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tv   Channel 7 News at 430PM  FOX  February 29, 2016 4:30pm-5:00pm EST

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at home, a teenager losing his life because of gunplay. friends and family reacting to that. >> lynn: a teenager is dead after his friend faces some serious charges ann keil is live in miami gardens, where she spoke exclusively to the victim's mother. >> reporter: the questions remain tonight, why were the teens playing with a gun and whoho owns it? that as the police investigation continues, but right now, the grieving mothered of the 14-year-old victim says this type of violence needs to stop. >> god knows what he did. he took my child for me to let parents, especially the mom, to let y'all know, we need to help our kids, and we need to lilien to our kids.
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and friends, deondra exclusively were us about her son, tevaris. happy and fun and outgoing. that's how she described the 14-year-old who she was forced to say good-bye to. >> i want to see the next child -- >> tevaris, who oncee was called junior, was shot inside of a home on saturday afternoon. according to the m)mmi gardens police chief, two boys were playing with the govern when it went off. they walked to dade middle school. >> it hurts. >> reporter: young boys coming to terms with the loss of a friend. >> i was sad. >> reporter: and as the devastated family waits on justice, the shootot is 14-year-old. he has been charged with manslaughter and possession of a firearm by a minor.
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kids, and it has to stop right now. >>eporter: and tevaris' mother said that she's overwhelmed by the funeral expenses, and the family has set up a go fund me page. we have that link on our website, wall wall >> danielle: the police searching for anissing man in hollywood. and let's go ahead and take a look. we're talking about miley aquilley, last seen on 19th avenue this morning. the 16-year-old was spotted wearing a white shirt and black shorts. if you know his whereabouts, call the police. >> danielle: and in west miami-de, surveillance capturing the pair earlier this month while workers were installing merchandise from brand smart. they got away with a struck and
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21st avenue. if you have thinking information, call the police at the number on the screen. 305-5-1-tips. >> lynn: a special force may be unable to return to the battlefield, but they're taking on a big fight here at home. thousands of veterans have returned to the fight with career ending wounds. >> and putting down people who abuse children. >> reporter: it's training day for army ranger, tom bloch. bloch and others from the u.s. special forces, the army spent more than $1 milln each to train them to be exceptional, are now training for a new mission. >> it's a program that gives a
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only take on a mission. >> reporter: jay christian himself, a former highly decorated army ranger, leads the team. the group is partners with homeland security investigations and u.s. operations command, with law enforcement agencies across the country. >> you see children being abused at level that's the average american can't fathom, and i seems to be getting more domed and worse. >> reporter: he said that the united s stes is the world's largest producer of child pornography. the images too hard to look at, often too horrible to describe. but for these heroes, the idea of not taking action is not an option. >> so what we're doing with is actualapture of crime scenes, and it gives you that sense of urgency to make sure that you're able to get there as fast as you
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the main objective for the hero is to aid and assist in child scue. >> reporter: these hero corvette rans share another trait. in order to qualify, they must have been wounded or ill in service to their country. he was badly wounded in a raid in southern afghanistan in 2013, a suicide bomber crged him and his team. the explosion went off just eight feet from where bloch was standidi. >> we lost four friends that night to an ied blast. it threw me back into a ditch and wounded a bunch of others. >> reporter: getting back into fighting shape wasn't easy. after learning to walk again, saturday bloch endured several
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eye, but bloch is using the setback to make a s stement. >> i think that it represents something that i stand for in a big way. he doesn't like bullies and neither do i. >> reporter: let that serve as notice for anyone who may be terrorizing children. >> lynn: all right, coming off of our satellites this afternoon, a parking problem in a neighborhood in mev o'nevada there, someone painting whites only in nevada. the graffiti blocks away from the elementary school, and the kids discovering it as they headed to class. >> ii think that it's going to be a great day and i look across the street and i see that on the sidewalk and hey, that's like starting segregation all over again. >> lynn: so articulate. the officials looking into who
