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tv   Channel 7 News at 430PM  FOX  February 4, 2016 4:30pm-5:00pm EST

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ahead. >> danielle: good afternoon, everybody, and we begin with a news alert coming out of davy.y. a rollover on the turnpike where it meets 595. >> lynn: and the traffic is going to be affected as the ramp is going to close, and belkeys nerey has the traffic for us.
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traffic in the area wi be affected indeed. there's the tractor-trailer on its side. and this is the southbound ramp from the florida turnpike to 595. davy fire and rescue, from what we understand, on the scene, to see if anybody is injured in the roll over wreck, and we don't have the information at this point, but the tow truck is trying to right it back up so they canoll it out of there, and clear up the traffic that no doubt will continue to get worse and worse as every minute goes by. you can see there, there's a bunch of what appears to be some people from the tow company trying to assess the situation and figure out the best possible way to get this t tck off of that ramp. and as i mentioned before, the davy fire rescue is on the scene
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but we haven't seen anyone transported. so maybe that's some good news. perhaps the driver of this tractor-trailer was not hurt. but which do not know at this moment if indeed anyone was injured. but dade and fire rescue is on the scene, and i have to assume that if the driver was injured, they wouldave gotten him out of there or her out of there already, into a rescue vehicle, and they would have been off to a nearby hospital. but that has not been the case, so hopefully no one was injured, but the bad part of the story s. traffic again, southbound afternoon from the turnpike to 595, that is backed up as a result of this rollover wreck. we're gog to keep an eye on things, and will have an update for you at 5:00. for now, live at the news desk, i'm belkeys nerey, 7 news.
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and now at 4:30, a south florida family is demanding answers as a con cruiser slams into a little boy. the young boy you see there struck in the street and the officer never saw the boy until it was too late. >> lynn: witnesses say that the officer behind the wheel was driving too fast. and sheldon fox is live at jackson memorial hospital where the young victim is being treated. sheldon? >> reporter: and there's good news for that family and that boy, danielle and lynn. telling 7 news that he has been moved out of icu and into a regular room. he'll be here for a while though, they say, and the police also saying that he has minor -- or at least non life-threatening injuries, broken bones for sure, and before all of this was realized, there was cellphone video that is gripping, where the worst fears of a mother were almost realized but thankfully
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>> reporter: a neighborhood is jolted afterer litite boy is struck in the street by a miami cop. >> he was literally under the car. she panicked. >> he flew, man, and he dragged him all the way there, man, by his shoes. >> reporter: six-yeaeaold antoine lawson tried to cross northwest 5th avenue on his scooter near 58th street when he was hit by a cruiser just before 4:00 on wednesday. miami police say that the child had darted out from between two parked trucks on a scooter. >> he was doing 50, 60 miles per hour. miles per hour. >> they came to my house and said that my son had just gotten run over by a police officer. >> reporter:e was taken to jackson memorial hospital and transported. >> he has a broken pelvis bone and a broken leg and a small cut on his spleen and on his liver. >> reporter: thiss the
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one of their own. they initially said that the officer was delivering being paperwork to another cop when little antoine was hit. >> our job is to save lives, and when you hit someone, especially a child, you're shaken up. >> this officer was speeding for nothing, what was going on at the time, but i fell like it was negligence of the officer. >> reporter: but again, the miami pd said that the boydarted out in the street on the scooter and he came between two trucks. they are still investigating the matter and have not identified the officer involved. sheldon fox, 7 news. >> danielle: all right, sheldon, thank you. well, you know most parents teach their kids not to steal, but this bad dad was just the opposite. the surveillance pictures capturing a father and his young daughter going out of a wal-mart
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only problem, it was not purchased. tips and good surveillance helped the police track him down. shoppers say that it's outrageous. >> to have a parent teach their kids to steal, it's terrible. >> why are you going to leada tray at such a young age? you're damaging her adulthood. >> danielle: they had a backup plan in place if they were questioned. the father tells his dghter to throw -- say she threw the receipt and the change away. he was charged. >> lynn: also on 7, a terrifying timeout when a high school volleyball player falls on the court, having a heart attk in the game. >> danielle: and the parents are
