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tv   Channel 7 News at 4PM  FOX  February 12, 2016 4:00pm-4:30pm EST

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has it. >> reporter: the teenager put the fear of gods into a mother when he took her car with a little baby inside. let's roll the video of our introduction to that teenager just a little while ago at the juvenile detention center. >> did you take that car with a baby inside? >> reporter: no answer from brian genie, 17, and he was booked into the juvenile detention center this afternoon. pd said that his fingerprints were all over that car, taken on sunday. sueselli lopez wt in to do some laundry, leaving her chevy cruz running with the sleeping baby inside and she didn't want to we the child. and that's were when the car was scoped outnd stolen. looking at the baby's picture. she's t%n months old and she was unharmed.
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she was missing for three hours as the car was being driven. and an amber alert was issued. and suzanna lopez was absolutely terrified. >> reporter: i came to pick up my clothes i left in the drier and i left the baby in the car buzz she was asleep and i didn't want to wake her. when i came out, the car was gone. >> reporter: the chevy cruz was found abandoned on power line road and mcnabb, and the baby and the mother were reunited. the suspect is locked up on this one. stay with us for more, sheldon fox, 7 news. >> danielle: now to the series of dangerous days for south florida students this week. >> belkeys: for a third day this week, schools placed on lockdown after shots are fired nearby.
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>> reporter: that's right,his week shots have been fired near three miami-dade schools, and two of those schools were actually hit. soar the police have made one arrest. d at least two were there when the suspect was hauled off to jail. just one station there, as 19-year-old stanley reagan is hauled to adjustment he's accused of pulling the trigger. 18-year-ol cedric adams arrested for the same crime. so far no arrests for thursday's shooting in coconut creek. >> started off with a few, boom, boom, boom. >> reporter: on friday, more shots fired in miami gardens. three schools locked down, including caroler is high. and also on friday, of a gathering of commupity leaders at the high school and prayers for peace. >> this becomes personal for me, for pastors, and this becomes personal for the community. >> reporter: as the police and the public for help finding all of those responsible, the
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florida, talking about how a stronger bond where the police can make a diffefence. >> they need evidence, and the schools need to rely on law enforcement to believe able too provide protection, and it's definitely an area where both groups can and will work together. >> the fact that the u.s. attorney, rich, came to visit us, it's a good way to end the week. after tragedy, there's triumph and after introduction, there's rebuilding, the spirit of the soul, and it's our way colltively to bring about the remit for kids. >> reporter: local leaders are saying that you are the solution to the problem, the c/mmunity. if you know anything about these shootings, they wantou to pick up the phone and call crimestoppers. 375-471-tips. you can earn a cash reward for
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jessic holly, 7 news. >> belkeys: pope francis arriving in cuba this afternoon ahead of an historic meeting with the head of the russian orthodox church. it's a big meeting for catholics around the world. >> it's a meeting 1,000ears in the making. the head of pope and the head of the russian orthodox church coming face-to-face in cuba. the pope was greeted by cuban leader, raul castro, and it i the second time for the pope there since september. the airport meeting between the pope and russian orthodox paint remark will be focusing mostly on the issue of religious reconciliation. it's a major step to heal the 1,000-year-old split called the great skis imthat it divided christianity between the east and the west. the religious leaders are
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are expected to sign a joint declaration. pope francis played a key role in the thawing of regulations been the united states and cuba. and the pope will be leaving for mexico at 5:30 tonight. and we have breaking news regarding the travel that the u.s. to the communist island. the obama administration and want cuban gernment have just announced a historic agreement to reestablish flights between the united states and cuba for the first time in nearly 50 years. currently the only way to get to the island is through a crter flight. with this new announcement, u.s. carriers will be able to fly to the island. we'll have a live report from havana at 6:00. live in the satellite center, i'm alex diprato, 7 news. >> belkeys: stay with 7 news for complete coverage of the pope's historic visit to cuba. we're going to be keeping an eye
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live pictures in a few minutes as they sign that declaration. and we'll have a complete report from havana at 6:00. >> anchor: all right, taking a live look outside of our 7 news studios in north b b village. sunny skies across south florida with a slight weekend warmup coming our way. meteorologist, phil f fro, joins us with what we can expect, phil. >> it's going to feel great this weekend. tonight, a quiet night in store across south florida. nice and cool, staying dry. saturday, plenty of sunshine, cool start, and then a mild day with temperatures in the 70s, with a light breeze, and valentine's day looking beautiful all across the area. here's the stormtracker. dry, and the next chance of showers will be monday and tuesday as the winds begin to shift. and we see more moisture moving back in across south florida. in the 70s right now.
