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tv   Channel 7 News at 11PM  FOX  February 26, 2016 11:00pm-11:30pm EST

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customer becomes angry with a gas station attendant and you won't believe what happens nextwon't believe what happens next. that story on just one station. >> woman was heading home from work when investigators say she was nearly abducted on thee street. cold air moving in across south florida. it's going to be a chilly start for your saturday. >> famamy friends saying goodbye to first grader gunned down while playing outsidef his home. and tonight police with another break in the case. >> i'm craig. >> 7 news at 11:00 begins now. >> 7 news at 11:00. >> first on just one station. store clerk dodging bullet when
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gas station convenience store. hello again everybody. suspect came in and argued with the clerk before coming back with a gun. >> we have more on the danger. >> all of this happened overnight couple of weeks ago and this is what is lef. this bullet hole right here in the window. fortunately the clerk inside was okay. the reason for all of this lice believe one customer's im patience. >> february seventh just before 2:00 a.m. watch the top of your screen. the silver car turns into ahollywood gas station. >> obviously very dangerous individual. >> talking about the driver. right there leaning back point ago gun and firing out the back passenger window at the gas station. this clerk who asked not to be identified was behind the counter. >> i don't have no problem with nobody. >> but apparently this guy had a problem. 45 minutes before the shooting
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chevron on hollywood boulevard near the turnpike. just as the clerk was preparing to switchh shifts with another worker. and that meant the customer would ha to wait several minutes for service. >> and he start like yelling to me and he told me no you don't suppose to close. you supposed to open 24-7. >> suspect walks out and approximately 30 minute later drove back to the gas station. >> that's when police say he lpened fire. the clerk making a run for it. >> how many shots were fired do you think. >> 4. >> the clerk unhurt but you can still see the bullet holes in the window. and despite the close call this young man still has a job to do. >> i need to take care of my life. i need to eat. i have to work. >> so you could see the man picture pretty clearly in the surveillance video and if you think you know whoo he is or you
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police want to hear from you annual the number to call the hollywood police department is here of this. places believe that the other car you saw in the video may be related. they may know that persosoas well so if you have any information make sure you give th a call. reporting in hollywood, nicole, 7 news night team. now at 11:00. woman walking home. and stranger in a car on the prowl tonight warning for womenprowl tonight warning for women. after she's forced to run for her life. >> this 21-year-old woman says that she kept trying to dodge this guy but the man was persistent. when he finally got close enough to touch her she fought back. liz has more from oakland park. >> she's walking home alone from work and when the surveillance video picks up this woman is aware she's b bng followed.
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approached hex when he was in his car and asked if she want add ride home. decline. said no thank you and she kept going. >> bus stop on west oakland boulevard investigators say she trekked t tough the parking lot of burger king toward north andrew avenue. >> she notice that the driver kept on following her. kind of creeping behind her. >>reporter: once on andrew avenue the young woman deputy say was scared and thinking fast but trying to be discrete so she darted across the street. then back again trying to avoid the guy in the silver car following her. >> at some point the driver actually decided to park and get out of his car in a brbren act to abduct her. >> video muddls a bit at that moment but investigators say that's the confrontation happening here about 9:30 at nit on sunday february seventh. >> he grabbed her pulling her toward his car but she was able to actually bak free run across the street and toward a
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>> at this bakery north west 35 street and north andrew avenue in oakland park the people weren't the ones there to help. but some oneas. >> i don't know the reaction in that minute. i help the lead when she come. >> man in the silver sedan sped away without abducting the woman he followed. but detectives putting this sketch out there as a warning and plea trying to find him. liz, 7 news night team. if you have any information or recognize this man call broward crime stopper at the number on your screen. danger at south in mall. miami-dade police say couple of guys got into an argument at the falls in south west miami day. third man unrelated to the othehetwo took out a gun and fired a shot into the air for some reason. that sent shoppers into a frenzy. >> we in blala>> we in blaming dale and then we heard like the thing go out ofnd it was like please
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point to go two to the door and everything. it was crazy. i didn't know what to do. >> police search the area near south west 136 street and 88 avenue but they never did fine the guy who fired the gun. no one was hurt. live look outside of our north bay village studio where the temperatureses are tumbling. the phil in the weather center to tell us what it is like tomorrow. >> welel lynn for all you cold weather lovers item going to be a very nice weekend chilly night already all across south florididmostly clear skies. looking nice and dry. item going to be a cold start to your saturday. we may see temperatures in the upper 40's to right around 50. then by saturday night it should start to get just a little warmer and we look at mild sunday across south florida. so here's the stormtracker dry all across the area. it will remain this way at least over the next three to 5 days. let me show you the
