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tv   Channel 7 News at 10PM  FOX  February 11, 2016 10:00pm-11:00pm EST

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crime scene for the second time in as many days. tonight parents say enough is enough. >> officials agree. missssn to stop violence in and around south florida schools. we have got complete night team coverage. clear skies. and cool temperatures ahead. how cold will it get this evening? >> fast haha had but still wanted some fast cash. surveillance cameras rolling on this crime. what is s e reason why you have your fedex truck parked in road. patrol. tonight the problem that has him fired up and how he uses social media to stop it. >> the shot that could have ended her life. but it didn't. and thousand she says she's stronger thanver. she's talking to rosh lowe in the low down. >> race for the white house. tonight the democrats taking center stage.
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south. the pope preparing for a ground breaking meeting in cuba. >> well oh well come everyone. all the news first at 10:00. now at 10:00. another day. another close cl for south florida students. >> on the floor and we were crying. >> now fed up parents say the shootings have to stop. >> innocent children. some one needs to do something about it. >> tonight calls for action when schools come under fire. >> hello again everyone. one bullet landed a foot away from a child. teacher ordereded the kids to the floor waiting for the gun fire tonld. >> the second school in as many days to come under fire. we hav live night team coverage tonight. we have details on the new push to end the violence but first liz at francis tucker elementary in the grove.
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young children. young elementary school students who were in their class rooms. scho had barely started. 9:30 this morning when a bullet came flying through the wall of one of these class rooms. parents clung to the little hands of their children as they picked them up from school. the school day at francis tuer elementary didn't go how any one thought thursday wod go. >> my teacher turned off the let's. we went under the desk the and we didn't turn anything off so they won't hear us. >>reporter: that was after bullet from nearby drive-by shotting at 3500 south douglas roadcattered the streets and tore into the innocence of a school classroom. >> multiple round were fired d this one stray bullet actually hit the portable, went through the glass, ricochet off a wall and almost hit 4 students. >>reporter: little williams was one of the 4. >> it was on the floor and we was crying. she told to us get on the floor.
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of the lock down at francis tucker by ticket message and raced to the coconut grove school. the principal begged parents to let the children stay through the day. >> we want them to feel safe in their seco home that we call school. we ask you for your support an your trust. >>reporter: after stray bullet hit a second miami-dade school for the second day in a row, for the second day in a row, that's not so easy for parents. wednesday gunshots went off around carol city high school in miami gardens. >> innocent children. some one needs to do something bit. needs to stop. parent need to see what their children are 0doing at home. >>reporter: police arrested adams a guy they say is a known gang member for wednesday's shooting. but friday it will be even harder f f parent to take their children back to school. even less certain about what could happen outside the classroom. >> well miami garden police able to make an arrest in less than 24 hours after that shooting yesterday.
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look to go do the same. they want to arrest whoever was responsible for the drive-by shooting in coconut grove about 9:30 thursday morning. if you have any information for this they are asking to you call crime stoppers where you can leaf a tip none news limit if it leads to an arrest you can receive cash reward. again, they are looking for information very quickly on this we are live in coconut grove tonight, 7 news night team. >> from the latest shooting scene to calls for change from parents, police, school administrators. coverage continue was sheldon also in the grove tonight. sheldon? >>reporter: the guns popping off. and the sirens screeching through miami-dade county, those make the loudest noise in all of this but what you don't hear sometimes compounds the problem. people not stepping up and saying what they know miami-dade county the shooting scenes and body removal aren't
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>> the kid are dropping like fly. hit is all because it's our kid. >> step up. speak up. >>reporter: too many kids have been shot. and the call is for people to not stand pat. police in miami-dade schools superintendent alberto say it's time to stop what they feel is almost as deadly as the bullets fired aa cross town. street code of silence. so many school kid had been shot across the county the man who made it his mission to visit schools and families rocked by violence said this i stopped counting at 45. two years ago. >>reporter: but he had to revisit the hard to believe numbers because. >> within a 12 month period, 60 kids shot and over 20 are killed. when in over a 24 hour period two schools become the victims of drive-by shootings e-the drive-by jolted school communities in miami garden n d coconut grove in the last two days but came without any bullet wounds.
