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tv   7 On Your Side at 6pm  CBS  March 1, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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7 news reporter robert kittle found out they want senators to pay you back. >> state business leaders say they know you're concerned about the potholes you keep hitting. >> they're worried about the safety of unsafe roads and bridges. they're worried about the cost to their vehicles, to their truck, to their cars, the costs that go on and on every year. >> if you ask people what lawmakers should be working on -- >> roads and highways. >> i'm from nbc charloe-- from north carolina and the roads in south carolina are terrible. >> business leaders were at the state house to demand that state senators take a vote on a roads plan that's been on their calendar since last year. lee bright is one of the senators filibustering the bill. he said he's doing it to protect you. >> this bill has a tax increase in it as it came over from the house. my concern is even if the senate strips the tax increase and it goes back to the house the house puts the tax increase back on and then you put a burden on the taxpayer. >> he and the other senators blocking the bill said there's
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because the state has an additional $1.3 billion this year. >> house and senate budget writers said the state needs that additional money for enforcement. >> the chamber of commerce said senators are not doing their jobs. >> today what i'm calling for is every south carolina senator to start returning their paycheck back to the taxpayer on a daily basis for every day they fail to start voting on the amendments on the desk. >> senator president tim letterman said that doesn't deserve a response. robert kittle, 7 news. >> senator letterman said you if they vote to end the filibuster they won't be able to fully debate the amendments. each amendment would only get 10 minutes of debate. lining stretching out the door, voters very vocal about their candidates. it's been a record super tuesday in georgia. the peach state is the second most important to win in terms
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addie hampton is live in hartwell tonight. addie, quite the turn out. >> reporter: a huge turn out. i spoke to poll work ers just a few moments ago and think they're going to hit 1200 before the night is over. just about an hour left in polls here. that's a record for in precinct. across the county people have been standing in line to cast their ballot. there's a lot at stake in georgia. breaking this down, georgia boosts the second highest amount of delegates behind the state of texas. 76 for the republicans, 117 for the democrats. a look at the polls show trump and clinton with significant leads. today they're supporters explained why. >> i voted for hillary clinton. i think that she is probably more knowledgeable on things that you need to be knowledgeable on to be president of the united states. >> do you mind telling me who you're voting for?
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the world. trump. >> okay. what about you? >> oh, yeah, all the way. he's not taking money from anyone . he doesn't owe anybody anything. more than 400 thousand early ballots were cast in >> reporter: well, again, polls close in less than an hour. just if some perspective here we want to tell you about, more than 400,000 early ballots were cast in georgia whether they were in person or absentee. that's already record-breaking. from what poll workers have been telling me here it could be a record-setting turn out here in the peach state. live in hartwell georgia, addie hampton. >> thank you. >> 13 states cast their primary votes today. most in the southeast. there's a lot of delegates up for grabs in texas and colorado. the latest numbers are setting up a trump versus clinton battle in november. a new cbs poll puts trump in a nominating lead on the republican side and clinton
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sanders by double digits on the democratic side. a 5-year-old is in greenville memorial hospital recovering after being shot accidentally. the spartanburg county sheriffoc said that child was shot in the head and was air lifted to greenville memorial. he is expected to be okay. neighbors say he was always outside playing and hopes he's going to be okay. >> i hope he'll be all right. i know that god is look ing out for him. >> no charges have been filed. deputies say they're still investiga ing. a toddler's actions during a house fire saved her mother's life. this is air 7 video. fire views say an extension cord caught fire. the little girl was the first to notice and woke her mother up and they were able to escape unharmed. the fight over whether a man should be charged for shooting his dog is getting political in
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council meeting is about to start. 7 news reporter krystyne brown is live with the late -- latest. >> reporter: we many supporters are making their way inside. many of them will wear shirts that have say justice for amara. her caretaker in north carolina said that's the message they're bringing to the county council tonight. she was found blind, shot and underfed. her previous owner didn't break my laws trying to put her down humanely. the sheriff's office said they didn't find any wrong doing and council members told us this is out of their hands. the state laws don't outline oout nation. -- youth nation. we will be here tonight. krystyne brown. >> thank you. e
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office is asking anyone with an aggressive or unwanted dog to call animal control. these men in uniform deal with problems every day. next on 7 news at 6:00 there's a problem in the fire house that you know nothing about that could effect your safety. >> after decades glass is no longer accepted at recycling centers in most of our area. how one county is still able to coming up. >> and we're holding onto dry weather across most parts of the upstate right now. you can see that live picture of i-85 at pelham road. the roads are dry for drivers getting home tonight
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c when you call 9-1-1... how much do you know... about the first responders...who when you call 911 how much do you know about the first responders as they race to your door. is it the first day on the job or a seasoned veteran? >> in this 7 news investigation
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over is draining your tax dollars and could effect the quality of the response when you need it the most. >> from the first call to the last drop of water, what do you know about the people protecting you? >> it's hard to know as the extreme turn over rate is causing problems in fire houses. the effects now trickling down to you. >> it's not hard to fill a firefighter position, it's hard to fill one with a dedicated, trained individual. >> your taxpayer dollars are funding a poaching problem. >> chiefs are seeing their firefighters recruited while they're on emergencies helping other agencies. those agencies then get the thousands of dollars invested in training each year for each firefighte not to mention close to $3,000 worth of fire protection gear that only that person it was purchased for can
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>> you've given all that development too another agency. >> customer see springs and willen springs share this service station. because of that they will not be trading employees. >> we didn't want competing for employees to get in the way of our relationship in providing mutual aid and assistance. we came up with a program that we will not actively recruit each other's full time employees. >> that agreement is unique in the upstate because firefighters are willing to jump to two or three different departments in as many years just to get ahead by as little as $1,000 extra a year. >> the problem is departments have no retention tool as most in the state share the state retirement plan. because of that small departments are seeing around 1 in 10 of their firefighters leave each year along with your tax dollars. >> very little of it can i take off one person and put on the next.
