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tv   Channel 7 News at 630PM  FOX  February 25, 2016 6:30pm-7:00pm EST

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alert off the top here at 6:30. police announcing they have made an arrest. one day after a teenager was shot in northwest miami-dade. go evening every wufnl the teen shot in the leg just blocks way from a second shooting where a teenager was killed 50. 's sheldon fox is live in northwest miami-dade with the very latest. sheldon. >> >> reporter: wecialg the rally just wrapped up. qhey were rallying for an antiviolence stand they are taking in this community and there is some progress made. we're told by members of lawt enforcement community. let's take it to video right now and show you some of the good news of the first of all you'll be look at the rick tim right now. this is da gone gordwn who is 16 yeerld and put in jackson memorialal hospital yesterday when he was shot in the next. he is recovering thankfully. he was shot on 75th street and 19th avenue. we lerpd that an antoine gil better. a 20-year-old a threassmentsd
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an arrest warrant that 7 news confirmed it is antoine imil better. a 20 year old. this happening a day before two shootings. >> he ended up falling down in the courtroom where we're standing. that's where they had the rally thepg. the cop stopping short of connecting the two but say they feel there is a likely connection here but they have an arrest in the shooting of the young plan gordon who went down with an injury to the the next. so much more on this on 7 news first at 10:00. for now live in north west miami-dade. sheldon fox. 7 news. >> lynn: also night remembering king carter. friend and family and strangers bearnlg to grief just days after the 6-year-old was shot and killed outside his home. two teen denied bond this morning following their a arrest
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the entire south florida community affected by this little boy's death. 7's walter morris is live in northwest miami-dade where the community is copping together. >> walter. >> reporter: well, that rye. in fact take a look at ts crouched the community rallying behind this family of the 6-year-old whos was killed a at this apartment complex this weekend. # teens scharnlged with his death. now this rally starting about an hour ago coming to an end hear at this growing memorial. now take a look at this video from a few minutes ago. now that group take thrirg call to e gun violence to the streets blocking traffic as they march down 100 hird street. many carrying signs that red justice for king and enough is enough ch again, king carter struck by a stray bullet saturday afternoon. now two teens charged with this death. mourning thursday bond court bond denied for 18-year-old
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pressly. police say a facebook fight drove the teens to open fire this week jefntd t t intended target also shooting bag. the 6-year-old caught in the ross fire. now earlier this evening we caught up with king's parents before that rally and they had this message for the community. >> senseless killing still going on after my son. >> and i'll be be sure m son's death is not in vaifnt le change the world. i guarantee you that. and put down the guns. we are going to continue to help ourself. we're abundantly bleesd and back out here live, you can see the scene. the lines at the game calling for piece and justice. police still looking for one person in connection to the lead deadly shooting of the six year old. meanwhile many here in this community saying it if you know anything, speak up.
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miami-dade. walter morris. 7 ws. >> >> danielle: walter, thank you. a dozen burpd out of their homom in fort lauderdale. firefighters on the scene of northwest 16th street and 10th avenue this morning. fears flames spark pg in a back bedroom sending thick smoke pouring out. >> it appears to be a total loss. significant damage to the structure. >> we still have hot spotsv a tense fire inside. 12 people displaced swrevment red cross responding get shelter and get these peoe somewhere to stay. officials are investigating the cause of this fire but say that i lig lit cigarette maybe to blame. one was hurt. >> lynn: a man police call a barefoot burglar in handcuffs again. john karr lossssie who ro who what an extensive criminal history facing burglary charges accused fd breaking into a home on prayer ree avenue after breaking into the me owners bentley which happened to be
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say kyro committed similar crime in the past and each time took off his shoes once inside the home. president obama talking terror with a temporary pause to the violence in syria said to take event tomorrow. the only way to deal with isil in a way that defeats them in a lasting way is to end the chaos and the civil war that has engulfed syria. that's how i sil was able to drive in e first place. >> the sen saiftion hostilities that is scheduled to take effect at midnight tomorrow is a potential step in bringing about an end to the the chaos. >> the commander in chief is scheduled to travel to jackson fla tomorrow where he will visit an advanced battery manufacturing plant. >> >> danielle: now to the race
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hillary clinton and bernie sanders stumping for support in south carolina head of this weekend's primary. >> lynn: and the stage set in sex texas for the face off betweenepublican candidates head of super tuesday. >> danlle: alex diprato is live in the plex with with what tonight means for the gop. alex. >> reporter: well, the steaks e high. how the candidates perform tonight may impactn how the voters choose on super tuesday. >> reporter: the final preps underway in houston for the final debate. florida senator marco rubio and ohio govenor john kasich touring the stsge this afternoon. the big question now is can any one stop dald trump. ? the front runner says he'll be ready. >> we'll be totally prepared. bem have not done bell against me. pgh so far every one who has tacked me has gone done down. >> marco rubio a attacking trump something that will not stop on the next stage.
