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tv   7 On Your Side at 5pm  CBS  February 29, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm EST

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lot of the bugatti grand might club. a judge can't give bond on murder charges so williams stayed in jail. >> according to court records a circuit judge gave him a $50,000 bond last month and put him in the h.i.p.program. a spokesman for the victim's family said they fourth this and now they're feared to speak out. >> certain violent crime charges prevent a suspect from being able to participate in hip but anyone is eligible. they just present the facts to the judge who determines a suspect's bond eligibility based on two things, are they a flight risk and a threat to the community. deputies tell me...they are a hs ktno fin la. they he could sl ben >> repoer: now, greenville county deputies said they're trying to find williams. they believe he could still be in the area and in anderson or ook knee oconee counties.
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oconee counties. >> there's two questions. the first thing is why was he given bond. the second thing, you have a man who has a record, accused in two murders, cuts off his ankle bracelet, what did the greenville county deputies do after saying he was armed and dangerous to notify people that this man was on the run? >> reporter: they're trying to utilize social media more. so in this instance they posted on social media. fortunately we're following them and we were able to look into this ourselves. we did have a conversation with them about this today. while social media is vital we know that the media notification is important as well. we're continuing to work on this partnership and make sure the public knows about these dangerous situations. >> thank you, addie. a jury has been seat ed in the murder trial of billy taylor. he's accused of a deadly shooting near crox night club. rodney nesbit died at the
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another woman was seriously injured. deputies say the shooting stemmed from a fight with someone else. the murder trial is scheduled to begin tomorrow morning. a greer man is suing the greenville county sheriff's office and the deputy accused of shooting him. a deputy responded to a domestic violence call at the home. gary reynolds claims he was holding an unloaded rifle and wasn't given a chance to put it down before the deputy opened fire. reynolds was seriously injured. the lawsuit claims negligence. new details on a deadly crash that killed four upstate college students tonight. the coroner released the toxicology reports showing that the driver was legally drunk when it crashed. brianna smith has been digging into this story for months now. she joins us with the very latest. brianna. >> reporter: good evening. this all developed very fast today. the coroner just released the toxicology reports.
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when one of the families of the victims decided that they didn't want those reports released he soughttthe opinion of the attorney general. we released that to you first on the attorney general told the coroner that toxicology reports are protected from foil laws because it's a medical document. they sited a recent supreme court ruling. the coroner stated that he disagrees with parts of that opinion and decided to release the reports anyway. on the night in october that the driver, james campbell, and two other students were almost twice the legal limit before the car crashed on 4th street. now, today in that news conference i asked the coroner how this would be different in the future, what he wants to see from us in the future. he said the only thing this is going to eeect is how we get those toxicology reports and what's in them. he's only releasing a little bit of information because he said he doesn't consider it to be a medical record and it's not protected
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smith. >> definitely a bold move by the coroner there, brianna. when he was talking about his reasoning behind that, is it because he feels it's so important for the public to know about this drunk driving incident? >> reporter: that's part of it. a representative was here talking about this puts a real situation on drunken driving. they hope that this can be lesson for the rest of the county and also a lesson for all of their students at the university as well. >> certainly can. thank you, brianna. four young students are recovering after being shot at. ohio. witnesses say someone opened fire inside madison high school's cafeteria. two teen boys were hit by gunfire while two others were injured by shrapnel. all four are expected to be okay. the 14-year-old shooter is now in custody. authorities say they have an idea of why he did it but they are not releasing that information right now. we've got new numbers showing just how deadly south
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this department of public safety report says four people were killed on south carolina roads this weekend. none of those victims had their seat belts on. in fact, the 77 deadly car accidents this year 41 of the people killed were not wearing a seat belt. it's not just car crashes on the road that kill people. motorcyclists and pedestrians are killed as well. as of yesterday 119 people have been killed this year. it was 138 this time last year. greenville county leading the state with 10 deaths. spartanburg county 8. anderson county has 7 traffic fatalities so far this year. two people are in the hospital after a car crashed down an embankment this morning in powdersville. it happened around 9:00 on highway 153. troopers say one of them injured so badly they had to be air lifted to the hospital. it's amazing this crash didn't kill anybody. it's on the right of your screen. did you see that with the speeding truck that just pushes it into
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a concrete barrier. four people had to be taken to the hospital. their injuries are problem. the driver said he doesn't know how he lost control. a north carolina couple is dead after a truck slammed into their home last night. the vehicle hit a propane tank and there was an explosion. the husband and wife were rushed to the hospital but both died there early this morning. there was no charges against the driver. a 5-year-old girl is being treated for severe injuries. fire destroyed part of her family's home last night. here's a live look at that home. four adults, five children were inside at the time. the family got out but didn't realize the 5-year-old girl was still inside. firefighters found her unconscious in the front room.
