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tv   Channel 7 News at 530PM  FOX  February 5, 2016 5:30pm-6:00pm EST

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stand a day after michael hernandez spoke from the same seat. >> and how much pain i caused you. i'm sorry. >> reporter: in response to that ter full apology an unexpected guest in court. andre martin, a former classmate who was once on michael's hit list. >> i do not accept your apology i found it not to be begin you in. not a bit. father. victim not buying it. >> i could look in his face and not believe him at all. hernandez slit the slow throat jaime gowf in the school bath room. they say he isentally ill. they say he is now a prison law clerk ongd and ontd road to rehabilitation. michael can be sache he is wore vif being saved. he your honor is not a lost cause. they say stay master manipulator. he is not schizophrenic. >> he is weird.
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that not mentally ill. >> those are the people we lock way. >> reporter: the defense and hernandez family left without speak. the assistant state attorney with these parting words. >> we were able to get a a full and fair hearing before the court and we trust that the judge ll make the appropriate and right decisisn. >> reporter: and that decision will be announced in court on february 22 at 1:30. it will either be 40 years or life in prison. >> reporting live in miami. jessica holly. 7 news. >>anielle: also on 7, a live look across downtown miami looking gray out there. mother nature making sure you'll be keeping cool is weekend. >> lynn: chief meteorologist phil ferro live in the weather center with the detail. phil. >> phil: and just in time for the wkend we'll see a little bit of everything. weather. already.
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inging in some slightly coolish air. by tomorrow it's going to be rainy and it look like the coldest day so far maybe monday morning. taking a look at rat darks it is dry right now across broward, miami-dade and the keys. a little rain starting to pop up here across the easternulf of mexico. we may see over night and then during the day tomorrow. so here is that first front that went over us today. by tomorrow an area of low pressure developed right along at front. a better chance some of rain here from mid morning to m afternoon. but check out what happy sunday. thth area of low pressure intensifies just off the east coast. we have@high pressure in the gulf of mexico. you can see thal cold air getting funneled our way. and it's not just going to be over the wkend. we're going to get another front bit middle of next week keeping us cool here through next friday. so the coldest morning will be monday morning, 46 degrees. i wouldn't be surprised to see wind chill values in the low
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we'll have a loot more on this a little later on. >> >> danielle: and we do have this news alert as you look at images there coming out of southern taiwan where it look like an earthquake has struck. >> lynn: it looks like damage there. belkeys nerey is monitoring this in the newsplex. what is going on. >> belkeke: the footage you see is an air check from the newscast in and around tie pay. the area is south of taiwan n. southern part of island in a city calledanan. a 6.4 magnitude earthquake from. what we understand two building have collapse collapsed and now water and gas pipes in that area have bust there and as you can see rescue personnel is on the scene there. you can see in that piece of videsomewhere one there withing with carried way.
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have been some injuries here as the 6.4 magnitude earthquake strikes the southern city of tanan. we're keeping an eye on the satellites to see if we can get any information. that sal we have now. this video from a actual newscast over there and we're trying to get more info and see if we can get it four on 7 news at 6:00. for now that's what we have here in the newsplex. i'm belkeys nerez. 7 news. >> danielle: all right belkeys. thank you. also in thth news today, a man accused of a sickening act ate playground sb behind bars. police fear this was not the only time something like this has happened. 7's brandon beyer is live on the scene of the crime in sunrise with more. brandon. >> reporter: well, danielle, police say this registered sex offender shoved been nowhere near a playground but they say that's exactly where he was last week when he exposed himself to
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30-year-old ricky haw gens appears before a broward county judge friday morning. he is charged with exposing and touching himself in friefnt group of children at this sunrise play dwrowfnld the judge set his bond at a million dollars. >> mr. haw gens, you're a registered sex offender. >> reporter: sasha armstrong's niece as on the playground when it happened. i said i'm'm going to come down there. if it happens quan i'm going call police. >> others have seen him around. >> oh yeah i've seen that dude around here. >> he be walking like he is crazy. >> now behind bars he won't be walking anywhere any time soon. and i'm glad they called. they don't know what i wouldld have d. i'll be honest with you. if the police got her after me he would have been going to the ambulance first. >> >> reporter: and police fear he could have done this brrn brvment if you could be a victim they want to hear fruvment call crime stoppers 954-493-tips.
