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tv   Channel 7 News at 630PM  FOX  February 2, 2016 6:30pm-7:00pm EST

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>> this is 7 news at 6:30. >> lynn: all right off the top here at 6:30, a plane plucked om sea after a watery wreck ooft shores of a popular south florida beach. >> good evening every one. the aircraft hauled way hours after crashing ol o- off haulover beach. >> danielle: two men surviving the plane plunge. liz nagy live a a haulover beach marina where the plane was being noad. liz. >> reporter: danielle, we've been standing here at the boat
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waiting for this plane to arrive being toad by tug boats for about 25 minute ors so. it has had to make it's way through the haulover in let all the wa over around here and to show you what that process looks like. we can take you live to the shop shot from sky force hd. u can see there are now two boats. one of them in particular is tugging this small type piper 28 plane. that plane is underneath the water thovment rest flo cation taition devise that's were attached to it to lift it up off the floor of the ocean and bring it around into the in l so they could easily tow it through the water thvment has been a pain steak process and we want to show you how this video happened earlier. they did not stop moving that plane 'til around 5:00 this evening when they were able to get it up and start move it through the in levment initially it it was a pain steak process bought people were ro fighting the current the entire way. they were helpepe out by police boats, miami-dade fire rescue boats as well ap this private
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trying to tow this piper that went down into the ocean earlier today so. it took them longer than they may have hoped. though these processes can be somewhat complicated them were eventually able to get it to haulover in let and brought it around passed the marina and now bringing it here to the boat ram. pell, to explain how all this happened. about 11:35 this morning. this small piper plane went down suddenly into the atlantic ocean just off haulover beach with two students on board that plane. both of those students are fine. there ways lifeguard who spotted this situation immediately and dove into the water to help these guys and ever since that rescue was to be complete, the preel focus was how to get that plane way from the beach and out of water. we'll bring you bk out here live where we're waiting for the plane to make it's way a around the bend where it will stop here at the boat ramp. they are now waiting on another company that has been called in from the coast guard from
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they are bringing a crane here. that the point the plane is not completely dog. the wings groak off and damage to it t om the crash and up pact into the water. they will take the pieces of the plane and lift them out of water to move o o and continue the investigation. we're live here at the haulover boat ramp. liz nagy. 7 news. >> danielle: all right liz. thank you a. hot wheels stolen from a miami beach apartment and now police search forth crook. the theft caught on come ravment surveillance video showing the man going into the parking lot of the building and ride o with one bike and pulling another long with thivment it happened at the may condo on january 17th. let's goead and take another look at who police are looking for. a very clear picture up in there. if snri information call crime stoppers at 305-471-tips. you could beel able for a reward. a south florida wom accused of animal abuse. janet christian in front of a
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she is charged with animal cruelty. cops say christian kept several dogs inside shopping carts aten an abandoned home. the animals turned oaf to a rescue organization in the everglades. >> lynn: the iowa caucuses o are over and the fight for the nomination continue in the race for the white house. `>> danielle: now presidential con tender are setting their sites on hopefuls that hold it's primary next wee jeff lennox in the plex with more. jeff. >> danielle: ladies a small margin of a win with clinton last night and now gop was ted >> >> reporter: the state of eye o qua has spoken. >> reporter: ted cruz take his new hampshire. >> we're encouraged going on to
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carolina, going on to compete and win this primary and win the generaraelection and turn this country around. the texas senator got 28% of the votes in last night's caucuses. four points ahead of trump. a second place trump con grawd lated cruz but looking into the the future trump cost le move into the wiet white house lir next year. >> we will go on to get the republican nomination and we will go on to easily beat hillary or bernie or whoever the hell they flow up there snoot big sur priefts night marco rubio finishing strong third one point behind trump. for months they told us we had no chance. for moss they told us we offered too much optimisin the time of anger with we had no chance. for months they told us we didn't have the right endorse ments or right political connections we had n n chance. rubio's team cation the race a three% contest. but lower tear candidates john kasich and jeb bush and chris chris cree tee could still pose
