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tv   Channel 7 News at 530PM  FOX  February 23, 2016 5:30pm-6:00pm EST

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miami-dade fire rescue transported one person to jackson ma memorial hospital. no word on that person's condition. we don't know exactct what happened f. there was some sort of a medical emergency but this is happening just near county line road and as you take a look it is a huge mess out thrsm definitely you'll want to use an alternate if you're heading out or know someone who s.441 or u.s. 1. agn, an accident on the turnpike affecting traffic in both directions of. fhp says it is quite a mess at least three laips are blocked. for now reporting from the news desk. robbin simmons. 7 news. >> lynn: all right. now also here at 5:30, a south florida woman accused of trying to take out her husband take the the stand. police and prosecutors say that she hired a hit man. >> danielle: but she wants the charges dropped. 7's jessica holly is live a athe palm beach county courthouse with the details on this story.
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that woman accused in a murder for hire scheme in 2009 accused of trying to hire a hit man to kill her husband. now in court hoping to have the the case, the charges all dismissed. let's go to video and take you inside the courtroom. her name is daliah dip po lee to. she is 33-year-old and hoping the charges against her are thrown out this. case known around the world after it was featured on an episode of cops. during the hearing today she told the judge that she ian actress and she was hoping that this meeting would be taped with the mit man and she was acting during. that it was a project she says that would be post ond line in hopes of jump starting her acting career. the hit man was an undercor officer with the boynton beach police department and the whole thing was taped by police instead. dip po leet to was convicted in 2011 and the court of appeals throughout the conviction after they said the jury in the case was tainted.
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the charges against her will be dropped before that date arrives. a decision i i not expected today but when that happens of course we'll bring it to you. reporting flifer west palm beach, jessica holly. 7 news. >> >> lynn: a growing memorial outside an elementary school thatlost a student to gun violence. police now taking to the streets. 7's lorena estrada with the story oomplet. >> >> reporter: as each day passes nine mememial for six yeerld king carter continues to grow. the p pters made by students who went to school with the first grader this. one saying rest in peessments another you will be be missed. >> earlier tuesday police returned to the scene as they continue to hunt for those responsible. a lease not the only with ones king a action. on monday hups gathered to pray for king carter and his family. they also marched to the streets and then to the park where king
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king's father demand age stop to the violencnc >> and after my son is deceased. king carter is time to bill up. if i havave to stop doing everything i have done. it's time to bill iewvment and his body found after being hit by a stray bullet sunday of a noon. he was just playing outside. a crime happening too often in south floda. >> in the past six months alone ovov 60 children have been shot. over the past 12 months, 24 have been killed. and the fight for justice and demand for peace. miami-dade police is offering $26,000 for any iormation that helps threed an arrest. if have you any information, call miami-dade crime stoppers at 305-471-tips. in northwest miami-dade. lorena estrada. 7 news. >> danielle: t search for a shooter is on after two people come under fiempt t t duo hit by
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build long northwest 17 mg miami. bullets also leaving holes in the building. both victims taken to the hospital and arere expected to on can. >> danielle: an emergency evacuation in nortast miami-dade. students and staff forced out of linda lynnton elementary after a faculty member smelled smoke there. firefighters find nothing trace of a blaze and aloud wierch back inside just a short time later. >> several banks and other organizations making a major effort to help low income families. low income working a families out. it's called bank on miami. representative offering assistance at the steven p clark center today. the im tiff connects families with financial coach and safe affordable and innovative financial ways to actually help them out in the future. as we setd the initiative connects families with financial coach and other things to get them back on their feet and
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we provide the financial education. financial coaching. free tax preparation and those kinds of of service that's can be more than just smepg one get connected to an account. but really work well together. >> lynn: officials say about eight% of south florida house of holds a a with without bank accounts and 21% without access to main stream financial services. >> >> danielle: and coming in of off the sealt lights tonight a massive train catching fire. crews battling the blaze ten stories up near a melbourne apartment building. the thample crane had fallen just crashing down. an electrical firin the crane's motor is said to be the cause. several cars were damaged. >> lynn: on now to california. massive fire ripping through a warehouse in southern california. the blaze near los angeles burn thriewght roof as well as cars and vans being stored signed.
