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tv   Channel 7 News at 430PM  FOX  February 23, 2016 4:30pm-5:00pm EST

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martinez. >> danielle: the rain is on the way, and it has been a beautiful past few days. >> lynn: it is raining outside, but phil ferro is in the weather center with more. phil? >> phil: here are the headlines, and we could still see the clouds hanging around tonight. a few showers moving in with that cloudiness. right now, it looks like wednesday should be a wet day, especially late in the day. maybe between 8:00 and midnight. we have a lot of moisture moving in ahead of a front that could bring our lows back into the 50s by the end of the week. so here's the storm tracker. dotted activity, and the moisture continues to move in out of the south. as far as miami-dade is concerned, biscayne bay, coral gables, coconut gro, downtown miami, a little sprinkle just
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a few minutes ago, and in broward county, across i-95 here, just south of pompano beach, you're starting to see moderate rain here, and it will track towarpalm beach county. the real rainmaker, this spin with a trailing area of low pressure. everything will continue to movove to the east. and we'll be watching for that front. that front will be moving in during the day tomorrow, 8:00 at night and bring wit it better chance for rainfall. tonight, tomorrow, wind will pick up and rain on wednesday, late in the day, and once the ont goes through, we're going to start to cool down. how cool will it get? we'll look at that later on. >> lynn: thank you. two people shot suddenly outside of a miami apartment building. police say somebodyypened fire on northwest 2nd court and 14th street, hitting the man and the woman.
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and the woman in the hand. both were taken to jackson memorial hospital and are said to be okay. the police are searching for the gunman. the all-c-car at linden he elementary school. a factory worker noticed a strong smell of smoke. the crews responded to the% school in miami-dade, finding no trace of a fire. >> danielle: also on 7,0 a popular tech toyoy becoming a household fire as another hoverboard catches fire. this time turning to fear. >> lynn: victoria warren has the story. >> reporter: hoverboard danger. this is all that's left of an 11-year-old's hovererard. he was on it when his dad said there was a boom and waist high flames. >> he jumpedoch.
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teenage sister, and theyrabbed the family dog and ran out andnd called 9 9-1. there was a lot of smoke. luckily, the fire was small enough that the firefighters just needed an extinguisher. a family said that a hoverboard is to blame for their hoverboard burning down in january. two teenagers forced to jump out of a second story window. and this fire started when a hoverboard was charging, and shoppers were scared in a mall, a boom and a flaming hoverer board. he came home to find out how bad the damage s. and thankfully his kids are okay. the family is working on that extensive cleanup today. and the consumer product safety commission said that there are no hoverboards out there that
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so you shouldn't use them. victoria warn, 67 news. >> danielle: and taking you across, police finding a family of four dead inside of their phoenix home. they were shot and their house set on fire. the police are still investigating, but the reports are that the gunman and arsonist was part of the family. he too was found dead on the scene from a self inflicted gunshot wound. >> lynn: in san antonio, officials forced to cancel scho this morning. cars and buildinin riddled with hail from last night. >> the hail hit and that hail was probably golf ball to baseball sized.
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keeping all o the roads light. and we have a lot of damage. >> lynn: forecasters say that they could get hit with another storm today. zip going up in flames, 100 firefighters called to battle the blaze overnight, tackling the fire from all angles. the officials were able to keep the flames from spreading. besides the extensive damage to the building, no one was hurt. >> lynn: two officering hailed heroes for a reptile rescuen jacksonville. the video posted to the ships facebook page shows a sea turtle is tangled in a crab trap. the pair spotted the 9-foot turtle in distress when they went to help out. once free, the big guy gave the officers a flipper wave good-bye before swimming away.
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good they were there to help. >> lynn: take this offff >> danielle: coming up next from the news station, cameras rolling as a little girl is in deep trouble, she's sinking into the snow fast. >> lynn: and later, a south florida grandmother brought to tears after the grandchild she raised was put up for adoption without her knowledge.
