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tv   7 On Your Side at 5pm  CBS  March 1, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm EST

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expected to be okay. spartanburg county deputies are still trying to piece together who fired the gun and how a child got near it. neighbors are just praying for a quick recovery. >> an empty yard shows the child absent from rowe street today. >> usually he's out there this time of day. >> that child is a 5-year-old who was accidentally shot in the head inside this home. he was air lifted to greenville memorial. neighbors said they didn't hear anything. >> all i saw was a bunch of cars and polices saying a child had been abused. >> margaret moss takes her neighborhood under her care. >> i try to keep my eyes open. >> her heart on the children. >> it just terrifying me ies -- terrifies me. >> deputies continue to piece together who fired the gun. margaret prays for a recovery. >> i hope they will be all
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i know that god is looking out for them. >> reporter: it's terrible. obviously, a ton of questions left for us. who fired the gun like we said and is there going to be any arrests. they don't have those questions answered yet. >> is there anything in this particular case that's slowing down that process? >> reporter: they do have a language barrier. they have translaters on staff but they're having a difficult time getting ahead of them. it's going to be a journey. a greenville county toddler is being hailed a hero for saving her mom from a fire. it happened at this location on south buck horn road. officials say the 2-year-old was in the kitchen when a space heater caught fire. she woke up her mom who was sleeping in the bedroom and both were able to get out. with no smoke alarms
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the naacp is demanding transparency. >> a warrant is not a license to kill. we have to make sure we ask the right questions. the bottom line is the truth will set us free. >> police shot and killed ankin denkins yesterday. they have not released a lot of details. there was a gun found near his body. his relatives argue he was not armed. they say police shot him in the back. the state bureau of investigations is now handling that case. tonight we're learning more about the recovery of a deputy shot during a traffic stop last week. kimber gist is from woodruff and now works with the berkeley county sheriff's office. today the department released this picture and said she's doing well. her family is thanking everyone for the out pouring of support. a virginia community came together today h remembering a police officer who was killed on her first day of duty. police
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guindon as she and two others were responded to a domestic dispute. that suspect is now charged with murder. the teenager accused in the shooting in a ohio high school yesterday went before a judge. 14-year-old james hancock opened fire with a handgun at madison junior senior high school in butler county. four students were hurt. hancock is now facing a lot of charges including attempted murder and making terroristic threats. authorities are on the look out for four suspects accused of stealing a dozen firearms. they used a car to break open a door to that gun shop and it took them 3 minutes to swipe 30 minutes before leaving the scene. >> it's a big concern for us. we don't know who is going to purchase these guns or what hands they're going to get into. we definitely want to get them back. offering a 25-hundred >> the gun shop is offering a $2,500 reward for information leading to the arrest of the four suspects.
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a ballot today in campaign 2016. addie hampton is in harwell tonight. up? >> reporter: well, just take a look behind me. we're here at the hart county recreation department. so far they have had just 900 voters show up at they have about 2 hours left. that's a record here. it's a similar scene across the county as people lined up to cast their ballots today. many not afraid to share who they're voting for and why. >> this is something i prayed over for the last month trying to figure out who in the world i was going to vote for. >> last night about 10:00 p.m. small business owner pete brown made his decision. >> marco rubio. >> touting rubio's clean record and ability to unite the party. he knows that donald trump is leading significantly in
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rubio is neck in neck with second for ted cruz. both camps hoping for a upset. for sharon and dave gorum this race is already wrapped up. >> do you mind telling me who you're voting for? >> not at all, trump. >> all the way. >> i think he says what people want to hear. if he can back it up. >> georgia has a red state reputation. hillary clinton supporter sheila roper wanted to make sure her vote is counted. >> i think she's probably more knowledgeable on things that you need to be knowledgeable on to be president of the united states. >> georgia boosts 117 delegates. clinton has a 35 point lead over bernie sanders. regardless of party poll manager herb barrel is amazed by the turn out. >> they said i want to be part
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>> reporter: well, you can still see that line out the door. again, just under 2 hours to go until polls close here. i want to give you some perspective about the voter turn out in georgia. more than 400,000 early ballots have been cast in georgia. that's whether they have been voting in person, which they can do in the state of georgia or absentee. that's already record breaking enough. they think they're going to break a report here, especially at this precinct tonight. >> given that turn out do we hear about any problems at the polls? is it going smoothly? >> reporter: so far smoothly. at this precinct they purchase d some new polls equipment that allows them to scan their id's. this line is moving fast in just the few minutes i've been here. no problems so far. >> it's nice to see people taking part. thank you for the report.
