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tv   Channel 7 News at 530PM  FOX  February 12, 2016 5:30pm-6:00pm EST

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reaction to the video has bn mixed. one person wrightuoarkts lol. try finding parking on alton when have you 50 stops to make. another said kudos. major problem. glad it's img dreas oovmentd fed ex reached a statement that read, quote, we take these matters seriously and whether a diswres it with those involved n. video the fed ex employee drives off and laveen was able to catch his license plate making it easy for police to catch up with him and give him two tickets on. reacting. >> lins. i'm just happy people don't videotape me when i'm out there yelling at the trucks because the mayor and a are both supporters of keep owrg lanes clear and a think the mayor was speaking for thousands of people when he got frustrated with that truck. >> lynn: have no problem with what the mayor doovment also a bicycle issue and people not
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out this weekhich ruffled some feathers. the tweet reading quote threerks these not legal parking spots. we'll be tak tagging bites that are illegally parked. move it or lose it. >> but it maim it seed seem ike we were going city wide and jacking every one's bicycles a a that's not what it was. >> okay so commissioner gree@ could clarififng that whole bice clee cle issue saying it's specifically intend ford lincoln road and as far as the video goes as you heard from commissioner gree could. a lot of people is have been from us sphwraitd the same exact issue. we're li on miami beach tonight. rosh lowe. 7 news. all right rorchlt thank you. >>. with well, a thief is on the run after a home invasion in plan indication. let's take a look at this surveillance video. ithows him running from a woman's home on tuesday. he then gets pickeke up bay getaway driver. the victim says she was shower whg the crook shattered the
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>> i was shot shocked more than frightened. i was just shocked like what's going on hire? i dot alarm here. >> danielle: and on west sunrise boulevard and northwest 99th avenue. the crook did getaway why w- some jewelry. if you know who he is call crime sop% at 954-493-tips. >> danielle: a man accused of ambush age miami gardens police officer now facing charges. 24-year-old david mejia charged with first degree attempted murder and a deadly weapon and resist ago arrest. his attornrney pleading not guilty on his be hall. mejia drowch to a police officer and shot him on northwest 1 1 street and 7th avenue. officer david sperl sterling hit in the lower body. he is now recovering. >> >> belkeys: law enforcement from across south florida coming together at port miami foror a training day. 7's sky force getting a birds eye view of the exercises.
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rces with other local state and federal officials to train for a variety of emergency scenarios ierks. >> danielle: a gas leak in hallandale beach now capd. sky force hovering over the scene between hallandale beach boulevard and pembroke road. has hazmat teams shutting down parlts of the roadway while crews work to@ fix the broken line eevment officials believe a construction mistake nieb blame. >> belkeys: also here on 7, a bad break in a pennsylvaniaa neighborhood literally freezing families out of their homes. a pipe bust send wawg ter every where and then the bitter cold dmikd. ier. >> danielle: 7's ashley jones shows us the neighborhood frozen in time. >> reporter: it's unusual for a broken water main to make itself known like this. when the 12-inch maine started snrieght air thursday, the conditions were just right to cover this part of neighborhood
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>> i looked out the front window and it looked as if there is a frozen wave water and it was literally frozen solid. >> from a red cross shelter not city nicole snapped picture that she saw from inside her apartment. the icy weather blanketed outside her apartment. >> and it was like ice with bergz come downg the road. it was amazing. it really was. >> reporter: eventually it all turned to ice. every apartment in the building she shares were damaged. officials called many contractors to fix the damage while crews got to work on fixing the broken main. >> because we were shutting down rarales and the amount of money in the yairks wh couldn't reach the water. once it recede we. >> were abling to alert them better. and the valve was mission it's to.
