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tv   7 On Your Side at 6pm  CBS  February 29, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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twice the legal limit. a lesson usc upstate will now take back to their students. >> with the release of these toxicology reports this will bring a greater awareness to our campus and our students so they know that things can happen to them that not everybody is immune to horrible thing s that can happen. >> the battle to learn has been long. it started with this letter from sporoulls family asking not to release the results, siting a supreme court ruling that sited autopsy to attorney general's office reviewed that ruling and offered an opinion. he felt it allowed him to release the results. >> the attorney general's opinion is i'm not a health provider and not subject to hippa regulations. it would be appropriate to release the toxicology results. >> now that the numbers have been released they hope the focus will be on how we fix the dui problem in south carolina
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>> and i see the pain it causes and it's definitely a problem. we need to make sure and try to irradiate that. >> that will forever change our campus. >> or a family doesn't have to make a tree memorial again. >> reporter: we did show you those toxicology numbers in the package. one of the students in the car, joshua lee was not drinking. there was no alcohol found in his blood. the other student that survived they don't mention her alcohol because that was not released. i've been following the postings of all after these families all day. they are heartbroken and it hurts to bring this up again. they said they hope that other families find closure from this as well. live in spartanburg county, brianna smith, 7 news. >> thank you for that. a teacher is step g -- stepping down after lewd pictures wither found on her cell phone. this happened at the career and technology center in union. >> leigh an arthur is being investigated.
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through her phone while she was monitoring the halls between classes. that student found naked pictures and spread them around the school. she said the student should have been expelled but to her knowledge that has not happened yet. the student admitted to taking the pictures off her phone. >> i forgive you. that doesn't make it right. what's done is done. i hope you learn your lesson and learn from this mistake and i hope that you will have a wife one day that you will treat like gold and you won't want this to ever happen to her. she's been a teacher in union county for 13 years, and plans on pressing >> arthur said she's been a teacher in union county for 13 years and plans on pressing charges against the student next week. she said he resigned after pressure in school officials. police are investigating. a poem with adult language has sparked a battle between
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the students there. tomorrow the students are saying they're staging a sit-in after a teacher resigned. students say every month for greg fisher's ap english class they have a poetry meeting at a restaurant. the teacher wrote a poem about the content they were reading in class and used a curse word in . a student told the district and now fish has been suspended. students made a t-shirt and they will host a sit in during school tomorrow. a spokesperson for the school district said any disruptions will be handled through normal procedures and policies. new tonight, deputies say a greenville county pastor already facing charges of sex crimes against children is in more trouble. the newest victim was only 5. in january arthur lehr was arrested for sex crimes dating back to 1989. now another victim came forward. he was a pastor at the christian life center in greenville county.
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suspect get out of jail and into house arrest? that's the question many are asking tonight after a suspect cut his ankle monitor and went on the run. >> deputies say bradford williams has been on the run since thursday morning. there's a search underway. addie hampton is in greenville following up on how a guy considered armed and dangerous was on house arrest. addie. >> reporter: well, amy, grad -- bradford williams was arrested in december of 2014 accused of killing two men on thanksgiving morning in the parking lot of a greenville nightclub. a judge granted him a $50,000 bond and placed him on the home incarceration program to await his trial. just over a month later deputies say williams cut his ankle monitor and vanished. the victim's families and even deputies are questioning why a judge would grant a double murder suspect bond. certain
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suspect from being able to investigate. they said they present the facts to the judges that determines are they a flight risk or threat to the community. deputy drew pancero said he don't understand it but they are going to put him back behind bars. >> i don't understand why a double murder suspect would have been released. we consider him armed and dangerous and ask anybody with information about him to contract crime stoppers. >> reporter: greenville county williams. he has family in taylors and friend in anderson if you know anything you are urged to call the greenville county sheriff's office or call crime stoppers, that number 23-crime. i'm reporting live in greenville, addie hampton, 7 nudes. >> thank you. a greer man is suing the greenville county sheriff's shooting him. a deputy
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call at the home. jerry reynolds claims he was holding an unloaded rifle and wasn't given a chance to put it down before he was shot. the lawsuit claims negligence. today's weather has been outstanding but rain is making a come back. >> oh, boy. let's get over to storm steam team 7 chief meteorologist christy henderson. >> fortunately this system is still far away. if you haven't had a chance to enjoy today's weather get out for a walk. we have 20 minutes of daylight left. our next system is getting organized tonight. we'll start to see more rain breaking out from kansas back into oklahoma during the course of the over night hours. then that whole system will march in our direction. in the meantime we're holding onto clear skies. that will allow the temperatures to drop. 71 in greenville, 68 greenwood, 62 in asheville. we topped out at 73 degrees at gsp. it felt like spring. clear
