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tv   Channel 7 News at 630PM  FOX  February 4, 2016 6:30pm-7:00pm EST

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>> lynn: we are following a devefoping story off the top here at 6:30, a close call for people when a cash crashes into a bus bench. >> good evening every one. one person sitting on that bench was injured. >> danielle: 7's sheldon fox is live on the scene with the latest for us. sheldon. >> reporter: and one of the drivers because this ways chain reaction crash. she is across the street right now and she is shaken up. she is fine but here's how it happened. as you look at northwest 36th 36th street you're look that the white car there with the hards on. you can seat bad dmoafnts back of that car. right in front of what car you have the blue van. from what we're hearing from witness s ow here and the person inside that white car. she was driving a a plowed into what van hit the bumper of her car of the her car goes careen nooght bus bench on 36th 36th street. untore knew unfortunately there ways man sitting on that bus bench. he was immediately taken to jackson hospital.
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moments ago here in miami. the good news in all this, preliminary we're hearing from the woman in that white car that that man did not appear to be in life threatening condition. that his condition was shaken up. he was hurt but she seems to think he was alert and wear. though thahas not from officials thasmseses from the person on the scene. she immediately got out of car. her relatives have showed up here there. out here trying to help them out. miami police on the scene as well there. dealininwith the driver of that blue van and white van and her family right behind that car and the bus bench sort of crumbled up and overturned in r entirely here at 36th and 14th. stay with with 7 news for the latest thon one ass it vesm we're live in miami. shell dpon fox. 7 news. >> >> danielle: and we also have an update on a developing story we've been following out of davie. a roll over accident creating quite the traffic nightmare there. craig stevens at the ns desk with the latest.
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>> craig: well, danielle, the update is the roadway is still blocked at this hour so it is still a challenging commute for people in this part of broward thvment a was taped perfect a little while ago. picture is deark but with the same a. traffic if you will. the southbound turnpe of 595 and it's closed because of an overturned tractororrailer. they've been able to up right the tractor trailer. the hihighway patrol had it closed wever because they had to clean up debris on the roadway. the net result as a might mention, the truck ser fine, not hurt. but net result a 125r9ed to say is that the traffic is backed fowrp a while now. good couple of hours. again, the exit ram southbound turn tyke to 595 and no telling at this point. i just checked in to see if there was any indication have the fhp, when it might reopen again. don't have that yet. but when it does, because traffic is sck upped for so long and so far back. it will take a while before traffic is flowing again in that area. that is the latest live at the
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i'm craig stevens. 7 news. >> now at 6:30, a driver on a dlition course way house turning tweet dreams into a living nightmare the vehicle that went into the house, there were two people snreepght bed and stumbled off down here. a home wrecker now on the are run after this rude wake ening. well, the couple saying they are lucky to be alive. thanked full their baby was not hurt. that's right because that car came crashing right into their bedroom pushing them through several rooms. the driver seen running way from the scene. 7's brandon beyer inin lauderhill with the story. the pictures are in credible. a car some 20 feet inside this lauderhill home late wednesday night t family of three inside. >> we didn't even hear no car knox brakes brakes screechg or none. that all we seen and felt was
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dining room of the house. whoever was driving car somehow walked away and kept walking leaving the scene before police could arrive. he came out of house behind us. >> and he came over here stumbled around a little bit out here and went off down the street somewhere. kavis and his wife were both injured. their 14-year-old daughter inside as well somehow managed to escape this mess unharmed. rescue crews say he are all lucky to be alive. it's very unusual. based on what you saw with the vehicle in the house and where the the bed was located. they are veryucky to be alive the house is now n- unlivable. the family will have to find somewhere else sto state. meanwhile this father wants to whoever did this to come forward. >> turn yourself in man, you could of took two lives. >>o if you know anything about, this know anything about that person who hit the house and fled the scene. call broward crime stoppers, 954-493-tips. we're in lauderhill. brandon beer.