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company helped those who were displaced by the damage. nor nor than a dozen people did not have place to go to.o. >> basically here we're waiting to find out what with will come next. and not knowing what is coming next is my biggest concern bebeuse how long are we going to be here? are they going to find a place for us? are we going back home? >> ashley jones. 7 news. >> belkeys: wenches official shalings say they don't know how that valve broafnlgt the water company says the insurance companies are look into and look nothing who will pay for the damages. >> belkeys: take you cross country now. trouble on the tarmac in boston. a delivery van crashing into a plane at logan airport the driver hurt while trying stop. it massachusets state police say he forgot to put the truckn park before getting out. passengers on the jet blue flight shaken up. it was terrifying. just trifying because we
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could of been terror rivment wouldn't imagine that i vehicle would hit an plairn on the ground. >> belkeys: jet blue says the passenger where's placed on a different plane for their flight to tampa. >> danielle: a vacant packing planted in virginia gowpg in flames. the plan was in the the process of being torn down when the fire sparked. it could be thieves from miles way. crew working into the night to p out that fire. no one was hurt. >> belkeys: coming upping on 7 news. just one station there as police make another a arrest after bullets fly outside a south florida high school today. the nation's top cop is in town. >> danielle: braingd in the case following the safe return ave baby who went for a ride in a stolen car. >> belkeys: and another historic development 20 u.s.. and cuba about to take flight. >> danielle: and a hit and run driver knocks a pedestrian off his feet on to the hood of his car.
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dangerous ride he will never forget. >> phil: holiday weekend is here. should abe nice one. morninin lows will still be on the school side but afternoon highs ne and mild and in the 70s. the entire out look in just a couple minutes.
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>> >> belkeys: a man croing the street suddenly taken for a ride hanging on to the hood a car. you see him there for dear life? >> danielle: uh-huh. >> belkeys: he thought it was safe to use the crosswalk but he crossed paths with a hit and run driver. >> danielle: he certainly did t tonight he is grateful to be
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with susan tran. >> repter: tyson delgato's run from the law ended when someone 230u7bd him hiding in a bed at aorchester home. he 30 hour after he assaulted an officer and drove him into the street. >> this is a disturbing incident for a career criminal ho showed disregard for the safety of those around him and our community at large. >> reporter: it started wednesday morning. police say delgado went to his old work site to try and repay the company gas ceard was skimming money off. the noarn called police. dell will ga do shoved the officer to the ground and crof off and then slammed into 65-year-old pee ca and kept going. >> i'm going t sue him i know. that use i don't think i'll ever been right again. >> they searched the neighbored hood for the 29-year-old who they say is a career violent fell on. but it was cooperating witness that l ld police to delgado.
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to this police department and the fugitive unit. for alfred he is recovering from a fractured ankle and is in a lot of pain. she his wife says she is just glad to see them catch him. >> the more i see him andit him and throw him up on the car t bothers me so much. he could of killed him. assault and battery on a polile officer and leaving the scene of the accident. he is set to be in court laterer today. in wiew vernrn susan tr. 7 news. >> danielle: and much more tonight from across the nation. people croots globe traveling to flora looking for answers and beyond. our special assignment report spiritual journey. >> it's one test students want to take deciding what school shouou serve for lunch. >> danielle: and a male model too sexy for himself returns to the big screen. a preview i reel news w wn we come back.
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>> belkeys: south florida schools are alreadad planning next year's lunch menu. >> danielle: well, now students are getting a say. 7's vanessa medina was there for the taste test. >> reporter: crunchy chilly and chip getting smiles from these girls. all part of broward county public school annual food show. >> do you like it? >> love it. cool. i hate to tell you but it's got vega taiblgz in it. >> reporter: all lowow fat and low in sugar options.
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make it on to next year's ool food menu. >> we want o students to give us their input if they like it or they feel it will not be something they want to choose. >> i liked everything except for the potato wedges and no. 1. i forgot what it was called. >> were the potato wedges gross? what was it about the po tai 20 wedges you can't like. >> it with was gross tsm was toooo watery. >> out of everything i liked the taco. here withe i have chicken slierd. ham and cheese hawaiian row. and we have hummus. kind of fabulous for these kids to be taition all these food item. so south florida food and wine fes, eat your heart out. here we have a chicken and waffle bite. >> breast of chikken with with waffle a and maple sir of all in one.