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and it may have stemmed from a parking dispute. >> danielle: a break-in in ohio. in columbus, someone had entered their home several times in the last months. but the intruder didn't take anything. instead of taking belongings, the intruder moves things around and they have not been able to find this person. >> lynn: a curious four-year-old getting his arm stuck in a vending machinene this was in melbourne, australia. he reached up so far into the machine that he got caught in the antitheftechanism. they freed hisrm. >> the offeriosnd the biscuits and a few things, he
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machine, but he's good now. >> lynn: he really wanted one of the oreos. it took them six hours to get him loose. >> danielle: i wonder if he ended up getting the oreos. >> ln: i've kicked a few machines myself. it's not a good idea. >> danielle: concerns in the sunshine state, a pregnant woman among the newest cases. >> lynn: also, one of pope francis' top advisers making a new admission. >> danielle: and a red light not stopping a dump truck. the driver speeding through the intersection and taking several cars with him. >> phil: all right, the southern half of the u.s. looking mostly clear, andnd for us, we're going
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the entire forecast in minutes. >> a truckload of trouble heading for a texas intersection and blind siding several drivers in the process. we're talking about a dump truck that slammed into a car, and drove straight through the intersection. >> lynn: several others are caught in its path. and ashley jones has more on the dramat video. >> reporter: it took crews almost eight hours to remove a gravel truck from the bottom of a creek in austin, texas, after
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cars and plowed into a concrete barrier. the moment of impact, the video showing drivers waiting at a red light when out of nowhere, a red dump truck brels down the street. it pushes the honda through the intersection and slams into other drivers. the truck goioi over the grassy overpass and slammed into a utility pole. people running out to help. and moments later, the owner of the company who owns the truck saying that the driver offhe truck is in the hospital and doesn't know what caused him to lose control. and four other people were taken to the hospital, ashley jones, 7 news. >> lynn: crazy. >> danielle: absolutely. ahead from the news station, thehe happiest place on earth making a decision that won't make future visitors very happy. >> lynn: probably not. and a deputy's picture going
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partner. >> lynn: fox's hit show, gotham, preparing for a much darker show. to the easy premier will not disappoint. >> danielle: rick levinthaling talks about what the fans can expect. >> reporter: the world of gotham is about to get more twisted and dark as the show continues with
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>> it's a dark show, but it really gets real. and especially for -- he goes through one of the most profoundly horrifying torturous experiences in h life. we're having our villains from the previous years reborn, though we do get into mr. freeze in the seconon season. we have villains around before, who are reborn at the indian hill laboratory. >> reporter: highly anticipated returns, including fan favorites. >> jane is back, and she's coming back in a new way, and i think that it will be very captivating television. >> are you sure this is what you want?
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s put us through? >> positive. >> reporter: for jay, his demons. >> jay is going to pay the price for what he has done, and what he's about to do, and what the audience is going to see, and he pays a price, not only with his own existence but with his relationships. >> reporter: fred and bruce wayne will continue their training. >> he teaches him a set of morals and code of conduct and everything like that. >> which means that young bruce will be closer and closer to the cape crusader that he's destitid to become. >> i think that in the second half of the season, you start to see the trademark qualities of batman.
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and it's really great. >> please forgive me if i've offended you. >> reporter: in new york, rick levinthal, fox news. >> danielle: there's only one place to catch gotham. and that's tonight here on 7. >> what a nice way to start the work week. lows in the 50s, and typical, just a trace of rain today in fort lauderdale. temperatures in the 70s at this hour. 75 in miami, and the same in fort lauderdale and key west. the humidity out of the southeast, 50%. so here's the stormtracker, and we're looki dry. looks like it's going to stay mostly dry throughout the rest of this week. the big view shows that the only weather is basically in the northern half of the u.s. we have a cold front moving in. everything in blue there, that's snow. clear skies across the southeast.