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care are pretty good. >> then ted cruz who has faced sufficient questions after filing consolidate evangelical support in na vad and especially south carolina. the texas senator says he thinks he is being treated unfairly. i'm curious how many reporters ask marco rubio after losing four states any row, so when do yoyodrop out? and he is not saying but mitt romney what thrown himself back into the discucuion calling on trum top release his tax returns suggesting there could be a bombshell in there. >> i think t tre's something there. either he is not as wealthy as he says he is or he hasn't been paying the kind of taxes we expect him to pavement trump respopgd thursdada morning tweeting. mitt romney who was one of the dumbest and worse candidates in the history of republican candidates is now push meg on tax returns. dope. rounding out debt bait on the stage john kasich and ben carson
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way forward. donald trump has been tataing about building a wall on the u.s. mexico boarder and having mexico pay for. it now former mexican president va sin tai fox is sounding off and he isot mincing words. i'm not going to pay for that bleep wall. he should pay for it. he has got the money. >> reporter: very strong words. highlights tonight at tep on the news. alex diprato. >> >> lynn: all right alex and for our viewer if you haven't done so yet. now is the time to down load the voice your choice app. updated with all the latest from campaign trail.
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back. >> danielle: major damage done after several deadly tornadoes slam the east coast tonight people are pick up the p pces. at least 16 tornadoes reported from florida all the way to pennsylvania. dozens of homes damaged or destroyed in the process and more than 100,000 people have been left in the dark. >> danielle: noarm deadly round of storm pummeling states up and down the east coast. >> he opened the front door and when he de said ma ma, tore nay do, tornado and he ran and i ran. >> danielle: wo day of storm. over 50 tornadoes reported. seven killed and hundreds of thousands now with without power in the last 48 hour. in virginia, a state of emergency declared. tornadoes leaving dozen injured. several critically and four dead. this is tragic man. i never seen nothing like this before. >> three people nay mobile home
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2-year-old boy. >> power pull winds lift thrirg trailer almost # hundred yard and slamming it into a church. >> our prayer go out to the three people that lost their lives and we thank god. we went through a lot of damage but church is still standing and we'll recover. >> danielle: cars crumpled like alumimim cans on the highway the cars tossed about and i'm so story people were killed. >> danielle: the tornadoes tearing down power lines and splip splitting trees and caifg in on homes. >> and i was scared. three more tornadoes touching wn in the sunshine state packing ferocious wind n. north carolina five tornadoes causing a path of mass dis dris trufntle four people inside this home when heavy raindz rain and wind toppled a tree on to the proof. the people inside mare ras you lossly not hurt.
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the with once hurt in this. and the weather system leading to mass flight cancellations as well and school closings across several straights. lynn. >> lynn: all right danielle. next from the news station. a much cooler weekend copping our way. here's phil ferro. >> phil: yes indeed a nice cold snap starting tad. it will stick around throughout the weekend. it look like saturday morning could be t t coldest day of the strempleg. the entire out lookk in a couple minutes ooflt.
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>> lynn: all right. @alk you cross country night firefighters in california locked in a battle against a brush fiemp the 7-acre blaze break out at 3:00 a.m. this rning in malibu. forcing residents in a nearby camp to prepare for vafntle it's huge. one prison inmate helping to fight t t fire critically injured. a 22-year-old woman airlifted from the scene nonviolent prisoners have been ghting wild fire in california sints 1940s. and a blizzard slamming illinois leaving 40 semi truck stranded on a major roadway near chicago. official say many of these trucks jackknifed the two to 3 feet snow drift yesterday afternoon. snow plow driver are having trouble clearing the streets so emergency responder are using atv's to try and he. no reports of any serious injuries. >> lynn: and surfer take part
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the ed deis one of the most intense surfing events. old held when winter waves top 30 feet. that's huge. a a giant sweal bring wave as high as 40 feet. that happened todod earlier. the event held eight time in the past 31 years. >> snow 7 weather with crm phil ferro. >> phil: all right. a nice scold cold snap for us across south florida. starting today. right now the sunshine state. mostly clear skies. 50s already across jackcknville. gainesville. tampa. we're in the 60s but thrps go down over night. right now the storm tracker showing e erything is dry and it will remain dry. at least until the early part of next week. our next best chance of showers could be next wednesday. area of low pressure right here. a area of high pressure in the nation's mid section. you can see how the cold air is being funneled our way. so tonight expecting the lows to go into the low 50s. we're going goat a reinforcing
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but friday night in through saturday morning this is going to be a nice cold blast. it will set us up for the coldest temperatures so far for the weekend. we'll be saturday morning. possibly right around 50 degrees. mid 40s for the with western suburbs. and then by saturday night in through sunday morning. the real cold air starts to move way. still cool and enj if you like this. because by monday we start to warm up. here's the marine forecast. small craft exercise ction. 20 knot winds. seas will all the way up to 8 feet in the gulf stream current. biscayne bay with a moderate chop fl for nut fla keys you're looking at an adviser rht do to the win and seas. coastal water ruvment next high tide wililbe at 10:31. 111. the uv index tomorrow at 8:00. that usually means mososy sunny skies this time of year. so for tononht mostly clear. the lows will be in the 50s along the coast. upper 40s inland.
