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tv   Channel 7 News at 430PM  FOX  February 11, 2016 4:30pm-5:00pm EST

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>> danielle: i'm danielle knox. >> danielle: now at 4:30, a family making an impassioned plea. their f fily member gunned down, the victim coming under fife in his own front yard. >> lynn: now his family is hohong that the police can get a critical clue. let's go to walter morris where the family spoke this afternoon in miami.
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>> reporter: that's right, the police say that 44-year-old man was in front of his home here when the gunman came up and opened fire. and today, his family asking the community for help to bring his killer to justice. now, aaron parish was murdered eay friday morning, here at northwestern 1st street and northwestern 21st avenue. the married father of four went outside just after 4 a.m. when a gunman in a dark hoody walked and up fired several rounds and got into a waiting car. the police say that parish was innocent and it may be a case mistaken identity. the police are asking t help find the person who pulled the trigger.r. >> we o'we just need to know why, why it would hpen to a good, loving man. we don't know why, and we need to know. >> reporter: if you know
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find justice, call crimestoppers. 375 471-tips. you can be anonymous. >> danielle: a rollover wreck tying up traffic in opalaca. crewsesponding toon 18-wheeler on itside. haz-mat calledfter a small amount of fuel spilled. and that scene has since been cleared. two men in custody after police make a big drug bust in miami. christopher faces a laundry list of charges, including drug trafficking and anlderly disabled adult. the grandmother was taken to the had hospital as arecaution last night. the residents in the city of miami alws say that something seemed very suspicious at this house.
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two years, something going on in the nighttime. and friday and saturday and sunday. you see a lot of cars come missing, and big cars. we are talking about mercedes benzes and cadillacs. >> the police finding large amounts of marijuana, cocaine, lsd and $8,000 i i guns. >> lynn: a man attacked by a sword-wielding suspect, now sharinggis story. hard to look at every time we see that video. the surveillanceameras got it inside of the shop in fort fort lauderdale. >> danielle: liz nagy has the story of survival. >> reporter: it wasn't even close to that, so much worse. the surveillance video above his
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morning shows it all. police say that's 22-year-old javon walker, violently swinging a three-foot samurai sword, and he didn't stop. >> he followed me for no reason, i just run ando next door. he was too close to me and i st run and go to the next shop. and i was stuck ove there, and i didn't have anything to protect myself. >> reporter: you can see by standards, and other shoppers and vendors standing there in disbelief and screaming. >> we don't know what to do,o, how to protect this man, everybody is like this. >> reporter: he didn't have time to stop. walker wouldn't relent with the samurai sword. >> i just pushed my feet, and pushed back, so i doesn't come close to mow. >> reporter: eventually another vendor pinned walker to the ground until the police arrived. >> i wasn't thinking about my life, but the next life.
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walker had already beaten 81-year-old douglas ro shety in a shell station. >> reporter: somehow he stood up from the attack, badly cut. hi arm is tately bent. >> i thought he's going to kill me today. >> but he's alive, liz nagy, 7 news. >> danielle: that video is so hard to watch, and we should add that the 22-year-old suspect, javonen walker, is behind bars, and he faces several charges, including attememed >> lynn: murder.a college student tryingo make money, he was kidnapped and shot several times while on the job. >> danielle: and he says that he
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more than $80 in his pocket. diana diez has his story. >> i went to the guy and he went to pull out money and instead, he pulled out a gun, and pointed it at myace, and i could feel another gun on thehe back of m) head. >> reporter: two men taking pizzas and $08 in cash, and didn't stop there. they took the car and got behind the wheel and drove off. after ten minutes, they slowed down. >> they started to fire at the back seat. >> fo of the bullets pierced the trunk. >> one of the bullets went through here and hit my arm and broke the bone and hit my rib, and my rib is bruised. so hit it just hard enough to bruise it, but it could have
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it was that close. >> the police arrested 16-year-old christopher burnett, who will be tried as an adult. and they'retill searching for the second suspect. as for collins, he's coming to terms with the fact that this nightmare wilil always be part of him, literally. two ofhe bullets will stay with him, he will bee fine, but removing them would be too risky, and the new perspective on life is part of him too. >> i'm going to look at the world differently. and be more aware, not just go through life and not appreciate things. i would take every moment i have like a blessing. >> danielle: docto say that it will take several weeks for him to recover. he hopes to return to college in the fall. diana diez, 7 news. >> lynn: coming on satellites, two drivers in canada caught in