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the seems to have come up with a solution, opting to have their own retirement plan that doesn't roll out into the state making it tougher for firefighters to hard. >> it makes it harder for that employee to say i want to go work for charleston or one of the departments that are on the state system because they're not poortle -- portable. >> we wanted to know does retaining firefighters over a longer period of time really make you safer? >> it does. it makes you a huge dung difference. you know, we have standard operate e -- operate ing operating procedures -- operating religions. they no my exactly what each other is going to do when they step off the truck. they know their abilities, their weaknesses. the bells.. of diversity.. ringing at of diversity.. the bells.. the bells.. of diversity.. ringing at clemson university.. we'll tell the bells of diversity ringing at clemson university. weal tell you the special
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reus materials." ----- the end... of glass recycling... starting today...the company that provides that service for spartanburg and greenville counties...will no longer accept glass. and that means...all the bottles and jars... will go into landfills. diane lee explains... why one upstate county...already has a solution. now... the question is... will it work elsewhere: ----- nats when you've been recycling glass for 30 years like lewis smith when you've been recycling glass for 30 years it's hard to be told no more. >> is it disappointing to you? >> yeah. it goes in that landfill and it's there forever. >> i didn't know until today. >> how do you feel ? >> not good. i think we should still do it. >> counties that have to end glass recycling like spartanburg say they agree. >> we want to continue our glass recycling program. we want it more than anything. unfortunately our hands are tied. >> they say they can't find another company to take the glass now that pratt industries will no longer accept it in greenville and spartanburg counties.
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i asked for a phone interview with pratt industries but they said they would only consider answering questions in writing. glass is the most expensive to recycle but they were pulling in less dollars. pickens county explained to us and spartanburg county over the phone how they make $500 a month selling recycled glass. >> what do you think allows pickens county to still recycle glass that separates you from the own counties in other counties? >> we separate the colors. >> we don't have the space and the vender as pratt was our vender. >> that's not their vender either. yours is out of atlantic, they drive up and get it because it's sorted, correct? >> yes. >> as for space in spartanburg county, we found plenty at two centers we checked. >> they have a 30 yard bin there.
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>> do you feel like they should look harder? >> yeah. >> in spartanburg, diane lee , 7 news. >> we contacted the county and the city of greenville as well. the county said if they can find a way like pickens to find a company to take recycled glass it will bring the program back. "bells ringing..." ----- that's clemson unversity... ringing in... "upstate international month." today...performing arts students played -18- differ that's clemson university ringing in upstate international month. they played 18 different international anthems on the bells. the music could be heard across campus. all right. we've had very quiet weather so far across the upstate. a few sprinkles here and there but lots of clouds. we have a lot of rain out to the west and that is going to be working its way into and through the area tonight as is mainly going to be a late evening event for the upstate. that's good in the sense that we won't have
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the bad news, it's a strong front so we expect some thunderstorm activity with the slight chance of a severe storm. so keep up with the weather through the evening hours. the good thing is that skies will be clearing after midnight and it looks like we'll be back to sunshine, breezy and cooler temperatures for tomorrow. it looks like another system will be on the way for thursday that will bring us another chance to see some rain. here's where our main system is right now, we've got some heavier cells in the northern part of georgia back into northeastern sections of alabama. lots of lightning as individual cells are pushing to the east. we'll track those through the evening hours. closer in, again, it's been fairly quiet. with the quiet weather despite the cloud cover that increased today the 70s across the upstate, 60s in north carolina. we have rain in more than mcdowell county, bryson city has some heavier showers on the way increasing from the west.