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it's are our perspecti to only put item on the menu that they want to eat. >> students taitsing and voight on ai- p p. whether it's awesome. just okay or gross. >> and these kids are take this job serious. >> and the taste of it is really de shis list shus. i can't explain. it it could be crunchy and some could be soft. >> reporter: is it an upgrade from what you eat in your lunch room right now? yes, big upgrade big storing school will make to a few schools this year so official can then make a final decision. >> in pompmpo beach with the future food deeftz world. vanessa medina. 7 news. >> now 7 weather with chief meteorologist phil ferro. all right. sohe weekend is here and it should abe nice one. as a matter of fact, look at the skies. very clear across the gulf of mexico. southeast florida. throughout texas and even the desert southwest looking pretty good. most of the weather should
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temperatures right now 25 in new york. still chilly up and down the east coast. 16 in atlanta. ten in minneapolis and 82 in san san antonio. as far as the rn is concerned, we are look dry. our next best chance for some rainfall will probably be monday with with tuesday having the highest chance for some rain. temperatures right now broward county are in the low 70s. miami-dade more of the same. a beautiful quiet afternoon. 71 in key biscayne. 47 in high a rea. throughout the keys, key largo 71 and 70 in key west. here's the marine forecast. no advisories, five knot with winds, biscayne bay with a light chop. four in the florida keys, the wind out of northeast. 15 knots. seas inside the reef two to 3 feet. beyond the reef three to 5. coastal waters a moderate chop. meanwhile next high tide for dade and broward will be almost midnight.
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water temperature at 69 degrees. for tonight lawt beautiful. mostly clear. the wind will be light. over night lows will be in the mid to upper 50s. low 60s for thehe lower keys. tomorrow really couldn't ask for a more beautiful day. mostly sunny. the wind out of north keeping the humidity vals low. highs will be where they should be this time of year. a little e oler in the keys. here's your extend out look. viut now valentine's day looking great. could see a shower or two maybe late in the day on president daissments little better chance on tuesday. warmer but then we go back down to near seasonal values for the rest of next week. and that's your 7 on 7 forecasq. >> >> danielle: also on 7, peopl from across the world are coming to florida not for the attractions but for answers from the beyond. l- >> belkeys: 7's patrick fraser
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report, spiritual journey. >> people come to fla to enjoy the prernghts to build forhe future. here they comfort past. >> they may want to spak to their mother, their father or their child. >> >> so eye lot of people come here for many reasons. >> casa deg ga is a small town in florida with 100 residents aism church, a book store. and an apartment complex. each of the residents here are one thing in common. they are spirit tiew 58 lift. >> a spiritual lift say person who believes in exiewn indicang with the other side of life. in other words they believe that we never die. that that is a fall a sivment we keep on living just in a different spiritual realm inn a
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in ca sa de ga they believe each us has a spirit and after you or a loved one pass ways, the spirit tiew lift with with communicate with the spirit. >> that those people are still around us, still loving us and cacang on what goes on in our life and itring comfort and healing to people. >> have you to take care of yourself, es spcialgly your stomach. okay. i have a very strong discome ford oormt john wk with us. march ga rerita talked to him andid a freergd him. >> and i have a big j, o k a big j so very strong. for me this could be like a father listening to spirits is not new in c c a adega. john cul by was was who moved here and created the community for just the spirits. and now they come here to speak to loved ones. we have people who come here
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as far as japan even. >> don't think you have a spiemplet many people laugh and able to communicate with the spirit of loved ones. sthe have verd heard from there all the skeptics. we don't want to be be scene as fortune tellers. people have a misconception that ca sa de ga has a bunch of witches and we ant witches. we are mediums, we are psych iks. we are heel ears his wife was hit with cancer. she had the ability to communicate with spirits and afteshe died he came here to speak to her. >> i wanted to know iff it was the biggest farce perpetrated on man kind or if it is real and if it's really wanted to contact you. and it's real. >> and he sat down with her.
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i don't know if he was a military. >> the j who might nb the military is a father to him. johnny's father's name was job. he did national security for the government and passed away eight years ago. very proudf you. there is a message here for you from him. don't you ever forget you're family. and those that walk before you. >> in ca sa deg ima there is a message here for every one. if you believe you can take a spiritual journey. >> i'm patrick fraser. 7 news. >> belkeys: next up from the newsplex. comic fans marveling over ts edition of the franchise that has hit the silver screen. >> danielle: detail in reel news. stay with us.
