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tv   Channel 7 News at 4PM  FOX  February 1, 2016 4:00pm-4:30pm EST

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a strike from mother nature leaving a homeowner in shock want. >> danielle: and here's something that y don't see every day, a citizen pulling over a cop and it's going viral. >> lynn: all eyes on iowa,a,he presidential hopefuls, tonight the viters will make their voices heard. good afternoon, everybody. tonight back at home another wet and bloome day. >> danielle: that's right, rounds of rain making a miserablbl start here, and phil ferro has a look at the radar. >> phil: so much better now than it was earlier today. we're looking at a drier evening. all across southlorida, most of the rain has moved offshore, which means b tomorrow, plenty of sunshine across the area. but the temperatures are going to come back up. it should be a rather warm week, and then another f fnt toward the end of the work week.
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most of the rain has moved away, impacting bimini and the bahamas, and most of the area looking good under partly cloudy skies. looking at the rainfall, totals from earlier today, key west, an inch and a half of rain, and homestead, just under an inch in fort lauderdale, west kendall and miami international airport. so as the rain moves away, hopefully the clouds will break apart tonight. and the rest of the weekend is looking warmer. highs in the low 80s. and there's that front that moved in just in times for the weekend. i'll have a lot more in the forecast later on. >> danielle: also today, doing some damage. >> lynn: alex de armis with what caused plentnt of panic in cooper city.
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in half benefit a lightning strike. that's what people in cooper city say happened monday morning. >> it was a clap of thunder and lightning simultaneously. the burglar alarms started going off immediately. >> that's when he saw this. >> down to 2 feet in the ground, it burnt to a crisp. and the homeowner across the street, into his house. >> reporter: and heavy pieces of the tree, launched feet away. >> you can't pick that piece up. it's a 75 pound piece there. >> i was surprised. >> reporter: marianne olsen stunned by this. the tree went right through her sliding glass door and into her living room. with chainsaws and hands, the crews are busy to clean up the
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those living nearby, feeling fortunate, the lightning strike didn't hurt them instead. instead. >> yeah, there was no damage to ople. just right. >> reporter: and here's the look at where the tree once stood. and fortunately, no one was hurt. alexalex de armis, 7 news. >> reporter: a woman talking about the moment she got a police offer to pull over. he said that the cop's need for speed is what led to the incident. jessic holly has what happened today. >> reporter: lynn, this all started when a woman said she spotted a police officer flying by her on friday. she said that it flew by so fast, her car shook. no lights, no sirens,nd she's taking no excuses. as we go to the video, you will see the cellphone video shot by
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she kept an eye on him with her cellphone as she spotted him speeding, and she got his attention and pulled him over. here's a little bit about what happened next. >> i just wanted to know what's the emergency. >> i n't know how fast i was going, but i can tell you this, i'm on the way to work right now, i don't believe i was speeding, but like say, you're entitled to your opinion. >> it's not to knock our police officers. it's not to make them the bad guys, but they are held to principles and they should uphold those principles. >> reporter: the miami police department released a statement, it reads in part, we take all the complaintseriously. in this case, the officer's chain of command will investigate and take a course of action. we remind the public that we have a complaint process in place.
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themselves at risk to capture misconducts. she said that she only reached 80 miles per hour to try to engage the officer's speed. and her cellphone was mounted when it was rolling and not in her hands. for now, live in doror, jessica holly, 7 news. >> danielle: thank you. a fireball on the water in the babamas. the coast guard tweeting out pictures from a daring rescue yesterday. one image capturing the boat in flames, and the other showing the six passengers onboard, safe and s@und. no word yet as to what started the blaze. and fire in the hole from emergency crews in miami. a fire coming from bscayne bay, and officials from fpl believe a faulty electrical box, ty
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and the fire has since been put out. >> lynn: hours away from the first votes in the lingeries for white house. we have been seeing presidential polls for months now, and tonight, the candidates on both sides of the race have the chance to pick up steam with votes of support. we have you covered for tonight's caucuses, and nicole linsilata i live with more from de moines, iowa. >> reporter: this is the day that iowans and of course the for. it's caucus day. do you think that the folks at the de moines reg are excited? they probably are. let's go and show you the video, and just a little while ago, jeb bush rapping up the town hall in de moines, and it's a packed
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time with inventories in anchoring, outside of de moines, and donald trump in waterloo, iowa, asking his supporters to make sure that they show up at the caucuses, and democratic frontrunner, hilliary clinton, bernie sanders asking supporters to show up to what he calls the revolution. all of them g gng after any support that might still be up for grabs. >> also think that your efforts will be very meaningful. i feel very positive about what is happening in iowa and across the country. >> i hope that you choose someone with a servant's heart with the proven experience to do t that's what we need. >> the people representing you have given me the absolute highest accolades ul over the place, and the governor.