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stay up to date on the 7 news app. we'll let you know who comes out on top. you can download that app for free. search 7 news. state business leaders are demanding the senate start voting on a plan to fix our roads. they were downstairs at the state house. upstairs the senate still has not taken a vote even after being the bill for 321 days. several are filibustering the bill because it raises the gas tax. they say it's not needed because of the surplus. >> if our legislatures spend every dime of this year's surplus that amount of money will still be far short for what's needed next year. what about next year? >> lee bright is one of the senators blocking the bill to block a tax increase. he said they'll keep blocking it until senators vote to end the
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coming up at 6:00 the penalty the chamber of commerce wants the senate to start paying. you now have to pay for service. for instance, the tarheel state all right collects tax on car parts but now it's collecting tax for labor, something drivers are not too happy about. >> i see it. i think it's absbsd how the legislature keeps imposing taxes on the citizens of north carolina who work hard every day for their money but end up paying more for the same services. >> part of the extra revenue will be distributed to poorer counties for schools and economic development. if you filed your south carolina tax return you should be getting your refund in two to three weeks. >> the state department of revenue decided not to issue any returns before today because it was stepping up fraud prevention measures, that meant a longer time to process the refunds. next at 5:00, when mother
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we have video of how much damage
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>> one student said she welcome back to 7 news live at 5 .. there are no reports of any damage after a welcome back to 7 news live at 5:00. there's no reports of any damage after a small earthquake in western north carolina. it was reported near burnsville and that's in mcdowell county. according to the government the biggest earthquake in this area was magnitude 5.1 back in 1916. this video shows you a landslide from an angle that's a little too close for comfort. fred edwards was filming as the rock and debris started coming down and then it was really coming down. edwards had to run for his life. a 500 foot section of idaho highway 14 was covered with 40 feet of debris. there's no pit to dump all the
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all of them unfortunately had to be cleaned up. check this out, cameras caught the moment an ef-3 tornado hit this hardware store in pankerville, louisiana. the fed-ex worker failed to get inside just seconds before the storm hits. so pretty. it was gray and scary. i just braced myself between the coke machine, it wasn't even holding on. >> my goodness. the store owner said he didn't know she was outside until he looked at his surveillance cameras later. both are calling her survival a miracle. we have a couple stories about paying at the pump, a phrase we said before. in these two stories it's different. first of all to san francisco where this gas station goes up in flames this week. investigators say the driver of
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he noticed a vehicle over heating. he went inside, called his boss and the vehicle burst into flames. >> somebody kept saying if the gas tank blows up the whole block could go. that was on my mind. >> nobody was on board at the bus at the time. employees got the gas turned off to the pumps which may have kept the whole station from exploding. watch this. here's a driver right there plowing into a gas pump in arlington, texas. you see the driver frantically trying to free other passengers before the flames get worse. it took firefighters 2 hours to get this under control. don't know any word on injuries. we still don't know why that driver lost control. when you call 911 how much do you know about the first responders that race to your door? tonight 7 news is investigating the turn over problems within fire houses. right now small departments are losing about 1 in 10 of their firefighters each year. that trickles down to you the taxpayer. fire departments pay thousands of dollars to train their employees.
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leave the money invested goes with them. that's why fire departments are coming up with new tactics to retain their firefighters and better protect you. >> it makes a huge difference. you know, we have standard operating procedures to try to guide things in a common direction. the fact that they have worked together for so long under the same roof and on the same truck, they know exactly what each other is going to do when they step off the truck. they know their abilities, weaknesses. >> brianna smith will share her full investigation at 6:00. the making a murderer defense attorneys, did you ever watch that, the making a murderer? i watched two episodes. anyways they're going back out on tour. they're hitting the road to discuss the popular network series. it focuses on steven avery. the tour starts in april. it will feature a nightly q and a portion.
