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tv   Channel 7 News at 11PM  FOX  March 4, 2016 5:00am-5:30am EST

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so far, so good. we have a weak front on the move and it arrives tonight. there is the possibility of seeing an isolatedhower starting tonight. it will be relatively dry friday. i don't think you're going to need the umbrellas at allful we will have the breeze with some hazards on the waters. temperatures are warm in the upper 60s, 70 in fort lauderdale to 68 degrees in west kendall with the day planner going with oonl 10@percent chance of rain in the forecast. afternoon highs reaching the low to mid-80s. as for now your morning commute looks pretty good. we have been seeing a steady stream of clouds moving in from the gulf of mexico. they will stick around for a little while longer an clear out with that front and overall it is mostly dry. i'll be back with the complete forecast in a couple of minutes. now at 5.
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calling on boaters to dump trump. >> donald trump is worthless, a fraud. >> and gop front runner not happy. >> he came at me an it was very nasty. 2012 presidential nominee mitt romney railing against trump calling him a fraud. >> diana: an he fended off more attacks from last night's debaits. elitsa bizios with last night's war or words. >> reporter: donald trump was urn fire all daythursday. we're talking about before and during the fox news debate. it started in the morning with mitt romney firstst going after
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the debate stage with him. you see what happens when you challenge him on policy issue, you ask him about the economy and first they think he do is launch into attack about little guy thing. he doesn't have answers. this is not a game. >> i know what's happening with the economy. you haven'tmployed one person. i've employed tens of thousands of people. >> reporter: donald trump and marco rubio throwing jabs. >> he hit my hands. look at those nds. are they small hands? en and he referred to my han if they're small, something else must bee small, i guarantee there's no problem. >> reporter: donald trump coming urn fire from ted cruz. >> it's easier to say make things better an make things great.
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but the principles that made america great in the first place? >> reporter: trump brushing off romney. >> he was a failed candidate. he should have beaten barack obama easily. he failed miserably and it was embarrassment. >> donald trump is a fraud. >> reporter: trump isn't just dangeroussor america. >> he's playing the members of the american p!blic for suckers. he gets a free ride to the white hat. his foreign policies would make the world less safe. >> tnk you, donald. >> reporter: his comments standing in stark contrast when trump endorsed him for
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>> donald trump has shown an extraordinary ability of how the economy works. >> mitt is a failed candidate. he failed horribly. >> reporter: he said romney was december t pratt for his endorsement. >> i backed him. you can see how loyal hee is. he was begging for my endorsement. i could have said mitt dropo your knees, he would have dropped to his knees. he was begging. >> reporter: and they they will support him if he does become the nominee for president. dr. ben carson sat out and plans to make an anounment later today today in florida. and as you jus saw,w, there were three other candidates on that debate age. >> diana: and here is a bit from each of them. >> for 40 year, donald has been part of the corruption in
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and yououe not going to stop the corruption in washington by supporting someone who has supported liberal democrara for four decades from jimmy carter to john kerry to hillary clinton, you're not going to stop the corruption. and supporting someone that's used government power for private gain, instead we need a president that stands with the american people. >> i can get the crossover votes. you see, because throughout this campaign i've talked about issues. i have never tried to go and get into these things we are seeing on the stage an people say everywhere i go you seem to be the adult on the stage. >> i'm the only person on this stage who actually was the chief architect of balancing the deral budge. it's not a theory for me. it's not some you have to know how to put everything together. and i spent ten years of my life
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>> in order to defeat isis, you must deny them operating spaces. this is how that group can grow it's how al qaeda was able to carry out 9/11. they game them space. i have been warning about the hib yan presence for the better part of two yearsful they do need to be defeated on the ground by an a ground force made up by suni arabs themselves. this is an a radical suni movement. it will require a significant number of american special operators in combination with an increase in air strikes. >> diana: both republicans and democrats will take part in the debates here and next week. they face off wednesday at miami-dade college kendall campus and republicans the following eveng at the university of miami.
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god time to download the voiceure choice app a. it's available for you in the google app store. and plans for john kerry. here's why he has cancelled his trip to ka ha va. >> reporter: while he was in havana, he cancelled his upcoming trip over issues of@ human right, another side of just how uneasy cuban relations remain. >> preside obama: today the united states of amemeca is changing its relationship with cuba. >> reporter: hen the president visits there this march, he plans to change cuban rights. kerry's visit due to continued human ririts.
