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tv   7 On Your Side at 7pm  CBS  March 1, 2016 7:00pm-7:30pm EST

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withtposeclosed... and soon.. we'll find out who will win we'll find out and soon.. we'll find out who will win the primary... for the republicans and the democrats. "7 news" addie hampton... is been in hartwell county all day... watching the lines at polling places. addie... you've been talking to voters ... all day... what's the latest there: ----- we're here at the tell me they've seen close to today that's a record here and it's a similar people line up to cast their ballot many not afraid to share whhrvn for a :- -- 12:57 this is something i've prayed over for the last month, trying to figure out
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but last night.about 10pmsmall business owner pete brown made his decision 11:07 marco rubio touting his clean recordand ability to unite the partybrown explained his choiceknowing that donald trump is leading significantly in georgia. rubio is neck and neck with ted cruz in the peach stateboth camps hoping for an upsetto claim the 76 delegates at stake for sharon and dave gorhamthis race is already wrapped up. 9:24 do you mind telling me who you're voting for? i don't mind for the world. trump. oh yeah, all the way. 9:37 i think he says what people wanna hear, if he can back it up. while georgia has a red state reputationespecially in rural parts of the state like hart county ....hillary clinton supporter shelia roperwanted to make sure her vote is counted. 7:11 i think she is probably more knowledgeable in things that you need to be president of the united states georgia boasts 117 delegates for the democrats the latest polls showing
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point lead over bernie sanders. regardless of partypoll manager herb burrellis amazed by the turnout 5:10 they're thinking i want to be a part of making a change. more than 400-thousand early ballots were cast in georgia ahead of today's primary that's both in person and absentee that's already record breaking.and from what poll workers are telling me here. this shoube sn shono e state. all the polling places haven't closed yet... but polls show donald trump with a significant lead over his opponents in most of the 12 states holding republican primaries and caucuses .... senator ted cruz believes he'll win his home state of texas hoping to make it a two-man race.... polls still
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there. meanwhile senator bernie sanders voted early this morning in his home state of vermont...but he's looking for more than votes tonight. he says he's hoping to rack he says he's hoping to rack up as many hoping to rack he says he's hoping to rack up as many delegates as possible. there are 859 delegates at stake for the democrats... but polls show clinton with a lead of 20 points or more in six southern states. according to a new poll... donald trump may face a tough, losing battle with the democrats...if he wins the g-o-p nomination. a c-n-n / o-r-c poll found... that in a hypothetical match-up with trump...senator bernie sanders ... and hillary clinton... would beat out the republican front-runner. sanders... scored 55-percent a pretend head-to-head match-up ... against trump's 43-percent. hillary clinton ... also tops trump in the poll... 52- to 44-percent. after tonight... presidential candiates will continue to look ahead... to other primary elections. this saturday..march -5th-... -5- states will be holding primaries. in kansas and lousiana.... both democrats
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heading to the polls. in kentucky and maine... only republicans will be voting. democrats in maine... will vote...the next day. also on march -5th-... only democrats will nebraska. donald trump is not only targetting his presidential oppenents... but now he's coming after governor nikki haley. it all started when trump sent a tweet out saying "the people of south carolina are embarrassed by nikki haley!" so governor haley responded to trump tweeting... "bless your heart." this comes after .. governor haley endorsed senator marco rubio for president...just days before the g-o-p primary here in south carolina. there's more on the exchange on w-s-p-a dot com. some of you...may be noticing a little rain... already. "storm team 7 chief meteorologist" christy henderson...has the latest... on what to expect tonight ...
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president obama met with key senate republican leaders today... to discuss the high-stakes vacancy... on the u-s supreme court. justice antonin
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high court split... 4-to-4... between conservatives and liberals...meaning scalia's replacement will tip the balance. with so uch at stake... republicans want to run out the clock... on president obama's term... and refuse to consider *any* nominee... he selects: ----- majority leader) "if the shoe were on hf d y n rcjtod ciiapipsn i l r sr -- president obama has vowed... to send a nomination to the senate... within the next few weeks. at least -2- republican senators...have broken ranks with their leadership...and have said... the senate should at least consider... obama's nominee. south carolina business leaders are demanding... that the state senate... begin voting on a plan... to fix your roads. the "state chamber of commerce" ... and other business leaders... were downstairs at the statehouse. -upstairs-... the senate has still not taken a vote... oh roads plan... though they've had the bill ... for - 321- days. several senators ... are filibustering the bill... because it
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tax. they say...that's not needed...because the state has a 1-point-3 billion dollar surplus... this year: ----- "if our legislature spent every dime ofhy' rut om usl oo whawddn yr re ei ab ta ----- spartanburg senator lee one of the senators ... blocking the bill ... and the tax increase it includes. bright says... they'll keep blocking it... until senators vote to end the filibuster... or...kill the legislation. the state chamber of commerce says... senators should give back their paychecks ... if they're not going to vote. a in "greenville memorial hospital" tonight... recovering ... after being shot accidentally. the "spartanburg county sheriff's office" says... the child was shot in the head... and was airlifted to "greenville memorial." he's expected to be... o-k. neighbors say...the child was always playing outside... in the yard... and they hope...he'll be alright: sot: margaret moss:
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filed. deputies say... they're still investigating. an anderson man ... has pleaded guilty ... to killing his father-in-law...10-years after the murder. an abbeville county judge... sentenced trey 35-years in prison ... on charges of murder... and possession of a weapon. prosecutors say ... in 2006... brown went to james kennedy's home.. in search of his estranged wife... and shot kennedy multiple times. kennedy... made it to a neighbor's house... told the neighbor who shot him ... then collapsed. he died... on the way to the hospital. a spartanburg man is facing charges..after a minor accused him... of sexual misconduct. the victim.. who is younger that 11 years old.. told hospital workers... johnnie mooney touched her inappropriately...and that it happened on two separate occasions. hospital workers ... called spartanburg county deputies. mooney is charged with "criminal sexual assault with a minor tonight family of the 5 year old girl..who was trapped in house fire in honea path.. is making funeral arrangements. yesterday we told you sophia rhodes was fighting for her life .. in the hospital.