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savivg device to keep her alive. >> reporter: as soon as 17-year-oldlaire collapses on want, the staff and the coaches run to her side. can you hear someone calling for an aed. the video shows the academic dean of the school sprinting to get t. t brought it back and quickly turned it on and got the pads on her. >> then i wokep and she was in my face, and everybody was yelling. >> reporter: the teen had suffered aeart attack and now they're trying to find out why. >> i don't have any medical history and my wife doesn't that would have caused this, so you don't know. >> like burning down my left arm and my chest. my heartfelt like it was working really hard, which it was. >> reporter: claire had gone to
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and she even had shoulder surgery, but it's unclear why she had the cardiac arrest. >> they were going to put a defibrillator in, but they weren't insure. >> reporter: what's clear now, the importance of the aed. the save drill, which prepares coaches and administrators. >> it's great they were all trained. and i hope that if it happened to somebody else, they would be trained to help them as well. >> doctors discovered several blockages, and claire had to under go triple bypass surgery. >> lynn: coming off the satellites this afternoon, a pennsyania mother and her two children struck in the path of danger. surveillance video catching them crosng an intersection in philadelphia. the mother said the car came out of nowre and hit them. the driver running a red light
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onlookers came to tir rescue. >> i seen the car pull off and i didn't know what was happening, and then i seen the lady on the ground and the people over there around her. >> lynn: the mother in critical condition, head injuries, and both of her daughters are in the hospital. >> dananlle: a bizarre scene in california. a car landing on top of a two-story house in long beach. the driver suffering a medical condition before losing control of the car, and hitting three parked cars, and one of those cars launching him onto the roof of the home. a woman inside suffering minor injuries and the driver was taken to the hostal. the police using a train to remove that v vicle. >> lynn: an armed robbery, a man
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th moment that a masked man comeme in and points a gun at an employee throwing his morning joe at the crook. >> he's lucky he could have gotten the right person. he could have shot him. and mad him mad and shot him in the same way, no reason to lose your life over something like that. >> lynn: well, perhaps the person was doing what he thought was best in the moment. the police are searching for the man, which should not be too difficult, considering the party coffee stains and the burns t his face. >> danielle: coming up from the news station, words of warning sent to parents after a student's walk home. danger reported at a south florida elementary school. >> lynn: and if you had plans on filing your taxes t through the irs website, you may run into problems. >> danielle: and no time to waste as a man cries for help.
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himself to shore. >> phil: we have a series of cold fronts in the next few days. temperatures dipping into the 50s at least for the next few days, and we could see 40s in the overnight hours.
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of minutes. >> lynn: a car plunging into a
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as it starts to sink. is the strange witnessing the wreck turned to lifesaver. >> danielle: and when it was over, the driver had the chance to thank them. ashley jones has the emotional meeting. >> i want to shake your hand and say thank you. >> reporter: he didn't know randy before wednesday. but now he owes him his life. banton losing control of his car after being hit by another vehicle on wednesday. the 73-year-old driver going into a port st. lucie pond. jumping into action, he ran from his family's insurance agency across the street and diving into the watater to help the stranger. >> he said i got you, i got yo are you ready? and he opened the door. >> i opened the door and he panicked and took us both under, and them i hit the bottom and
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him on the hood of the car. >> reporter: they helped to bring the man back in the shore. it took divers tim to find the vehicle, submerged in 15-20 feet of water, bant only said that the car can be replaced but he wouldn't be alive without fraser. and thanks to him, the driver was able to walk away without injuries. in the satellili center, i'm ashley jones, 7 news. >> lynn: and we want to update you on the story. no injuries, the tractor-trailer flipping over in davy, on the turnpike to 595, but it is a messss so the traffic is backed up and the ramp is closed. as we pull out to a wide shot, can you see the residual effects. the good news, nobody is hurt. but the traffic, it's rush hour,
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we'll keep you updated.
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7 news will be right back. >> lynn: in order to sing their way to the top, these idol hopefuls are going solo. it's time to really impress the judges, all on their own. >> danielle: 7's shireen sandoval s. live in the plex with a look at the singers, shireen. >> reporter: every week it gets
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the solo round and making a lasting impression on the stage. it was time for a little one-on-one action on american idol. >> this is the day we're going to see s se stand out promises. >> the contestants going to the final day of hollywood week. >> reporter: each performer picking and learning a song in just one night. . and i then working out an arrangement with the idol band. it's the first time the judges hear the contestants accompanied by live music.