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working to extinguish it but the building was destroyed. the cause of the fire is not yet flown. two tennessee boys arrested accused of vandalizing dozen of cars at a dealership. the crime caught on surveillance camera near cat ta knew ga. windows. taillights and headlines just destroyed on about 70ars there. some of the vehicles were classics by the way. catch estimatat at $250,000. >> lynn: a business owner taking a stand against crime by arming the office. man requiring all employees at at a a lan ta based insurance company to get a concealed weapons pmit sevment also providing every worker with a handgun so o ey can be ail to defend themselves he says if someone tries tot ron his business or harm. they he says the murder of a relative influenced this decision. >> danielle: well, coming own 7 news here at 5:30 a garbage truck plunges off ankle interstate leaving the driver fighting for his life to. night his 'tis sister talking to
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>> lynn: one day ave horrifying hit and run up volume age student. police may have a break in t f case wrevment light. >> danielle: a tearful day in court. a teen comes face to face with the doctor she says molested her. hear her tough testimony ierks. >> lynn: and a boy riding a hoverboard inside the house when trouble sparks again. >> phil: all ride so. tomorrow we have a front nothing. so some late dayhowers. a warm one and then the front moves through and by friday morning waking into the 50s and that cold air will stick around at least through the weekend. the entire out look in a couple minutes.
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>> danielle: well, a hot toy
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massachusets family regrets ever even buying it. a young boy was using hi hoverboard when it created quite the house hazard. >> lynn: tonight he is talking to steve cooper about it. >> when it started smoke i backed off of it and then it went up in flames. >> reporter: 11-year-old calm rg, cool and collected home from school and descriebs the momentst when his hoverboard started smoke and bust into flames monday night when he was riding had it inside his house in chelz ford. >> i was like oh my gosh aipped jumped off real quick and i you know grabbed the dog. >> reporter: grabbed the d and ran outside which is when his older sister allison, a senior at chum chel ms ford high jump noopped action and called 911. >> my brother's hoverboard caught on fire. every one is outside. >> whatt is on fire. >> my brotherrers hoverboard. >> reporter: fire investigators returned to the
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what wasas left of the 6th 6th graders christmas present. well wear of of the fire dap ger these popular toys have wk across the country in recent months. >> don't keep them in your home.% that's my advice. >> reporter: need less to say owen's classmates had loss of questions at school for hip today. >> and every one was asking me how did it happen? owen and his family were find. no one hurt and the damage can be fixed. >> reporter: do you have a message to other kids that have them? i don't know. and sos as the investigation continues, owen towlsd late this afternoon he has no eye plans on getting another hoverboard any time soon. we're live in chel ms ford tonight. steve toop coop per. 7 news. >> lynn: all right we're keeping our eyes on this developing story. a picture of the turnpike here. a live picture of the traffic situation. miami gardens north and dowj pound lanes affected some howvment the driver of that
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almost went over to the other side and now traffic is backed up way back there. you can see for miles. we'll keep our eye ons the situation. one driver sent to the hospital but north other cars affect oovmentd. >> we'll have more coming up. >> danielle: and also tonight a classroom of middle schoolers not having to worry about someone stealing their chair. see what it it come to healthy lifestyle. >> lynn: and a show of a south florida chef quhipg up a recipe to help healthy eed eaters stay on track. weel week weeg going boo grab a "bite with belkeys" coming up. >> danielle: and a south florida movie. find out how hard it wasans of of the rock to be quiet open the set.
