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tv   Channel 7 News at 6PM  FOX  March 3, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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respected and not lay in the street. >> miami-dade an nal services say they visited the area wednesday and only found evidence of a cat that had been run over by a car. the advocates have since sent county officials these pictures and that threatening note. >> it was devastating. i mean, these are cats that i've seen since they werely. i had them neutered and sde. >> we don't have the action on film or photo which is what really would enforce the county and also the state law. this is a criminal offense which should be investigated as that. this is a dangerous person. danger to society. >> glass sick finished her time here walking to t tt bag to a local hospital to pay to have the dead animal cream made the. >> a and since saving lot of this new informatiti. miami-dade animal services promise thez are puttingn vais investigator on thistory for a
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the claims and that note and the post templ we'll keep you posted. live in miami. sheldon fox. 7 news >> belkeys: now at 6:00, a hack tack involving web sieth sites across south florida. private information about thousands of police officers could be in the wrong hands. liz nagy live at miami-dade police headquarters with n- doral with details on this. liz. >> reporter: belkeys, miami-dade county right now won't confirm this hack happened. they are refoargt miami-dade police department. the police department says they are investigating. meanwhile the police union that represent officers across south florida are scrambling trying to get their member pros tected again. >> the highly personal information of police officers, prosecutors and specially protected county employees in south florida is now out in the open on the internet. the only information we got and it was a throorming us twhatz
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information, very sensitive information was released. >> a. >> reporter: according to an official mem off the southeast florida, miami-dade started investigating a cyber security breech february 26th. the union that represents miami-dade police officers a thrirtd members wedneneay. >> the moment we found out, we were me alarmed bit fact that the county had not notified our >> it. >> reporter: it's not just miami-dade employees and it's not just police officers who are now exposed. the web site ft. com allows any one with an internet information to seah one of the names. 2385 in broward county and 4114 people in palm beach county. >> police officers just bit nature of their work is a very dangerous job and then if someone wants to retaliate on
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families, which has happen many times, they can be in jeopardrd >> several days into a formal miami-dade police investigation to find the sorts of leak. >> we do not know it's been fixed. well, right now the men who runs this >> posted a lear saying did not take part in the a tak hack. he doesn't condemn or condone it. if this hack is fix and when it will be fixed is unknownwn we're live in doral night liz nagy. 7 news. >> craig: and also at 6:00, a wheelchair bound woman in danger. she was knocked to a ground by a jeep that came crash thriewg the bus stop. it happened near legume road and west 7th street noon. the woman sufufred minor injuries and is thank herg lucky stars. >> i thought this is it, this is the end. when i knew i got hirkts i didn't know how bad.
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the driver o the car was not hurt and we're told will not be facing charges. >> belkeys: a south florida target becoming the bull's eye for burglars. police say the thieves broke into the hialeah store before it opened this morning. they took off with several electronics devise. if you knoww anything call crime stoppers at 305-471-tips. >> a south florida man arrested in connection with a multi million dollar gold heist fating a judge. alberto perez's attorney says his client will no plead not guilty at the arraignment. the fbi removed boxes and bags and property and a beet and pick frupt opa locka. >> home yesterday. the cyst her ter in lay says she doesn't believe he did anything wrong. >> it's true. in today's world, you can't trust law. i mean, they didn't show us anything. they just went in there. every one was kicked out and they can say whatever ierkts fbi
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as police officers last march. stormed a traor trailer in north carolina. tide up the officers guarding the 5 million dloofers gold and metal. >> also at 6:00, the gop front runner way warning to the front runner. >> thief his bullying, the greed, the showing off. the ma saga next the absbsd third grade theatrics. >> it billionaire fight back. >> mit was a disaster as a candidate. we cannot take another loss. we cannot take another loss and mit is indeed a choke ard artist. >> in this war of words. >> belkeys: well, donald trump was one of the mitt romney's biggest supporters four years ago. >> things. >> craig: things have changed just a bit. alex diprato in the plex with more on this for us now. alex. >> reporter: and it's a disaij
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night donald strum firing back calling mitt romney a failed candidate. >> donald trump same phony, a frawvmentd his promis are as worthless as a degree from trum university. >> reporter: mitt romney y the tack against front runner donald trump. he is playing america as suckers. he gets a free ride to the white house and all we get is a lowz lousy hat. >> his domestic policies would lead to recession. the@most historic apartment. he wasn't just blasting trump for the go. he is calling him dangerous for america. >> if we republicans choose donald trump as our nom neerks the prospects for a safe and prosperous future are greatly diminished. rom any's care of fully crafted speeeech aimed at exposing trum as a a ony. but you say wait, wait, wait, isn't he a huge business success? doesn't he know what he is talking about. >> no he isn't and no he doesn't.