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classmates he dealt with north west senior high 2015 crisis of losing four students over a few month span to shots in the street. >> i'm appealing to the members of this community who know more than what they are saying. >>reporter: he says legislation could make sure witnesses to violent crime become better protected so they can report what they sea and hear borrow four now. >> we know community members are afraid. >>reporter: ear of mop and dad and kid and the kid teacher is of day like thursday. or wednesday. or any of the 6 police our other days kid came under fire. but members of the miami police department sounded a lot like the superintendent. they say they need people to comfort. they need witnesses in the street to tell them anything about what happened here in coconut grove near this school. they say so farther completely bone dry when it comes to leadsbone dry when it comes to leads. we are live tonight in coconut
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and superintendent had a good deal more to say and you can watch his comments in the entirety look for it on the on line extra section on our web site. live look now outside our north bay village studio where we gear up for a graduate warm-up. phil is in the weather center with this. phil. >>reporter: you are correct. we are still going to see a rather cool night here across south florida. not as cold as it was this morning. and then friday looking nice after a coolish start. very nice and mild afternoon and the weekend right now is looking beautiful. especially for valentine's. it is not raining anywhere. it will remain dry tomorrow throughout the weekend. our next best chance for some showers will be monday and tuesday. this is how we woke up this morning. temperatures in the 40's. across homeutead, coral springsacross homestead, coral
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the 50's in miami, marathon and key west. meanwhile average low 62. still waking up in the mid 50's tomorrow. the 58 the wake up temperature on saturday and sundada. it's a beautiful valentine's by the way. high in the low 70's and then dinner time maybe 65 degrees in the clear skies to be nice out door dinner. we will continue to warm-up but then another slight cool down moves in for wednesday and thursday. we have a lot more on this a little bit later on. man coming under attack after plalang his order. robber ambushing him outside fast-food restaurant r.w.a. knife. the crime was caught on camera and we are live at the scene in hollywood. brandon? >>reporter: you said it. he came to the mcdonald's in hollywood to have dinner. get some work done inside but when he went out to leave, he was robbed at knife point.
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give me your wallet. because i going to kill you. >>reporter: terrifying moments in the parking lot of this hollywood mcdonald's just a few days ago. when a suspect follow as man to his van and robs him at knife point. >> the knife was over 10 inches long. you know. knife was like kitchen knife. the and he say i going to kill you. give me your wallet. >>reporter: shawn shows us what happened to him just after 10:00 p.m. on january 31. >> going to kill you. >>reporter: surveillance video catching the crime on camera. you see the suspect inside the restaurant. few minutes later he's in the parking lot approaching this man. brief suggle then he runs for help. >> i was punch him after this. this was like small fight. >>reporter: suspect got away were a lap top and other electronic only the boxes remain. shawn says he's just glad he's
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>> i was think about the items. i was thinking about myself of course. >>reporter: that man very lucky to be okay to have wked away from that situation. if you can help cops catch this guy that could be worth some cash to you. call broward crime stoppers at this number on the screen. we are live in hollywood, 7 news night team. okay brandon. south florida mother charged after gasly discovery at her home. ortiz in court accused of manslaughter. she had been on a mental health hold for seveval weeshings undergoing a psychiatric evaluation. police found her 5 month old son dead in a freezer in her homestead house last month. ortiz called deputy from the keys saying she was going to commit suicide and told them where to find the body of her baby boy. new details in the manslaughter trial of broward deputy peter the pras. judge ruled today medical record of the man he shot and killed can be introduced at trial.