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between these three they have 11 can events scheduled on tuesday alone. the closest contest in iowa. hillary clinton's campaign declaring a raise ir thin win over bernie san disers on wednesday night the official windy claird on tuesday afternoon. >> it is great to be here with all of you and i am so thrilled that i'm coming to new hampshire af@er wing iowa. >> reporter: bernie sanders and his cam requesting to see voting sheets on the caucuses. sanders says despite the close consist he still has the momentum going head. this cap pain has start md a forceful way starting way can, way back and coming to a virtual tie and we're going to fight here in new hampshire. at least # candidates not make the trip to new hampshire. martin o'malley calling it quits a along with the gop's mike huckabee. >> and it is rumored that huckabee may soon back donald
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and democrats for tomorrow night and aop debate set for this saturday in new hampshire. we got you covered. live in the plex. jeff lennox. 7 news. and 7's jeff lennox will be in new hampshire for the primary. you can watch for his liver report starting saturday might right here on 7 news. >> and a reminder to down load the 7 news voice your choice app trail. it is free and available from your snart smart phone or tablet. >> >> lynn: all right also tonight we have developing news about the zika virus. >> danielle: and healt officials confirming the mosquitoes is not the only way toatch the virus. and craig stevens is live in the satellite center with the details. craig. >> craig: danielle, first that revelation from the centers of disease control. the world health organization yesterday declared a global emergency over the zika mosquito
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new way it can in fact be trans mitd. the first case of the zika virus that was sexually transmitted. the person in dal ace and typipilly the virus is transmitted by mosquitoes and now they are learning it can be spread from person to person through sexual kong tack. the symptoms include fever, rarks joint pain and redness in the eyes. mild symptom. only last a few days. the major concern here is for exfek be stand mothers and the eu78 pact it has on them. and the n development open this virus. the medical community is trying toearn as much as they can as quickly as they can because they are work to stop it's spread. now the nubsz you mentioned. word from health officials locally about the virus in the sunshi state. they report a total of four cases in the miami-dade. that makes nine state wievmentd none involved pregnant woman and it's believe they contracted it bhiel they were outside florida. in the satellite center. craig stevens. 7 news. >> lynn: all right craig.
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cosby and his lawyers are trying get a sexual assault case against him thrown out. that he peered in court sayin that ten years ago a binding commitment was made that the previous district attorney not try the comedian in the future. the da says there's no record of such an agreement. sciefd drug angry ankle could be stand at his philadelphia mansion back in 2004. nearly 50 women have made similar allegations but this is the only case where he has been criminally charged. >> danielle: and an emergrgcy on board an east african air whriener. the pilot of the commercial flight forced to make an emergency landing in somalia after an explosion rocked the jet then thousand feeee above month ga deshiewvment the plane was head to drownt i debut team. passenger nofght vidid shortly after the explosion. the gas mask coming down as you see as wind rushed right through the hole on the side of that
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the pleen did manage to land safely. u seect whole right there just boost wing. two people hurt. no word yet as to what caused that blast. terrorism has not been ruled out. >> lynn: imagine whoever took that video, they had to hold the mask and take the video. >> reporter: i would not be thinking of that. >> lynn: coming u7 on 7 news at 6:30 breaking on camera.. pond. >> danielle: and the flight to florida going plane wrong when the airliners destination land him a trip to jail. >> >> whyou are you plipg me off? i didn't do anything. >> a man so mad at a motorcyclist that he pulled out a gun. look that the roa rage caught on camera.
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cramps rollingen on a are risky rescue. firefighters jumping into a freezing pond to save a teen. that teen make a dangerous decision to walk on thin ice. >> but he would pay a painful price and the whole thing caught on camera. >> lynn: a 16-year-old boy quickly finding himself in trouble after falling o through thin ice on a missouri pond. at one point he came close to make it out on his own but second later slid back down on the water. >> i captured him struggling trying to get out of icy wawers ters and on to the ice but it wasn't working. >> lynn: a police of ser tried to to reach the teen way branch to no vaivment but moments later firefighters arriving with a right equipment and taking over. they grabbed the young man and then grabbed a rope and pull pulled him to shore just as he appeared to be running out of enir gi.
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should these rescue team have not responded when they did, this young man would not have had much more time that he cohen diewr the frozen icy waters out there. >> lynn: now the woman who shot this video is hoping other children will learn a lesson on just how dangerous frozen ponds can be while she is thankful the first responders got there in the nick of time. >> the rescue team were in deetd blessing of the day. it it was extremely impressive. a collaborative team effort down the line. >> lynn: saved his life. >> lynn: the teen did suffffient 23er from hypothey're knee but expected to make a full recould of remember i have. >> danielle: coming up next from the news stailt station. >> lynn: chief meteorologist phil ferro in the weather center with t forecast. phil. >> phil: take i look at this radar. you see this cop pose it, the green. that is the front headed our way. when will it get here? the forecast many a few minutes.
