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tv   Channel 7 News at 630PM  FOX  February 15, 2016 6:30pm-7:00pm EST

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near a park. >> danielle:ust an incredible story. alex deprado live on the city of miami with the details. alex. >> reporter: danielle, get at this hour, how did this happen? was the driver cut off or was he not paying attention or wooz it something else when he plunged off this i-95 and count here into an area near jose marty park. on impact the gbage truck split in two. the cab came loose fromm the actual part of truck that hault garbage. there was also # cars hit here. we can tellou according miami fire rescue the driver has been takem to jackson hospital where he is in serious condition. he was the only person injured in all of this. we also have video from 7 skyforce to give you an yairl view. you'll be able to see just how miraculous this is that the driver survived and considering the truck he was in took a
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this happened at 5:00. at this hour police have the area around hor jose marty park closed off as well as the exixi to southbound 7th street from i-95 south. the truck was traveling on southbound i-95 when this happened. a large investigation getting on here in the city of miami. witnesses have told us it sounded like lightning when, like lightning and thunder when you're close to lightning and thunder. that's what it sounded like as this truck plunged 100 feet off the highway. at this hour there is a very strong smell of gasoline in the area. it appears there is some sort of fuel leak from the vehicle. the of firefighters tell us they haven't been able to speak with the driver yet. obviously because he was jured, to figure out what happened here. >> and they say it is a l lge scene but it's miraculous no one
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considering this happened ate park no. school today and this areaa is usually crowded with children and th@ir families. so as we get more information we'll pass it lonto you. that is the situation here in miami. i'm alex diprato. live 7 news. >> lynn: also today a dangerous drive for a south florida would. police say she s parking her car in the driveway when the engine suddenly reffed up. it happened in lat lauderhill. the vehicle dartd cross the street and slammed into that garage. a neighbor jump nothing action and pulling her out of car. >> my kids called me and said daddy, hurry up. the lady next door got hurt. the car ran in the garage. i ran in there, kicked wint do out and dragged her out. >> >> lynn: wow, look. that no one was seriously hurt. she was not hurt blade.
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investigation. >> detectives trying to solve a high pri hies heist. owners of the jewelry storereays a man wearing a ski mask walked in yesterday morning and piss doll whipped an employee and locked two in the bath room on sheraton street. the crook getting away with hf half a million dollar in jewel and police still snrot found this guy. if you know anything about it, call police. >> d dielle: and cable giant comcast is work on restoring the unit after a nationwide outage. from florida to new york and then to california. last check the company says almost every one's service however has been restored and it wiwi continue to work well into the night until all of their 27 million sub describe vers have their cable back on. >> lynn: republican voters in south carolina dayay way from make their voises heard.
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is looming two presidential locked in a war offords and one is threatening to sue. sheldon fox with the latest i think he is a unstable guy. >> reporter: donald trump sp on fire or least firing off po shots at political opponents like ted cruz. >> i have never met a person that lies as much as ted cruz. `>> and jeb bush. >> he the exclamation point didn't work so now he is using bush. >> a former president george w bush was a trum target over the weekend for luge the 9/11 taks thoop according trump. trump echoed those sen ta mants monday in charleston. >> the worse took nfer this country was during his presidency. but trum kept blaflght cruvment he threatened legal action for being e subject of a recent
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>> we will file legal action if he doesn't remove it because he is a lying guy. >> said said. >> two candidates in this race, trump and rubio both have the same pattern, when ever any one points out t tir record, they simply start screaming, liar, liar, liar. >> reporter: john kasich staid way from the slug fespeak at a rally in michigan. >> i don't like mission big. big labor, big business, big government. >> reporter: back at home rubio spoke about how the cocotry lost sca lee and how to replace the judge after his body was transported to washington from texas. >> the next president should replace sca lee a. i will look for someone as much like scalia as possible. >> reporter: rubio, bh and trum all scheduled to be in
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jeb has a rally planned for his brother6:00. we're live in the plex. sheldon fox. 7 news. >> lynn: well, yeah, we e ve a little wet weather to deal with but look at thvment oldan winter delivering a miss ra bell monday for s seral states from record shattering cold over the weekend to storm pacaing heavy rain in the for cachts the east coast continues to deal way messsswinter mivment andrew spencer has that. >> reporter: and over the last couple of days some of the coldest temperatures we've seen in new york city in the last 20 years. >> reporter: on the heels of an extreme freeze croots northeast this weekend, another front will be coping from the midwest through the eastern sea board. more than 85 million people are expected to endure snow and freezing rain into tuesday. >> it is still bit lir cold outside. want people to take precaution. >> reporter: the washington metro areas are not taking the warnings lightly. virginia department of transportation crews spent
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spreading sand and salt on roadways throughout northern virginia. >> these roads will be treacherous. >> reporter: washington dc feeling the effects of the front monday morning saw near whiteout conditions. and in boston sea s ske forming over the water. the fog is kree whaitd cool air moves over the wmer waters. and in the midwest chunks of size have formed long lake michigan belmont harbor in chicago no. >> not every one is 450egd the warnings. >> what are you doing out on a bicycle going the wrong way on i-52. >> well, you're not ah lod to ride the wiek down that way and i'm hungry. sometimes i have to do what have you have have to@ do. >> reporter: andrew spencer. 7 news. >> danielle: also on 7, new video release fded of fidel castro in a major meeting. the 89-year-old sitting down with the pay tree ark of the russian orthodox church.
