getting them to the va and the help they need. >> monday through friday, saturday and sunday. think about it, lie awake at night. >>reporter: like this situation in spartanburg county, a handful of police reports were written up, describing situations where
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watching these homes, and their children. shining lights and lasers through windows. even coming to the sheriff's office. >> he could get calls, from the military buddies, have them come hover over with helicopterers. >>reporter: the sheriff's office learned that tmwaetannde was showing signs of needing mental help. the solutions are limited. >> you can't keep going out there trying to band-aid it, you've got to do something. otherwise, the situation is going to escalate. >>reporter: the situation did escala d sprb county had to arrest him for trespassing. the resolving door started back in 2010. as he's been arrested four times by the buncombe county sheriff's office and asheville police. but with nowhere to send them, the sheriff's office hands are tied. >> you may have an individual in front of you, who needs more than outpatient treatment.


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