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coming in of the sat et lights of the witnesses say he was drunk andacked another passenger and the flight crew as well. the jet blue flight leaving washington dc land safely sunday many jacksonville where the man was taken in for questioning. he remains in custody and has a full hearing tomorrow on federal arges. >> lynn: caught on camera, a case of road rage near las vegas nevada.
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this the driver of a red pickup truck seen flashing his gun at a biker here. obviously action ga stated ch the motorcyclist was terrified. i didt even realize the man had his finger o o the the trigger. my heart was racing. my stomach turned. i was feeling sick. it was scary. >> a a you can understand the man with the gun claiming he was the one who wooz threat and he and simply protecting himself the incident is under investigation. now 7 weather with chief meteorologist phil ferro. >> phil: looking at a nice quiet night here across souou florida. temperature right now in the 60s across pen sa could l.a. in the 70s every place else. as far as any rainfall is concerned, we're dry and we don't foresee any changes until at least thursday night or
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will bng us a chance ever rain across south florida. here's that front and it is attached to an area of low pressure right there. greenn rain. everything in blue. that is snow. blizzard warnings throughout this area. there are tornado watches here for the southeast as a matter of fact, mississippi has already seen six tornado touch downs. there are some reports of damages. nothing on injuries just yet. threat of rip currents at the beach tonight. small craft exercise caution. biscayne bay with a moderate chop. nowrt florida key, small craft advisory do to the wind and seas. coastal water turning rough. xt high tide will be at 4:06. 6:23n the lower keys. your uv index tomorrow at 6:00. for tonight partly cloudy skies. over night lows in the 50s to e low 70s what is typical is 61 degrees. average high for tomorrow between 76 and 77. we will be well above. that mostly sunny across dade and broward.
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here's the extended out look. maybe a few showers late in the day on thursday. better chance of rain on friday. that front is going it stall out right across south florida over the weekend and then some colder air starts moving in and right now monday and tuesday, morning lows will be in the 50s. that's your 7 on
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>> time now for seven sports with steve shapiro the panthers one and zero at home against washington this year but they lost ten straight up there and play inashington tonight. i would love to be that the game the panthers first qn their de rismghts a five-point lead on tampa and detroit. >> washington what the best record in hockey. 33 game left. let's see what they got. the games after all-star break. every team is coming and trying to make a push. no matter who you play, it will be tough. >> a good competition game night probably the best team in the ague to play tonight. it should be a good imaivment washington is the best place to play. a great team and great record. hopefully we come out and play a great game. >> 7:30 up t here. the heat go for the 5th straight win. the rockets without dwight howard suspended for make contact with theh referee last game meanwhile the heat back on a row.
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putting a string of win together. playing solid basketball. that's a part of it and wee need to show our sell thafs we can be soiled and consistent and get wins when we need too. with that said, we need another win many houston. so it never stops. >> go hget him. home columning game tonight for justice winslow. last night he his high school jersey number retire at st. johns high in miewston. it was amazing. you kind of of know what to expect but to see it and for it to be real and man na fes itself is great. so you know, it was cool. hopefully one day. i probably won't get my duke jersey retired but hopefully the they do. and the players were again available to the media. cam knewson and the panthers are five and half point favorite over zen ver to win the first championship. knew tont favorite to be the mvp in the league.
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45 touch downs. but teammates say it's not all him. >> and basic evolution of our system has lewd guys to play th way lot of confidence. understanding what we're trying to do. he and he is playing at a high level since he came in the leefnlgt i think a big difference now is colctively around him he has his support system that it takes to be be a truly great play eemplet 6:30 sunday. hey, someone has some explaining to do. thunder 23 world psych clelling championship in belgium. the guy in the lead is 1-year-old. he starts to celebrate a victory but there's still a lap to go. maybe he missed counting in school. he lost. belgium's elitsa bis win the race. that's premature celebration right there. i'm steve. lynn and danielle back after this.
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>> danielle: that is 7 news at 6:30. thank you so much for watching. i'm danielle knox. >> lynn: i'm lynn martinez. have a great night everybody. steve iss mumbling something. you'll see him tonight at ten clofnl i'll see you at 7:30 for deco and danielle at ten for news. >> danielle: what did you say steve. >> lynn: i know we're hot. >> good night real-time closed captioning provided by u.s. captioning company.
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