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their truck falling into a giant sinkhole, splashing in the waters below. they were towing a layup trailer when the ground gave in, and form workers were nearby and ced to the rescue. >> they had to come out the window and they were standing on the roof to keep above the water. the city workers were down a little bit, and they ran over and got the ladders off the truck, but more wet and cold and obviously, very cold water. >> lynn: besides getting soaked in that cold, cold water, the drivers are okay. the cityfficials say a water main break caused d e sinkhole to form. >> danielle: a demolition scare caught on camera in texas. the workers were working to take it down near houston, but when it was time to demolish, i came down faster than expected, crashing onto an excavator
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thank flee once the dust settled, the crew member was able to walk away without a scratch. >> lynn: a log cabin in virginia, caught on fire with the family still inside. they were able to get out before the roof collapsed. hour-by-hour and the crews decided that the safest move was to let the fire burn itself out. no word yet on the cause. >> danielle: coming up on news station, a man charged in his death. and why the victim's family is speaking out today. > lynn: also, a world of worry over the mosquito-born zika virus, new cabses in the sunshine state. >> danielle: and a boy living his dream. how he suited and up made the save down under. >> a verymportant weekend here across south florida.
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right now, mother nature will cooperate. upper 50s in the morning, and by dinnertime, 68 , and it should be mostly dry.
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of minutes.
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the chance to live his dream, transforming into a super hero. the n ine-year-old is battling a disease. employ but the officials come together to give him a day that he will never forget. ashley jones has his story. >> we need your help. >> reporter: australian police and the sick tick fibrosis association team up to help save the day. >> he has beenidnapped and clark island has gun overtaken by altron's henchmen. >> reporte asking him to help save him from ultron and his men. the future of australia resting on his shoulders, dom suited up. the make fish foundation got it all online. he tweeted.
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go get them, dominic. getting words of encouragement from countless others, including aussie celeb, liam hensworth and jack dorsey. dom's story is reminisce ant from when bat kid got to save san francisco in 2013, a just like him, iron boy was able to defeat the bad guys.s. he took h on the steps of the sydney opera house. he congratulated dom for defeating evil. and protecting sydney. ashley jones, 7 news. >> danielle: ahead from the news station, a big weekend. we're going to be heading out to
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celebrating a new home this year. >> lynn: bring your checkbook. and the past meets the present on idol.
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>> lynn: shaking and singing it, the competition rolling on for the idol hopefuls. looking to impress the judges getting sound advice, she's so cute. the contestants facingg the chopping block tonight. >> danielle: that's true, but not before they take the stage one more time with some of your favorites. >> reporter: the top 24 idol contestants took the stage wednesday night, performing solo numbers in front of a live audience for the very first time. >> i was just a little bit shen up, but i plowed through the performance, and i took my time and tried to do it as best i could. >> i was really anxious, i was
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showtime, but that much more pressure. >> you can really see who lives it, and flows with it. >> reporter: the past idol finalists and winners returned help tm with their performances. >> it's really challenges, but i foundnd a way to do it every week and i never paid much attention to the hoop la, and just enjoyed the music part of it. >> part of the industry, i want them to have their suggestions and thoughts, and i can give my opinions, and that's great. i don't know about that, but at the end of the day, it's their show and performan, so i'm here to help make them shine. >> reporter: the alums and contestants will team up for duets thursday night and the judges hope the singers make use of their mentor's advice. it's funny, especially when you're a young artist, you get a
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will get through for the mentors, and it's interesting to see who is open to taking advice, which i think is the sign of somebody who has no ego and is willing to learn and grow and can actually go somewhere in this business. >> reporr: in hollywood, michelle foreino, fox news. >> danielle: don't miss american idol, it airs tonight here on 7. >> lynn: a south florida children's hospital taking patients an virtual trip to the zoo. >> danielle: teaming up at the university of miami and zoo global to watch the experience. the kids will watch educational programs through the san diego zoo kid's channel. it'sunded by sanford and will be available at every patient's room and the children's hospital waiting room. >> phil: it was a cold start to
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low 40s to the low 50s. miami, 50. and 57 to start the day in key west.. the highs, 64, 71 in 70 in a rain-free day all across the area. right now, temperatures are in the 60s to around 70 . in both miami and pembroke pines, skies cononnue to clear out over the next few days. and it should be mostly clear right on through the weekend. pressure is steady,y, the wind out of the northeast, and the humidity very low at 32%. here's the stormtracker, really no rain echoes anywhere. ourext best chance of some rain will be monday and tuesdayay of next week. temperatures are pretty uniform across the peninsula. 73 in miami, and talhassee, and otherwise, everyone is reporting temperatures in the 60s. tonight, still cool, and we're expecting overnight lows in the 50s.