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put ted cruz in. >> and for those of you who are already supportingfme, please go out and caucus tomorrow night. the storm is not coming until after midnight. plenty of time to caucus, and >> i'm especially gratified that a lot of the people coming out, a lot of the people getting involved are working class pele, young people who have not previously beenn involved in the political process. >> reporter: and the political process so important here in iowa. because it's completely different than the which that we do things in florida. you don't just show up and cast your ballot. caucuses take more time than that. >> more on that lat on 7 news, but you can bet that a lot of iowans will be showing up tonight and finally getting their chance to voice their choice, first in the nation. reporting live in de
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>> lynn: nicole brought up a point, what exactly is a caucus and why does it take more time? coming up at 4:30, we're going to c@ear the confusion and talk about what voters in iowa will be doing tonight. >> daniee: the zika virus with a world of worry. an be international emergency has now been declared. belkeys nerey is live in the satellite center with the details. >> belkeys: besides zeek a. the world health organization is putting it in the same category azibola. the infection, which can be transmitted through mosquito bites is linked to babies being born with underdeveloped brains, and it can cause muscle and nerve problems. the vacation virus as it's being called, is spreading far and fast. in the u.s., 13 states have ported cases of people returning from south america with the virus.
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officials are saying that it will likely spread across all of americas. >> the committee advised that the microcephaly and other neurological complications constitute an extraordinary threat. and in the world. in their view, a coordinated international response is needed. >> belkeys: currently, there's no medical recourse to stop zika. thenly way to stop it is protect yourself as best you can from being bitten by a mosquito. i'm belkeys nerey, 7 news. >> lynn: new details when the deadly amtrak crash in philadelphia.
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braking when he felt the train going too fast in the sharp curve. this in the transcripts, with other details with the black box information. the train clocking at 100 miles per hour before flying off the tracks and killing eight and leaving 200 injured. the report said that there was nothing mechanic lee wrong with the train. and the prosecutors saying that there's inof sufficient evidence to hold the 40-year-old english teacher for bng accessory to a felon. and in the meantime, all three inmates have been recaptured. surrounded on friday, and the other two arrested on saturday in san francisco. all of them are due in court tomorrowow >> danielle: ahead on 7 news, a crime on campus, spray painted and what was written on the
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>> residents are rocked when they hear two cars collide outside of their had homes. >> danielle: and never thinking
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stay with us. >> lynn: a group of good samaritans turn the tables as a would-be thief rise to make a getaway. >> danielle: the police are
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christine cruz has t t video. >> reporter: video c ctures chaos outside of a shopping center in philadelphia. a man was armed with a box kurter, seconds after he allegedly slashed a woman's face. >> i saw a woman screaming and yelling, someone just robbed her. >> reporter: david hammond is one of the people in the video he said that he jumped into the fray as another good samaritan tackled the screaming suspect. >> the way that she protected herself was awesome, protecting herself and it made it easy for someone to come and help her. the gentleman, i just met him today, ray, ande seemed like an awesome guy. >> reporter: he was armed with the box kurt, but take a closer look. he appears andnde seems to take the box cutter away. >> he did a great job, a great
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epochalled a woman in the face. >> it was the right thing to do. >> reporter: the 53-year-old victim parks her car in the plaza, and as she's reaching back to get her purse, the suspect is trying to rob her. she's okay. david said that he has an appreciation for the police now and choice words for the man that he helped to capture. >> i got to experience the duties of their job. i think that that's despicable. a 60-year-old man to attack a woman and commit a crime like that, it's bad. and at 60, he should know way better than that. >> reporter: the suspects facing several charges and being held on a $100,000 bond. christine cruz, 7 news. >> danielle: that is pretty bad. >> lynn: yes. the age thing is a good point. coming up at 4:00, excited to see snow in one part of the country, but things quickly turn
