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tv   Channel 7 News at 630PM  FOX  March 3, 2016 6:30pm-7:00pm EST

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fects for a safe and prosperous future are deinute nierchltd the florcht runner hitting back. and he was begging for my endorse meant. i could of say drop to your knees and he would drop to his neevmentz the race to the white house gets down and dirty. >> lynn: good evening every one. former presidential candidate mitt romney. the latest person to get into a war of words with doonld trum. >> danielle: that tack take place just hours before he is set to te the stage in the debate. and alex diprato in the plex with reaction from the front runner. alex. >> reporter: danielle in 2008 donald trum endorsed mitt romney for president and four years later the two men are tack each other as the race for the white house turns nastier. donald trump same phony, a fraud. his promises are as worth lease let's as a degree from trum
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2003 nominee mitt romney on the tack against front runner donald trump see. playing the americans for suckers and he gets a free ride to the white house and all we gets a lousy hat. his domestic policies wld lead to recession. his foreign policies would make america less safe. >> romney urging americans to get behind one of the other gop candidates in the race. marco rubio, ted cruz or john kasich. romney telling the crowd at the university of utah, trump doesn't have the temperament to be president. now donald trump tells us he is very, very smart. >> i'm frayed that when it comes to foreign poll circumstances he is, very very not smart. >> in addition to romney, 70 national security experts and senator john mccain have warned nald trump sp unfit to be commander in chief. romney says trump would lead america into recession. so even though donald trump has offered very few specific
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said is enough to know he would be very bad for american workers and for american families. thank you done o omentd romney's comments today in starke contrast to four years ago when trum endorsed him for president. >> donald trump has shoand extraordinarily ability t understand how our economy works and create jobs for the american people. >> reporter: at a campaign rally in maine donald trump speak about romney. >> i backed romney. you can see how loyal he was. i could of sed mit drop to your knees and he would have dropped to his knees he was begging. >> reporter: trump saying romney should of easily beaten president obama. mit is a failed candidate. he failed. to. republicans will debate in detroit. donald trump says if he is a c tacked in the debate. le hit back harder. live in the newsplex. i'm alex diprato. 7 news. >> danielle: all right alex.
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now on to the democrats. the candidates stumming for support for voters in several states going to the polls on saturday. senator bernie sanders campaign in na gras cavment his speech touching on a ragee of topics from income and equality to% climate change. meanwhile new details about hillary clinton's e-mail. a former staffer who helped set up a private server grant immunity bit justice department. he has reportedly aeed to an interview with the fb. >> craig: >> if you haven't done so yet, now is a good time to down load our 7 news voice your choice app. it is always updated with the very latest from campaign trail. >> >> lynn: and this stroapg night secretary of state john kerry announceddhe is canelling is his trip to cuba. this is joyed from when the embassy was opened earlier last year.
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rites on the island this. video from the trip back in august reopens the u.s. embassy. kerry's visit set to take place two weeks before president obama makes his historic trip. and they say cuba is trying to dictate which political dissidents the president will be allowed to meet with. >> lynn: all right. and now on just one station. police showing off the goods after a south florida man is busted, accused of breaking into cars and steal age lot of pricey sunglasses. police say the suspect targeted cars in a gated south florida neighborhood. and they say he was going for those designer disun glasses. 7's rosh lowe has this exclusive from northeast miami-dade. >> it's a great feeling. obviously giving someone's proper back is always a good feeling. it's what we leave lif for. a great feeling indeed for miami-dade police to return all of this stolen property tie number of victims ee has been
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this laptop here was taken. it was a young man's i understand from the kid that goes to school niend, this is his school laptop. leb very happy, i'm sure, to have it back. >> reporter: so where does all this stolen loot come from? cops say ira jones here was behind numerous car burglaries and pairntly he an affinity for fancy eye wear i ra jones say young man that burglarized quite a few vehicles. together. so far we have ten cases. went to presidential is states which is a private neighborhood we have located in the inner coastal district. let me tell you why this is an important case for police. they believe there are numerous victims out there. how did they crack this case. an later citizen. they saw jones in action and miami-dade police bust him and say in his book bag, all this loot andow they are flook dozens of other cases.
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we have ten that are a se thing. indicates is very morning us to throughout the district. we've had a rash of burglaries to vehehles. many in the last month and they are on the rise again okay. miami-dade police believe this car burglaries. so sphru any information on any of those burglaries. give miami-dade police a call. call crime stop pempletz 305-471-tips. in northeast miami-dade. rosh loarks 7 news. >> the coast yard make an ocean rescue. a 23-year-old man suffering from chest pains while on a fishing boat near the bahamas. a good samaritan noticing the man have struggle and report tvmentd the coast guard riefg to the scene hooft ig him into a helicopter and flying him fo to nassau for treatment. >> lynn: a south florida mother accused of a gassily crime involving her own baby enter age plea.