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brandon beyer. 7 news. >> lann: brandon, thank you. an unhappy customer caught on surveillance video. a camera catching thisuy throwing a brick through the front door ave comcast building e. did it because he was upset with their service. it happenedast month in the comcast office building in davie. sphru any information, call police. >> danielle: relatives left devastated after a man is gunned down in miami. it happened over night. investigators say the man stepped outside his home and was shot and killed. the victim's wife and four children were inside at time but were not hurt. relatives beeve it was a case of mistaken identity. >> great farther. great father. takes care of his kids. takes them to school. it's just like he had no troubles with nobody. nobody. this is not -- we don't understand. we don't understand what happened. >> danielle: it happened just after 1:00 a.m. along northwest 34th street and 19th avenue.
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can help police, call crime stoppers at 305-471-tips. you may beel able for a cash reward if you're tip leads to an arrest ierks. >> lynn: 7 skyforce every however hot pursuit in miami. a man taking police on a highway chase after they say he was involved in ankle armed car jack l.a. police catching up with him in the westbound ramp to i-95 north. in his attempt to escape he hit a patrol cample however that officer was not injured. >> danielle: and a parent after h- of a teen whierming lost his life to gun violence is sharing her pain. she has words of warning for gun owners. 7's nicole linsalata has the story. >> he was beautiful. he was perfect in every way. >> reporter: but charlie martin will never go to high school, never graduate o o college. never get married. the e -year-old killed in july as he and a friend played way handgun owned by the friend's stepfather.
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it it's really hard. awful. >> reporter: this is one way the march continues are coping. sharing their story with a room full of children and parents at a broward gun sif safety class for kid. it is a real life tragigi incident. they dropped off both their friends at a friend's house. he were playing for several hours and they got a phone call frfr the broward sheriff's office that they had now lost their son. >> and no word to compare it. >> reporter: even martin asked pair toans secure their guns and ask other parents if their guns are secure before allowing them to visit. but every word clearly eye sphrugel. >> when,you're not a gun owner, you don't think about that. and that was something i never thought about before. i don't want it to happen any one else. we miss him so much. >> reporter: nicole linsalata. 7 news. >> lynn: coming up on seven niewsms a young boy. very young boy allegedly gets his han on his mother's gun and walks into a south florida store.
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what happens next leaving witnesses in total shock. >> danielle: also haid, a south florida husband killed during missionary work during a terrorist tack overseas. well torks night the wife is talking about their life now without him iecht and an attempted thief ming his move on a clencht we'll see what happen when the tables get turned. >> danielle: and some residents up north think the groundhog may have been wrong with his prediction. stay with us. >> connect to 7 news on facebook for eye chance to win a prize package including on site hotel stay, 41 kay park to park tickets and more.
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>> lynn: a counter tack at a convenience store massachusets. a clerk puts up a fight to stop a would be be crook. >> notice how we say would be. >> danielle: uh-huh. >> lynn: a man did not wait for the store to em kit register. >> danielle: tim kaputo has the the detail. >> iman didn't want to o wait for the s sre to be em tism instead in the middle of the afternoon he tri to to steal the entire register in front of half a dozen customer. >> one, two, 3, five people inside. >> danielle: the owner showed us the video from wednesday's's attempted robbery. the man nay hoody and hat wait ford a few customer to leave before approaching the clerk. even graciously let others go head of him i was common kurt circumstances you go. and i went first whcht he got to the counter, he tried to to grab the entire register but what's thaz when the clerk who is
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went for a golf club at t e man. and the clerk lost the club. the robber might of thought he@ was freesm that's another mistake. you can see a clerk that he flipped a switch locking the front door. he tried to to use the register to break the glass but that didn't work eench after getting whacked with the golf club a few more times he cut his losses and drives head first into the door to make a less t tn graceful escape can you believe it? if not on video i wouldn't believe too. he and regular customers were grateful no one inside. especially the clerk was hurt. >> he is a good guy. glad h didn't get hurt. >> one of the other customers who was inside the store at the time tell me the that suspect was lding a cij night you get a good look at the suspect's face in that video but at this point no reases have been made. tim kaputo. 7 news. >> danielle: all right. much more ahead night from this
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students at a south florida school getting in the zone. detail on a lesson plan to help save lives. >> lynn: and also history buffs all a board when it it come to protecting a piece of our history. >> danielle: and not just the a athletes preparing to play for an importata bowl this weekend.