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morning before the clouds start to move on into the picture. we'll start our day in the lower 40s. we'll talk about the forecast coming up. >> thank you. little sofia fighting per -- for her life after disaster struck. >> a scam phone call claiming
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what happens when "it affects you.. and when a child is involved.. it cuts you even deeper." this little girl .. sophia.. is still fighting for her life .. tonight.. after her honea path home caught fire.. and now.. the community is coming together.. to help the 5-year-old.. she was flown to the augusta burn center last night. the blaze broke out.. around 10-30 last night.. along green street. the house is still standing.. but it's been gutted by the flames.. 7 news reporter krystyne brown is there live. krystyne... do we know how the little girl is doing tonight? the last we heard from family.. and friends was that
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in critical condition. but everyone around here.. is praying for her.. and sending support her way. her name is sophia. firefighters say after the fire broke out last night...the family tried to get everyone out safely. they inside.. famimembers tried toocnto get her out... bu re a k were tooise. firefighters when in soon after and found the little girl unconscious between the couch and a wall. and now... family and friends are standing by her the augusta burn center... hoping for a recovery.. "we are really wrapping ourselves around this ay logev wmont ba io bicforeg e ue really wrapping ourselves around the family and loving an supporting them i the time to come. in the next few months it's going to be very difficult as they try to make the adjustment. >> the family also lost everything in the fire. the
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that's why the church right next door the assembly of god of honey path is taking donations for money to help pay for medical bills and clothing to help with the other four kids who made it out safely. they range from 6 months to 15 years they are accepting them krystyne brown. >> firefighters haven't determined what started the fire. it's under investigation by the state. these adorable babies have something in common. none of
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a scam warning...about a phone call...that's blanketing the upstate... it claims to be ... from the "u-s treasury department" ... and a scam warning about a phone call. it claims to be from the u.s. treasury department. >> many of you contracted us about this. we found out it's a widespread problem right here in our area. diane lee explains
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should never call back in the 7 news consumer watch. >> i'm calling regarding an important accident executed by the u.s. treasury. >> when blanch and don got a call they knew right away it have a scam. >> they threatened with if you don't reply or answer you'll appear before a magistrate or a grand jury for a federal criminal offense. >> who was most concerning to them and others was that a scammers called back with a second warning. >> it was like a threat. like if we didn't know bet ter we would call because we would be afraid that we would actually be served with papers or such. >> that fear sparked 70 scam reports to the south carolina department of consumer affairs last week alone and several to 7 news. >> that's when i called you guys. i said let somebody else call this number back and find out what's going on.
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through different types of scams. some claim you misdialled and offer bogus life insurance. >> why shouldn't you call back. >> we don't want to get on the list to start with. they'll call you more. >> if you get one of these scam calls it's important to report it. they add the numbers to their database, looking for leads and work with a carrier to terminate service to that number. >> the treasury said these scams tend to blanket the area before moving on so warn your friends not to call back. >> who was on the other end of that phone is not a professional and you're not. >> in spartanburg, diane lee, 7 news. we had beautiful weather around the area today. a great way to start the week and kind of a preview of spring out there with highs in the 70s. lots of 70s across the south. it looks like we're going to see some
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a chance of some rain and extra cloud cover. for tonight we're going to hold onto mostly clear skies for the majority of the night. it will be chilly going into tomorrow morning. an isolated storm possible tomorrow evening. then another system arrives and moves through on thursday. for now everything is quiet across the carolinas and georgia. georgia and alabama before you find much in the way of cloud cover out to our next is where the next weather system is located. this is going to have to get organized over night. we will start to see some rain developing ahead of that front later this evening. south winds with gulf moisture and warmth already some snow and rain around that main area of low pressure. that will arrive here tomorrow night. ahead of it look for that chance of rain. in the morning we will get to
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clouds will be on the increase. situated to our west along with a few showers don't be surprised if you see some rain. this is extreme parts of north carolina and the northern part of georgia. we will see a better chance of thunderstorms. all that rolls through once our front gets to the other side of us. winds pick up out of the north and that brings in drier air. wednesday will be cooler but drier. we'll expect sunshine and cool temperatures from the carolinas into georgia with high pressure in control of the weather once again. as far as rainfall amounts go, most of us will pick up a half inch of rain or less with this system. this goes through late tuesday night. as far as temperatures go, again, we're holding onto warm weather. 71 new in greenville, 62 degrees in asheville, we topped out at 67 there today. it was a great day.