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burn center later. lightning up the load, if you didn't know any better you might look outside and think spring already started. the skies clear, the sun is out. the temperatures are warm. talking about those temperatures, did we get near a record here? >> we were but it's the warmest day so far this year. 13 degrees above average. a nice spring preview. we have a lot of 70s still holding on across the upstate and into northeast georgia. 72 greenville and spartanburg. a little cooler but not bad in asheville where it's 5 degrees. we have clear skies that are going to last into tomorrow morning. clouds are going to be on the increase during the day tomorrow and so will the rain chances. another system out west is getting organized. big changes weather wise will start tomorrow in the lower 40s. >> if you want to get something done tomorrow do it in the morning. >> best chance, yeah. >> thank you, christy. a massive irs data breach is
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the agency says there's as many as 724,000 victims. they're trying to notify all those people by mail. hackers used personal information gathered from online sources like bank accounts to identify the questions to get transcripts. the get transcript form allowed people to check their tax history online. it's been suspended since may. the irs is working to restore it but this time with some enhanced security to protect taxpayers. next live at 5:00, curiosity may have killed the cat but this kid got caught in a vending machine. how long it took to get this poor guy unstuck. >> these kids look 12 but if you're going by the number of birth days they had you're looking at three 3-year-olds. how they're making their leap day birthday celebration count. >> first a quick check of traffic before you head out tonight. this is i-85 right at 385 in greenville county.
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looks like it's welcome back to 7 news live at 5. the newest crime fighters on henderson county's k-9 unit ..finally have welcome back. the newest crime fighters on henderson county's k-9 unit have names. this is bailey, loyla, sniffer doodle and echo charlie fox trout. the sheriff's office announced their names today. local fifth graders helped to pick out the names for the two dogs. deputies train them to learn how to track suspects and local missing people. ashley and joe bolin welcomed their son this morning around 7:00. he wasn't expected to arrive until march 17th but got a head start. he came out today. christian butner and sarah fink welcomed a baby today. since both babies were
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celebrate a birthday on their birthday until another 4 years. we caught up with a set of upstate triplet who is know what it's like to have to wait. today is their third birthday. how they try to make the most of it. >> we're celebrating a fantastic birthday. our triplets have a real birthday today. they were born on the 29th of february in 2004. >> we're just enjoying life. it's been a ride. tennessee -- it's an adventure. >> we had two to begin with and we went for a third and got blessed with three more. then two more followed after that. so a total of seven. >> they were due in march. everyone laughed at the possibility that we would have them on leap day. it was a joke with our doctor. wouldn't that be interesting if they came on leap day. everybody said that wouldn't happen. >> they're theoretically 3 years old.
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they're growing up too fast for me. >> that means i'm smarter than other people at 3. >> it keeps us young. >> there's always activity at the house. it's a lot of fun going on. >> sometimes the days are long but the years are short. enjoy every moment you have because that's what i'm trying to do. >> it's fun. >> that's good dvice. pizza hut is offering some leap day deals. free pizza deals. they're not the only ones. krispy kremes offering a second box of doughnuts for $2.29. if today is your birthday you can get a dessert sampler at olive garden. travelocity and expedia are offering a percentage off hotels and plane tickets. if you're wondering about how leap day came today, science. our calendar has 365 days in it but it takes longer than that for the earth to go all the way around the sun. >> every four years we have an
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sure that our seasons still happen when they're supposed to. i say just about because to prevent an over correction at least one every 10 years we skip leap year. today is the last day of the great toy trade in event. you can take cribs, car seats, strollers and other items to toys r us or babies r us and getet 20% off a new item. since 2009 it's removed more than 1 million items. there's a link at look under linked mentioned. a 4-year-old boy endured a frightening ordeal in australia this weekend. he got stuck in a vending machine. at least his arm did. he had his arm so far up into that machine it got caught in the antitheft mechanism. the boy's father said he thinks his curiosity is to blame. >> he seen the vending machine before. he saw the oreos and a
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looking at his hand in the vending machine. he's good now. i must say the fire department s and the police were absolutely amazing. they are incredible. everyone there was incredible. >> glad to hear he's okay. >> did he get any oreos? >> i'm wondering if he got a little treat or something? maybe. it took crews more than 6 hours to set him free. emergency responders say they had to give the boy anesthesia three times to keep him calm. the federal government is sending south carolina $157 million in flood relief funds. that means that south carolina is getting more than any other state for disaster relief. it's not clear when exactly all that money will show up. about 40 scientists from around the country are expected to participate in vortex southeast. it's a study of
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researchers hope to learn more about whether the southern landscape gives the storms more power and how to warn people at night when tornados happen. they will use mobile radars and drones and other equipment. >> that's going to be an important study. today beautiful skies, lots of clear weather and warm temperatures. you can see in that live picture of downtown greenville no trouble with the weather today. if you want to try to get out this evening the weather is going to cooperate. it's very quiet conditions that will stick around over night. we will see some clouds on the increase after midnight and into tomorrow. we have a chance of rain back in the forecast tomorrow. skies are going to be a lot grayer. a few showers in the morning, better chance of rain by tomorrow evening into tomorrow night. we have another system that will arrive on thursday. as you can see we're nice and quiet across the carolinas and georgia. out to the west a different story.