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>> it was all about safety at brownsville middle school in miami today. a. >> lynn: that's right united
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safer compass foundation unveiled a new program known as project zero. aimed at reducing the response times for first reupon spon der during emergency situations on campus. the event included a special message from the miami-dade superintendent alberto carvalho. >> we must come together because the carnage must stop. this senseless unaccept able represent prehence able cue ward gun violence that is so pervasive in our community must cop to and he. >> lynn: the system is used at coconut palm academy a the is school says it plan to expand. >> now 7 weather with with chief meteorologist phil ferro. >> phil: we are setting up for a cool weekend here croos south florida and the start of next week will be colder still. here the bigig view. a front went over us today. there's another one across the
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and a brand new winter storm impactinthe pacific northwest. temperatures right now pretty chilly in minneapolis. temperature of 28 degrees. 50 in seattle. 64 san antonio. check out the warm spot this afternoon. l.a. a temperature of 75 degrees. dry right now croots mainland. a couple showers here in the eastern gulf of mexico. that will be on the increase during the over night hours. 60s across broward county. miami-dade mied 68 in key biscayne. four degree difference between here and west kendall and throughout the keys every one is also reporting temperatures in the 50e6789s so starting at 8:00 p.m., we may see a few more showers starting to move in. area of low pressure will develop across the flojida straights. move in right across the coastal water, it looks like between mid morning and mid afternoon there ll be be a good chance of some rainfall here across sthavment rain will continue offshore on sunday. but take a look at what happens
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weekend. that area of low pressure intense fievmentz swrean area of high pressure in the gulf of mexico. it will funnel a lot of cold air our way. monday morning the wake up temperatures will be in the mid 40's. i won be surprised to see some wind chill reading in the low 40s. threat of rip currents tonight the the beach. small craft advisory. biscayne a bay rough. for nut floda ceerks also with an advisory. 20 knot winds. nextxtigh tide will be at 6:07. 7:26 for the lower key. it tonight still most loi cloudy. temperatures in the low to mid six 50e6789s going to start to get breezy tomorrow a better chance of rainfall. highs in the 70s. here's your extended out look. sunday windy, coolish. monday will be the coldest date of stretch. another front moves n. by wednesday and we will remain in the 50s for lows through next friday. and that's your 7 on 7 forecast.
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history buffs lepped thrirg time and tan tall don't protect a 350e6s history that was protected, the president. >> before airforce one there was rail car one. >> lynn: yeah, isn't that interesting? and it's sitting preti at the gold coast rail knew see numb miami. robbin simmons shows us how it's going bg made to look brand new again snoot windows, cleaned. the bration railings shine. >> we're here to donate our time and products for free. >> reporter: the rail card u.s. no. 1 is ready to be reintroduced to the world. a all thanks tie team of small auto detailer owners from across the country and one from cafn da. >> we want to join force soz we can feflow shaidged hang out our time to miew see thawm don't have the resources to take care of the item that he have in their museum >> reporter: this time the
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rode museum the beneficiary after their good keys. >> they don't just show up to any museum. >> we are historic buffs i would say. we look for things that need a good detail. >> reptr: it has an important place in american history. before airforce one exited, roos a tbelt and fer na dan usese rail one to move croots the states. it arrived at miami museum home in 1959. so what exactlyas done to the train. >> we're come erd find fsmght removing oxidation and taking out defects and polishing it in and putting a nice coat of wax on it. 20 men work ten hours means 200 hours of work. >> but all worth the the while? >> reporter: if you want to learn more about the train, head to our web site reporting from the news desk. robbin simmons. 7 news. >> lynn: all right next tonight from the newsplex.
