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tv   7 On Your Side at 5pm  CBS  February 26, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm EST

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this fall she was an english and a language arts teacher. a parent reached out to us after they said their child saw that yesterday. a district said they could not put up with this type of behavior. >> i thought i was the only one that was supposed to discipline any kids and teach them to go on the straight and narrow way. >> kendra gary was livid learning a student was hit by a teacher at sanders middle school thursday. >> i'm glad that the police and everybody else got to them instead of the mom. if it was me i would want her instead of the police. >> it was the feeling shared by other parents in laurens county. brandy overmyer was charged with assaulting a student. >> the superintendent said overmyer was no longer employed and that type of behavior cannot and will not be tolerated. >> i think that's right protocol. >> overmyer's self-written bio
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she said this was her first year at sanders teaching english and language arts. she has no disciplinary history on his teaching license. >> rob treble said times has changed. >> you used to pull out the paddle and whoop kids, punish them. now you can't. i hate to hear anyone lose their jobs. >> for mom kendra gary she said we can't look back. >> times and techniques have changed. student is fine laurens city >> reporter: the district said that student is fine. meanwhile, the laurens police investigation. overmyer face as it's a misdemeanor that comes with a if convicted. >> addie, what are we talking about here when we say a teacher what exactly happened?
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they're happened. lots of rumors going around. of course we want to bring you the exact details. we have cell phone of a school. during this you can see a school administrator slams a student to the ground. that student's mmher wants disciplinary action. >> i cry when i see it. never had a phone call from a principal at my job because i was at work at the time that my son had got hurt or was involved with anything. taylor's son injured his wrist in the altercation .. >> her son was injured. he hurt his wrist in this altercation, was suspended for breaking rules about videotaping an incident like this on campus. the school said it's turning everything over to police to investigate. north carolina lawmakers
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for the people sharing the classroom with your kids. a usa today investigation found north carolina has one of the nations most problematic policies. unlike other states it leaves background checks to the local school districts. lawmakers have been collecting investigation from the individual districts and are expected to discuss ways to improve the process when they reconvene this spring. the sigma fi fraternity is responding to allegations of the lawsuit by the tucker hipps family. people saw him walking over a rail before his death. the judge denied the fraternity chapter request that it be removed as an defendant. an early morning fire has two dozen people looking for somewhere to say. this is
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solutions recovery center. about 30 informs worked to put this out. i think this is our video and not the staffer's pictures. displaced. >> i woke up in the morning, drunk my coffee and watched the news and so did my roommates. when we left a couple guys said the apartment is on fire. >> nobody was hurt or injured but it's going to be weeks before they news the cause. on building today. here's a picture of the complex. this is skyland drive in westminster. firefighters said they were able to get this out without anybody getting hurt but two families they don't know what caused it. many of you hoping the weekend weather will be much like today. as you can see from this live look outside, it's sunny and clear. as we bring in christy i know i snuck out for a lunch break myself. >> i know. this morning it was quite win dy but this afternoon the winds have let up.
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see a breeze but some areas are reporting calm conditions. that's just what we need. still windy in asheville. that's the reason why they stopped at 40 for a high. they're down to 39. around the upstate really not bad. mainly the mid 50s today. 54 laurens and 55 in unix on. clear skies for a big part of the evening. over night a disturbance rolls through that will bring us high clouds but not do much to keep us warm. saturday we'll start around 30. when you think it can't get better it will. warmer weather is coming this weekend. >> i know you're go to -- going to give more de tails but what about the best one? >> sunday. today gop front runner durn donald trump got a big endorsement. >> to beat hillary clinton in november on that stage last night he's undoubtedly donald trump. >> that is new jersey governor chris christie who said donald trump is someone who keeps his promises.