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across the northern part of mississippi and southern sections of alabama and georgia and all that moisture will be drawn our way into the day this is the front that we're tracking. right now it's just now getting organized moving out of the rocky mountains. that will start to draw in some moisture. we'll start to see some rain breaking out ahead of that boundary and tomorrow night. so in the morning there's a good chance a lot of us will get to work without any rain. clouds will be on the increase and showers will be out to the west and after about 7:00 or 8:00 in the morning don't be surprised if you see a shower or two moving through. the main action though will stay out to the west until close to dark which means we're going to have less of a chance of storms but still a chance, especially for western parts of our viewing area. this is 4:00 p.m. this is going to be the better chance of thunderstorms. extreme western parts of north carolina, northeast georgia, western parts of the upstate a better chance of a few rumbles of thunder into the early evening hours. after that rolls
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cooler temperatures for wednesday. lots of sunshine by afternoon across the carolinas. drier air moves in from the north. then again another system will arrive on thursday to help the weather pick back up again. we're quiet again on friday. it's going to be up and down as far as the weather conditions go for us. right now 65 in asheville, lower 70s in greenville and spartanburg, 71 in anderson. your pinpoint planner for anderson looks quiet for the over night hours. we'll look for more clouds tomorrow morning starting out at 46. better chance for rain by 4:00 p.m. with a high near 63. as far as the rainfall amounts go, in general it looks like most of us will picu f inch f rain or less. a few isolated higher amounts will be possible. most of this will fall tomorrow evening into tomorrow night. for the next 72 hours some weather changes are on the way. temperatures will be trending down. up to 63 for a high tomorrow with a chance of rain. dry on wednesday, 56. up to 50 on thursday.
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showers in the forecast lasting into thursday night. quiet for the end of the week. highs in the lower to mid 60s. watch out for that chance of showers especially tomorrow afternoon with highs in the lower 60s. >> thank you, christy. next dirty dancing is a classic and it's about to get remade right here in the carolinas. we'll tell you when the filming begins straight ahead. >> a look at your closing numbers from wall street. live
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this. 7 news live at 5 is back .. with exciting news for fans of the 1987 movie .."dirty 7 news live at 5:00 is back for fans of the movie dirty dancing. lion's gate tv will film a remake in the asheville area. after receiving $4 million in grant money from
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the 3-hour tv special will feature abigail breslin. it's set to begin filming in the next 60 days. >> i've never seen it. i'm like the last person on look. oscar night all about the red carpet. the beauty website total beauty is probably wishing they played closer attention. they said we had no idea oprah was tatted and we love it. the picture is not oprah, that's whoopie goldberg. the oscars are television's biggest event after the super bowl but not this time. the 34.3 million viewers who tuned in represented the academy awards smallest audience since 2008. it's at the center of
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the count down to super tuesday is underway. >> a dozen states will cast their votes in campaign 2016. how the candidates are trying to make sure they are coming out on top. >> a teacher is out of a job but a student might be facing charges. we'll explain what happened.
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a it's 5-29 .. and we're covering campaign 2016 .. 5:29. it's time to turn our attention to campaign 2016. >> voters in a dozen states will cast ballots tomorrow. it's being called super tuesday. >> craig boswell has more on the counting pressure for
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>> black lives matter activists targeted donald trump's rally in radford, virginia. >> get them out. get them out. all live s matter. >> the billionaire became a target after he refused to disa vow former kkk leader david duke. monday he said he couldn't hear badly. >> i don't care how bad the air place is kkk comes through clearly and he refuses to criticize it. >> even after trump refused duke's support it may still make voters think twice during tomorrow's super tuesday elections. >> it gives support to those who say he's playing footsie with the ugliest ideas out there. >> cbs news polls show trump with big leads in virginia and georgia but ted cruz is winning in his home state of texas. >> the same cbs news poll has hillary clinton up 20 points or more in texas, georgia and virginia and is already looking ahead to the general lection.
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been after me for 25 years and i'm still standing. >> bernie sanders is focusing on minnesota and massachusetts ahead of tuesday's vote. craig boswell, cbs news, fair fax, virginia. >> it wasn't just protesters that ran into trouble at that virginia rally for donald trump on monday. >> a photographer from time magazine was arrested after he got in a scuffle with the secret service. >> some of trump's high profile supporters in south carolina said they still back the billionaire despite not accepting the endorsement from the kka. bill stern said he doesn't think it will matter to voters despite the heated debate with symbols of racism. >> governor nikki haley is speaking out about chris


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