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a mental health hold for several weeks undergoing asychiatric ee valley i- youation and under house a reessments she is charged murder a after deputies say in homestead they found her 5-month-old son dead nay freezer in that house. >> >> lynn: ao in the news today, the case of main who died while in custody of walt more police is back in court. today a judge hearing an appeal from an officer. officer william port who is a wade waiting a retrial in the freddie gray case. his niers went to overturn a rule. gray died last april from a broken neck. prosecutors say he he suffered in the back of a police van and broke his neck in the van. officials say his injury was because he was not wearing a seat belt. >> >> danielle: and now detectives and a trooper indicted on purge eerie choonchtz brian intend yeah has been fired from the public
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he can appeal the decision. he is accused of lie being the arrest of sandra bland and their confrontational stop in houston that was caught on dashcam video. you see it there. bland found dead inside her jail ll. her death was ruled a suicide. >> oscar pistorius is motion denied by a south florida couou. the highest court. the constitutional court dismissing haze peel against his murder conviction. pistorius found guilty of shoot and killing his girlfriend d eva steenkamp at his moment on valentine's day in 2013. he claims he miss took her for an intruder. e ruling now clears the way for a judge to sentence t former olympian in april tie minimum of 15 years in prison. >> coming up on 7 news at 6:30, terrifying moments for a couple driving down a highway when a tire from a semi truck comes crashing through the wind child shield. >> danielle: chaos in the
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car goes off in the bronx. what police say is behind this explosive emergency. >> >> for hourly f/recast and live radar. tap the 7 weather app. it's free, just search wsvn in your app store sponsored by is stray a insurance.
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>> >> lynn: well, look at this mess. a washington couple lucky to be alive after a tire comes crashing through their front win 'do shield there. they were driving down a busy highway when a tire quaim right at them. >> danielle: and officials are calling g is a freak accident. it was like the guy came down and smacked the tirirout of way in time and they still can't
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i was thankful to be ally. i didn't want to say did buy to my kids. state trooper says a semi truck tire busted through the windshield as the couple crof down 303 headed for silver dale tuesday afternoon. >> it was coming straight at me. if it wantz for the steering wheel i probably would have lost my life. aim has chuts hadden on her hands. joney said his heat head shut the dashboard. >> the couple who had recently fallen on hard times just bought the honda civic ten minutes earlier. the semi is attorney and in eat condition and well main taifnltd while the investigation is until under way. troop ferdz say the driver of the semi told them he just had nene tires put on the truck and there may have beenen wise the way the tire was mounted. they say they are just grateful to be laif and togethetonight. it's really hard for me. pgh i can't get it totop replaying in my head. >> danielle: and you heard them say they just bought their car. they also say the damage to the car cost more than what they
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>> lynn: that's awful. >> danielle: but on the other alive. >> lynn: yes, they are alive. >> next up from the news station. a car going on a collision course with the school bus. the rescue effort to get the trapped woman out snievment all right. weekend. pressure building as a weak front goes through during date on friday, saturday and sunday. great outdoor weather. we'll have the entire out look in a few minutes.
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>> lynn: take you cross country tonight. two ar o sole cafnltz authorities say it was a time bomb that blew up under the car on nt brovment the device blew out a tire in the we're whreert car pulled up to the intersection. they are straight as a possible case of bay pay back for a bad drug deal. no one was hurt. >> danielle: and five people killed in a tractor trailer accident in pennsylvania. investigators say a car crossed the center median ave major roadway there and then collided head on with the big rismght the driver of the tractor trailer suffering minor injuries. police still don't know what caused that driver to clues looz control. >> a crash involving a school bus here inassachusets claiming the life of an 80-year-old woman. she was driving with her husband and 11-year-old grand daughter when she smashed into the bus
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>> the bode dift vehicle was collapsed around the driver itself so it t tk us time just to gain access to her but then we required the assistance ave local towing company and they tiewkd us throughout prot sessments they understand what we were doing and we mostly worked to keep them warm. the 11-year-old was not injured and noids on board that bus. investigators say solar glala likely caused the accident. >>ow, 7 weather with chief meteorologist phil ferro. >> all right. we're in for a very nice and quiet yet cloudy evening here across south florida. temperatures across the state in the 60s&in tampa. tallahassee jacksonville and 70s every place else. as far as any rainfall is concerned, we're looking dry here croos south florida even though we do have a front that's fall parting across area. now the cloud cover will stick around throughout the night and possibly throughout the day tomorrow as well. we are looking at mostly dry conditions.
