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tv   7 On Your Side at 530pm  CBS  February 26, 2016 5:30pm-6:00pm EST

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than 6 that includes paint for lead-based paint. nobody is trained to do those inspections so it contracts with the department of health environmental control paying them $171,000 a year. >> i know for a fact there's a family out there who had adopted before, they wanted to adopt again and they were stopped because of the lead paint inspection. >> that testing is really important because lead poisoning can lower a child's iq, can cause coma, death. led paint has been banned for decades. you will still find it chipping away on homes built before 1978. fixing it is relativity easy. >> we bought a $10 local test kit. the lead paint turns red on the wood and our test strip.
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might wait months. there's only three people in the agency licensed to test for leader all of them based in columbia. one none of the lead inspectors is dedicatete just to foster or adoptive families. we were told the inspectors didn't exist, telling us the staff confirmed we do not perform home inspections for dss adoptions. it took a full day and several phone calls for another agency spokesperson to acknowledge the limited role. >> dss caseworkers tell us that after long waits for lead inspections some potential families just give up. >> has that happened? a family was ready to go and said i can't handle this wait? >> we have had that to happen. >> jacqueline low is drek irector of licenses at dss. she said
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because of lead inspections and said dss has a good relationship with partner agencies that assist in the adoption process. >> those particular agencies are experts or it's been a requirement or mandate to perform those functions. >> which brings us back to the garage. even if they find dangerous levels of contamination they will never be back. the caseworker follows up even though they aren't certified. that back and forth almost broke up the stevens family. >> you have the department of health and environmental control dictating what needs to take place for a department of social services foster home. there's no true communication between the two organizations. >> the first inspection came in 2010 when the stevens applied
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they found hazardous levels of lead paint inside. the garage is no problem, it's good. >> the stevens spent thousands a year later when they tried to adopt the same kids that dss already placed in the home the lead inspections started from scratch. the same inspector returned only this time she said the garage was a hazard writing there was so much lead paint the building should be torn down, hauled off and buried with clean topsoil. the inspector wrote the children who already lived with the stevens should not be placed in the home until the hazards were fixed. >> we met the requirements, were licensed as a foster home and then while the children are in our care we had other levels of investigation. >> mike chair is joint chair. >> why whether or not you would -- why would you do that
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>> i don't have an answer but will. >> he said he was already aware of problems and that some families would be delayed or quit the adoption process confusion. >> if the paint is found, for months. >> and the garage, it's still standing. despite the inspection dss certified the stevens to adopt 5 years after they signed up as south carolina foster parents. when we took our findings to senator you >> we took our findings to senator fair and he promised to hold hearings to get to the bottom of these delays. now we can underway. >> just this week lawmakers met with representatives from both agencies. they will promise to make sure it happens. dss is working on a business process
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>> they say they will make sure to request these inspections sooner so that willing families aren't waiting quiet so long for all that paperwork to clear. a warning for parents in a 7 news consumer alert. evenflo is recalling 5,600 child safety seats because kids can loosen the internal harness. the recall includes transitions three in one combination booster seats from december 2014 through january 2016. no injuries have been reported. a verdict this week connecting johnson and johnson's big powder to ovarian cancer has sparked a lot of concern over social media. a missouri jury ordered the company to pay $72 million in damage to the family of a woman whose link was linked to the baby powder. they said the link between the powder and
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some report an increased risk and some say there's none at all. they sing let me see sunshine. >> that's how they sing broadway. >> the weekend is looking great. it's going to be a good one to be out. we have mostly they will last through most of the over night. we might see a few clouds floating through into the early morning hours. right now it's upper 30s in asheville but we got into the lower and mid we're almost to that time of the year to talk about the pollen count. >> something more to complain about. >> it's going to be warmer on sunday so expect the pollen to stay in the air. >> i promise during the break i will sing that song. >> you bet he will. >> thank you, christy. >> i'll join you. the oscars are just two days away. we'll go over the nominees and tell you how much it costs to get the stars red carpet ready next. >> a veteran has turned into a neighborhood terror. i'm amy wood.