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>> danielle: well, parents at a south florida elementary school are teefng their kids what to do if they are suddenly snatched. it all started when a hollywood student was nearly ab duck lasted week. the principal of west hollywood elementary school sending a message to parents warning. they incident. it happened after dismiss sal in the area of johnson street and 64th avenue in hollywood. pair eantsd children now on the lookout. >> theyp want to be more informed about it but what can i say? >> i have my child right here. so we watch each other from different directions to make sure nothing happen us to or anything. >> danielle: well, pole do have some information about who they are looking foror they say the wanted suspect is a hispanic white male in his late 30s to 40. so far no details though on how the student got away. >> lynn: police need your help in catching some sus spejtded rapist on the run. laid ir arer hill cops say this man, you're about to see a close
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march shell is fafa house and two other men offered to give a woman a ride home. but instead she that i she sex slailtd her. they later dropped her off at a shell gas station. now anything about this crime or this man here, call broward crime stoppers 954-493-tips. you could beel able for a reward of up to $3000. >> danielle: and new charge for main accused of beiei a peeping tom. >> 43-year-old sa riew leah now facing two new charges including ago va investigated stiewking e. has already been charged with burglary. his bond raised to $150,000. prosecutorssay surveillanced cameras captured sa riew leah peering through the windows of women's homes in pell broke pines. investigators believe he has terrorized women in the east end of that city at least 25 miems times since e 13.
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for president facing off for a debate nay few hours. republican candidates stump for support in new hampshire. days theafd state's primary. a busy day in the race for the white house as a brand new poll is released. >> hillary clinton and bernie san disers nay tug of war over whose the best for o pgressive values in historically liberal new hampshire. as 29 gear up for the first one on one debate of democratic presidential campaign. the two candace husband elg over who is more committed to carrying out a liberal a again coon health care. income equality and worker rites and more. >> i am a progressive who gets results. seseetary clinton said, i'm paraphrasing. some people call me a moderate and iem i proudly say i am a moderate. i love moderates but you can't be a moderate and progressive. they are different. >> lynn: according to our com clue sif 7 news university massachusets loyal tracking povment bernie sanders still has a significant lead over clinton.
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a 22-point margin. but look at direction of the tracks. sanders is down three and clinton is up four. the biggest single gain since we started this hol poll. meantime on the republican side, donald trump holding on to first with 36%. marcrubio taking over second place with 15%. a gain of three points. ted cruz now in third with 14%. jeb bush eight% and john kasich seven%. trum trying to keep the numbers up hding a town hall as well as several other campaign events at the granite state on thursday. so we're at the beginning ave very, very important last few days. this is really drunch time. >> lynn: while marco rubio's momentum continues to build, picking up an endorsement from rick santorum who bowed out of hihipren presidential run and senator cruz found him sifl in the middle ave controversy after
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voters that ben carson was about to drop out of re eye called him the next day and apologized grictjy. listen, it ways mistake from our team not to forward your subsequent statement. i didn't know about any of thvment i was off campaigning and barn storming. this was something the team had done but it ways mistake. >> as for the rest of the republicans. chris christie, five%. ben carson four%. carlie fee or real estate na three persian undecided eight%. iecht the republicans final debate for tuesday's primary is saturday. >> jeff lennox will be in new hampshire for the pry blair rivment watch for his live reports beginning saturday on live news. >> danielle: coming up on 7 news at k34r06r7bgs police saying he is a real joker. >> lynn: but this guy thinks si he is batman when he is caught on camera robbing several stores. nice outfit. we're coming back.
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>> >> police looking for this crook in costume who they say got away after rock o stores. not halloween. this superville an dressing up as gotham city's greatest hero batman. >> danielle: and cam rag was rolling tching the dark knight in the act. >> danielle: this man decked out in bat planear caught walking into the one, two, 3, dollar store in orlando. moments later surveillance video shows him with a gun behehd the check out counter demanding money from the clerk. at one point he is seen setting that gun down on the floor beside him before picking it back up, taking the cash and then casually walking out oftore. this is at sad i mean. right now i kind of of pray for that guy. owner of the barber shop next oor stor happens to be a friewj hiewj b!tman fan and says he was disquufted by what he saw in the
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of reasons ch the first because he pointed a gun at two women in the store leefnlt and the second because. >> he was wearing bat man. if he was wearing spider man, i would have been all right. i'm happy the girl is okay. as for the robber dressed as bat plan. batman. he is bat bizarre ro. he do you know who that is? the the opposite of batman. bat bizarre o. that's what we should call him bat bizarre o. >> danielle: the message for bat bizarre o i wouldoi say turn yourself in and get help. stop this beforee you hurt somebody or you get hurt. >> danielle: police believe thatight not have been his only crime. 90 minutes later about 5 miles way the man matching the same descriptptn robbed a dollar general at gunpoint. >> police snrot released surveillance joyed from the second robbery but confirm they are looking for the se person in both crimes. >> stay with us. 7 news at 6:30 is coming right back.
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>> now 7 weather with chief meteorologist phil ferro. >> as we go in through the night we'll e a few change here. first we'll get rain over night and then we'll get a cool down. right now we have a front sitting r ight with here. you can tell the difference in temperature. 50s to the north. 70s i should say to the south now, where tazs it there's that temperature. that's the leading efnlgt front. we have a lot of rain moving in through sarasota tampa.