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>> danielle: hollywood hoping to win your hearts this long holiday weekend with a lietd harltd look at livering single. hugh to be sing sell onef three e lm in movie theater giving them laughs and action and high fashion. >> belkeys: shireen sandoval is live in the newsplex with a sneak peak in tonights reel news. is actual light. neurotic super hero. tips on how to be sith and a male model doing his best blue steel all finding a place on the silver screen this w wkend. >> surprise. this is a different kind of super hero story. >> danielle: the long awaited dead pool story hitting ryan reynolds. and the movie has how march develops got his super strength and yes uses his powers to seek revenge veng on the man who disfigured him and tried to to win back his girl andt appears dead pool has caught the a acting bug.
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ryan ren aldz movies with one slight adjust mea, making them good. dead tool spool rated r. >> let me seech you how to be single. if you don't have apecial something one this hole val intines day you can laugh long with how to be sing em. a come can i in new york city. rebel with wilson gives movie goers on line dating advice. >> you should be honest in the stuff you write in the profile. no pnt in make crap up and oarks old like photo shopping your photos to match or something. you know maybe a little bit. how to be single is rated r. >> we're wack. >> they sure are and while you practice your own blue steve. zoo launder two features ben still and o enwilson. this time with a blizzard of so celebrity camis. >> we got trump in the movie
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in the first movie which was great. thanks donald. but on this one we were slipping on celebrities. every one wanted to be involved. a the lost incoming calls. zoo launder is rated pg13. of course these movies will try to karate chop. cung too panda no. 3 which was no. 1 at the box office last week. shireen san do vavment 7 news. >> belkeys: aws m om thank shireen. >> dananlle: and this is 7 news at 5:30. i'm danielle knox. >> belkeys: and i'm belkeys nerey. 7 news at 6:00 starar right now. >> now on 7 news. a baby car jacked outside a south florida business. tonight police say the person responsible tracked down. a series of shootings at schools across south florida. just one station there whether cops make another arrest. a meeting. 1000 years in the making the
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make history in havana and another historic development u.s. airlines will@be lewd to take flight to cuba again. 7 news with life team coverage. also tonight. an attack had wung woman fearing the worse. but what has happened since. nothing short of a miracle. it's tonights low down. >> this is 7 news at 6:00. >> now at 6:00, police say he was caught on cram before taking a baby for a wild ride. tonight seven news there when this suspect istopped. >> >> belkeke: hello and welcome every one. that infant recovered ave frightening ride. >> craig: case after police have made an arrest. sheldon fox live on the scene in fort lauderdale tonight. sheldon. >> reporter: craig and belkeys, this guy likely thought he was committing a relatively petty criesm opportunity. but police say he was dng
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now he is busted for it. >> hey man,, why did you take the car. >> reporter: no answer from the teen in the superman shirt. >> did you take that car with the baby inside. >> reporter: fort lauderdale cops say that's exactly what 17-year-old brian jean did monday and why he was walked into the juvenile assess meant center on friday. >> reporter: his prints said to be on the in side of the car stolen from ththlawn dro malt on sunrise boulevard. a car which contained extremely precious cargo. >> i left td car running with the baby signed because she was sleeping and a didn't want to wake her. >> reporter: sue sellly lopez told us what the sururou are video would later show. her car taken by a shady character with the laundromat the man walked up and it didn't seem like it was nopt not his car you next kind of just cast you ool all. real cast you a. and then he drove off and i saw the police
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here's m me security video of that horrified mom who was just trying to get the wash done while letting her 10-month-old sleep soundly. some three hours lawyer and after an amber alert w issued and panic felt from fort lauderdale and beyond. a mom's chevy crews was found ditched around power line road and mick nafnlt baby still signed unharmed. she would be reunited mom. >> did you take that car? >> reporter: and the cops say the guy that put them through hell is now locked up. >> >> reporter: and it took nearly five days to catch with this guy. they called it auto theft and kidnapping. live in fort lauderdale. sheldon fox. 7 news. >> belkeys: just one taition there when another reas is made after shots we fired at a south florida high school. and security stepped up at another school that also came under fire. 7's jessica hoy is live at


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