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performances was this one by mckenzie bore. >> reporter: and this one by cocotry crooner, shelb\ z. another favorite, tristen mcintosh. >> reporter: after the solo rounds -- >> this one. >> yes. >> reporter: the judges discussing and debating who will make it one step closer to becomingng the next american idol. the junes dividing the film 75 contestants into three rooms. >> unfortunately, it's a no. >> reporter: for one room, it's a heartbreaking no. >> at the end of the day, we have to send people home. but that's notou guys. >> reporter: two rooms making i through. mckenzie, shelby and kristen
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the remaining idol w wnabes move onto the showcase round. tonight, contestants perform in front of a live audience for the very first time. see who makes the top 24 after the showcase round. idol starts at 8 p.m., right here on 7. live in the newsplel, shireen sandoval, 7 news. >> phil: all right, looking at big changes on the way here in south florida. morning lows in the 70s, afternoon highs in the 80s. typical, 71 , and 76, 77 for the highs, andnd only a trace of rain today in key west. across south florida, the wind out of the sououeast, the humidity, 69%. take a look at all of the rain
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florida's big bend into northern florida, impacting tampa, gainesville, jacksonville. that's the leading edge of a front, and that should be moving over us later on tonight. maybe around midnight. you can clearly see where the front is sitting. just noror of tampa and orlando. temperatures in the 50s. south of the i-4 corridor, still 60s, 70s and even 80 in y west. here's what we can expect. that front will continue to move our way, we'll see overnight showers, much cooler temperatures for tomorrow. it's also going to be windy. and then by saturday night, we're going to get a reinforcing shot of cold air and that clld air could stick around for the early part 6 next week. maybe some of the western suburbs could see temperatures in the upper 40s sunday night and in through monday morning. small craft advisory in effect. threat of rip currents at the beach.
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all the way up to 30 knots. please be extra careful. seas 1-2 feet. and biscayne bay, with a moderate chop. the k@ys are already looking at a small craft advisory. 25 knot winds, coastal waters turning rough. next high tide, 5:11, 6:33 for the lower keys, uv index at 6 6. tonight, more clouds, and the best chance of rain arod midnight. lows on the coast in the low 60s, upper 50s, suburbs, for tht keys. it's going to get windy. by tomorrow, more showers,, and late-day sunshine, partly cloudy for the keys highs struggling to reach 70 . here's the extended outlook. a few showers on saturday and sunday. it's going t be windy. and look at that, morning lows in the 50s all the way through
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that's the 7-on-7 forecast. >> belkeys: hey, i'm belkeys nerey, two hours, here's the lineup. police makakg a disturbing discovery underwater. the search for two missing people may have come to a tragic ent. a homeowner on the run after a car crashes into a house, everyone inside in the hospital. and another occasion of the zika virus in south florida. ofofcials take action against a potential spread. all of that and a lot more straight ahead.
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snoo iemplet that is 7 news at 4:30. ththk you for watching. i'm lynn martinez. >> danielle: and i'm danielle knox. the news at 5:00 arts right now. >> now on 7 news. >> craig: a car with two bode zees inside pulled from the water. a search for a missing couple come to a tragic ent. residents jolted from sleep when a car comes crashing in. and a public health emergency about zika is expand. >> new details about that blast a board a passenger jet. was this an act of terror? and a man dressed up as a crime fighter doing anything but. a florida wrist necessary targeted by a costume crook. >> >> belkeys: and developing now at 5:00, a roll over wreck in davie make for one messy afternoon commute. hello and welcome every one.
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>> craig: i'm craig stevens. we invite to join us. the news continues now at 5:00. this is 7 news at 5:00. >> >> belkeys: let's get right out to that developing story. a roll over wreck right at rush hour. it it is tying up the evening drive home in broward. that is for sure. >> hello again every one. as you saw there a tractor trail ser to blame for this one. >> craig: 7's danielle knox at the news desk with this one. danielle. >> danielle: a lot of traffic belkeys and craig. see this flyover during rush hour. it is a mess out there. traffic dise verted to another area let's get out to the pictures. that tractor trailer back on it's wheeldz right now but ram from the southbound turnpike to i-95 still closed. clean up by the waco take away. the stuff the the truck was halg is still sitting on the side of the road. t's take a look at the scene from about an hour ago. the truck on it's side.
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that scene as well as several
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