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the temperatures at this hour, well, you can see where the cold front is moving through. minneapolili 25, and ahead of the front, still on the warm side for chicago, 51 there, and 50s and 60s and 70s up and down the east coast. tonight, high pressure still in firm control. and it will be nice and mild. we'll have a nice ocean breeze. by tomorrow, that high is not going anywhere. it should be mainly dry, but getting a little warmer. every day a little warmer, a a possibly even close to the mid 80s as we approach the end of the week, here's the marine forecast threat of rip currents, seas for new the florida keys, 15 knot winds, and the next high
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morning, 2:56 in the lower keys, the water temperature, 7 7 . tonight, partly cloudy skies, and temperatures once again will be in the 60s. the wind out of the east-southeast a aoss the mainland, northeast for the keys, and by tomorrow, plenty of sunshine, partly cloudy skies for the keys, warmer, highs in the upper 70s to low 80s. 79, 80 , and thein the extended outlook, check out wednesday, up to 82, and warmer on tpursday, friday and saturday. we could see an isolated shower. and if it survives longer, near seasonal temperatures by next monday. >> a heartfelt hug, captured in a selfie between an officer and his canine partner.
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>> jeff lennox shows us of just how strong their bond is. >> arizona deputy, chase, and his canine have been working together for three years. >> he loves to give hugs. he's the million-dollar hug dog. most of the time if we're sitting there, he'll plop his head onhead on my shoulder. >> they took it, and it didn't take long for the bond to form. >> we were going from in the car where we didn't know each other, and now he's a great dog, a great partner. he's just fun to have in the car, and it makes the hours go by. by.
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>> he's very playful. he's happy to see his faithful partner, getting well deserved recognition. >> people don't t tnk of them as ps, or anything else. but it' good that they actually like canines, and they care that much about them. >> reporter: he's a special detection canine, used to find evidence specific to narcotics investigations. reporting from the satellite center, jeff lennox, 7 n ns. >> hello, everybody, i'm patrick fraser with the next "help me, howard". she has a credi card with a feature that says, if your trip is canceled, the card will reimburse you. the tripp was cammed and the credit card did not reimburse. >> it came not only as a surprise, but a huge disappointment. >> reporter: what's the looole
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pay? >> danielle: that is s news at # 30:00. thank you so much for watching. i'm danielle knox. >> lynn: i'm lynn martinez.. 7 news at 5:00 starts right now. >> now on 7 news. >> belkeys: a woman facing the law after being accused of kidnapping a baby bd caking her across the state. it's super tuesday eve and all the presidential candidates
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grabs in tomorrow's races. >> some of south florida heading to the polls to get their votes in early. more cases ofika detected in made made and broward. and what appears to be a real life fight club at a california high school has parents outraged. hello and welcome every one. i'm belkeys nerey. >> craig: i'm craig stevens. 7 news continues now at 5:00. >> this is 7 news at 5:00. >> craig: now at 5:00, a woman faces a judge and a baby is back home with her mother after cops say she was kidnapped by a relative. it night new details as this woman is ordered to remain behind bars. >> hello again everybody. police say she abducted 2-month-old. >> a 14-year-old who had a gun also arrested in connection with this crime. brandon beyer is live at the jail in pompano beach where one of the suspects remains at this hour. brandon. >> reporter: well, belys, that 2-month-old home safe now
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one suspect went before a judge tad and we're learning to night that thehe teenager may have pointed the weapon at the mother. >> very grateful. we're very ecstatic last night when she came home. 7 news there as 2-month-old ta ra taraji is reunited herr mother. she was kidnapped at gunpoint from her home in fort lauderdale . family is grateful for the community's help. >> i want every one to take the time out, the patience, to share and look. we truly appreciate it. >> reporter: according to the arrest affidavit. 23-year-old stephanie agustin and her some year-old cousin micah mare is entered the home. pointed a gun at the child's mother and took the baby. before being arrested in fort pierce astin a bab dobd the child in orlando where the infant was found 18 hours later.
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brg a judge. you're charged wh aggravated assault with a deadly weapon with jot the intent to kill. and the attorney says he was duped. he seize the baby things in the car and baby stuff in the back seat and in the trunk. he has no reason to doubt the cousin. >> now it's a family divide ood. some in cou for support. others out for just justice. >> we just pray for her as a a family member. it's hard. and she made her mistake so now she has to go through it. >> reporter: so that teenager remains in a juvenile detention center. meanwhile the 23-year-old woman is in jaiai with no bond. we're live tonight in pompano beach. brandon beyer. 7 news. >> >> belkeys: >> craig: also it nate count down is on. super tuesday just a day way. early voting begins for south florideans and tonight presidential candidates hit


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