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and his core rational for his candidacy that he is a winner. >> he inherited his business. he didn't recreate it. and what ever happened to trum airlines. how about trum university. and then trump magazine and trump vodka. and strum trump steaks and trump mortgage. a business genius he is not. >> thankou donald. >> romney's comments today in starke contrast to four years ago when trum endorse himed for president. >> donald trump has shown an extraordinarily ability to understand how our economy works and create jobs for the people. >> and at a campaign in maine donald trump hit back. i backed mitt romney i backed him. you can see how loyal he s. he was begging for my endorsement. i could of said mit, drop to your knees and he would have dropped to his knees. he was beg. trump said romney should of
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mit is a failed candidate. he failed horribly. >> reporter: in addition to romney 70 national security experts and john mccain have warned donald trump is unfit to be commander in chief. govenor scott says renot endorse any one in the race until after the florida primary. >> and live in the plex. i'm alex diprato. 7 news. >> belkeys: well, get the latest from campaign trail 24/7. it's on our voice your choice app. it's free and available for all >> >> craig:etting word of this news later now. as we reported president obama set t travel to cuba later this more. secretary of state john kerry was going to go head of time and late grod work and do set up for that meeting but that trip by kerry has been canceled. >> belkeys: lynn martinez has more for us from the satellite lynn. >> lynn: craig and belkeys this. could be a sign that the
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still remains at a high level. again, as you indicated craig. travel has opened up. the president set to visit this country, cuba nay couple weeks. and now we understand john kerry has canceled his trip to cuba just two weeks before the president is scheduled to go there. pairntly we're hearing diplomats were hag lg over which cuban dissidents the president will be able to meet and naz why the secretary of state canceled his visit. but we're also hearing other reports reports that that was not the ice and the recent embassy opened is over whemed and trying plant two visits bit president and secretary of state and kerry is still vis interested in visiting in the near future. this officials says the president is still going cuba in a couple weeks but secretary of state john kerry is no. in the newsplex. lynn martinez. 7 news. >> craig: all right. also in the news now florida is over halg the death penalty here in is the sunshine state.
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bill that would require ten out of 12 jurors recommend it in order for it to be carried out. previously only a majority of jurors were rimpletd the bill is an efforto resume em x- dmiewtionz florida after the supreme court ruled the current sentencing law is unconstitutional jiem cowpg next from the newsplex. one man saying laws don't play thoivment woab in for a rude wainging in the court. carmel is on the case with this. >> craig: and crooks showing off a the stolen starchlt just one station with details. >> belkeys: and an explosive scene in the big eam. simple items making for a complex bomb.
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>> >> craig: a one of a kind battle in a broward courtroom. prosecutors facing off against a man defending himself. a man who claims he doesn't need a license to practice law. whose arguments would the jury believe?
