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tv   Channel 7 News at 4PM  FOX  February 25, 2016 4:00pm-4:30pm EST

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leading to heartbreak. >> danielle: and the stage is stacked for a republican show dowp. gop candidates getting ready to face off tonight with super tuesday just days away. >> good afternoon everybody. two moror teens shot in south florida. >> lynn: and the rampantun violence cutting another lief way too short and that has people in the community saying enough. sheldon fox is live in northwest mied where a rally will be held tonight. sheldon. >> reporter: and the police are looking for the public's help as well. they say they have no motive or suspects in these case. let's take to video right now and try to sort these ut four of the storere reso sad and so awful. david gold born was taken yesterday. he was 17 years old and just walking home from the store when according to his 13 yeerld cousin who was with him. someone pulled up, exited a car and shot david deachtd no one in that general area was a hurt. but then around the same time just block way. 16-year-old de quon gordons was
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fety by a friend. he is now at jackson memorial hospital and in recovery thankfully. daquon was hit in the knee and you'll hear from hi father nay moment. these shootings come from an awful stretch of of gun violence in miami-dade county. 7 news invited to the into the home of the late david gold born's family this morning. someone came out of car and shot him? and how far away from you when he was shot? >> i was right down the street. >> we can't keep losing people. this unnecessary killing and shooting, it has to stop. >> >> reporter: and that was the father. victim who was hit in the knee and is recovering. you're look now at more video from jackson memorial hospital where family members reacted to
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we'll have much nor on this on 7 news at 5:00 and at 6:00. but right now your help is need. if you know anything about these shooting that happened very close to one noancht some family members in some cases feel they were connected in some way. 305-471-tips. the number to crime stotoers in miami-dade county. scops not saying whetherthere's a connection but they need your help right now. if you know anything pick up the phone and click cash for the right anonymous tip to cops ch we're live in northwest miami-dade. sheldon fox. 7 news. >> lynn: all right sheldon and from those impact frtd the string of shootings to residentnt every one pushing for peace and saying enough is enough. much more on that part of story tonight at 6:00 oofl. >> >> danielle: and taking a live look outside right now. temperatures getting ready to tumble tonight. south florida will be feeling the 50s. chief meteorologist phil ferro is in the weather center with the chilly detail. phil. >> phil: and it was a beautiful day here across south florida. this will be the startrt of a cool
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through the weekend. clear night across the area. we're going to seat temperatures tumbling into the 50s like you mentioned staying dry. and then for friday, we're looking at an afternoon with temperaturur barely making it to right around 70 deal. mostly sunny. light breeze. do i believe however the coldest day will be saturday morning where we may see up to 40s to low 50s across the area. right now totally dry across south florida. high pressure is building in and that will be the pattern through sunday. here ma that high. it will be breezy tonigig and tomorrow. and that high pressure will be pushing in the cold air across south florida. average low 63. typical high 79.. take a look at your wake up temperature tomorrow. 53 degrees. 50 come saturday morning but in the w wtern suburbs, it could be in the u7er 40s.
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we gradually warm up as we movee wednesday. i'll have a lot more in our chilly forecast a little later on. >> #. >> lynn: two more zika cases reported in south florida that now bring the total up to 13 in miami-dadend 35 total in the state of florida including broward and other highlighted counties. this coming in as three florida women tested positive for the the virus on wednesday. virus especially dangerous to pregnant woman and new mothers making a possible connection to babies born with unusually small heads ch a defect that can signal underlined brain damage. out of 35 confirmed cases in florida, only four are still exhibiting symptom. symptoms include a suttle rarchlt doctor say it includes feef vemplet joint pain and red-eye there. currently is no vaccine a 24 hour zika hot line in florida to answer questionsnd
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the the screen. 855-622-67 35. we'll also have that posted on our web site. >> >> danielle: a massive storm system being blamed for more twisters this. time tornadoes touching down in virginia and tearing home apart. several states along the the east eaea east coast getting hit and tornadoes as far north as pennsylvania i'm and the storm tragedy leavivi ep more people dead in virginia. rich edison reports from with one of the hardest hit areas in waiverly vine vine. >> reporter: the storm hits that town of about two thowcht a 2-year-old was among those waiverly. >> i've never seen it like this man. just on tvut not here. that's what is so shock. local calls say the severe weather hit without much wark. the damage is significant. this laundromat moongt structure destroyed.
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ooflt and strong wind and heavy rain moved up the east coast wednesday evening. the rain causedd a basement wall to collapse in maryland trapping a man who authorities say went to check on a sumum p pump. the the firefighter said the man is lucky to be alive. >>he only thing holding at all the weight of that is that post right there. if it shifted a little bit, the whole thing would have come down. >> and they sustained damage here. >> and we couldee gaps from our basement door and we seen all the power g g out and then ours started flickering on and off andn then it was off and we knew something wasn't good. >> reporter: storm also hit the philadelphia area where high winds knocked burger king sign on to the restaurant's roof. >> there was people stage they're flr but they hold on and people were safe. >> reporter: the virginia national guard has action ta traded to help residence here and the govenor declared a state of emergency. in waiverly virginia.