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material to establish the mental state of the 33-year-old suggesting this was a case of suicide by cops. >> it's a small victory and every ballots well taken as a lawyer i'm happy and proud to fight for my client but there are e victory. even if we prevail in the case, there are no victory here. somebody died. >> it's very sad and i'm sorry he's fighting for his life. i'm fighting for my child. he wasn't doing anything. >> he was walking inakland park with an air rifle in 2013. the officer told him to drop it but he didn't. his family claims he couldn't hear because he was wearing ear bud at the time. u.s. attorney general lynch making a stop in south florida. she met with officers and staff at the durral police department as part of her community policing tour. she's visiting 6 60's across the country to highlight police department she sees as role model. for law enforcement who excel
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the health emergency surrounding zika seems to be growing by the day in parts of florida. two new cases have been reported. some one else in miami-dade has come down with it bringing the total to 7 here. there are two in broward. 18 now state wide. handful of counties including dade and broward remain under a health alert. the miami-dade county health department and mosquitos control met todmy to discuss the battle plans. it's important to remind everybody that t all of the cases in florida so far involve victims w(o had been traveling. no one has caught it here in the sunshine state. zika is primarily spread by mosquitos ithe caribbean, mosquitos in the caribbean, central, south america. virus is linked to brain defect in newborn and muscular nerve difficult orders. there noise vaccine. the pack is thinning but tensions between the candidates growing. >> danielle knox is in the
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for the white house tonight. danielle. >>reporter: what a race i is. the remaining candidates are stepping upheir game. rolling out new adddd bringing in some big names as well. but tonight all eyes are on bernie sanders and hillary clinton as they go head to head in wisconsin. >> the government of a democratic society has a morale responsibility making sure that all of our people have a decent standard of living. >> best analysis i have seen based on senator sanders plan it would probably increase the size of the federal government by about 40 percent. >>reporter: it wasn' just jobs in the first face-to-face since new hampshire. hillary clinton and bernie sanders pulled no punches on their health care plan differences. >> based on every analysis that i can find by people whw are sympathetic to the goal, the fums don't add up. >> yes. we can guarantee health careo
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>> let me just say once again -- happy birthday. >>reporter: on the republican side birthday wishes for jeb bush but some here are wishing jeb not donald trump will shake things up. >> we see a guy that is talking about china and talking about how other countries rip us off and we are tired of it. we need we need to you start talking about that. >> it was an interesting inght and i learned from it and i think i got him. >>reporter: he also has his brother oh, will join him on the campaign trail next week. top of mind for aruba yoychlt i thank god that bushh was president of the united states instead of al gore on september 11, 2001 but j, governor bush has no foreign policy experience. >>reporter: : here is a new add slamming rubio on immigrationn and the parody of self-help group. >> room for one more. >>reporter: debutinthe new trump action figure. >> what does doe. >> he pretend to be a republican.
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himself the target of iowa ethanol lobby. >> cruz proposed mass legalization of illegal immigrant. >> we are just not going to lay back. i think my message will really work in the deep south. >>reporter: kasich not the only one success in the south. donald trump greeted enthusiastically in louisiana thursday. >> once you@ get to certain level it changes i will be changing very rapidly. >>reporter: and trump will be in tampa tomorrow night. we are live in the plex, 7 news night team. > okay danielle. now would be a great timto down load the voice your choice app. updated with the latest from the campaign trail. pope francis preparing for his second trip to cuba and another historic meeting. >> this time he's visit with a mainly religious lieder during his stop on the islandation. pope francis preparing for a return trip to cuba for a meeting of historical proportions.
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patriarch the the leader of the russian orthodox church. patriarch arrived in havana today and greeted by raul castro. first meeting between the two. friday also the first meeting between pope francis and the russian church leader. people of cuba so excited many are working over time to clean up and fix up areas that may be visited by the holy men. >> it's important. it's historical moment and so significant that it is happening right here in our country. >>reporter: leaders meet at the martin international airport where they sign a joint declaration designed to aid in the healing the 1,000 year divide between east and west. >> i think the pontiff realize this is a risk to take in order to be global in his image. in order to rise up to the level of the patriarch.