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the way into miami and want keys, the cool spot right now, naples with 69. meanwhile, here's what we're looking at. average low, 62 tomorrow, waking up to 57. valentine's day, 58. we'll hit a high of about 73, 74, and then right a aund dinnertime, maybe a temperature of about 65 . i'll have a lot more on this a little bit later on. >> danielle: all right, phil, sounds good. thank you. a business burned out in oakland park. take a look. 7's skyforce over the factory finish collision center on northeast 42nd street. thick black smoke, filming the sky, wafting from the roof of that body shop. firefighters dousing the flames outside of the building because of the hazardous materials inside. the damage is said to be extensive. >> belkeys: a man in court accused ofof a terrifying crime.
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charges, including attempted murder. washing's violent rampage began in lauderhill, where he was caught on camera, allegedly attacking an 81-year-old man. leaving the victim with two black eyes and 18 stitches n lauderdale, he's accused of attacking a cellphone clerk were i dull sword. another employee managing to grab him and hold him until the police arrived. >> danielle: the health emergency is agreeing as more cases of zika virus is happening in the sunshine state. two more cases, bringing it to 20 statewide. and five counts of cases in dade and broward. and that brgs the total up to nine. a handful of counties in dade androward are under a health alert. and we should add that zika is
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in the caribbean and south america. it has been linked to brain defect innings newborns, and muscular and nerve disorders. the vaccine for the virus is at least 18 months away from large scale testing. there's a help hotline available forlorida residents. if you would like more information about the virus, you can cam call. >> belkeys: also on 7, police investigating a deadly doubla shooting at a high school in arizona after the bodies of two 18-year-old girls are found. craig stevens has more on this. >> reporter: two sophomores both suffered a sim gunshot and were pronounced dead at the sce. and the officials have no suspects. the girls were found beside each other in an isolated areaf independence high school in glendale.
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weapon near their bodies. the school had been on lockdown for a while, after which the students were greeted b their anxious parents who had been bussed from the school to a staging area. >> i'm so worried not just for my child, but for everybody's kid. we don't know whose child was shot or if it wass faculty, a mishap? we do not know, but it's on the campus. >> 17 other schools in the greater phoenix arere were forcedd to lockdown as well, as a precautionary measure. they sent messages to student households in the district. the police cnot confirm if it was a murder-suicide or double suicide. craig stevens, 7 news. >> danielle: now moving onto the race for the white house. insi of south carolina, republicans are digging in their heels and throwing bombs at each other. while the two remaining candidates traded a few shots at
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ahead of the nevada caucus. joe waldman reports. >> reporter: after bernie sanders' 20-point shellacking in new hampshire, the gloves came off in milwaukee. the dociles showing voters that they're not afraid to mix it up when it comes to foreign platforms le foreign policy. sanders blasting clinton for being mentored by henen kissinger. >> i'm proud to say that henry kissinger is not my friend. i will not take advice from henry kissinger. >> i know that journalists have asked who you go toor foreign policy. >> donald trump saying his disdain for ted cruz, following
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senator misled people in iowa. reports that the cruz people are doing sleazy push polls on me, we are watching. cruz with bold searses that trump with explicit language. >> i'm not sure that a lot of voters about having a president, who when he gets rattled and upset begins curse, and yelling vulgarities. >> donald trump going after pope francis, calling him very political person, because of the pont i have's plans to visit an area near had the u.s.-mexico border. >> and a reminder, dowowoad the 7 news violence your choice app. it's updated with the very latest from the caepaign trail. >> belkeys: and on 7 news, if you've been the victim of a burglary, you could get your stolen possessions back.