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of approval from an unlikely source, a vatican-owned newspaper. it said the best picture oscar winner is not anticatholic and has a compelling plot. it delves into the catholic priest sexual abuse scandal. this isn't the first vatican outlet to praise the film. in october vatican radio said it was honest and compelling. a yale student is getting national prize for predicting oscar winners. allison walker used a formula of computer the codes she used to study molecules and proteins. instead she applied key records -- words from online movie reviews. walker predicts her theory may also work with presidential elections. so we want to know what would you use her program for predicting? award shows, sporting events, elections,
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to and weigh in and we'll share your ideas tonight at 5:40. we hope you took christy's advice yesterday and got out in the morning. as the afternoon rolled on the clouds gave way. >> not much as far as rain goes right now but we are going to see that increasing. as you mentioned earlier a lot of folk wills have time to get home and settled in before the rain gets here. also a chance of some thunderstorms too. so we'll be tracking that through the late evening hours. rain chances will certainly be with us. the good news is that this system is going to move in and then move out. so shortly after midnight we'll start to see some clearing taking place. sunshine is back for all day tomorrow. it's just going to be a lot breezier and cooler than it has been today. we have another system on the way for thursday that we'll be tracking to bring in another round of rain. here's what we're looking at right now, plenty of clouds. over all the rain is isolated and mainly confined into north carolina and
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polk county, rutherford county. a lot of this is pushing east ward deeper into rutherford county and mcdowell county. other showers will be developing and increasing from the west. our main system is still far out to the west. it has a lot from ohio into louisiana. we have active weather. not much as far as severe weather goes. as this arrives later tonight we'll see some thunderstorms. i think over all severe chances are pretty low. 7:00 to 8:00 across the western part of north carolina, anywhere from asheville down into the northern part of the upstate. between 9:00 and 10:00 for the best chance for some rain. in general along and south of 85 the best rain chances will happen after 10:00 tonight. in the morning with that front down to our south north winds will have picked up. it's going to bring in that drier air. it's going to be a breezy day. look for lighter winds during the afternoon. high pressure builds in. that continues to build east ward and we'll look for a
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increasing clouds and kind of a chilly showery end to the day as this next area of low pressure works in from the west. a wind advisory is in effect from 7:00 until noon tomorrow. that includes the northern mountains of north carolina and that's where we could see some wind gusts of 50 miles per hour that will be a possibility. if you're around that area be aware of gusty winds on the way for the northern mountains tonight. right now 60 asheville, 70s across the upstate. 71 greenville, 71 in anderson. hope you enjoyed that because it's going to turn cooler. here's what to expect for the next 72 hours, only 56 tomorrow, 53 on thursday. shower chances increase again during the day on thursday. friday is dry and your weekend, which is always in view here in our 7-day forecast. looking good. looking cool with highs mainly in the 50s to lower 60s. there's your mountain forecast, sunshine tomorrow but a high of only 45 degrees. >> thank you, christy.
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into works of art. it's what several upstate groups have done. what's inspiring their creativity coming up. >> justice for amara. anderson county leaders are taking the topic up tonight. hear what changes they'll be discussing tonight at 5:30. nrz numbers from wall street.. live at 5 ..continues right after -- >> >> and -- >> and here's a look at your
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l welcome back to 7 news live at 5 .. starting today in greenville and spartanburg counties ... you welcome back to 7 news live at 5:00. starting today you can no longer recycle glass in spartanburg county. recycle centers are starting to refuse glass because companies are not making as much money on it anymore. you can still recycle plastic, aluminum and card
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how one county is still recycling glass and making a perfect. michilin is having the in tire art contest. the top prize is $5,000 for a local charity, school or non-profit of choice. some of these are very good. i can vote for your favorite online. go to and look under links we mentioned. super tuesday is here and it's super. >> it is the single biggest day in the race for the white house. how the candidates are trying to make sure they come out on top next. >> flu season tends to slow down after february but doctors in south carolina say they are actually seeing the opposite happen. just how many flu cases have been reported now tonight at 5:45. >> first let's take a live look outside.
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now from the news station, this is 7 news live at 5:00. trying to sneak a peak at christy's radar there. it's 5:29 and we are seeing a little flick of rain falling in some areas and that's just the beginning. >> this is i-26 at biltmore park in asheville. you can see some rain drops on the camera hinting at the storms that will be moving into your backyard. for the very latest on what we can expect let's head straight to the expert meteorologist christy henderson. >> diane, it looks like our better rain chances will come during the late evening hours. so we do have a little bit in the way of rain. most of that is in north carolina. around the upstate lots of clouds but the action is to the west. that will increase from west to east during the course of the evening hours. here's where we have the rain falling in north carolina right now, in rutherford county moving up into mcdowell county. asheville has quieted down for now. more rain in the northern
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more out to the west closer to the cold front that will be pushing through late tonight. we have the possibility of a few thunderstorms. keep in mind that things could get rough in some areas. the best chance of any severe areas would be over the western third of the area, 7:00 to 8:00 over extreme western north carolina. more the majority of the upstate it will b% after 9:00 tonight. i'll be back in a few minutes with more details on what to expect. >> thank you, christy. if just a few hour in just -- in just a few hours we'll have a better idea of where things stand in campaign 2016. voters in more than a dozen states are heading to the polls. >> let's head to washington dc to mark meredith. there's a lot on the line for both parties on this super tuesday. polls are still open and voters from coast to coast in a >> reporter: good evening. you can imagine a very exciting -- exciting day. south carolina voters had their chance now there's several other states that will make sure they have their choices heard. voting is
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set to close in the south in the next hour and a half. what's interesting is whenever you're talking about donald trump or hillary clinton both sides are making sure they're getting out every vote they possibly can. the cameras were rolling this morning, for instance, as senator texas ted cruz headed to vote in houston, texas. he did well in iowa, the first state to vote. now he's counting on his home state. it's important to point out even after we we saw in south carolina donald trump will not have enough delegates even if he comes in first in all races to secure the nomination. this contest is going to keep going forward. that's something you will keep in mind as we watch our coverage throughout the night. something the other candidates will think about ohio governor john kasich. >> i intend to remain the adult in the campaign for president of the united states. tell you some will say this over.... i will be donald trump in i also want to tell you that even though some in the press may think this is over, i


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