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tomorrow nice sunny, highs in the upper 60s to the low 70s a. here's your extended out look. saturday morning. 50, 55 on sundayand then we start to warm up by next week yesterday. that's your 7 on 7 forecast. >> all right phil. thanyou. well, still head on 7 news at 6:30, a career game for this rookie against the defending champions. he explain how in # sports. >> danielle: and column upg later on deco dry. lights, camera, lots of action. our star of the 999 is telling us about a much more relaxed tr through soflo tonight at 7:30.
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time now for 7 sports with mike dipasquale. >> joining you live at aaa on the rhett red carpet. miami heat hold ago a charity event. there will be a auction and perform will. all the plays rer supposed to be here tonight. we're waiting for chr bosh and his a arrival. as you know he sufferere a second blood clot. back on blood thinner. no word if he will return this season. pat riley walked the red carpet and said they had have no comment open chris bosh. and facing the celtics. coach spos and company going toe to toe with with golden state last night. what i game for hassan white side. weigh in tack mode again. came off the bench. 21 points.
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a great effort despite the 118 to 11 loss for the the warrer. hassan may soon find himself in the starting line up. coach said me not coming off the bench long term. i don't expect it t t be long templet ways excited. excited get out there and a missed the warriers l lt niem time and i just wanted to get out there and just try it to play the best i can. >> rookie and second rnd pick josh richardson came off the bench. a ca rear high with 50 points and three career pointer. heat banged up. gosh will get an opportunity to do whatever it takes to contribute to the heat. >> i mean, i wasn't thinking about tsm i was trying make a positive event on the game i knew it was a matter of time before i started falling because i spent a lot of time in the jim and being confident andnd it looks good tonight to go count a
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>> to golf. honda ik. opening round in palm beach gardens and let's get it started this. alex on the t shot. par three, 17. 177 yards to the home. part of a a three choal stretch nanaentd bear trap by nick lots and look who signed. it a hole in one. one over par for checkup. and now sergio garcia. sergio currently ranked 1st in the world. he will hit the green and back tup. and 565 tore sergio currently tied need the lead with michael tom son. the first place panthers back home tonight against a as cie ots and a good thing right now. alexander and eric. back on in the line up tonight. both on ir and hugh ba dough is
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and thornton, a veteran with the cats sank a one year extension. and we're waiting for chris bosh sevment supposed to be here night and reportedly he met with team owner mickey erickson and team president pat riley today to decide his status for the rest of the season. yahoo sports is reporting that the organization loopg with doctor have told cb to shut it down for the rest of the season. he suffered a second blood clolt in just over a year and back on blood thinner but heat said moments ago pat riley here on the red carpet, the heat have no comment the this point. a great schair ti effect convenient for the heat. ta by the way that's done pee pair yoo yop. that would be french. that does it for sports. danielle and lynn back after this.
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>> lynn: inside edition is coming up next. >> danielle: here is deborah
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>> thanks laind danielle. coming up the donald trump tape could his racy up ser views from years ago with howard stern come back to haunt him. >> reporter: and ear piercinin noise columning from nowhere. it's all here tonight at 7:00 on 7. >> >> danielle: and that is seven news at 6:00. thanks so much for watching. i'm danielle knox. >> lynn: i'm lynn martinez v. a great night everybody. ceel danielle will see you tonight at 10:00. good night. real-time closed captioning provided by u.s. captioning company.
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the donald trump case. >> could he his racy interview from years ago come back to haunt him? >> every time i do your show i get in trouble. >> then savage attack. i'm pregnant. >> a woman so desperate for a baby she did the unthinkable. >> complete shock that someone could do that. >> and erin andrews flees the courtroom. >> she walks out as the seetly recorded videotape of her naked in her hotel room is played for the jury. >> then bizarre noises from nowhere. where the heck are they coming


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