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tomorrow. nice, mild, gradual warmup. another front should try to come in over the weekend, but again, it's going to be so weak that be it should remain mostly dry, not a big temperature change. our next big temperature change will probably be by the middle of next week. here's the marine forecast. threat of rip currents at the beach. biscayne bay, light chop. for you in the florida keys, exercise caution. escially for seas beyond the reef. building to 6 feet, coastal waters with a moderate chop. next high tide, dade, broward, 11:05. 11:56 for the lower keys. and water tempepeture, 68 . if you're brave enough to venture into the beach, especially as we go through this weekend, especially sunday and monday, there w wl be a high-risk of rip currents, so make sure that you only swim at guarded beaches. tonight, mostly clear across south florida. the wind down to the northeast. temperatures once again in the
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by tomorrow, plenty of sunshine everywhere. average high, 76, 77, and we're going to start to get close to that. >> here's your extended outlook. satuay, looking pretty nice and mild. sunday, valentine's day, it should be beautiful if you're planning an outdoor dinner, rain-free, president's day looking night. and then another bringing us
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lows. >> danielle: well, this is 7 news at 4:30. thank you so much for wasmgment i'm danielle knox.
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7 news at 5:00 starts right now. >> jow on the news piew i. >> belkeys: now from the news plex bullets flying for a second day this time hitting an elementary school classroom. we have team 7 coverage. >> phil: cold start to the day but will the c cl temperature stick around for valentine's? >> belkeys: conoern spreading after new cases of a mosquito born virus are found in florida. cuba preparing to host a jor meeting between pope francis and russia's top religious reet leader. the family ave 12-year-old boy yhot and killed by police getting ankle apology for a different reason. and passengers talking about their vacation nightmare after their ship sailed into a monster storor >> hello and welcome every one. i'm belkeys nerey >> craig: i'm craig stevens. we invite to you join us. the news continues now at 5:00. >> this is news at 5:00. >> craig: now at 5:00, two school struck by bullets in two days.
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>> these are kids. they are innocent children. someone needs to do something about it. >> craig: official demanding answers. >> over the past 12 morksz 60 children have imn shot in this community. >> craig: after bullets end up in the line of fire. >> good evening. ankle elementary school class very closese to being hit. >> belkeys: this come just hours after shots shattered windows at a miami gardens high school.. we have live coverage as students, parents and police react. we begin with jessica holly live at the scene in coconut grove with this. jessica. >> reporter: belkeys a craig, this started out a normal school day and then around 9:00 this morning gun fire. there were children learningg inside this portable 3weu8d whrg a bullet shattered the with window and landed steps from the child. still on the floor and we was crying. >> 10-year-old ta var us williams, one of four students
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thursday morning aicht teacher take action when the bullet flew through the with window. >> she told us to get on the floor. >> reporter: the shooting a couple blocks from francis tuckerlementary. south douglas road in coconut grove sending bullets through the campus. >> multiple rounds were fired and one stray bullet hit the port able. went through the clak glass and ricochet off the wall and almost hit four students. i hugged those four children. one still with tears in his eyes not understanding what had happened. comforted by a teacher with tears in her eyes, recognizing how close tragedy struck her classroom. >> reporter: no one was hit but this day could of had a very different ending. same goes for wednesday whether shots were fired outside of carol city high school. police have since made an arrest in that shooting. they called 18-year-old cred ik anthony adams a known gang member. two shootings at two schools in


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