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country in the world and the vatican the smallest stabbed formal lip to mat ick relation at the end. >> the russian chuhuh is the most popular most strong in the orthodox world has also to be in the leadership where external relations are concerned. >>reporter: this is the second visit to cuba in just 5 months for the pope. pontiff violated the island last september after playing an enter dwral role of renewing diplomatic relations with the united states. religious leaders hoping is meeting is equally successful. >> we want the church to breathe with both lung, easter and western lung. want the church to be united because that's what jeez willis and when there is unity among christians i think our witness
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well this meeting could paint raul castro in a positive international light presenting him ahd cuba as a whole as a peace maker. something the island was not known for in the fidel castro. it could improve the legacy of normalizing relations between the u.s. and cuba. still ahead from the night team tonight. south florida mayor spotting something he did not like on his city streets. >> walter morris is on this story. >>reporter: you could call it delivery dma. mayor of miami beach fed up with fedex. what he's doing about it may surprise >> big gun and plenty of time. robber in no rush for this crime. and she was nearly killed shot in the face during a robbery. somehow she survived. she's speaking to rosh in the low down. you are watching south
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. south florida mayor acting as his city's parking patrol when he spotted some one basically hogging the street. fedex driver said he didn't have anywhere to park his big truck. >> that is where the delivery drama started. walt are morris is on miami beach with the story for us. walter? >>reporter: that's right. the mayor saw the truck double parked on the street so he took out his phone and shot video. if you see something like that, he says you should do the same. >> what's the reason why you have your fedex truck parked in the middle of our most busy road. >>reporter: he's metet made. miami beach mayor levine fed up with the fedex driver double parking and blocking traffic. >> we have a traffic problem. we don't want people to make the traffic problem worse. >>reporter: don't look far to find it. delivery truck parking legally. taking up valuable space on busy miami beach streets.
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>>reporter: so when the mayor saw this guy on 14 street thursday afternoon, he took matters 52 his own hands. grab ago cell phone. shooting a0 second clip and posting it on line with one goal. >> it's a warning to all these big trucks that are double parking on our main streets don't do it. >>reporter: this is the exact problem the mayor is so fired up about. we are here on alton road at 16 street and you can fedex truck is parked in the middle of the road. naturallm a lot of people are talking about that video on line. and the reaction is mixed. one person laughing it off saying l o l troy findg parking there with 50 stops to make. not a truck driver. another giving the mayorajor cued o. major problem. glad it's being addressed, mayor. fedex firing off this statement saying in part. we takehese matters very seriously. we'll address it with those involved. >> getting call from our chief. >>reporter: the driver drives off as he's confronted. >> here we go. >>reporter: the mayor shooting
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making it easy forolice to stop him nearby and give him two tickets. the mayor admits the driver is into the bad guy but picked a bad place too park. next time he should pull into a proper loading zone or side strichlt i'm sure he's a nice guy. i love fedex. i get fedex myself. atlanta don't make a problem we have worse. >>reporter: in that statement fedex saying the behavior shown in the video not consisten with company policy. reporting live in miami beach 7 news night team. >> okay walter a convenience storrobber taking his time before getting away with cash. surveillance video shows the mask man in no hurry as he walk ins to commit his crime. he enters the business gun drone headed over to the cash eevrment he stole money from two register drawers and walked t. crook got away with 77 dollars. happened at the 7-111 on north pine island road and north west 81st street in tamarack.
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call broward crime stoppers at this number on the screen. . >> two arm robber am wished. pair of apwlins delivery men along north west 42 street and 21 avenue in north west miami-dade. the crook force their way in the house ordering the workers and 4 people inside to the ground. they stole money and cell phones. crooks ran out but not before firing a shot at the group. no one was hit. then the men jumped in the delivery truck. looks like this one a a then took off. has this plate number. if you spot the truck you should call crime stoppers at thth number on the screen. . and now a tale of tragedy. >> you never know what is going to happen to you. now story of strength. >> thank you god. for every minute for every second.
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beating the odds to see her family once again. tonight in her own words a mother'sa fight to survive. >> it's a story of strength and perseverance. woman shot in the face and living to tell the tale. her message of hope is nothing short of inspiring. rosh lowe has it in tonight's edition of the low down. >> try to kill me and fwham my family? what about my daughter. >>reporter: the scar is there. the emotional painill never fade. but he have lip is well awa she has been granted the ever lasting gift of life. chance to see her two daughters again. >> don't forget kiss your daughter.