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7 news. >> danielle: and we are getting ready for a lone star showdown on the republican side of the race for t`e white house. the the gop hopeful taking the debate stage one more time before voter head to the polls on super tuesday. >> lynn: with donald trump o on a roll, hi competitors need a strong performance if their going to have any hope stopping him. karen cafe reports on what to expekh tonight. >> reporter: donald trump is on a row. three big wins in a roacht now we're winning and win. the country. and the front runner knows it. >> we'll be totally prepared. people have not done very well against me. pgh so far any one who has tacked my has gone down. >> reporter: super tuesday is five day way. voters in 11 states will way in on the republican wraissments seven states crucial to what cruz started but he stumbled in south carolina saturday finishing behind trum and rubio secht banking on the home state of texas where he leads most
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history has shown no one has ever won the nomination in modern time without winning one of the first three states and there are only two people who have won of the first three states, donald trump and me. >> and they moved bush closer to the the mantel but lacks the first place win finish to back it iewp. rubio with nasty back and forth by noting that the president needs to set the tone o for the nation's political discourse. if i'msking to you put me in the porks you deserve tow o to know what i'll do when i get there. not just what i sayay but the process. >> reporter: in houston texas karen kay fall. 7 news. >> danielle: meanwhile the democrats days way from their next pry mare richt hillary clinton will raling in south carolina speak on president o what's nominatatn for it supreme court justice. this as the president is
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govenor as wry an sandoval as scalia's replacement. >> i sure hospital president chooz chooses a true progressive who will stand up for the people and interest of this country who understood thaw need to protect the right to vote of a person, not the right a corporation to buy an election. >> bernie sander on the other hand campaigning in ohio today. he is neck and neck with clinton fighting for african american votes. sanders also make a point to take a shot at donald trump. >> and when you do some of these polls which has bernie sanders against trump or hillary clinton against trum. almost all of those poll have us beating trump by wide margins. >> the democratic partyn south carolina is this disacht the primary we should say andost poll have hillary clinton way head in south carolina. bernie sanders has been spending
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>> lynn: all right head. tonight tn 7 news at four ofnght a firefighters body camera take us inside a burning home after several people are forced out. detail in what may have sparked the the trouble coming up at four clo 3:04 complon. >> danielle: alsoead at 4:00, police say a 3457b swinging a ma chet shet ti. control. find out how it ends. >> lynn: and a woman losing control of the wheel and head in the wrong directions. >> danielle: and coming up all knew at 5:00. a little boy's allergic react action getting him and h family kicked off a flight and what fellow pasasngers do next being called cruel and down right appalling. and if you can believe this? it gets worse. the shocking details next. >> time now for fast track traffic. a car fire shutting down most of the northbound palmetto along the big cefer.
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northbound traffic is coming and in factual lane have been blocked on the 826. now a single left lane is open as miami fire rescue has been able textinguish the car fire. that car fire in fact lead toy a grass fire at one point. just one out of typical three lane that wrap around the big cumplet as a result plenty of delay. let's back thing up to palmetto and okeechobee road. northboundraffic still coming towards you and the northbound 826 delays starting back at northwest 74th street. and as from ashe dolphin is concerned, accident free. westbound 836 all the way from i-95 taught legume road. let's take a look at i-95 in downtown miami. northbound i-95. traffic on the right hand side of the screen. the i-'s accident free in miami-dade. heaviest delays from downtown to the 836, 395. delay continue up to the golden glaismedz is south dix highway at southwest 17th avenue. southbound traffic coming
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good looking ride a on south dixie from south of brickell into kendall. and in broward i-95 at griffen road, the i- is accident free and largely delay free in broward. reno grafnlt seven traffic. you're watching 7 news first at 4:00 ouch. >> store the latest news weather and sports, tap the 7 news app. it's freecht just search wsvn in your app store sponsored by paul beige roofing. 7 news now bringing you more news thanny other station in the country with three extra hours of today in florida. sunday's 8:00 to 11:00 a.m. just onetation hawz covered.
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>> danielle: danger on a dise liver ri route. a wit net recording the tense moment but he relied he to take action or some one could get hurt. 7's omar lewis has the story. >> reporter: driving down a busy road near fall. jonathan sim continue noticed right. >> there cars stop can and cars veering off the road. >> sim conditions started hitting the brake and took out his cell phone reported what happened next. he says a fed ex driverr slowed to under 5 miles per hour. >> here i can't see him but his head is down and he is driving very slow so i'm afraid he will keep veering over into the westbound lanes. >> sim continue yell at the driver to get his attention. >> are you okay? the fed ex driver speeds up and starts heading the wrong way out of control. >> i thought hee was going rud run head on into a car on the westbound lane.
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able to talk the fed ex driver intoful pulling over. pull over dude. it's all right. and once in a parking lot he convinced the driver to give up his keys for the safety of all. >> i think i saved lives that kay. not oam someone else's life but i think i saved sm this guy's life. hill borrow county arrived but because the fed ex driverr was had taken the keys out of the ignition. he want charged with any crime. fortunately we had good citizens that were in the the area and no. 1 didn't get hurt and no. 2 were able to take steps to help get this guy stopped before he did hurt somebody. fed ex released a statement saying question. safety is the highest priority at fed ex ground. we are cooperating with investigating thor authorities in determining what l- caused this incident and will take the appropriate action once the investigation has concluded. reporting in the satellite center. omar lewis. 7 news. >> danielle: wow.