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now might give trump a boost as he heads into super tuesday this coming tuesday. new york daily news calling attention to another donald trump supporter with this cover story featuring a headed clans man. it said david duke is urging his radio audience to voter turn for trump because of his like mind set. the trump campaign has not commented. as republicans race towards super tuesday the attacks are heating up. >> they are. last night's debate was full of name calling and finger pointing. >> this guy is a choke artist and this guy is a liar. >> if he had not inherented $200 million i don't know where he would be right now? >> no, no. >> all right. those five men there turned into a three-man argument and the attacks didn't stop when the debate ended. trump continued his assault on
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the tweets included several spelling mistakes which marco rubio decided to make fun of during a campaign event in dallas. 26-30 once a chocker always a choker .. i guess >> and once a chalker always a choker. i guess that's what he meant to say. great honer. i think he meant to say great honor. the e and the o are nowhere near each other on the keyboard. just like trump tower he must have hired a foreign worker to do his tweets. >> he later sent them back out. if you think things are getting out of hand you're not alone. >> you're going to want to see this. this is senator lindsey graham trying to be funny summing up the campaign in one sentence. crazy. graham >> my party is going [beep] crazy. >> that's bleeped for your ears. graham goes onto roast the gop candidates. you sigh him here putting on the signature donald trump make america great again hat at the
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tonight people are also buzzing about a democratic candidate. it's bernie sanders's ability to bring there's bernny there's he will be hosting an event in -- in orangeberg. right now we are hoping to give you a live look outside that event with hillary clinton. she will be joined by her husband, former president bill clinton. there's your live look. it's going on in orangeberg right now. just in time. she has an 8:00 rally at boyd plaza. south carolina voters will get a chance to cast their
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to anybody who is registered to vote and who didn't vote in last week's republican primary. >> 7 news national correspondent mark meredith has a preview for us tonight. between now and their convention - >> republicans remain unsure about what will happen between now and their convention, democrats appear to be rallying behind hillary clinton. >> we are delighted to see all of you here. >> after a strong finish in nevada last week clinton is expected to easily win saturday's south carolina contest. it's her only opponent, bernie sanders, who wants to make it clear he's not going anywhere. >> we're in this race to win it and i think we are going to pull off one of the great political upsets. >> democrats have 11 states up for grabs on super tuesday and the polls show hillary clinton look to have a big night. oklahoma won state where sanders is leading but not by much and well within the margin of error. that's a quick look at where things stand in the race for the white house. in washington, i'm mark meredith. >> thank you for that report. 7 news has team coverage of the
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it starts when the polls open tomorrow morning daybreak. >> we will be on air after polls close tomorrow night at 7:00 giving you results as they come in. all day long stay up to date on and with our 7 news app. tonight we have a warning about an out break that could put your pet's health at risk. next, hear where distemper is endangering dogs. >> also an update on zika virus. >> zone construction will close a lane of 85 tonight and tomorrow. will will effect northbound near 67 and 70. drivers should expect delays or
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do you think when you are president you'll be paid as much as if you were a man-male... this is one of the jobs where they have to pay you the same. but there are so many examples where that doesn't happen. i'm going to do everything i can to make sure every woman in every job gets paid the same... the men who are doing that job. i'm hillary clinton
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"it can be very, very scary." 7 news live at 5 is back .. with a warning for pet owners tonight.. 7 news live at 5:00 back with a warning for pet owners tonight. henderson county's experience an out break of kanine distemper. >> it's very contagious. roy which he will spence has rochelle -- rochelle spence has warning signs. >> reporter: this attacks the brain and spinal cord of an animal causes fits, seizures and paralysis. >> angel cox knows every dog by name at the spartanburg humansociety. she can show you which ones came in healthy and others still with a long way to go. >> while she has not seen a distemper case here she knows the disease well. >> it is horrifying. >> she said it's ex
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>> in is aet seth a set -- in a setting like it can spread quickly. >> if spread you would immediately notice a change in your happy pet. >> veterinarians say the disease is very similar to rabies but humans are not able to contract it. >> ryan said he takes care of his 7-year-old boxer just like his own children with regular trips to the doctor and vaccinations. >> i can't happen. i would do everything to help take care of him. >> unfortunately there's nothing you can do if your dog contracts the virus. for around $10 you can prevent it but there's no cure. >> completely preventable disease but it can be fatal, often is fatal. >> according to vets it isn't just spread by toys, bedding or
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>> be careful taking your dogs around wild animals. make sure vaccinations are up to date. >> something like this that you can prevent for little dollars you have to stay on top of it. >> i guess you have to worry about pet that is go off the leech a lot more. they might experience being around wild animals. >> reporter: yeah. absolutely. people in rural area s. officials say they typically see distemper with your wild animals like raccoons, wol v v -- wolves. >> i let my dog out in the backyard. any dog that goes outside will have exposure. >> reporter: absolutely. in henderson county this year a lone they had to put 30 animals down already. >> $10 vaccination is not a big price to pay. >> thank you. south carolina's health agency is urging local communities to help prevent the spread of the zika virus by starting mosquito spraying earlier this year. a doctor with 35 years of experience with