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we will get a secondary front moving in during the day tomorrow. we might be able to squeeze out a shower out of. that should clear out late in the day. now after that, high pressure builds in for the first half of your weekend. the winds coming in off of o the ocean. could bring us an isolated sprinkle. everything should clear out as far as the clouds are concerned but the count side, we're going to get rough waters for you boat ersz a a also a threat of rip currents there at beach. here's the marine forecast for night slight chance of rip current. the winds out of southwest. seas one to 2 feet. biscne bay way light chop. pore throughout florida keys, ten knot winds. both inside and beyond the reef will be steady at one t t2 feet. coastal waters a light chop. next high tide looking at 426 for dade and broward. 6:51 for the low ceers and your water temperature at 57 degrees. for tonight still plenty of cloudiness hanging around south florida. the typical low for this time of year. 64.
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that 65 to 69 degrees and then by tomorrow, average high croots mainland is about 78. way above. that throughout the keys 79 to 80. and then here's your extended outlook right. now the weekend iss gloofnlgt isolated sprinkle. near typical temperatures through tuesday. we warm up for wednesday and thursday. that's your 7 on 7. 7 sports is next.
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>> time now for 7 sports with steve shapiro. >> scores are low for the first round of the cadillac championship today. and brother live at course. >> >> and the tww names in the lead are not familiar names open the cord. and louis. for the@bunker on 12 for birdie and check this out. he is at two over apartment. to world's no. 1 jordan speak. jordan spieth three under round. ranked no. 3 in the world mr. rory mcilroy on 17 for the bir deal. up and down on the birdie. one under. and six career wins for birdie an seven. his 16th coal hole today. he tide for the lead at six
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marcus tide with scott pierce si. and phil mickelson is one backck and another top three mt. world stand right now. here ispieth and le take round no. 1. i think we did a great job approaching and taking our medicine when we needed tond take owrg chances. it is a bit of a grind sometimes. it is a bit of a grind and you know anything in the 60s is a pretty good score. >> not a good day for the defending champion justin johnson. he is tide for 28. that will do it foror trump dor ravment sounds like a big old party there. looks like the white house back there. that will do it. back to you steve. >> and have one for me. the cats hav a a two-point lead on tampa in the division. coming off a come from behind win.
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avalanche score a lot. they are 4th in the western conference in goals. and the buiuiing with the oxygen change and what not. good to get a skate in today and get accustomed to to it. if we're not ready and don't show up in the first ten minutes it might out of reach because they are that good. marlins set up pim pitcher dr. cafl seeing a doctor for his elbow. that's not good. first game against st. louis. marlins the visiting team. top of the first marcello zoo na. a zoo na was two for two in the game tom kohler gaip gave up two rundz runs. the marlins lose to the cardinals four tthree. and lady canes against pittsburgh in the first round of the acc tournament. um in white. she lead every one by 19 points. um lead b17 at the intermission. # for nine from the fieldld
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775 to 55. um plays florida state tomorrow morning ch heat home tonight against fee nimple. the suns have the worse record in the league. 15 and 45. that will do. it lynn and danielle back after this.
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>> danielle: inside edition is coming up next. >> lynn: here is debra with a preview. >> thanks lynn and danielle coming up. mitt romney's extraordinary attack on donald trump and what trump's ex-wife says about the presidential race. and then kidnapped and buried 35 years ago. why one v- victim wants her kidnapper to go free. >> danielle: that does it for us at 6:30 i'm lnan ell knox. thanks for watching. i'm ien i'm lynn martinez. we'll i'll he is you at 7:30 for demoat deco and danielle will
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gang at 10:00. >> real-time closed captioning provided by u.s. captioning company.
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>> civil war. >> donald trump is a phony, a fraud, a con man.
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sayiyi about the presidential race. >> how do you feel about ssibly being the first ex- wife. >> and manhunt for a gang that made off with arsenal. >> that's tactical training. >> and tina fey unleashes on the oscars. >> this is real hollywood [censor] >> coroversy over the big star that had to change her simone. the skin darkened. >> this is just as bad as a white person in black face. >> to say that@someone of color is doing black face misses the mark. >> then the worst mass abduction in u.s. history. years ago. alive. >> why does she want her kidnapper to go free. something else.


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