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we update you on a story we first told you about yesterday that involves spartanburg county
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but now they're saying it may be do you think when you are president you'll be paid as much
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this is one of the jobs where they have to pay you the same. but there are so many examples where that doesn't happen. i'm going to do everything i can to make sure every woman in every job gets paid the same... the men who are doing that job. i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. welcome back to 7 news live at 5. hollywoods bigigst stars are getting ready to walk the red welcome back. hollywood's biggest stars are getting ready to walk the red carpet at sunday's academy awards. >> it costs a pretty penny to get them looking so gorgeous. about $3,500 a person according
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costs $30,000 itself. the gold plaited oscar costs $680. diversity is not just a black and white issue. that's the message that eva longoria is taking to the oscars. she's asking everyone to wear a brown ribbon to call the attention to the lack of latino representation. >> we can process it off of their stupidity. >> nobody is safe. >> i should say that we don't like irish people. >> hey. >> what? we don't. that's a well known fact. >> my name is max, my world is fire and blood. >> this is mark and i'm still alive. >> all i wanted was my boy and he took him from me. do you understand? >> you're going to love it. >> what? >> the world. >> they control everything. >> this is not just boston, this is the whole country. it's
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>> they knew and they let it happen. we just gave yo >> now we can say we've seen all the movies. >> a look at the eight nominees for best pictures on sunday for the oscars. we're asking you how many of those films have you seen? >> two. i saw spotlight and the mar -- martian. >> i will prprbably watch it nce a week now. >> i saw the martian and loved it. >> out of the eight 73% of you haven't seen anything. >> it's expensive. >> 1 to 3 for 27%. 4 to 7 nobody. nobody . who has seen all of them? nobody. the spotlight was my favorite of all the ones i've seen but because it makes reporters look super smart. i walked around with my chest puffed out. >> i love space travel movies. the martian wasn't that far.
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have to. >> are you more likely to see a for best picture? >> not me. space travel and action. >> on demand. next 7 news live at 5:00, hear what state is looking to get rid of the age restriction that presents children from shooting firearms. >> mostly clear skies a steady
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good 7 news live at 5 is back .. with new details on an officer involved shooting in berkeley county. new details on an officer-involved shooting in berkeley county. we learned the sheriff's deputy that was shot is from here in the upstate. corporal kimber gist is a woodruff high school graduate. low country officials said she was shot twice trying to put a suspect into her car during a traffic stop. the suspect went to a home in north charleston
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the swat team later found him dead inside. .. but is doing well and expected to recover. gist had to have surgery. she's doing well and expected to recover. federal local authorities in hesston, kansas are investigating a workplace shooting that left three people dead and 14 hurt. police killed the suspect, cedric ford during the attack. he was served with a protection from abuse order in the factory where he worked 90 minutes before he opened fire. >> he didn't display anything that was outrageous. he just displayed that he was upset that he was getting this order. >> police say ford was armed with an assault rifle and an automatic handgun. investigators are trying to figure out how a suspect with a criminal record was able to get those weapons. a controversial bill is being considered in iowa tonight u it would put guns in the hands of kids. tonight ryan smith has a closer look at both sides of this debate. >> for natalie and meredith gibson this is their sport.
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with their father since they were 5 years old. >> i really like shooting the pistol because it's more easier for me and i can just spend time with my dad. >> it's only dangerous if you handle it wrong. you have to follow the three rules, you never point a gun at somebody. >> girls and their dad have been lobbies the legislature to change the gun law for years. >> it's about handgun safety. my daughters started learning at a young age what it's about and how dangerous it can be and were exposed to them. >> i rise in opposition to this bill. >> legislatures who oppose the bill said allowing children of any age to handle a lethal weapon is absurd. >> that's why we have 49 kids getting shot every single day in this country. that's why seven of those will die every single day in this country. >> we do not need a malitia of toddlers. we do not have handguns that i am aware of that fit the hands of a
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>> thank you very much for bill. >> jake highfield proposed the bill which now moves on to the senate. >> we want to make sure that we return that power back to the parents, allow them to make the decision when they're children if they gun safety that's their choice. >> that was ryan smith reporting. right now according to iowa law children younger handguns even with adult supervision. to 11:30 am tomorwg. iacisca n irle t d workt'w owwneve t gdl uat cisetalgh swrbtlle cl.go ptn to sbw th twrg henn and want to give you head's up. tomorrow morning in greenville there's going to be roads closed for ghs's half marathon. a good rule of thumb, a lot of the connecting streets from the swamp rabbit trail will be closed. be aware of that from 8:00 to 11:30 for that run. i'm emily henning and i'll be back on 7 news daybreak monday morning.