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>> danielle: and a pro surfer on top of a monster wave, when the
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down. >> danielle: a professional surfer caught free falling in
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and they have enormous w wes thanks to this year's ennio, sending the most seasoned surfers tumbling. his name is tom gossland, a seasoned surfer, but he ended up falling about 40 feet when trying to ride that giant wave. recounting it, he said it looked like a sea monster rising out of the ocean, and his board, by the way, completely destroyed. >> phil: good afternoon, everyone. it was a wet day here, and it was a soggy start in broward and the keys. all o that cloud cover has moved into the skies, that will be the pattern today and tomorrow. temperatures in the 70s. miami, 76, and the temperature,
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the wind out of the ocean, fort lauderdale and naples, variable here miami and the south and the keys. stormtracker is showing us t tt most of the rain is moving away, into bimini and bahama islands. it has been a rainy january. for the entire area here, highlighted in green, that's what the south florida management calls the south florida distric we have had over 9 inches of rain in january, and what's typical, under 2 inches. this is the wettest january since 1932. as we take aook ahead, high pressure continues to move away. it's going to be a little muggy tonight in south florida. by tomorrow, the winds shift out of the south-southeast. and it's going to be drier and hotter, especially as we go in week. highs in the low 80s. and there's the front. if it holds, it could move in
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no advisories tonig, biscayne bay, light chop, foror new the florida keys, looking good. and coastal waters, a moderate chop. nextxtigh tide in miami, 3:04 in the morning, almost 3 a.m. in fort lauderdale. key largo, 3:27 and 5:00 for new key west. tonight, gradual clearing, and an isolated shower. upper 60s to low 70s. tomorrow, we should see a lot more sunshine as the clouds continue to clear out. the average high is 76, 77 . and so we're going to be a little warmer here a aoss south florida. here's the extended outlook. wednesday, still looking warm. we're going to remain on the warm side through thursday, and there comes that front, a little better chance of rain, and then the temperatures will come back down to where they should be all the way through next monday. that's the 07 forecast. >> danielle: all right, phil, thank you. >> lynn: we're going to take y/u to deco dayside ahead. coming up, is mom getting in the way?
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asking that question. >> danielle: and then at 4:30, cars torched, the police believe
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rides were tart of the. >> lynn: well, chris brown's bad habit could lead to a court date.. >> danielle: and how do you divide what is said to be one of the biggest fortunes in music? shireen sandoval with more in
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>> reporter: beyonce' and jay-z are hoping for the best while planning for the worst. the superstar couple is working out every possible deposit just in case they split up. j and b figured out who gets what in a divorce, and that's not saying that they are divorcing. it's just that the couplp thought that their prenup agreement needed to be updated. mr. and mrs. carter are sitting on a $1 billion fortutu. chris brown's baby mama said that he has caused her daughter, royalty, to have asthma. his mom said that she wreaks of smoke every time she comes back, and it's making her sick. shs hiring a nanny to be around his resists and take random drug tests. bradley cooper is a mama'ss
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he has broken up with irina, because it's butting heads with his mom. she's a strong woman, and she doesn't like that. >> i guess that means that she gets to be his plus one again at the oscars. is charlie sheening treated by a real doctor or a quack from down under? an aussie doctor said that he gave an hiv miracle cure to sheen a few years back, and he says that he has cured it. but he inbeing jects the milk of arthritic goats into patients. coming up, aalf hour drive for your body and he soul. it rubs you down and pretties you up for a price that's healing for your wallet. that's tonight at 7:30. i'm shireen sandoval, and lynn, it's right there.
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a goat who has arthritis, i'm sure there's one on the corner. how can you tell if a goat has >> danielle: that may be the way, i love your interpretation. >> lynn: i look like a goat. i'm lynn martinez. >> danielle: i'm danielle knox.
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