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down in havana between pay free at ca row and pope francis raising hope for peace. >> those two held the the first meeting in nearly a thousand years athavana's air pompletd cuba's hosting of the meeting reflected the growing profile on the world stage since it restored kip low make the ties with the u.s. last year. >> lynn: pope francis with a special message in mexico. the poon tiff holding mass in the southern state of chee a pass in three native languages in the region and his homily. he melted two core concernsment one a preef yaition for mexico's culture and the other to cie cair for the enviewer many meant which is close to his heart. and he stressed to fight corruption and fight drug violence. >> danielle: well, coming up on 7 news at 6:30. skiers strapping on gear and heading up the slopes but never they did. >> lynn: and fire crews
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flames and it would take hours. >> danielle: and a round up on the highway when a tractor trtrler run into trouble.
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>> danielle: crews rushing to make a ski resort rescue when people get stuck in the air. dozen traveling in tram when suddenly the car stopped moving and it was sub zero o nditions. >> lynn: skiers in new hampshire know what it's like to get left hanging after the the ski lift gets stuck. >> detach from that white rope. >> and mountain here in new hampshire expected to go down. >> four dose itch ceers and one site sceer were on board two tram when the cars suddenly
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swung hard and swung back and we knew there ways problem. the passengers in the car 40 feet up repelled down to safety. one by one with with the help of ski patrol. hi a comforting feeling ways being saved. >> lynn: the strande passengers came up with creative ways to pass the time waiting be rescued which for some was hours. >> every one was laughing and having fun. its was just a a different imrerchlts. >> lynn: executives s s it many nothing to do with the cold. a service brake caused the ride to stop. >> we actually run a tram spection of every tower and all the moving parts every single morning regdless if the tram will operate for the public that day or not. >> lynn: no one was injured. the passengers tated to warm drink and food when they returned to the lodge. >> that was good. >> and i'm sure they are happy to be growntd and a nice cup of
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>> danielle: and coming up from the plex trouble leaving firefighters hergd cattle. >> phil: and you're look here at louisiana, miss and tennessee and tennessee. a lot of heavy rain there possible flooding later on tonight.t. and ice will be a major headache tonight for north carolina and virginia and then snow. basically from new jersey through massachusets 2 inches expected. for us still a chance of rain tonight andnd tomorrow. forecast in just a couple minutes snie. >> lynn: all right phil and later to night on the drive. why drag your luggage whether you can wear. it you can wearr your luggage. isn't that exciting? we're check out the most innovative thing when someone added wheels do you remember luggage before >> danielle: no. >> lynn: come fly with deco night at 7:30.
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>> >> danielle: and taking you cross country here at the 6:30 show. fierce flames in louisiana. take a look. a fire spark trouble o a bridge near new or lean. you see the smoke there. firefighters battling this blaze for ten hours before finally putting it out. the amtrak service disrupted and officials say the area will have to be repaired. investigation. >>ynn: now to virginia.