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much you love to your family. and because you never know if you are going to come back. >>reporter: it's a gift she sees every day. gift she can feel when she hugs her children. after all, evelyn survived being shot in the face at close range. >> everything was so fast and i just can't rethat ty receive eo my face. it was here. and then the bullet came and to my jaw here. >>reporter: january 24th, 2013>>reporter: january 24th, 2013. he have lip was going to get some food for her fily in the area of north west 53 street and seventh avenue when she was attacked and robbed at gunpoint. >> when you hear evelyn's story you understand the magnitude of the miracle. womanoing to get informed. her mom in the car then a gun
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the gun goes off. at that moment all she couldthink about, her daughters t.he's lock up for this crime serving 30 years in prison. evelyn through 4 surgery. in february of 2013 doctors at jackson mechanical hospital show it x-ray image of the bullet lodged inside her neck. we heard from one of her daughters. >> i'm very grateful for her. because she gave me life. >>reporter: doctors since removed the blet. look at her three years ago. look at her now. and think about how close that bullet and it fragments come to the main blood ssel of the nechblingt evelyn thinks about that and offers this daily prayer. >> i just see my daughter and i say wow! thank god forgive me
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enjoying the because it's amazing. >>reporter: so this is an opportunity for evelyn to give thanks because for weeks he have lip was in the hospital. the x-rays showing the shattered bones but never questioned why. and you can't shatter her spirit. she said if she made it out she would i hope expire others to make them realize there is hope andd it begins in the gratitude of every moment. >> i just see my daughter and then i say wow! thank god forgive me one more opportunity to keep enjoying because it's amazing. >>reporter: in miami, rosh lowe seven news. >> finding the dwralt tud in every moment. every day. she looks amazing. >>p next on south florida traveling to floriri looking for answers. night team special
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spiritual journey. >> hi even. come newspaper sports. chris bosch started his career in toronto. bosch tells us what he's going to do when he goes back there for the all star game this weekend. >>reporter: show you why the pro golfer played half naked today.
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people from across the world are comin to in for unusual reason. not the attractions but for answers from beyond. >> patrick frazier has the night team special assignment report, spiritual journey. p. >>reporter: people come to florida to enjoy the present. to buildor the future. here they come for the past. >> they may want to speak to
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their father or their child. so a lot of people come here for many reasons. tickets this is a small town in central florida. just 100 residents with one church, park, book store, few homes in an apartment complex. each residence they have something in common spiritualsomethg in common spiritualist. >> a spiritualist is a person who believes in communicate with the other side of life. in other words, they believe that we never die. that that is the policy. we keep on living just in a different spiritual realm in a different force form in the spirit form. they believe each of us has a spirit. after you or loved one passes away the spiritual list can communicate with the spirit. >> the people are still around us. still loving us. still caring what's going on in our lives. brings a lot of healing and
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>> you have to take care of yourself especially your okay. i have a very strong discomforti have a very strong discomfort. us. did a reading forim. >> i have a big j, okay. so very strong for me this could be like a father. >>reporter: listening to spirit is not new here n.1894 george colby was a spiritualist who move here and created the community screws for spiritualcommunity screws for spiritualists. now people come h@re to learn about themselves and their late loved ones. >> we have people who come here from all over the world.. as far away as japan even. >>reporter: don't believe you have a spirit. many people don't. laugh at the thought of me one being able to commune witness with the spirit of their dead loves ones. spiritualist have heard tha
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>> we don't want to be seen as fortune tellers. people have a misconception that we have a bunch of witchesthat we have a bunch of witihes.s. and we aren't witches. we are medium. we are psychic. we are healer. >>reporter: al's wife was hit with cancer. he says she had the ability to communicate with spirits. after she died he came to her to try to talk to her. >> i'll find out if the biggest far as!farcefar as ever person tikrited on mankind or if item real. if it's real i want to try to contact you. it's real. >>reporter: remember johnny sit with margarita. >> the this is ver strong energy. okay. i don't know if he was militaryi don't know if he was military. >>reporter: the j who my be in the military who was a fat to him johnny's father name was john. he did national security forth u.s. governrnnt and passed away 8 yourself ago.
10:35 pm
there is a message here for youthere is a message here for you, for him. don't you ever forget your family history and those that >>reporter: here there's a message for everyone. if you believe you can take a spiritual journey. i'm patrick frazier, 7 news. him if. coming up 7 news at 10:00. fire shooting from a home and no time to lose. crewrisking it all trying to saveveomething precious inside. so we have been in a nice little stretch here of cold weather as a matter of fact our lows have been running below average since last friday. could we make it 8 straight days of below average temperatures here. entire outlook in just a couple of minutes. and this one for drivers all northbound lanes of the 8 26 closed tonight at south west eighth street from 11:00 p.m. to 5 in the morning.