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case. >> 44-year-old anthony williams was all smield smiles in court charged with practicing a law without a license. the state intends t prove through the evidence of documents that mr. williliams is preening it to be a lawyer. >> williams operates an internet based law firm. he was accused of acting as a tore an attorney after he filed documents in a foreclosure caisis he calls himself a private attorney general and sovereign piece peas officer oomplet authoritiessall him a sovereign citizen. and they think the laws don't play to them. >> we have. last year he posted this video of his arrest for driving without a license. i'm also a foreign dip ro map. he says he doesn't need one. during that case which tooks took eighthtonths to conclude. he was taken to jail twice. first to for failure to follow a
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foredrivingout a license the second time. in the end he entered a no contest plea and then paid the fine. >> but then, a month later williams was back in handcuffs thisis time facing felony charges involving the unlicensed practice of law. when taken into custody at the airport williams was carrying his pry veat tore any general id, the badge handcuffs you are all charging with me with unlicensed practice of law. and i'm trying get you to understand what law are you charging with me? there ray whole bunch laws. at trial williams represented himself. the state has been misleading on whathe real law is in the state of florida. he spent must time ar giewght judge i have never given legal add viessments i only give lawful advice. there a difference between legal and lawful. >> you're arguing apples and others. it took the jury one hour before
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all charge oompletz the defendant is guilty. it was bad news for williams and with to get worse. judge anew siegel sentenced him to one # zero days in jail. 22 years probation and order him to turnover his badges and id. he is prohibited from calling himself a private attorney general, an attorney, in my way shape or form and he he does not have at wilt to practice law. as the supporters ensed. williams lashed out at the prosute eempletz both of you attorneys are a crook. the jury loves me. i will find out. and both you all are going to jail. >> but it is williams who is in jail now and he has more to think with than this case according to authorities. he is currently being investigated for mortgage fraud. >> carmel cafiero. 7 news. >> >> belkeys: well, if there is something you think carmel
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or send an e-mail. the address is and you can also tweet her at carmeleln the case. >> craig: and still head tonight. lady luck riding with one couole out in the road. what caused their scare in the next half hour. >> belkeys: and a multi million dollar jackpot support for grabs nation wievmentd the winning ticket sold right here in south florida. >> >> phil: all right swraivment great event take place this weekend and it looks like mother nature will cooperate. carnival in tht mild morning lows in the mid 60s. afternoon highs upper 70s to the low 50e6789s the entire out look nay couple minutes. >> hi everyone. i'm steve shapiro. coming up? sports a fun weekend at dor ravment first round of the cat a clakd championship today and the scrors low. a live rfport from doral. stay with us.
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>> >> belkeys: a power ball player hitting the jack spot in south florida. last night's winning ticket hitting more than 2 million collars at a tom's thumb in marathon. the store's manager thrilled bit news. >> i was amazed. i got here this morning. 7:30. i got a phone call from my lottery represents and are you wear you sold the winning lottery tickets? i said lotto? and he said no, power ball and hi goose bumps. sur priemplets the winner has not come forward as of yet. check those tickets if you were
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>> now, 7 weather with chief meteorologist phil ferro. >> phil: all right. a mostly cloudy day here croos s. morning lows in the 50e6789s afternoon highs 76 for the keys. low 80s across miami and fort lauderdale. right now every one is still in the 70s. 76 miami. fort lauderdale, pompano beach. pembroke pines 77 and key west the cool spot 73 degrees. pressure is steady. the wind out of south southeast and humidity at 60%. here's the storm tracker. everything is nice and dry here across south florida and it should remain this way over the next few days. just alight chance for a shower or two across the area. now, we do have a front that's falling part across south florida right now. but there's another one that should be moving in late during the day tomorrow. again, we should seen i ilated showers. once this front goes through, the big change will be most of the cloud cover starts to move way.
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no change in temperatures though. the down side will be that we will have some rough waters here for boaters. and it's not going to be goo for beachgoers either. the threat of rip currents will be present. here's the marine forecast for tonight. a slight risk of rip currents at the beach. the wind out of southwest. seas one to 2 feet. biscayne bay with a light chop. for nut florida keys, ten knot winds. both seas inside d beyond the reef one to 2 feet. coastal waters a light chop. next high tide miami 4:26 in the morning. 4:21 for fort lauderdale. key lalao your next high tide will be at 4:49. 6:51 in key west. so for tonight. mostly cloudy. fairly quite. over night lows in the upper 60 wheassments is average is about 64 degrees. for tomorrow the typical highs about 78. 79 degrees. we are going to be above that in the mainland. 79 in the keys.
