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tv   Channel 7 News at 430PM  FOX  February 26, 2016 4:30pm-5:00pm EST

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knox. >> danielle: and now at 4:30, a six-year-old boy hit while riding a scooter hit by a police crews senior finally going home. the boy has been recovering from his injuries since he was rushed to the hospital. >> lynn: his family is now happy to have him home. sheldon fox is live outside of jackson memorial hospital where the boy was released this afternoon. >> reporter: yes, good news, lynn and danielle. he's out. let's take a look at him right now, the man of the hour, or the
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is antoine lawson, he's in good spirits, and dischargeand headed home from jackson. he's surrounded by family and looking forward to playing video bammes and being back with hits brothers. the six-year-old was placed in critical care aftere was hit by a police cruiser on 5th avenue and 51st street. he rode his scooter into the street when he was hit by a cop who was delivering paperwork to a fellow offic. he is expected to make a full recovery and he had s se words for 7 news. >> how are you feel? >> good. >> are yoy feeling better? >> confess. >> does ninier still? >> so you're going to go home and play9 >> weiss. >> well, he can't do much except sit down and play video games, and hs ready to be home with his brothers. >> he's still in a body cast.
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the a aident, and the police are investigating, but that's all they will say so far. and we have much more on this at 5:30. stay with us. sheldon fox, 7 news. >> lynn: an explosive emergency in had fort laudeale. a blast att a home near northwest 11th court and 15th avenue. can you see the damage following a fire last night. the explosion blowing out windows and a back wall. no one was hurt but the investigatoror believe that the fire may have started it unintentionally. can you see them there, arrested for possession of fake $100 bills. the hialeah couple was trying to largo. and the officials spotting them as fakes and calling the police.
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>> a south florida family gets ready to bury their six-year-old son. >> danielle: teenagers were shooting and killed one of them. gunfire is on the rise in recent weeks. >> lynn: and the victims are getting young where each shooting, and that't' why a local program is trying to keep students on the right track. >> i change myy life, and i take pride in wearing this i. >> reporter: one of 300 miami-dade high school seniors proudly wearing the signature tie of the 5,000 roads to excellence project, designed to keep them on a path to success. getting aeek at paternity life during the finish high school, now what conference at florida iversity. >> and our motto is first of all, service to all. and we shall consent all. >> in today's society, there are a number of ways that young men can go. >> reporter: and making sure
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wilson. >> making sure that they know their life is valued. and they have options and people that care enough about them to guide them through those >> reporter: pitfalls that can leadado crime and death in the streets. >> it makes no sense to me. >> reporter: young men looking forward to a bright future, but mourning the futures lost. >> all we're doing is validating that we're not going very sad. >> some people don't think. >> reporter: while these young role models recognize a crisis, they're encouraged, seeing the community standing up to violence. >> there's always a way to turn everything around. >> the community is coming closer now, and maybe things are changing now. >> reporter: and they hope to be part of that change. >> reporter: not all of these young men will go to college. some will head straight into the work force. theyeye learning about all of
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as role models, their success may help others down the r rht path. jessica holly, 7 news. >> lynn: now taking you cross-country, a collision course at a church in missouri. a driver going on a chase through kansas city. the pursuit coming to an end when he crashed his u-haul truck into a church. the police arresting him after making a a shocking discovery inside of a vehicle. officers found a woman and four children, a slew of weapons, includg a sword and blow gun. >> danielle: also inissouri, a patrol car is sideswiped by a tractor-trailer. you see that there, dash cam video, and luckily no one was hurt. as you can see, the side of the cruiser was badly damaged.