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>> >> lynn: all right. how bay vegetarian dish that's totally italian for dinner tonight? >> danielle: low lern how to make a classic dish from the old country as we grab a bite with with belkeys. jiet the chef peter moss seeel low of scott scare up side miami
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>> when you come to corsair. it's a mediterranean qua diseefnlt everything is fresh and d om local farms. we make fres fresh pasta ever day and dining right on the golf comples receipts tour apt taking part in the south beach wine and food festival vavment it's on february 25th and called east mess west. a refind tailgate here. if you come you co can try o o of chef peters specialties. like the dish we're making today no gee pam ma gore dor ro. >> it's a gusher people love here? >> start by putting a baked potato into a food mill. >> we scraipt potato out of skin. mill the potato a and mix with flour. make a hole in the center. assault and egg yoke and blend 'til the 'do dough storm. cut into strip and roll into logs and cut into bite size
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and press against the no gee board he creating ridges. now for the the sauce, put olive oil in aot pan and decided tomatoes and seasonith kosher salt this. should cook here for about 30 to 45 minutes. in another hot pan make an infusion with olive oil. crushed garlic. red pepper flakes and basil leechtz mix well and cook it down. when the tomatoes get sof break them down and add the in fused oil. let it cook for another 20 minutes or so. now it's type for the no key. put in boiling wer and when they fleet they are ready. it takes a couple mip tox finish pawt sauce nay pafnlt add the pause ta ta water and then the no gee: gmocci. >> and plate with a drizzle of olive oil. with the no gee i recommend this
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here's our know chee key palma dor o. that look so great im chef. the recipe and my bite blog is the preechts if you crick on on lin scravment chef peters will share a secret regegding check. so you live in the newsplex. i'm belkeys ner. bon appetitto. now, 7 weather with chief meteorologist phil ferro. >> >> phil: and goo afternoon every one. here is the big view coast to coast. look at thcht this is an area of low pressure with a trailing front. going to cost a big weather mess over the next couple of days ong the southeast. east coast and then northeast wrevment going to get thehe tail end of that very late tomorrow. temperatureseright now across the u.s. 77 degrees right here in south florida. 50s, 40s and 30s up and down the the east coast. three in mine miles per hour and 76 degrees in l.a. so this is the storm tracker.
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the miami radar is down this afternoon. still looking at some dotted showers moving in across northeastern miami-dade. southern broward. a lot of this just false echos. meanwhile all the way down south by the lower fla keys. we're looking at dotted activity moving in anywhere from key west through big pine and we're going to see a lot more moisture moving in during the day tomorrow. >> now we could have that area of low pressure. that will continue to make it's way towards the northeast. by tomomrow cloudy. warm, thunderstorm ses all up and down the east coast anhen by thursday. the low continue to move way. we're going to see ate lot of snow of moving in from the great lakein through possibly the northeast by the time friday rolls around. so some areas may see up to 18-inches of snow. for us this is what we're tooking at. high pressure will stick around at least throughout the kay tomorrow. not a big change. cloudy aicht few showers. but nowy 8:00 p.m., we start
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with we will probably see some rain between 8:00 p.m. and midnight. some of thaha rain could be in the form of strong thunderstorms then once the front clears on thursday. chilly air move in and that cool air could stick around through the weekend. here's the marine forecast. small craft exercise caution. threat of rip currents. biscayne bay with a moderate chop. for you throughout floridada keys, 15 knot winds. seas beyond the reef three to 5 feet and coastal waters a moderate chop. next high tide 9:17. 10:29 for the lower keys. uv in gesm desm tomorrow at 8:00. so the clouds will stick around tonight. clear skies and then clouds and then clear skies again ch o or night lows in the mid 306's for the western suburbs. low 70s for the coachts the wind out of south. now tomorrowlouds will build. a better chance of rain late in the day. highs in t`e low to mid 80s. here's your extend out look. after the front moves fliewvment
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and that's your 7 on 7 forecast. >> danielle: we will take it. thank i have much phil. well kids taking a stand when it come to healthy learning at a south florida middle school. students at hialeah gardens middleaight lesson in proper nutrition and physical activity. 40 expand beabl desks have been flaited to the school. the kids as you can imagine thrilled wild and wheeling them to class. >> i'm excited because they are easy to move around and get into groups and the other classes when you're sittingn a regular desk you get sleepy and board night desks are being used in about 30 schoolsls around the country. several studies revealed negative effects of@ just sitting all day long. >> lynn: that is so true. you are more pro cuk tiff when you're standing a. good for them. >> danielle: should we stand. >> lynn: we should but i'm too lays disivment we'll do it tomorrow. >> danielle: next up from the newsplex.
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a relative and then sippedly thehe the child is put up for adoption. what rites do you have? it's tonights "help me howard" with patrick tbraiz our. >> danielle: and a south flflorida museum wild life center losing one of it's guests.