10:36 pm
signs in the area and tee tours
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california firefighters facing the flame. >> we have video from cameras unted on their helmet. crews battle a huge fire in sacramento they cut a hole in the roof to let out smoke and ames and hot gases so it all could escape. once safe to go inside look who was there. that's the family dog. hiding. safely. in a back bedroom. firefighters swooped in or picked up the panicked pet and got her outside where she was reunited with her family and
10:39 pm
>> one happy family. >>. cold morning here across south florida. fort lauderdale waking up to 48. miami 50. 57 in key west afternoon highs under mostly sunny skies. 64 t-71. 70. no rain in the rain gauge right now we look at mostly clear conditions. look at most of broward in the 50's. miami-dade, miami 61. 57 in miccosuke. the same in key west. the wind out of the north ataround 3 to 5 miles per hour. humidity at 56 percent. it is dry i mean really dry across south florida an we'll probably not see any rainfall at least until the early part of next week. even then the rain chances are still pretty slim. the temperatures across the peninsula everyone in the 50's
10:40 pm
reporting a temperature of 62 degrees. here's what we can expect. high pressure will continue to dominate our weather. toninit it will be another chilly night. not as cold as it was last night. tomorrowlwe start a nice mild graduate warm-up. highghressure in firm control. that high will continue to move away and then by the weekend another front moves in. this is goioi to be extremely weak. it might even move i unnoticedit might even move in unnoticed. we don't expect any rain. as a matter of fact temperatures may not even chance that much's marine forecast. for tomorrow. no advisoryfor tomorrow. no advisories. 15 knot winds. biscayne bay with a light chop. throughout the florida keys no advisory. coastal water a moderate chop. next high tide 11:58. 11:53. key largo 12:21. 1:10 key west. mostly clear tonight. not as cold. still 53 in fort lauderdale. 55 miami.
10:41 pm
tomorrow plenty of sunshine. looking dry. typical high about 76. 77. we try to get close to that with the wind out of the northeast. here's your extended outlook. saturday looking pretttt good. sunday a cool start. nice finish by the way at night. if you are planning an out doooo romantic dinner, temperatures should be about 65 degrees. dry. president's day looking good. warm with some showers on tuesday and then some cooler weather again for the middle of next week. that's the 7 on 7 forecast. thanks phil. >> still ahead from the night team. before we hit the water weit winn wood. >> chris is live there for us. hi chris. >>reporter: yes. from art to both we have you covered this president's day weekend. oh, yes. lots of stuff going on. we have got you covered.
10:42 pm
10:44 pm
pay time. in south florida. we have got a lot going on in the winn wood section of the city where we check out what's onhe walls before we check out what's on the water.. art winn wood kicked off tonight. >> part of one big great falous, wonderful weekend for south florida. chris the he never miss as party. he's live in winn wood more importantly did you get thatyou say boat, chris. >>reporter: we'll talk about that after, belkys but a lot going on in miami. here at art winn wood 8,000 people came through here. v.i.p. only before it opens up to the public tomorrow. art winn wood kicking off fifth year giving v.i.p. a preview what's this store. >> art modern contrary, >> art modern contrary, emerging. >>reporter: 6 05 artist on
10:45 pm
you might recognize like andy warhol and some faces you will know like kevin o'leary. >> i have been a photographer since the 80's. business is s@rt of yin yang you need object an artist.t. >> don't think it's only for those with deep pockets. >> pieces here that are in the millions of dollars but also emerging gallery representing emerging artist that allow for emerging collector. >>reporter: in the grove more art. crew gear up for the annual art festival starting on saturday. >> 380 artist. family entertainment. we have a beautiful culinary area where we have about 12 to 14 chefs. >>reporter: with more than 100>>reporter: with more than 100,000 people expected over 5 days, the miami international boat show is the biggest event this holiday weekend. this year a change of venue from the beach to the miami stadium park basin in virginia
10:46 pm