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citation to the driver of the tractor-trailer. >> lynn: a 23-year-oldldan poguesed as a high school student in pennsylvania. the ukrainian national changed his name, his birth certificate and his social security number to enroll at a school in harrisburg. >> his mentality, his level of thinking. i mean, you have beautiful girls at the school, and minors underage, and you have basically a grown man in here misrepresenting himself. >> lynn: the police said that he stayed in the united states after his visa expired. he will be charged with identity theft and tampering with public records. >> danielle: also on 7 ann elderly ohio woman getting a sweet surprise from very thoughtful students. she makes life brighter for the elementary schooll kids, greeting them every day by the bustop. >> lynn: she has been doing it for so long, many call her
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and when she turned 88, still driving the bus, the kids wanted to do something be special. >> reporter: every day at 3 p.m., doris waves to the kids here, and she has been doing it for five decades. >> everything,g,o matter. >> reporter: the tradition started when her granddaughter, marissa rode the bus, and now she goes to a different school. >> i was not insure sure about her being there. and i was just going to go out there again, andnd we hit it off. >> reporter: it's a good thing that she didn't stop because the kids love seeing her, and they even call her grandma. >> grandma, on holidays, she gives us candy and stuff. and we say we love her and stuff every time we pass her. >> reporter: on february 23rd,
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she didn't really have anything special planned for the big day, but it appears these guys d. happy birththy to you happy birthday to you >> i cried. i cried. i was so shocked. >> reporter: she said it was such a nice gesture, and she appreciates everyone being so kind. >> so what's the plan moving forward? are you going to continue this as long as you can. >> as long as i can walk out there, they look for me and i look for them. [ honking ] >> she cried and she's so cute. the students wanted to do something nice for her bause she's there for them every single day. >> danielle: what a wonderful lady. >> lynn: and great kids.
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that you encounter a unicorn, but the police were taken on a chase and you won't believe the fairytale ending. >> ln: women told that we could never get pregnant. and it changed their future. >> phil: south florida, 50 tomorrow morning, and maybe upper 50s in the western suburbs. sunday coolish, and then we warmup before we cool down
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the entire outlook in minutes. >> look at this, right? >> lynn: a little girl reunited with her pony after it caused quite a stir in the streets of california. it wasn't quite the mythical creature that people thought it was, a unicorn. but it led the police on a chase that people won't forget. >> danielle: and the owner gets the fairytale ending that she imagined. ashley jones has the story. >> reporter: this is juliette, someththg that looks more like you'll find in a fairytale than a farm. she belongs to five-year-old taylor. >> i love my pony, it likes apples and carrots. >> reporter: she appears to be a real life unicorn and makes a living posing for pictures, but wednesday she had other ideas. >> she got afraid and then she
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happened, and then she rand away. >> reporter: people driving down avenue 12 in maderro ranches called 9-1-1 with a story. >> a unicorn. >> reporter: unicorns are mythical creeps, and juliette lived up to the legend. she led the highway patrol on a chase that lasted more than three hours. >> she was in the orchards with white blooms, and s s blended in with the scenery, and she's not real tall. so she turned out to be stealthier than n would have imagined. >> reporter: a bizarre and heartbreaking for juliette's best friend. >> i was afraid, and thenn we had to catch her in the dark. >> reporter: with the ch helicopters shining spotlight, they rode in on the horse, shady, old friends of juliette. >> they had met before. i kind of walked off with my
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and luckily, we had the other ranchos resident there to get us on the property and get her in an enclosed spot. >> reporter: the call came out that the unicorn was in custody, and i think as tense as the situation was, that's the relief that was needed at the time. and i laughed and cried and i thank god. >> reporter: with nobody hurt, it's a fairyle ending for this pony, but according to tatum, she has some explaining to do. >> she got in a a time out because she was uc a bad p/ny. >> reporter: and the photographer who regularly dresses the pony as a mythical creature said that juliette was no worse for aware, but was a little sore from running five >> lynn: jewel yet was be probably running away to get the dumb thing off of her head. >> d dielle: at the end of the
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you give a unicorn a timeout. >> lynn: maybe take off the horn thing. >> danielle: you're obsessed with the horn. >> lynn: i am. >> danielle: still ahead, controversy over shadowing the awards.
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his upcoming big gal >> lynn: 7's christine cruz has a look at all of the theaters this weekend. >> aims since the gods walked amongs. >> reporter: gods of egypt, starring gerard butler, is about an immortal warrior taking on egypt, clashing of good and evil. >> he has taken over egypt and enslaved it's people. >> it's rated pg-13. >> to surviveut here, you
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>> reporter: "triple 9", a cops and criminals movie, showsws us that sometimes the line b bween right and wro can be a bit hazy at best. a group of dirty cops blackmailed into a dangerous heist, which turns ob them. >> this story is about a group of corrupt cops and criminals that are being controlled by the russian mafia. >> your job is to the monster. >> reporter: triple 9 is rated r. >> since 1929. >> reporr: eddie the eagle, based on the true story of the most beloved bad ski jumper in olympic history. the ski jumper, michael eddie edwas, wouldn't stand in the way of his olympic dreams.