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>> danielle: your child has a child andou want to raise the baby but your child decides to put it up for a dongs without telling you. >> lynn: and now the question is do you have a right to see your grandchild or know where he she s. it's why one woman called "help me h hard" with a patrick grey our. >> >> some things break your heart. >> that was last day i had seen my grand daughter to. think i buckled her had in the
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her ain. >> jennifer was talking about her grand daughter monroe who hepped was important last seseember. >> did you help raise the baby. >> i solely took care of the baby. >> when she was pregnant jennifer's daughter wasn't sure she wanted to keep the baby eye told they're this wouldn't change they're life. she could go back to school and she would do anything she wanted to do and i would be there for the baby. and so jennifer's daughter and grand daughter lived with her in a home she filled with clothes and toys for monroe. >> she had everything. i crested her like a princess every night. at night she lived in jennifer's room. i adored the baby. i lived to stay up atnight and in the morning. i loved it. jennifer was happy. her daughter was troubled. she was on a very bad rollcoaster with with her emotions. doing a lot of drying. >> then right before christmas
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jennifer's daughter said she wa taking the baby to show to her friends. a few hourur later jennifer got a phone cavment mom, i know your going to hate me for this soy wouldn't be coming home. i gave the baby up. i just started screaming. no, no, no you're lie. jennifer taste daughter told her she had given monroe to an adoption agency. devastating jennifer. >> whatdy do wrong? didi i pay too much teangs to the baby? was she jel iewssments she called police and went to dcf and went to court. she was told the same thing. we can't tell you anything about your grand daughter. private and confidential. so she just disappeared. she's gone. i worry about her all the time. jennifer's daughter changed her phone number and moved way and jennifer has no idea where her little grand daughter is. i'm her biological grandmother and i love her as much as a love
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>> howard, legally what can jennifer do? >> this ip horrible. it is terrible because the law does not recognize grandparents rites meaning once the mother put the child up for adoption, even the mother lost any rites. as for what the grandmother can do to change thing. she can not. jennifer he is the father. infant wanted nothing to do th the baby. the adoption agency wouldn't tell me anything. even if the baby who suffers from mass is doing okay. we had nothing good to tell jennifer. >> i have to get this baby back. >> jennifer won't give up and is leaving the baby's room the way it was the day she was give wane. she's been told s has no legal rites but she is hoping for a miracle. if they are really good people and they care about the baby, they need to bring the baby back home where she belongs and that's the truth. >> itseem so unfair for jennifer to never see her grand daughter grow up but the state
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grandmotherrers feelings. state's concern is what is best for the baby. and in the state's eyes no one, even the mother has a right to know who has the child. with this "help me hard," i'm patrick phrase, 7 news. >> lynn: that is harar breaking. >> danielle: a tough one. yeah. >> lynn: that is 7 news at 5:3030 i'm lynn martinez. >> danielle: i'm danielle nomplet 7 news at 6:00 begins now. >> now on 7 news, main surviving a terrify king flung o o the highway. >> ain'tobody like that. he is dead. i honestly thought he was dead. >> his family talking about the long road to recovery on just one station. >> evidence mownd mounting after a teenager is struck by a hit a and run driver stop. night a man facing questions from police. >> you're car maybe muting you in danger but you may not even knkn. it an easy way to find out if you're driving a a risky ride.
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>> and baywatch is back. sphars in our backyard as south florida becomes center stage. >> craig: and developing at 6:00, a major traffic mess o td turnpike affecting the northbound and southbound lanes on miami imoor dens. details next at 6:00. >> this is 7 news af at 6:00. >> now at 6:00, main fighting for survival, tonight hisamily holding out hope. >> i for sure thought my brother was dead. >> talking to just one station afafr the driver goes over the edge. >> craig: good evening everybody. his truck crashed through a barrier and fell at least a hundred feet. >> belkeys: tonight relatives are still in disbleft father sur viesmed 7's rosh lowe live at jackson memorial hospital where that victim is being streetd. rosh. >> reporter: when you use the word incredible when.
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boy do they apply to this story. first of all here have you a driver, goes off i-95 he is in his truck and falls 100 feet and he survives. then there's the miracle that he is recovering day by day and then think about this. think about being a family member and these images are every where, tv, social media and you look at those im ma ge and say oh my go, my b bther is dead. i thought my brotheras gofnt i was like, he is dead. like, can't nobody survive that? like he is dead. like, i honestly thought he was dead. i just kept calling and his fiance called me and said he is still alive. was literally wreath still on the ground. >> andnd painched hole in the roof today. >> reporter: smimg was in florida when she sawhese images on the news.


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