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your extended outlook. the weekend rigig now is looking pretty good. could see an isolated shower moving in off of the breeze. monday still nice. very typical here. 64 for a low. 77 for a high. then we start to warm up on tuesday and by the time we get around to wednesday and thursday, highs are back in the low 80s. that's your 7 on 7 forecast. >> >> belkeys: okay phil, thanks. >> craig: next up in tonights sports. lebron james explains yes has been hanging out in miami. we'll have that. >> belkeys: and later low cut and the high color. the celebrity driven fashion trend is turning two looks into one. a very con tour deco coming up at 7:30.
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>> >> time now for sports with steve shapiro. >> this is the 62 golf tournament at doral. got started today no. tiger but a deep field. mike dipasquale on the courue all day joins us live from doral. mike. >> hey steve. 47 of the top 57 golfers in the world are here and the guy that missed the cut last week has a share in the lead. we begin with justin thomas from the rocks on one. a good effort but not a great ruvment back in the water. double bo gee at three in the round.
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and duf ner. the st. thomas grad. long put for bir deabout 50 feet way. jason, in there. and to phil mickel son. 2009 champ from doral. and just miss tvmentd sets up the easy bir deal. five under round. 67 he is in thqrd. scott peer si. missed the classic cut. ranked for 48 on birdie under 17. and tied with marcus frasier. here's peer si. not surprised where he stands after round one. >> and leader boards every where so. well, i mean when you're seven under and 12 holes on this golf corks i mean you got to figure you're in the lead. not an easy golf course. it was a did day. i hit a lot of good shots and made some good puts and drove it well. it ways good day. >> well, some golfers and a lot of people are keeping an eye on.
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row roy tide for 16. and justin tide with an even round at 28. and look athe nice people here at trum dor ravment let me bring my car. we'll drive that home when we're done. back to you in the studidi >> okay drive safe. and the suns stink. they lost 28 of the last three 1. the heat are five and # since the all-star games. [n all seven games without borchlt and dra dra gusher picked it up during the stretch. and a feel comfortable. i feel like you know i found my game and i'm happy that we can play like that. we're playing well and still a long ways to go but we're going to the right directions. >> highlights at 10:00. bron is back in cleveland after spending two days off in miami with his friend dywane wade. they were work owght a at a givment lebron was asked why he would come down here in the
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>> i would love to g g to l.a. but it is two and hate. makes more sense to go south than west. with you i go because i want to. >> so thru good. first place panthers a colorado. the marlins lost their first exhibition game today. four to three st. louis and lady canes beat piton in the first game their acc tournament. back to craig and belkeys. >> craig: thanks steve. >> belkeys: and that's it for us at #. i'm belkeys nerey. we'll see you later at 10:00. >> craig: and i'm craig stevens. stay tuned. the news at 6:30 is next. good nig.
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>> this is seven the news 6:30. >> now 56930 clorng the gop gloves are off and the target is donald trump. let me put it very plainly. if weepublicans choose donald
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fects for a safe and prosperous future are deinute nierchltd the florcht runner hitting back. and he was begging for my endorse meant. i could of say drop to your knees and he would drop to his neevmentz the race to the white house gets down and dirty. >> lynn: good evening every one. former presidential candidate mitt romney. the latest person to get into a war of words with doonld trum. >> danielle: that tack take place just hours before he is set to te the stage in the debate. and alex diprato in the plex with reaction from the front runner. alex. >> reporter: danielle in 2008 donald trum endorsed mitt romney for president and four years later the two men are tack each other as the race for the white house turns nastier. donald trump same phony, a fraud. his promises are as worth lease let's as a degree from trum


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