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broward county. many areas already in the 50's. 54 in deerfield beach. 60 in oakland park. 59 in davey. 60 in westin 58 degrees already in hollywood58 degrees already in hollywood. miami-dade. still in the low 60's. right along the coastal areas 60 in hialeah. one degree warmer at miami international airport t.colder already across pine crest and west kendall with temperatures of 56 degrees. deep southern miami-dade homestead right now a temperature of 59 same over at rered land and the keys looking pretty nice and cool at this hour and especially the lower key. 61 in key west and it's only going to get colder. i have thehexpire forecast a little later on. also family friends gather for final farewell as they prepare to say goodbye to a 6-year-old killed by gunfire. tonight anotr break in the case third teenager is behind
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break remains. as community says they have had enough of the violence. here's walter morris. >>reporter: devastated parents stand in front of 6-year-old casket. king carter@killed by stray bullet playing in front of the north west miami-dade home saturday. now almost a week litter loved ones gather to say goodbye. friendship missionary baptist church decorateed to honor the first grader. family friends teachers wipe away tears. >> i'm certain l this little angel is entertaining god himself. >> miami-dade county public school superintendent offering word of sympathy to king parents. while calling on members of the community to do their part to keep more children from becoming victims. >> this has not stopped. this is a crisis. a trickle of terror. that continues to afflict our xhichbility as king family fwreevs police make a third
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>> mother of 16-year-old martin appearing in juvenile court friday. teens charged with second degree murder. alongg with 18-year-old leonard adams and 17-year-old irwin presley. just days after king's death two re shootings involving teens. >>. 21-year-old antoine gilbert behind bars charged with shooting 16-year-old gordon. still o arrest in the shooting that same day that took the life of 17-year-old david gill born. hundreds rally behind king family in the wake of his deathth calling for justice and peace hoping this tragedy will bring an end to the shoot that goes lives. >> i believe last saturday people look to the future and say that was the gng of end beginning of the end of the senseless violence happening in our community. >> police look for car connected to the shooting. 1999 black lexus gs 300 if you
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crime stoppers. that numbeis here on the screen. could get cash for the right information and you can remain anonymous. this is 7 news night team. busy south florida roaoa is repaired. metal section that spans the gap in the concrete along 395 eastbound broke free earlier today. and that is danger to drivers all lanes closed for much of the day. drivers forced off the interstate at biscayne boulevard. nearly 5 hours later crew did finish the work. new part installed and all lanes have been reopened. man arrested for breaking into cars. cops caught him outside the home depot in coconut grove on 29 street and south west 32 avenue. they say he did the same thing at the home depot on south west eighth street. robin monterra booked into jail. he's been charged with burglary. mr. is say the 44-year-old allegedly was using this remote control device. actually blocks the significant
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drivers use to lock their cars. still ahead at 11:00 o'clock. boy on road to recovery after dangerous accident. >> couple shares their heart breaking storyfter severe storms tear through their home and leaves them with nothing. they are talking to just one
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is. a little boy headingome from the hospital after day on a scooter turns very dangerous.
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struck in the street by an officer. >> shell didn't fox tells us now his family is thankful things were not worse. >> don't let the cute face fool you. 6-year-old antoine lawson is tough as nails. ready to go hoychlt how are you feeling? >> good. >>reporter: you feeling better. >> yes. >>reporter: does anything hurt still. >> no. >>reporter: so you ready to go home and play right. >> yes. >>reporter: in good spirits wearing a miami heahead band and with enough balloons to open up a party city antoine was discharged friday from holtz childldn hospital at jackson. >> who signed your cast. >> the nurses eric the nurses plenty of friends in the hospital. >> yes. >>reporter: e can't really do much but sit did you know and play the video game. he wants to be home with his brother. 6 year old was placed in critical care after he was hit
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north west fifth avenue and 58 stet february 2nd. police said antoine rode his scoot interthe street when hit by a cop headed to deliver paperwork to fellow officer. miami pd said it was investigating but didn't elaborate. antoine expected to make a full recovery. he's still in a body cast for 6 to 8 more weeks arrange according to his s mother. broke leg, pelvis and injured his spleen and liver in the accident. >> i'm just glad that we are going home and he's all right and i still havey child whole lot worse. >>reporter: miami police department says that that officer is on duty and on patrol but they wouldn't elaborate on the investigation because they say it's still pengd. at jackson in miami, sheldon fox 7 news night team. now on just one station. couple heart broken and homeless after storm tore through part of the house early this month and destroyed everything.