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crews working under ground ahd something goes wrong sending man hole of covers shoot nothing the sky. >> lynn: and if only cats could w talk. this feline would have quite the story to tell after being found inlorida.
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>> phil: all right so today we
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us in through the weekend. this is all do that front that ved over us yesterday. you can see the line of clouds all the way into the bahama and central cuba. clear skies over us. that will be the pattern over the next few days temperatures are in the 60s. 67 degrees right now in fort lauderdale. miami 68 degrees.. 66 in grand ba map. bimini with and 68 in key west. it is dry and it will remain dry through sunday and maybe even in through the early part of next week. there is just a slight schans for showers maybe by wednesday of next week. so we do have an area of low pressure here. high pressure building right across the nation's mid section. and that high will bring in colder air here across south florida. so cool tonight. temperatures are going to be in the 50s. now, by tomorrow, as that high continue to push in a little reinforcing shot will of cold
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by 8:00 p.m., the temperatures will start to tumble tsm look like this is going to set us up for a very cold saturday morning. then after that everything clears out. that high will move n. still cool however for saturday night and sunday. gradually we begin to warm up by early next week. here's the marine forecast. exercise caution. 20 knot winds. biscayne bay with a moderate chop. for you flewout the florida key. you're look at an advisory. 20 knot winds. seas yopped the reef six to 8 feet. coastal waters turning rough. next high tide will be at 10:3:01. 10:26 in fort lauderdale. key largo. 10:54. 11:41 in key west. clear skies tonight. light breeze. over night lows will be e the 50s. the wind out of northwest by tomorrow just beautiful. cool sunshine. staying dry. keys. lauderdale. here's your extended out look.
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50. could be be in the upper 40s qn the western suburbs. sunday still chilly. by monday we start to warm up. look at this. tuesday 80, 81 on wednesday. chance of showers there. and then back to neareasonal temperature for next thursday. and that's your 7 on 7 forerest. all right 23eu8. thank you. home ward bound for a wandering cat from wisconsin. her owners say she went mission on christmas eve untnt now. that cat pairntly taking just a little bit of a vacation from the cold because she was found here in the sunshine state near naples. using the cat's microchip a a local humane shelter was able to track where s came from. >> pretty shocking ch pretty amazing too see how far she has co had come. i mean, if she couldl tell us stories. >> danielle: and maybe youd a a couple of those nine lives in the pro sechts her family is looking for a way to bringheir beloved cat back home. >> lynn: i mean, i doaptd
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>> she's so cute. >> reporter: >> lynn: adorable? someone took her probably. >> lynn: glad they found her. >> reporter: yes. >> lynn: we're taking you deco kay side head. elton john has a pet peeve and he is let age superstar know all about it. >> danielle: and coming up at 4:30. a mother says her little boy will have to change school because of the color of his skin. we'll explain what's behind it when we come back. >> now, you can find 7 news on facebook and twitter.
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>> danielle: well, pit bull can bring your party to life if you have the right price. >> lynn: and elton john has words fofojanet jackson whacht is that all about. >> shireen san do slalz more. >> reporter: and elton john has no patience for lip-synch a and he is a barking at janet jackson for dooght the same thing and ntd past he had laid in to month dana. >>lton is take issue with miss jackson's gigs getting great reviews. he says janet is not even putting on a real show since she is lip-synch. elton says heould rather go >> ouch. >> one of kiley jenner's
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rolling way. ty ty give her a mercedes but he stopped making the payments and the repo man sought to take it back. so far the car is safe since it's parked behind two security gates at kiley house. yeah, thanks a lot tyger. >> madonna has been trying w w over her son at a custody hearing. the 15-year-old moves from hi mom's house in the u.s. to his housusof dad guy richie over in england ch now rocco haseached out to mag asking her to l le enup and stop being so strict if she wants her living with her. sounds like someone is getting highs bribe on. good time to do it i guess. >> pit bull and nick jo nan were the life the party in tex achts the two played for a businessman's daughter. dollars. nick's what price tag a half a million dollars. each performed for a half an
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and hopefully they got a slice of birthday cake for all their hard work. tonight on the drive. lightstscameras. lots and lots of of a action. a star of aaa is telling us about a much more relaxed trip through soflo. that's so night on doak at 7:30. ow o i'll work for a million dollars for one night but can't sing. i'm shireen sandoval. back to you guys. >> lynn: that's some continue sen yeah tell. >> i would like to be 15. >> danielle: and a think they can buy their own cake after that. >> lynn: we'll hire you shireen. >> danielle: that's 7 news at first at 4:00. >> i'm danielle knox. >> lynn: i'm lynn martinez. 7 news a 4:30 is straight ahead.
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>> this is 7 news at 4:30. >> lynn: now at 4:30, firefighters going inside the infer dmo and giving us up close view of the danger they were


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