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logging on to the interneto see what twin brothers from south florida are up to. >> do you know these guys? wiel real weel introduce them in our special report we call teen iet olz. >> danielle: and later a man working on a cargo ship suddenly need off. the race to rerescue at 6:00.
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>> well, shows like american idol are one path to fame but now gays there is another way and it's called the internet. my kids are obsessed with the te up ter net people. i have no idea who they are. >> lynn: they are the internet twin. >> lynn: and my special assignment report called teen idols.
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60,000 subscribers on you tube. 179,000 instagram follower. move over bieber. there's a fresh face do o getting noticed on the net >> i'm julian and i'm ga van any. >> lynn: julian and ga van any started broadcasting from their boynton beach home just two year ago and the 16-year-old identicacatwins gained a big on line following. they call themself 99 goon squad and their fans goon knees. >> they call themself the goon neevmentz their name is not a nod to the class ik 1985 movie that came out 14 year before they were born. you know the goon knees. in fact they haven't seen the movie. i know what you're talking about. my dad showed me, that yeah. but their admirers are young and feeling the brotherly love. we love you. >>. the wall in the brotherrers
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fan mail and thousands around the world watch their nightly show where the self de described in no have a towards deliver a message to fellow teen. tomorrow will be a good day and when you wake up you'll say today will a good day. a lot of our goon knees have noticed that. how far we got them to go out there and do something and do what you want. sometime we read in the comeants hey whurks motivated me, i got on to my dance team or i'm in the cheer team. i made my fol volley ball team because of you guys ch julian and go g gtleman shee knee are not musician but that hasn't signed them from signing with a talent agency and check out this wild seen scene in l.a. although they are just having fufnt the boys recognize the positive impact they have only others. someone started dplieg my arm saying you helped me out s much. i youd to get bullied all the time but it's because of you i'm still here today.
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because i was like wow, that's crazy. the pair's big sister is not surprised by their popularity. oh my god, you guy are so cute. you guys are twins. blue eyes. tension. they will be successful one day. full disclos iewmplet the teen's dad knows a thing about cameras himself. say 7 news photographer. when i try to tell something and he tell me what to do. i said how do you know? and he said i do this every day and julie and an gentleman van any say they are single. hear that identical twin girls. that's what we talk about. the twin girls. look twin girls. the teens whoa were home schooled don't know where the social media started but right now they are enjoying it. they even per sphectd their own sign off.
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>> that's how we tend. creek yeet. it means yay go. i'm sure dad julio already knows. that how do you know that because he is a grown-up? next thing i want know what does this mean when the kids do that? >> craig, do you know? >> >> craig: don't look at me. >> lynn: we're in the wrong audience. it's called dak. our producer just told us. don't know. she is oveve22. >> lynn: that's 7 news at 5:30, thank for watching. i'm lynn martinez. >> danielle: i'm danielle knox. 7 news at 6:00 begins right now. >> now on 7 news. >> phil: get those jackets ready. you're going need them this weekend ax a cold blast rb in south florida. >> a south florida crens convenience store the scene of a crime. the pint size suspect had workers stunned. a missionary cirld in an tack overseas. now his widow sharing heartbreak. a training day at marlins park. not for baseball players but for
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and a cop surviving an ambush on the jobob but he and his wife facing another struggle. >> we prayed about this. she talks to rosh lowen tonights low down. >> this is 7 news at 6:00 a. >> craig: and we have a live look outside our north bay village studio. a scare in the air and temps are will falling fast. good evening everybody. we are set to feel the 50s this weekend. >elkeys: and then it might get colder. chief meteorologist phil ferro in the weather center to tell us more. phil. >> phil: we're wier going to get a little bit this weekend. first of all it will be a chilly weekend across south florida. alalady a cold front has moved through today with rainfall. with we'll get more rainfall on saturday. sunday also looking on the coolish side and monday it's going to be a very cold start to the workweek. here's the storm tracker. dry right now across palm beach, broward miami-dade and the keys.
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