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it's going to cold start to our day tomorrow. it was quite chilly today at the biltmore estate where temperatures topped out at 40 degrees. the good news is that guys have been clear, the bad news the winds stayed in the mountains today but will be calming down area wide tonight ant -- and through the day tomorrow. if you like warmer weather you will like sunday better than saturday but saturday will not be bad in the mid 50s. with light winds it's going to feel pleasant. all day sunshine for both days this weekend. the satellite map shows that we are holding onto clear skies across the upstate. still have some cloud cover left over in some of the mountain areas where we had some snow falling. decent accumulations up towards the tennessee line. snow in asheville last night but that's all melted as readings were well above freezing this afternoon. further to the northwest there's a disturbance that's rolling in from that direction. that may
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we'll have several hours of clear conditions and of course that will allow the this evening. you want to bundle up if you're heading out tonight into tomorrow morning. a freezing start to the day maybe a little bit in the way of clouds left over near the tennessee border. over all mostly clear conditions will be the rule for us throughout the day tomorrow. light winds and all day sunshine and very dry air in place. we'll rebound nicely to cool readings in the afternoon and then as we get into the day on sunday high pressure will be down to our south, the clock wise flow around that high will bring our winds in from the southwest and that means a fast warm up. we will end up 10 degrees warmer sunday compared once again, all day sun. no big weather systems high pressure is going to keep things nice and dry across the so here's what i'm tracking, mostly clear skies tonight. a light morning. warm weather but not
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weekend warming trend is on the way with 60s by sunday. next chance for rain not until tuesday of next week. 39 in asheville right now, 50s across the upstate. still quite breezy in asheville. calm conditions across several locations in the upstate. winds out of the northeast at 13 miles per hour in spartanburg. a bit of a windchill but over all not bad and the wind will calm down area wide by tomorrow morning. for the next 72 hours the weather over all looks nice. mid 50s mid 60s on sunday and monday. we'll increase the cloud cover but stay dry around here until tuesday night going into wednesday. that will be our next chance for showers. we have another chance of rain thursday into friday. mild temperatures over all next week. there's your mountain forecast. 50 tomorrow but sunshine and 63 on sunday. >> what a great weekend. s yeah. it's always great -- >> yeah. its always great when you see an intense sun with the weekend forecast. >> we'll take it any day.
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police get a lot of weird calls make no mistake but next live at 5:00 hear about the that even the california highway patrol was surprised by.
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should it be removed from a 7 news live at 5 continues now .. with the california highway patrol's magical quest to find a a california highway patrol's magical quest to find unicorn. >> this is great. this is actually serious. troop ers were called in to help neighbors the 20-year-old pony spends her days posing as a unicorn but escaped and ran close to traffic. finally someone brought it back home with the use of a horse
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pilots have to make an the nose gear failed to deploy so the flight crew only had the rear wheels. you can see the front hitting the ground as it landed. we heard there's nmajor incidents, there were only three people on the flight. no smoke or fire. airport operations were uneffected. mercedes benz is bucking the trend and replacing some robots on the assembly line with humans. that they can't -- they can't keep up with the custom options. there's four types for tire caps and a choice for cup holders. they said it was too much for robots. it's a big hit for union county. why thousands of hunters and their dogs are in the upstate. >> let's take a live look outside.
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the presidency is the toughest job in the world and she's the one who'll make a real difference for you. i'm hillary clinton and i approved this message. thousands of people.. are in the upstate.. to check out
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around... as seven news reporter laura thomas thousands of people are in the upstate to check out the best hunting dogs around. laura thomas tells us the event is a big deal for union county. >> from the barking to the bargains. >> thank you very much. >> the southeastern walk er er days event is bringing in people from all over the country. >> it's a wide sport that a lot of people don't see but it's a popular sport. >> just try asking these guys why they like to hunt. >> do you like to shop? >> i guess so. >> then i love to hunt. that's the thing about it. we love to hear dogs run and bark. >> there's venders and a dog show. >> a lot of people just watch the westminster dog show. we're having the same type of show with the coonhoons.
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next several years. >> we want it to be that for the world. hunt. >> it was a perfect venue for this type of event. >> laura thomas, 7 news. >> and this event continue s through tomorrow at the union county fairgrounds. stay with us. 7 news at 6:00 with tom and amy starts now. we told you yesterday he was troubled.. but we told you yesterday he was troubled but deputies are starting to think he's just another arrest for a veteran who has turned into a neighborhood nightmare. >> i thought i was the only one supposed to discipline my kids. >> parents say some things should stay out of the classroom. >> backlash for one teacher. >> my party is going [beep] crazy. >> senator graham is not pulling any punches tonight. now we know how he really feels about campaign 2016. >> as lighter winds take over the weather will have a chance to get warmer. your weekend forecast is coming up.
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this is 7 news at 6:00. with the law... for a spartanburg county another day, another run in with the law for a spartanburg county veteran. he's accused of now he's in bigger trouble after he pointed a gun at someone. >> his name is thomas standly. we first told you about him at 6:00 yesterday but did not name him to protect the efforts to get him some help. now he's been arrested again on more serious charges. brianna smith was at the bond hearing this >> that's right. we were in here for a bond hearing for thomas standly. deputies explained what happened last night. ten of them arrived on scene at his home off of gold mine road in spartanburg county. when they got there he was howling, he had a keyboard and a motorcycle out that he was reving and playing a loom of a video clip where he was interviewed a couple of years
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they said this is typical behavior they have been seeing out of him in this area. >> he was harassing neighbors again, which is what he was arrested for. he was arrested for pointing and presenting a firearm at someone else. a judge issued him a bond for $9,500. they plan to give him a gps nrc to v during ho eo on mo. >> we'll be following up on the case and talking to neighbors brianna smith, 7 news. we called about 15 minutes ago to check on this and at that point he had not bonded out. we online. only parents are supposed to hit the kids, not teachers. >> did this teacher go too far laurens school district parents are up in arms after learning she struck one of her students. she


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