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need to panic. dr. eric brener held on open lecture at usc today in columbia. he said today's studies on zika's connection to a birth defect will reveal a lot before this summer. >> this is not mosquito season in south carolina. by summer, by june, july, august it will be mosquito season so we will be following this very closely. >> we contacted counties and cities in our area to see if they plan to ramp up spraying or begin earlier. counties like greenville said they will review the recommendations and begin spraying earlier than the normal date. north carolina has seen an increase in flu activity this month. as a result one hospital is putting new visitation limits in place. >> mission health is asking children younger than 12 and people who don't feel well to stay home rather than visit patients to help prevent the
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the cdc said this season's vaccine has been effective. it's been 60% effective. that makes it one of the best flu shots in recent years. last year's vaccine only cut the risk by 20%. the cdc said so far 13 children have died during this flu season. adlib well, we enjoyed a beautiful day today. you know aside from the clear skies that we've seen today it was also nice to not have so much wind around. we've had very gusty conditions. it was still breezy during some parts of the day, especially up in the mountains of western north carolina. the trend is going to be for the winds area wide to calm down and over the weekend our weather is looking very nice. now we got into the lower 50s today around the upstate. tonight with mostly clear weather we'll look for a light breeze by tomorrow morning. a warming trend is on the way for our weekend with 60s around by sunday and the next chance of rain not in the
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here's a satellite map of tonight. clear skies around the upstate. still some cloud cover around the tennessee line. that's where we had snow showers last night and this morning. the moisture is drying up and the clouds will go away as well. later tonight and tomorrow morning there's another disturbance off to our northwest that may bring some high clouds in over night. it's not going to do much to keep us warm. look for a cold start to our saturday. you can follow that wind out of the northwest and those clouds now increasing over the western part of tennessee overnight. in the morning just high clouds. light winds, a very mild end to the day after a freezing start to our morning. then over all beautiful weather all around the area. getting into sunday high pressure begins our winds start to change direction. tomorrow. sunday out of the south and southwest. that's going to mean a very fast warm
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low and the high temperature. so we'll end up with 60s around the upstate and also into the mountain locations. over all a great weekend for us. right now it's 39 in asheville, 50 in spartanburg, 54 in anderson. again, a bit of a breeze in most areas but the winds will calm down over night. right now 50 degrees. 39 by 9:00. 29 in the morning and 56 for the high. the next 72 hours not look ing too bad for us. mid 50s tomorrow, a few degrees warmer than today. 10 degrees warmer going into sunday with beautiful sky conditions all weekend long. a little bit more in the way of cloud cover on monday with a weak system that's not going to have a lot of moisture to work with. a better chance for showers doesn't come back into the forecast until tuesday night going into wednesday. over all much of next week is looking very mild. highs mainly in the 50s and 60s. there's your mountain forecast.
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sunday. a massive rummage sale. where next. >> then eight movies up for the best picture at this sunday's oscars but how many of those films have you actually seen? head to our or facebook page to weigh in and we'll share you answers tonight at 5:40. >> closing numbers from wall street now.
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after this. welcome back to 7 news live at 5. the south carolina peach festival is operating in th welcome back. the south carolina peach festival is operating in the red. organizers say the event lost $31,000 during the 2015 run because of the extra cost for heat. the 2016 peach festival starting the 27th. a big yard sale kicks off the evening.
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reason raises money for local charities. admission is $5 and tomorrow it's from 8:00 to 2:00 and only $1 to get in. raising a child is one of the most trying jobs on the planet. >> it's hard. for foster and adoptive partials get n't -- adoptive parents get ago child -- getting a child out of a group home is a struggle. >> a 7 news consumer alert at 5:30 with a car seat recall. >> thank you for joining us all
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live at 5:00. now from the news station, this is 7 news live at 5:00. it's 5:29 and right now there are needy children stuck
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loving families who try to foster or adopt just give up because of long delays in an conflicting information from multiple state agencies. >> the department of social services is the adoption agency but it doesn't control the entire adoption process. 7 news investigates the long delays caused by a stalled system. >> this garage nearly broke up a family. the problem started in 2010 when todd stevens and his wife volunteered as foster parents for two little girls, children they hoped to adopt. the stevens applied to the department of social services, the only state agencies that families. a problem. >> you're told fairly specifically that the environment needs to be deemed safe. >> before they approve a family regulations require a health
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than 6 that includes paint for lead-based paint. nobody is trained to do those inspections so it contracts with the department of health environmental control paying them $171,000 a year. >> i know for a fact there's a family out there who had adopted before, they wanted to adopt again and they were stopped because of the lead paint inspection. >> that testing is really important because lead poisoning can lower a child's iq, can cause coma, death. led paint has been banned for decades. you will still find it chipping away on homes built before 1978. fixing it is relativity easy. >> we bought a $10 local test kit. the lead paint turns red on the wood and our test strip.


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