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type of emergency here. rounding up cattle after the tractor trailer overturned on the highway. investigators say the truck was carrying 30 cows when it flipped off the the row. six cattle escaped and another six killed. the driver suffered minor injuries and charged with wreckles driving. >> now 7 weather with chieff meteorologist phil ferro. >> all right before tonight you can inspect a few showers, maybe a stray thunderstorm across south florida. all head of a front, the front right now still sititng across the southeast. check out the temperature across northern florida in the 60s from you you i-4 down. temperature remain in the 70s. storm tracker is showing that we do have dotted showers. that have moved in rather quickly along the east coast here of miami-dade.e. still a few more sitting off shore. this will be moving in our directions later on to night the big story is this front. look at all the rain here from
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mississippi. alabama, kentucky, tennessee. we have ice across north carolina and virginia. everythi in blue. that is snow. tail end of that will be moving in our direction tonight andn through the day tomorrow. small craft advisory this eefnlgt 20 knot winds. biscayne bay will be choppy. for nut florida keys also with an advisory. 20 knot wds. seas beyond the reef building four to 8 feet. next high tide will be at 3:04 in the morning. two hours later for the lower keys. water temperature at 69 degrees. for tononht. still mostly cloudy. every one will see a chance of some rainfall. and it will be windy as the breeze will pick up anywhere between ten, 15, 20 miles per hour. over night lows in the upper 60s inland to the low 70s just about every place else. now, by tomorrow we'fe looking agent mostly cloudy skies. a better chance faux six rainfall. some of the models are
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wee we start to dry out. here's your extend out look. wednesday lookingood. thursday morning we could see a low of 59. only a one day wear with that cool snap. that's your 7 on 7 forecast. 7 sports is next.
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time now for 7 sports with donovan campbell. >> we start the sports party with the cats losing four out of
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slide tonight against the pin. and they get started at the bb and t center. they gave uten goal in the last two games. that just won't get it done. >> we don't want to think any excuse but if you're mis age lot of good player. we have to move on and weave to play. we have to play good guys a`d compete with that. i'm not make com cues we have what we have and we have to show up and play. and that's right. and it appears the pens have the cats number since they faced pissberg twice this season and lost in over time both times. >> and doing with well. soy an a skilled team. that will be our main goal tonight. if we can score seven and they get six, i'll take. it i don't care. we want to get playing to playing soiled. working and competing. >> presented with many gifts during theh final season, getting
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ever made from michael jordan shim self will be hard to top. i'm so jealous right now. making the last all-star appearan kobe bryant and more loch from his professional peers and finished with ten points. six, four and seven assists on the game you can teleenjoyed every moment. >t was fine. i had a blast. it was playing with those guys and you know laughing and smsming with them on the berveg and a got a chance to stop at the post and redeem what de to me when chicago came to town. all those thing were fun. hi a great time. and wade enjoyed his 12th all-star peerns but whenn your son get a chance to practice with kobe. wade knows how special that was for him and his son. >> great moments that one day hopefully they remember and more out going. went out and got his kobe moment like the rest of us and we went
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but you know just for the nba has done a great job of evolving our family and luge them to be part of this all-star weekend. good gi g- by could bir and a few weeks before the frenzy begin and la miller can't way. he has racked up 3000 yards for his career and 19 touch downs in mile. reports are the organization wants miller back. >> in a tweet miller says, he this to say i should say, i'm trying make next year the greatest story everold. hashtag, dream big. lamar i know what you meefnl i dream big every day. lynn and danielle back after this.
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>> lynn: inside edition coming up next. >> danielle: here is deb ro ra norville way preview.
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hours of anthony scalia inside the suite where his bodyy was found. >> and honey boo-boo's procedure to get rid of her double chin. o join us tonight at 7:00 on 7. >> repepter: that is 7 news at 6:30. thank you so much for watching. i'm danielle knox. >> lynn: happy president a's day. i'm lynn martinez. i'll sigh at 7:30 for deco and you'll see dab el 59:10. >> danielle: have a great night. >> lynn: good night. >> real-time closed captioning provided by u.s. captioning company. sca.
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>> [ music ] >> deborah: his final hours. >> inside the el presidente suite. where supreme court justice antonin scalia's body was found. and mystery over the pillows. >> ty say he was found with a a pillow over his head. >> then the disgraced former governor whose scandal inspired the good wife. has it happened again? >> what we learned about the young woman who ys she was
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>> and first time ever. three swimsuit models sharing the sporting illustrated cover. then, warming up your car. how it can be an invitation to disaster. is this a smoke signal to would be thieves? plus, honey boo boo's mama june. what she's doing to lose her double chin. exclusive. the nehigh-tech procedure she's undergoing to get rid of her jiggling chin. wait until you see the results. and this cop sang the national anthem with five minutes notice. after she got stuck in a blizzard. >> good afternoon, ladies and gentlemen. >> now they're teaming up for the duet do-over. and t rockets red glare now "inside edition" with deborah norville. >> deborah: hello everybody, and thanks for joining us. flags are at half staff in washington, d.c., and at the


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