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right now. this is ahead of a front. this is today at 8:00 p.m. you can see the rain will be increasing but still fairly quiet conditions over the central and southern part of the upstate. into 10:00 that's going to be the best chance for the upstate to have some heavy rain around and also some thunderstorm activity. notice the front will be working into western north carolina so conditions will quiet down from west to east. we'll our skies clearing by daybreak and we'll see all day sunshine going through the day tomorrow. it should be a beautiful wea don'e used to it though. that high pressure area moves out to allow another low pressure area to move in. clouds will increase during the day and we'll look for cool temperatures, chilly conditions and also some showery weather increasing from the west with this area of low pressure. back to quiet weather by friday . right now 56 asheville,68 in greenville, 70 degrees in laurens. here's what to expect for the next 72 hours, again,
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a pretty good breeze, windy conditions in the northern mountains where a wind advisory will be in effect. in the upstate a high of 56. 53 on thursday with clouds increasing and shower chances on the increase as well by afternoon and evening. quieting down for friday and your weekend is looking good. saturday and sunday quiet conditions, a bit of a warming trend. 60s by sunday. we're back into the 70s by tuesday of next week. there's a look at your mountain forecast. sunny weather, breezy, a high of 45 but back into the 50s by the end of the week. this local player brings home an honor his school has not seen in a while.
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no surprise that the panthers put the no surprise the panthers put the franchise tag on josh
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$14 million a year in the coming season with the panthers. they continue to negotiate a long-term deal with him until july. if another team comes in and takes him away from carolinas in the next few weeks the panthers get a couple of first round draft picks in return. furman is experiencing a better season. the west for that, senior guard steven krun. he was awarded with player of the year. here's the first team member to win it in 20 seasons. he averages over 17 points a game. he enjoyed getting the news. >> this means a whole lot. i was surprised. it's been a goal of mine, to finally reach it feels great. >> for steven if you know him it's just about what he's done on the court, it's how he's done it. he's a phenomenal kid. wafford mcgee named the seen senior of the year. he made all team all so-con.
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begins this weekend. clemson might have virginia where they want them. they have knocked off four other ranked opponents at home this season. they will bid adieu to roper, smith on this senior night. having played virginia tough up in charlotteville earlier in the year. >> we're going to have to play exceptional well to win but we're confident that the way we played in the well this year if we shoot the ball well and defend and rebound like we can that will be a really good game. >> we were disappointed in our performances the last two games but we have to move forward and take what we learn from those experiences and keep trying to grind. that's all we can do at this point. of course those aren't the only 4-year players on the team. bloosengame has a year of eligibility remaining. he's yet
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usc upstate trying to extend their season on the floor with they played for the title last year. they open the conference tournament at florida. deshawn murray is named first team all big south. steve spurrier has been elected to the high school board of fame. new yankees closer otis ^ chapman will miss the first 30 games because of domestic violence rules. on the diamond this afternoon clemson fell to wofford last year but now wilson with that rbi opened up what has become a tiger rally. they lead 7-0 in the 7th inning. tonight down in charleston usc plays. the tigers and gamecocks have their three game series. let's check out the forecast. >> rain will be on the increase 9:00 to 10:00 for the northern
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10:00 for the central and upstate. a few thunderstorms and an isolated severe chance there as well. we'll see you at 7:00 with super tuesday coverage. >> we'll be here at 11:00 as well and always with you on
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>> super tuesday is the single best opportunity. >> pelley: he's already looking ahead to another opponent. >> hillary clinton does not have the strength or the stamina to become president, i'll telling you. >> pelley: also tonight, the president argues his case foror a supreme court nomination, and gets his answer. >> this vacancy will not be filled this year. >> pelley: erin andrews testifies in her multi-million-dollar stalk case. and there's another sanders. meet bernie's bro. >> reporter: he's been called cool. captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley. >> pelley: norah o'donnell, john dickerson, and i are coming to you tonight from cbs news election headquarters at a turning point this this presidential campaign. it is likely the last chance for challengers to catch the front-runners, donald trump and hillary clinton.
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nomination tonight, but voters in 12 states are choosing nearly half the delegates needed for the republican nomination, and more than a third needed for the democrats. major garrett is covering the republicans, nancy cordes the democrats, a start tonight with major. >> today's such a big day, and i shouldn't be here because i shouldn't be thinking about this. i should be thinking about tonight. >> reporter: a supremely comfort donald trump ignored sprlt states and campaigned in ohio, which doesn't vote for two weeks. he focused his fire on democrat hillary clinton. >> hillary clinton does not have the strength or the stamina to become president. >> reporter: truz voted in his home state of texas and took a dig at marco rubio, who is currently trailing in his home state of florida. >> any candidate who cannot win his home state has real problems. >> reporter: rubio rallied in minnesota, the one state he looks to win, and kept his attacks focused on trump. >> i will get in my pickup truck


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