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howard" with patrick fraser. a. >> danielle: caught on kapp, a dad desperately trying to rescue his little gir as she gets stuck in a snow hole. he would eventuallyyave to make the tough call to let go. he realized that he needed help getting her out so he took his chchced. >> lynn: well, that help arrived sooner than expected. and ristine cruz tells us more. >> reporter: you can barely see her little arms struggling to
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that's 10-year-old samantha white stuck in a hole while snowshoeing. >> when he tried to help, i fell more. >> reporter: her mom took this video, thinking that she was stuck in the snow. and she stopped and stepped in to realize when she realized that samantha was sinking deeper and deeper. >> i hear her, and i don't know hoho deep the hole was, i had no idea. >> reporter: her dad is a retired firefighter who has seen this narrative dozens of times before, never think that told be his own child. >> agonizing, my daughter screaming, don't let me go, daddy, wife yelling, don't let her go, honey. >> danielle: but he made the tough it decision to let her go. >> but the decision was to let
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>> danielle: samantha fell 10 feet and ended u u in frigid waters. her dad dialed 9-1-1 and by coincidence, the help he needed went walking by. >> reporter: 12-15 snowshoers came walking down the h)ll. i was preoccupied talking to the dispatcher, and one of them said, zhou need somesaiddo you need some help? and i said yeah, my daughter is 12 feet down, who flu and they said marin search and rescue. >> they put a rope down. >> they asked a lot of questions, did you hurt yourself in and i said no. and are you warmm enough? scale of 1-10, and i said a step above 6.
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back to the car. >> i still want togo to the snow but just not off the trails. >> reporter: the team of rescuers back out of training never knowing that it would end with the rescue. >> luckily. >> danielle: ahead from the news station, a family film can be yours to own. that and more in the playlist. >> lynn: and aetals meal so fresh that you're going to refuse to fork it over. >> reporter: his name is pepper, and the little guy is in the middle of a big dispute between a family and a local pet rescue. >> i said we're the dog's family. >> reporter: we'll show you how this doggone value exposes the lack of rescue pet regulation in
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tonight at 10:00. >> this is the guy. >> death penalty would be too good for him. >> lynn: a tight-knit team of investigators working to solve a murder involving one of their family members.
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>> danielle: and plus, the true story of a football star. 7's christine cruz has more in the playlist. >> your poor kids from a poor family. >> oscar front liner, "spotlight," uncovering the catholic abuse scandal. it's rated r. also ready to own, the family friendly animated movie, "the good dinosaur" rated pg. "mild american" is based on the real life story of the football player, freddie stein mire. it's rated pg. >> this is the guy, the death penalty would be too good for him. >> reporter: j jia roberts, nicole kidman star in the
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eyes" rated pg-13. >> i've been taken hostage. >> reporter: bruce willis stars in a cy-oprator who gets caught in an extraction. rated r. there's action and cedy with moonwalkers, jumping off the conspiracy theory about where the images of the moon landing came from. moonwalkers is rated r. >> you are the leadede of the new lion guard. >> reporter: the story of the lion king continues with the lion guard, return of the roar. from the world of tv, animated fun with shawn the sheep. >> there's a serious mission. nothing to laugh about.
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>> you're trying to seduce him. >> reporter: "the graduate" with dususn hoffman and ann bancroft. in music, bonnie rate releasees her latest, "dig in deep." >> reporter: macle moore and ryan lewis' latestest album hitting stores this week. and the 1975 dropping their latestle b, "i like it when you sleep." so beautiful and so unaware of it. the second solo album "the ridge" available fday. i'm christine cruz, 7 news. >> it has been a gray day in south florida with on and off showers. morning lows in the low 7. almost 10 above where they should be this time of year. typical highs in the upper
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79 in key west. 81 in miami. and 81 in fort lauderdale. as you can see, everyone getting a little bit of rain. especially key weses half an inch today. right now, mostly partly cloudy mostly cloudy skies. rain in the southeast, 13-17 miles per hour, and look at that humidity, 82%. 6 stormtracker showing dotted shower right across biscayne bay and downtown miami and the beaches, and everything is headed north. so broward, you'll probably see a few showewe next. what we're following is this area of low pressure with a trailing front. that will continue to move toward the east. we're going to get the tail end of that tomorrow night. for the time being, look at all of these advisories. everything in the ground, wind advisory. and a tornado watch until 11
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this is what the in-house had model is showing. cloudy and a few showers tonight and throughout much of the day tomorrow. now, we're going to start seeing changes by tomorrow night, between 8 p.m. and possibly midnight. the comes the front. the moisture and the humidity will be coming out of the south. it's going to be warm. and that r rn ahead of the actual front will probably move in right around midnight. storms obviously ahead of that ont, and once that clears, it will be chilly here across south florida, possibly starting thursday midday and then lasting throughout the weekend. here's the marine forecast tonight. threat of rip currents at the beach. wind out of the southeast, biscayne bay, moderate chop. for you in t t florida keys, exercise caution, especially for seas beyond the reef, building 3-5, coastal waters, moderate chop.