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suffered from smoke inhalation. last night.. she passed away. now we are learning that her funeral will be friday in honea path. the fight.. over whether a man should be charged for shooting his dog.. is heating up. in anderson county. the county council meeting is happening right now. amara was found blind.. shot... and underfed weeks ago. but a judge decided.. her previous owner.. didn't break any laws.. trying to put her down humanely. council members say.. this is out of the county's hands..state laws don't outline euthanasia. but amara's supporters disagree...tonight... they're pushing for law changes.. in the county and state. we'll bring you updates on how this all unfolds tonight at 10 and 11. next on 7 news .... dramatic video of a toddler falling out of his grandfather's van.. in the middle of busing street. coming up.. we'll show you what happens next. and if you're planning a spring break trip to new york ... there is a new attraction.. near the world trade may want to visit. but it's interesting architectual
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new video tonight .. of a toddler..falling out of a moving van. you can see the 2-year old boy fall..then get up and run after the van a driver behind a van pulled over the side.. on sunday and picked up the boy. the child's grandfather.. who was driving the van...says he didn't realize the child was gone..until he stopped at a red light.. and someone told him. so the grandfather.. went back and got the toddler. he says the child was sitting in the front seat.. but climbed to the back...then to the trunk...before falling out. you know... you can't bring the airport... but what that are shapred like weapons? apparently...that'll get you stopped... too. a woman at "baltimore- washington international thurgood marshall airport"...was stopped sunday...for having a pair of gun-shaped... stilleto
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fake bullets...around the soles. the woman tried to carry on the shoes ... in her bag... but she ended up ... having to leave them with the catch her flight. "apple" and the f-b-i... faced off before congress today ... in a high-stakes fight between privacy ... and national security. the f-b-i is asking the tech company... to help it gain access... to locked phones. f-b-i director james comey says...advancements in technology... are posing new dangers...because they prevent law enforcement...from collecting critical evidence. "apple's" chief attorney says...complying with the f-b-i... would set a dangerous precedent. a new structure... in new york city... is drawing some supporters and critics. this is the the world trade center's transit hub. it's called oculus.. and it's set to open thursday. some people say the new structure looks like a bird. the apex of the ceiling soars 160 feet above the italian marble floor.critics are divided on the architectural merits. new york post called it a "lemon"..while other are praising it as "extravagantly
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agrees the 4-billion dollar price tag is hard to justify. the transit hub will opne for visitors thursday. want a side of fries... with that virtual reality headset? "mcdonalds" customers in sweden...who buy happy meals...can unfold the cardboard box the meal comes in... insert the included virtual reality lenses... and turn them into what's being called... "happy goggles." the in honor of the happy meal's 30th anniversary... in sweden. the fast food chain says... it's considering offering "happy goggles"... in other
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what we use.. to get around being turned intooart. coming up.. we'll show you.. how people are using their creativity.. while celebrating diversity. first... here's a look at your primetime line-up
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today marks the start... of "upstate international month." "michelin"...which has headquarters in greenville... is celebrating... with a special art exhibit. local artists...schools... businesses ... and non- profits...are creating art... with tires. it's called... the "in-tire-national art contest." teams were challenged... to convert ordinary tires ... into a work of art. sherry smith from "tigerville elementary" says... the prize money...would go a long way: ------ "that's like if you give a mouse a cookifuv teaciiwe are rn wioei
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wel t pm.-- -- the top prize... the top 5-thousand dollars for a local charity, school or non profit ... of choice. the exhibit opened today... and runs through march. to vote... go to w-s-p-a dot-com... and look under "links we mentioned." in all..."michelin" will be donating 10-thousand dollars... to -2- winning works of art. take a look... at this beauty.. it's called...the "bugatti chiron." the company is saying... this will be ... the world's fastest car. the brand's veyron model...already owns the "guiness record"...for fastest. we still don't know... what the chiron will clock in at. if you're looking to buy... you'll need to have big money...socked away. the base price for this car... is 2-point-6 million dollars. a high school basketball team in rhode island...thought they'd won a state title...
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just one problem ... they actually...had -not- won... yet. with seconds left ... the "burrilville broncos"... threw the ball into the air... to run out the clock ... but the opposing team... caught the ball... and called "time out." as time expid.e hit a lay-up ... and won...60-to-59. oops...!60-to-59.and won... 60-to-59. oops...! a little girl..finds a unique way to play with her pet cow. but he's not going
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a little girl in oklahoma got a little creative.. when she wanted to take her pet cow for a walk. you can see here .. she tied the her toy car.. and took off. the cow goes along for the ride until it decides -- enough is enough. the bovine is so strong that when it stops...that toy tractor stop moving too. the video posted last week on facebook has gotten about three-point-5 million views... and 14-thousand shares. thanks for joining us. i'll see you at 10 on the carolinas c-w... and we'll be back here at 11. until then... you can get the latest updates by logging on twa co st ts
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