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exiting out thrgh jacksonville. some of that rain will be moving in here after midnight. an then by tomorrow morning we should be waking up to some cooler temperatures. so there's the front. it will continue to head our way. by tomorrow some stray showers in the afternoon. and it's going to turn windy. then as we move in through the day on saturday, a secondary push of cold air wille conl nsmght and that's going to keep the temperatures in the 50s throughout much of next week. we may even see uer 40s in the western suburb. so here's the marine forecast. threat of rip currents of the biscayne bay with a moderate chop. for n keys small craft advisory. coastal water turning rough of the next high tide 6:00 in the morning. 8:11 for the lower keys. tonight we'll see the clouds build and a few showers over night along the coast low 60s inland upper 50s. throughout the keys mid 60s. tomorrow a few morning showers.
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sunshine expek for the keys partrt cloudy skies. temperatures boy, hard pressed to reach 70 degrees tomorrow. then here is your extended out look. saturday and sunday still a chance for a few showers. but look at the morning lows coming down and they should remain in the 50s through next thursday and that's your 7 on 7 forecast. >> phil, thank you. now on 7 news at 6:30, a race to the top of of thempire state building. >> lynn: kind of a tight space there. hundreds of runner chal epging themself to reach new heights in the 39th annual empire state run up in new york city. there is one winner it likes. more than 200 people running up 80 flights of stair in the sky scrape per. the@funnest ra rup ner making to the top in ten minutes. >> ten. >> how many step.
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>> lynn: can't you just take the elevator. >> danielle: and i iould be like okay two hours later. >> >> lynn: good for them. >> danielle: still head on 7 news at k34r06r7bgs a big game for the first place. panther tonight as they take on detroit. 7 sports live in sun rite rice. >> lynn: and later to nathan the dry. they shoululmake the sky line povment the computer bringing these to life and a new show debut. deco at 7:30 see you then. >> connect to 7 news on facebook for a chance to win a grand prize package to universal orlando resort including a four night stay. park to park tickets and more.
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>> >> time now for 7 sports with steve shapiro >> 7 sports is on the ban wagon. the first place panther at home tonight against detroit. mike dipasquale live at bb and t center, mike. >> i am heemple only second meeting against the the red wing this season. cats beet detroit back on november 29 nl. let's get to. it the panther lead the a ad lant it tick division. they have won 29 games since thanksgiving. now the time to put pedal to the metal with 32 game left in the regular season. >> you can't really look too muchch at who you're playing.
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league is g. you all have to be prepared and i think we have done a good job of that as of late. and push and get wear. we're not thinking about the end. we're thinking about a game at a time and i mean, that's what will hall. i mean play off will be there and we want to get a good position. >> here's some good niewsms the panthers top linehould be be be a attack tonight. yeyeah yao jagr is ready to play. they are ready to get it moving. how abouthat? live from the bb and t center. back to you steve. >> you know we can all use more could you bells i don't know who this kid is but he earned more playing time.
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made three-point esh. scored a high 18 points. only scored six-point total in the previous ten games. >> once i saw the first one go down, hi the confidence already soy kept shooting and my teammatekept finding me in open spots and a was just knocking down the shots. the heat complai at charlotte tomorrow. they beat dallas last night. a halal game behind first place atlanta. mono gano blee sought a month. last night he gets need ca ho knees by new or lean ryan an cer son. you know what that means ca ho knees. he surgery on them today. he will be out for a while. and 51 points. last night at washington. the the only time this season the warriers play there so today the world champ invited to the white howsms the president makes a funny about curry's daughter about coog post game interviews
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i was homing that really curry would be here today to share the podium with me but i guess i'm going to have to get media training some other day. >> a lot of tv time. i'm steve. lynn and danielle back after thvment.
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>> lynn: inside edition coming up next. >> danielle: here is debra norville way preview. >> thank lynn and danielle. coming up today today any exclusive interview with paula jones. her a#cusations rock bill clinton's world and a teenager suffers a heart attack on the volley ball court. we'll show you how they shocked her back to life. tonight at 7:00 on 7. >> danielle: this is 7 news at 6:30 thanks s much for watching.
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>> lynn: i'm lynn martinez. we'll see you tonight at 7:30 for deco and danielle later at ten enclose and steve. i have nothing. >> >> danielle: he has n nhing? is he feeling okay? he feels too much. good night everybody. >> real-time closed captioning provided by u.s. captioning company.
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