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water temperature, 72 . for tonight, whawe can expect, in and out clouds, isolated showers, owners in the mid 60s from the western suburbs to low 70s throughout the coast. the same for the keys and the wind throughout the south-southeast. tomorrow night, continuing to build. and rain late the day. highs in the low to mid 80s. what's average, 77, 78, 79 . so we're going to be well above that. by thursday, the f@ont has cleared, breezy, and then the cold air settles in, friday morning, 54. and 50 on saturday, waking up to 55 come summed. that's the 7-on-7 forecast. >> lynn: thank you, phil. >> danielle: leonardo decaprio has a plus-sized twin and he has an oscar brandished at him. >> lynn: and he has his own reality show.
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know do you see the resemblblce? >> reporter: hold your hoser, leo. a 43-year-old russian security guard is living large as leonardo decaprio. he is definitely a more portly version. nothing had mini me about him. >> he's leo's mega me. >> reporter: but buried in there somewhere, his heart belongs to leo. the resemblance exploded on social media last month. the two looks not described as friday night/satury morning. and perez said, "i don't see it. while his twin replied, i do. and now a show called romance with decaprisio. his tv show is sort of a modified makeover. voice lessons, and consultlt with a dietitian.
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undergoes cosmetic procedures to look more like the real decaprio. and just like the revenant, coming to fame. even a tower in a russian shopping mall. women took turns posing with him. and he didn't get quite as swept away as in the movie. for those of you who don't think that they have much of a resemblance. takeke this. leo's twin did an adaptation of the bear scene with an alternate ending. so far no response from leo's pr people. does he find it unbearable to have his likeness mauled by an
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[ screams ] >> hey, everybody, i'm belkeys nerey. two hours of news straight ahead. here's a look at the lineup. a teenager too young to drive coming under fire after the police say he tried to carjack a couple, but they turned the tables. a crashlanding caught on camera when a pilot is forced toourn a street into a runway, and the
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people flock together beach. >> that is 7 news at 4:30. thank you for watching. i'm lynn martinez. >> danielle: and i'm danielle knox. the news at 5:00 starts now. >> now on 7 news. >> craig: an accused teenage car jacker winds up in the hospital after a passenger fights back and opens fire. we're live. people are forced out of their homes of ave resident makes a big mistake. >> phil: take a look at all that cloudiness across the southeast. it should move in tomorrow mile. what can we expect? >> craig: president obama lawrvelging a final push to close the u.s. military prison at guantanamo bay. nevada vote eshz getting ready to voice their choice in the press den shap shall caucus.p and a new view as a small plane take a big dive into on coming traffic. >> craig: hello and welcome
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>> belkeys: i'm belkeys nerey. 7 news tips now at 5:00. this is 7 ns at 5:00. >> >> belkeys: now a 5:00a a suspected teen car jacker learning a lesson. >> and they sought guy and the guy lying in the street. >> after a mang fights back taking aim and turning the tables. hello again every one. cops say the victims were ambushed at an intersection. investigators say one of the young men involved w only 13-year-old and we come under fire. sheldon fox live open t t scene in north miami beach with more. sheldon. >> and it's on of those unbelievable stories craig and belkeys. the victims turning the tables on the suspect. the suspect who is hospitalid right now and will be facing some serious charges once he recovers. >> on this north miami beach street, the guns were out.
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attempted caracker was accused of using one but becauau one of the victims used one to stop the crime. >> the light flashing light out the window and a went out and saw six, seven police car and a guy lying in the street. >> reporter: eduardo fernandez witnessed the after naght of of what miami beach cops call a flawed car jack attempt. and 16th enue and one 13 yeerld robber approached a aonda civic. a woman behind the wheel yelled to her passenger, hey, hey, hey, this guy at with window and has a fire arm. that the time the passenger removed his firearm and shot two times. he was afraid for his life. he was protecting himself and hirs his girlfriend. down went the 13-year-old who was rushed to rierd trauma center. three other men ran off. neither people in the honda were


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