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more. >> reporter: bso has recovered a lot of stolen goods, and we'll show them to you next. and how to get them back. >> belkeys: also, a south florida mayor cracking down on parking problems after he confronted a deliverer driver about where he stopped. the city officials are meeting to combat the issue. >> danielle: and coming up at 5:00, call it a dinner it disturbance.
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a man with a machete. >> belkeys: interjewelry to big screened tvs and handguns, they were stolen in burglaries. >> danielle: and the deputies hope that putting them on display will help people getet their stuff back. how you can claim your stolen possessions. brandon. >> reporter: danielle, a big break for the sheriffs' office during that traffic stop. and look at some of these stolen items. they could belong to you. here they are. we're at the substation for the browarsheriffs' office in fort lauderdale earlier today as they show us some of the recovered items. again, this all started at a traffic stop a couple of days ago, and we'll show you the arrest that they made. look at all of the electronics,
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personal items inside of the substation, all stolen goods and up there may b b more suspects involved in the this robbery. the deputies found stolen goods inside of t car, and led to the residence where more stolen goods were found. >> i came home, and my room was totally trashed, so they actually broke in through my
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i felt violated. if you know anything about the robberies, call crimestoppers. >> thanks, brandon. >> danielle: coming up on 7 news at 4:00, a water main breaks sending water, water, everywhere, but that water quickly turning to ice, creating a major handshake. >> belkeys: passengers shaken up after a runaway van crashes into
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takeoff. >> danielle: the american heart association raising pun for women's health. >> belkeys: it's all part of the go red for wen cam pan, and it's inspiring women to focus on lifestyle changes, and mobilize communities and shape policies save lives >> phil: and the weekend is here, and it should be a very nice one across south floridada right now, clear skies, not just here, but t`roughout the rest of the peninsula, the bahamas, and most of cuba, and the gulf of mexico.
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should be at least until sunday night. right now, the temperatures are very nice and mild. 72 in fort lauderdale. miami, 74, 69 in naples, and 72 in key west. now, the wind, variable here, coming in off of the atlantic and across fort lauderdale and miami, but in the gulf of mexico and naples, due north for you in key west. the radar is showing that everything is dry. our next best chance for some moisture moving in will probably be monday, the next best chance coming in on tuesday. so high pressure will be dominating ourering weather, nice and calm tomorrow. we're going to get a weak front across south florida. and it's just going to keep us dry and mild as we move thrhough sunday, sunday night and late in the evening, we may get an isolated shower here across the keys, and then the breeze will
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here's the marine forecast, no advisories, wind out of the east, ss 1-2 feet. and biscayne bay smooth. for new the florida keys, no advisories, mex high tide in miami, 11:58. and 11:53 in fort lauderdale. key largo, the next high tide, 12:51 and 1:10 in key west. clear skies tonight, nice and dry, and overnight lows in the 50s. 63 in the keys. the wind will become variable. by tomorrow, it's just going to be beautiful. plenty of sunshine, dry, and highs will be in the low 70s across the keys. but this is very typical for us here across the mainland, in the upper 70s. the wind right out of the north, 10-15, and that means very little humidity. and then as we move ahead, sunday looking fantastic.
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of 64, and high of 79. and then by sunday, we may see rip currents returning to the beach. and then by tuesday, we warmup and then another front comes through and it helpso cool us down for thursday.
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7 news will be right back. >> that's 7 news first a 4:00, thank you for watch, i'm danielle knox.
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ahead. >> 7 news alert at 4:30, live right off the top here. you're looking at history in the making. 1,000 years in the making. a joint declaration being assigned here between pope francis and the russian patriarch, creal, taking place in cuba, and it's quite historic to see the two sides of catholicism can bridge the gap that has divided them for 1,000 years now. >> danielle: and that's whatness made this occasion so historic, and they're expected to touch on the most historic issue of this% whole thing, and that's the


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