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in her hollyod rental home after blow from a fallen tree left her unconscious. neighbor pulling her out. summer andnder husband who recently moved from california were left with only the car. >> starts up b b it's it's ruined. it's everything we have. >> i don't need brand new clothing. i just need something to wear. >> somebody could the just help a little bit. >>reporter: the couple setting up a go fund me page asking friends family for help and right now only like 200 dollars on there. they really need some help. if you would like to donate go to our web site the and that's where you will find a link to that go fund me page. coming up as we continue here tonight. pretty chilly out there. >> it is. we were outside earlier an we had to wear our sweater. tempature going down tonight right. >> you need more than a sweater especially by totorrow morning. we will be waking up to 50 possibly upper 40's ithe western suburb and enjoy this
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weather. because we are back up in the low 80's come wedsday. entire outlook in a couple of minutes. i was just looking at how nice this looked. let's look at the picture. after news once in a blue moon. this special doesn't come around that afternoon. we check out the leap day deal
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> cold air continues to settle in across south florida. cold by south florida standards tonight. right now 61 degrees in miami. the windd out of the north west 8 miles per hour. very little in the way of humidity here across south florida. that's how it's going to be over the weekend fort lauderdale with 60. also clear skies for you and right now key west clear. 61. for you, however, a little bit more in the way of humidity. right now it's standing firm at
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so here's the stormtracker. it is dry from lake okeechobee south into the keys and that's how it will stay at least over the next 3 to 5 days. atmosphere very dry over us. so the cold air continues to filter out of the north. now the coldest temperature during the day usually happens right before sunrise. sunrise taking place at around :45 tomorrow morning. and then by the afternoon high presesre starts to move east. low 70's. then by sunday high continues to make its way toward the western atlantic during the day we see a nice graduate warming here that will take us back up inform the low 80's by the middle of next week. here's marine forecast no advisory tomorrow. 15 knot wednesday. sea you up 2 to 5 feet. biscayne bay with a moderate chop. no advisory throughout the key. 3 to 5 feet coastal water moderate chop. next high tide dade broward 11next high tide dade broward
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and water temperature at 73 degrees. for tonight beautiful mostly clear. that wind coming out of the north west and the main land variable for the keys and a little breezy for you. right ong the coast low will be in the 50's. inland in the western suburb could be in the mid upper 40's. 52 f f the upper keys. lower keys right around 60. tomorrow can't ask for anything better. beautiful. sunny. nice mild breeze out of the north. high will be in the upper 60's. to low 70's. and then here's the extended outlook sunday still starting out on the cool side. chilly start and then as we go in through monday, tuesday we start to warm-up. high of 81 on wednesday hottest day of the week because we cool down for the end of next week. that's the 7 on 7 forecast. >> thank you still have a good weekend. >> 7 news at 11:00 o'clock.
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the hurricane and top rank gators. highlits next.
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. it looks like it will happen. miami heat are adding 7 time all star joe johnson to the team. deal can't be official knoll until johnson has waiver until tomorrow at 5. johnson has agreed to sign with the heat. waived yesterday`after agreeing to buy out with the nets. 34-year-old guard averaging just about 12 points a season. 17 during the 15 year nba career. update with chris bosch he gets set to face boston tomorrow. right now miami is a 4 seed in the east. team though not focusing on checking the latest standings in the east on daily basis. >> we are not overwhelmed with the standings. everybody is aware of it. >> still trying to get a grip of where our team is as individual that's on the basketball floor from night to night but we ty play offs. just not focus on okay we want to get this seed to miss this
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>>reporter: i like this big weekend of college baseball at the light. no. 6 miami. no. 1 florida gators and 3 game set. game 1 top of the first and thomas on the hill forth canes. 1 on two out. peter and see you. 2 run home tore left. miami down early 2 nothing. 6 canes down 4 nothing.. pitching for the u and schwartz. jax off the score board. canene l le 5 nothing. miami first loss of the season. canes basketball team face louisvilleomorrow afternoon season ty nationally and senior day at the bu c.canes 22 wins on the season. 3 games left. two on the road after saturday. focus in the regular season title. right now miami second right behind north carolina. >> i'm sure the kids are very highly motivated to try to within the regulul season because that's the goal now.
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our destiny at this point. just need to win out pretty much and pray carorona take as loss but we need to just take care of business on our end and win out the rest of the season. >> panthers begin 5 game road trip at the columbus blue jacket tomorrow afternoon. my advice stock up on this play offs are coming. washington kind of rat. >> back in th day. 96. >> a plastic rat. >> hard time fine ago real rat. it was fun. >> longime ago. thank you mike appreciate it. >> it was a lot of fun bei with you tonight and shopping instead of going to dinner. >> wch means i'm starving right about notch you didn't eat. so muchun. it's our addiction. it's okay i have stuff m my car i don't need. >> say good night.
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a real-time closed captioning provided by u.s. captioning company. >> tonight on deco drive. oprah winfrey is losing more than weight with weight watchers. madonna is creating an international incident. it is going to be another day in paradise with phil collins. he has pitched the beach for his first live show in ages. 10 one of these things but only one idol can bring down the house. >> woman: with your love it isn't free. justin has got game. the bieb's issuing of some serious soccer skills. now the show the top that it is hot. because we fgot to use oven


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