>> we thought it was in the ginning for this. >>reporter: 1200 boats on land and ithe water including thisand in the water including this. the iconic miami vice boat in miami for the first time in 30 years. joining it miami vice star olivia brown who played truru and the miami vice ferrari. >> this is my first time back to miami since we wrapped. >>reporter: no way. >> yes. i leftiami the day the show was over an first time coming back. >>reporter: welcome back. the i'm not sure what i want more that both or that ferrari right. well all three event running until president's day on monday. live in winn wood, 7 news night team. 7 news sports is up right after this very brief two minute
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owe he. he had missed seven games because of injury but the next game white side misses is because the league totold him to. suspended one game for this on tuesday night. right side of the screen. white side elbows san antonio center in the coke enough. he was ejected from the game. l now he has to sit out the first g game after the all star break february 19 against
10:50 pm
cost white side 9,000 dollars. chris bosch hasaseen an all star all six seasons here with the he@ heat but may have for gotten he played in toronto when the hair was long. played there first five years in the league and all star game this sunday is in toronto. >> back in toronto it will be cool. go back to my old apartment and look at it keep moving see if the door man still there that's really it. i'm kind of 92 a routine with the whole weekend and my kid are going. i show them where daddy grew up playing basketball and they won't care. they will forget it and give them some snack and watch a movie and keep it moving. >>reporter: next game forth 11 rank hurricane is saturday at fsu. the canes won three if a row in 6 of the last 7. 19 and 4. but the canes think they were playing better at the begigning of the season when they knocked off two rank teams att tournament in puerto rico. >> i think still room for a lot
10:51 pm
not playing our best basketball right now. we really just want to get to how we were playing in puerto rico honestly. guy were his sharing the ball. we had a lot of energy throughout the bench. throughout the team. guys were making shots. really want to get back to how the puerto rico basketball. >>reporter: lady canes at georgia tech tonight. canes lead by 3. the team high 16. lady canes win by three. 58-55. um 21 and 4. 9 and 3 in the acc. >> you go little man. watching the high school play offs top rank in 7 a academy against nova a.second quarter t.chris game high 15. up by 14 at the break. this is fry for three. had he 12 points. big dunk here by stern. made her an academy 64-33. my guy is the coach's son and
10:52 pm
panthers back home tomorrow night against st. louis. they split two games open the road. in the last game tuesday the cats scored 7 goals at buffalo. 6 point lead on detroit. 28 games left next 6 here at home. >> j%st want to take it one game at a time. cliche to say at but we have to focus on tomorrow night right now and once we get past that, on to the next one. >> look at the big picre item overwhelming so it's okay. >>reporter: st. louis tomorrow night. i show you some highlights from a golf tournament. looks like an out take from happy gilmore. tour in south africa. no short no shoe in the mush. no success pops it up. ends up with a double bogey on that in the slop again this time he keeps the shirt on but no shoes. he knocksknocks it up within 6 inches of jar.
10:53 pm
back open. he taps in bare foot. ends up even par. we only have one rule here in the news plex and that is can keep your shirt o. i'm steve, thank you. sometimes you have to -- you know what i'm saying? if youot -- you know what i mean. >> you wish.
10:54 pm
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eyeeye youeye you youeye you you youeye you you you. that is a wrap for us here first at 10:00. i still can't believe steve really think t tt is anybody really thinks that's really what he looks like. as if. i already tweeted it out. i tweeted. had to. twitter war is on. >> he's already ordered a bunch of glossie to hand out with the business cd.
10:57 pm
10:58 pm
10:59 pm
pass ps you hepass ps you he he hepass ps you he he he. in less than 24 hours, two schools under fire. this time young children are forced to the floor as a bullet flies into their classroom. >> students and families on edge after gunfjre rings out. and now a community is being asked for help. we have some night team coverage. temperature are dropping across south florida. will they be as cold as last night. what is the reason why you have your fedex truck park in the middle of our most busy road. >>reporter: miami beach mayor on parking patrol. the problem has him fired up and how he's using sociamedia to stop it. debate night for the democrat cal white the republican gear up for show down in the south. >> i'm craig. >> i'm belkys. 7 news continue you now at 11:00 bell nor. now at 11:00. two schools.


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