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>> in australia, we were captivate bid eddie the eagle. he's the poster child of having a goal. >> eddie the eagle is rated pg-13. scot dead pool" is on the top. and these movies will be looking to dethrone t christine cruz, 7 news. >> phil: well, phil collins is dreaming big in miami beach. the grammy award-winning singer is annovncing his dreams gal a at the fillmore in miami beach, performing will be a group of childrdr from the foundation and more. >> it's very touching. whenever i see the video reel of everybody that we have helped, i'm very surprised and touched,
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>> danielle: the event will provide under privileged kids with career and music lessons. >> phil: all right, so the weekend is here, and it promises to be a cold one, especially saturday morning. today, we had temperatures in thth low to mid 50s in miami, 61 in hey west. and the highs in the low 70s. a little bit of rain for you in key west. again, it looks like the next 24 hours will be the colder of the next 48. sunday, we gradually start to warmup. right now, mostly clear, temperatures in the low 70s everywhere, the wind out of the west-northwest, 9 miles per hour. and the humidity low, and it will stay low throughout the weekend. here's the stormtracker. no rain to report anywhere. the next best chance for showers could be the middle of next week, a a another front will try to make its presence known here in south florida.
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across the great lakes. we have cold air invading the northeast. mostly clear in the heartland, and another winter sto is impacting the pacific northwest. temperatures, 57 in seattle. and 59 in dallas. 70 in both l.a. and miami. and you can see0s from washington north in through boston. what are we look at? well, we have the cold air settling intonight. and the coldest part of the day is usually right before sunrise, so that's when we're expecting the coldest temperatures tomorrow. by tomorrow afternoon, it should be nice and mild. high pressure starting to move eastward, and as we move into the second half of your weekend, the winds will start to shift. we'll start to warmup rather nicely, especiaiay in the afternoon and the early evening. here's the marine forecast. exercise caution tonight, 15 knkn winds, and the caution is
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gulf stream current. there's amal small in place, 20 knot winds, and coastal waters choppy as well. the flex high tide, 10:45 and the water temperature, colding at 7 second downs . tonight, clear, chilly, and the lows along the coast will be 50 , a little colder west of the turnpike, and we may see a few 40s, and throughout the keys, 50 to upper countries and 60 by the lower keys. tomorrow, upper 60s to low 70s, and after the cold start on saturday, not too bad on sunday. 56 , and then we start to warmup
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that's your 7-on-7. >> danielle: that is 7 news at 4:30. thank you so much for watching. i'm danielle knox. >> lynn: hiem lynn martinez. 7 news at 5:00 starts right now. >> nowing on eight news. >> belkeys: now from the plex road repaimptz drivers stuck on a major south florida highway for hours but finally some relief tonight. >> phil: chilly air has arrived and it appears saturday will be the cdest day this weekend. >> belkeys: a traffic stop triggering danger of the a police of officer coming under fire as a group of suspects speed quai. a gunman goes onh a deadly
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police sayis troubled past was traced back to south florida. more bad blood on the campaign trail. >> this is not a tough guy. just ask about private security. >> and let's ask our light weight senator from florida. >> >> belkeys: and candidates going at it at the ce date. and soal media battle is brewing. >> belkeys: hello and well p i'm belkeys nerey. >> craig: i'm craig stevens. this evening. the news continues now at 00. >> this is 7 news at 5:00. >> craig: and in the news at 5:00, a imad break on 3595. a piece of the road in need of repair jiet trouble stremplegging all the way back to the dolphin expressway all day long drivers have been riding the brakes. >> craig: what i mess. but ju about an hour or so ago the road opened again. good news foror those heading home or for those heading to the
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festival. >> hello and good evening everybody. the turnpike turned into a virtual parking lot. >> belkeys: not fun. elitsa bizios with the update. elitsa. >> reporter: belkeys, such a headache for so many drivers. we've all been stuck in traffic we don't want to be stuck in but today was an exceptionally bad day dor for drivers the roads renopg miami just before 4:00 in the afternoon on friday but not before this. >> we have here a mess. >> reporter: a major traffic nightmare a a day. >> drivers stuck and frustrated ood an terrible, terrible, terrible. >> i'm already 25 minutes late for work so not goo >> reporter: florida highway patrol has had to assist and close the roadway. >> reporter: all lines from 836 tees east to 395 east shut down because of this steel beam known as a bridge joint coming choose.


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