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to have a day off and go to the mountains for a hike it was a great day for that. very enjoyable weather, very pleasant conditions all around the area. in anderson our pinpoint planner calls for 71 now to turn into 57 by 9:00. again, a steady cool down with those clear skies. more clouds tomorrow morning. we'll start the day around 46. we'll expect a high of 63 and looking at a chance of showers tomorrow. a few thunderstorms will be possible tomorrow evening as welch here's the -- as well. here's the next 72 hours. quiet weather on wednesday and then that next system on thursday that will showers. some shower chances may linger into early friday. dry. as well. it's always if view.
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lower oh to mid 6 -- -- lower to mid 60s. that will be right on track. into thursday the atmosphere will be cool enough to where some of the mountains will see rain mixed with snow. >> thank you for that. every birth is special but today's are even more unique because these youngsters born at upstate hospitals won't be celebrating a birthday for another 4 years. this is the bolin family. their family was born this morning at greenville memorial hospital. now we have a picture of little alexandria. these births are extra special because this is leap day. >> welcome to the world, kids. >> how exciting. still ahead at 6:00, it is a unique return to the field for clemson's football family. pete fills in us.
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columbia this john jones is off to
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national player of the week for what they term as one of the greatest weekends. >> [no audio] >> 1.75 e.r.a. with some amazing numbers this afternoon. the gamecock up right now in the national ranks. good evening, everybody. spring drills for the first time they started in february. with that run to the championship just behind them in their rear-view mirror there was a little bit of a different intensity. tigers were at the springfield today. the head coach observed the program that's feeling a little bit different. >> certain things you dream about and your work towards
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there's nothing like being out there. i've seen a great improvement. >> mike williams cleared to play. he will go through spring practice but will not be tackled with any contact. dion cain was suspended. he will not practice but he's going to meetings and that kind of thing. at this point he said he's welcome to return to full duty in the fall. speaking of wide receivers, form erer quarterback the bears placing a franchise tag on him. first overtime of the season under its new jimmy johnson in atlanta sunday. the season is understood way. johnson's triumph, his 76th all time win, tied with dale ernheart, senior. usc's women now off to the sec tournament. it's the second
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league play. they're number three in the national rankings once again. state championships this weekend including burns. what, burns? well, they are ready to go at it in the 4a title on friday. in 2a boys >> everybody has been talking at us being a football school. we have good basketball traditions too. we've been in a few lulls here and there but few the years we've got it back. joe battle just led aboutly vil to a -- aboutlyville. they will -- abbyville. they will play saturday for the 2a crown. >> i don't know how much they bought in until we got deep in
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the girls play on saturday, christ church will go to a second consecutive state title. >> we've had this florida weather here too. >> we're going to cool down tonight. 60s tomorrow with the
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>> thank you. >> pelley: on the eve of super tuesday, trump clashes with black lives matter protesters. >> get 'em out. get 'em out. out. out, out, out, out. >> pelley: also tonight, a cop is gunned down on her first day on the job. the big chain food company pleads guilty to selling parmesan that had no parmesan. and david martin with an american hero. >> it's five bronze stars, two purple hearts? >> that's correct. >> pelley: and now the highest military honor of all. captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley. >> pelley: in candidate will clinch the nomination tomorrow, but super tuesday may generate irreversible momentum for hillary clinton and donald
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they're favored many most of the 13 state primaries and caucuses. for democrats, it's a step toward certainty. for republicans another jolt in the party's identity crisis. polls show trump leading in at least six states, but he is trailing ted cruz in cruz's home state of texas. the republican race, heady, profane and unprecedented, now has prominent republicans talking of an independent candidate if trump wins the nomination. race became the weapon of choice today and major garrett is with the republicans. >> reporter: following the news that former kkk leader david duke was supporting donald trump, a group of black lives matter protesters interrupted a trump rally in virginia. [bleeped] [bleeped]. a "time" magazine photographer tried to leave the press area to shoot the protesters as they were escorted from the venue. he was thrown to the ground by a secret service agent. photographer chris morris later admitted to cursing at the agent


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