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>> it's shameful, sickening and obscene. just like kerry cancelled, president obama must cancel. is the ks tree regime willing to stop beating the heads? they won't stop for john kerry. will they stop for obama? i dote out. >> reporter: and the cuban government to trying to limit who he talks to, something the white house said would not happen during the president's trip. >> who determines which dissidents that the president will speak with? has that already been discussed? >> we determine, you know, who we meet with in different countries. and we certainly indicated to cubans this is something that the president will beoing on this trip as other trips. >> reporter: some recently free dissidents allowing him to see
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>> for many year, president raul castro has kept pctically out of touch. only if there's democracy and free tom of ex-presentation, something that still didn't exist. >> i think they should respect the agrgrment between cuba and the u.s. and benefit between those. >> reporter: in miami, opinions vary. >> obama should not go unless he gets freedom of choice of ho he talks to. >> i think it's very courageous of kerry to choose not to visit the oldest dictatorship in the continent. >> reporter: the white house said kerry is interested in visiting in the cuba and working frame. we will have to wait and see if and hen that happens. at the satellite center, i'm danielle knox,, today in florida. and a woman injured in a bus stop scare and it all caught
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>> ashley: a jeep crashing through a bus stop yesterday. the suv hitting a 65-year-old woman in a wheelchair f. she had only been a few inches over, this would have been a different story. >> would have been dead in the morgue. >> reporter: she was not seriously injured and the woman behind the wheel was shaken up. she was also okay. the aftermath left crews cleaning up for hours sweeping p broken glass. no charges are expected to be filed against the driver. new details now in an ongoing investigation at florida international university. the captain of the womens basketball team filing a complaint against the team there claiming she was being harassed by the head coach. deceer tenney saying he made inaprop are yacht vances against the person. the university has cfirmed
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after she was suspended froro the team pause the police had opened a theft investigation against hex. after they made the allegation, the head coach was suspended. he remains suspended pending the sults of the sexual misconduct investigation. the private information of thousands of south florida police officers may have been compromised due to a computer attack. unions representing police officers around south florida have been scrambling to protect their members information following the cyber breach. >> the only information that we got was and the computers were hacked and very sensitive information was released. >> ashley: the hack n just affecting officers. it allows anyone with internet connection to search for the
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broward and 4,000 palm beach employees. the man who runs the web site said he does not con tone has beening but doesn't either. time to check on stories making news later today. plex. >> omar: your miami heat have a court date in philadelphia. d wade and the heat head to the city of brotherly love to take on the slumping 6ers. tipoff at # p.m. it's the real deal for film lovers t. miami film festival kickckg off tonight running through march 13th including dozens of films from dozens of countries. the first screenings are tonight at 7 o'clock. and all about beasting with the beast at the zoo in miami. some of the best restaurant wills take over the park for a fundraiser and includes animal encounters and live
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midnight. in the plex, omar lewis, today in florida. also this morning t superintendent of schools alberto carvalho receiving an award with the prize in education. the superenten dent recognized for improving the way stutunts learn with technology he was named the national soop enten dent of the year in 2014 for saving school doctors bank rupt si and improving the graduation rate. and coming up next, star wars the force awakens coming to a living room near you. you c c get your hands on the out of this world block buster in the morning trend. we have carnaval on the mile taking place this weekend at miracle mile in coral gableses t. forecast is looking promising. do. your complete forecast is coming up next.
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herred to her in the trash. an vup date coming up nexex the release ces with deleted scenes, never before scenes. the combo pack comes out april 5th. good friday morning, south florida. we made it to the end of the week and the forecast is looking pretty good. your morning commute is mostly dry. we do have a couple of showers to the north with a weak front and well to the south in the florida straits. the one in the florida straits not bothering anyone. 69 in fort lauderdale, 72 degrees, good morning to you in miami an key west. we still have persistent@ clouds moving in at times from the gulf of mexico. and at least throughout the entire day gradually clearing out for the weekend is what we can expect.
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kendall with the breeze right now coming i all sorts of directions pretty light between 5 too 7 miles an hour. the big view is showing that we do have snowfalling around parts of the great lakes moving inin the northeast, rain around the mid-atlantic states with a wea front. we have those clouds sticking around here at home keeping temperatures warm. 72 in miam 40 in atlanta and much colder towards north chicago at 23, 31 in new york. so hoo is what we can expect. this other front will cross through unnoticed. can't rule out seeing an isolated shower, but it will be relatively dry. over the weekend high pressure will settle into the south eastern united states and the breeze will be buildg in along the coast. we will see the occasional sprinkle or the breeze and overall staying pretty quiet. the cloud cover will gradually clear out through the weekend.
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or boating, we have the risk of rip currents for swimmers and advisories will be required going into the weekend with higher wind and seas. noed a veezryes for now in the coastal waters of the keys. 4:37 is next high tide in dade and broward with forecast highs in the 80s once again with a good mix of sun and clouds. going into tonight, lows in the 60s nice and mild with the extended outlook calling for a quiet weekend. beach goers, swimmers, boaters, be careful on the waters at least through sunday. the winds will start to relax a little bit on tuesday.
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we wililbe right back., >> ashley: craig stevens with an an exclusive look. >> reporter: two years ago pamela pulled her five-year-old nephew lifeless body from her car onto the expressway an began giving him cpr. >> when i see those pictures i cry, just seeing him and how close he was to dying. >> reporter: pamela had learned
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panic, she almost forgot how to do it. >> i came out of the car screaming for someone else to help me. of the people that approached, none of them knew how to perform cpr. >> reporter: not surprising. only 30 percent of americans know how to do cpr meaning having something nearby trained is slim. the fort lauderdale fire department has added a new tool. it's an app called pulse point respond. people who know how to do cpr register themselves f.there's a cardiac alert near them, you will get an alert. >> your phone will get a notification. itill set off a tone and tell you that a person is in cardiac arrest within 200 feet of your area. >> reporter: and if there's external defiblator that shocks the heart into rit new mexico the building. >> we've put pictures so it's
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>> reporter: and trained r rcue techniques encolluding the easy to learn hands only cpr. >> all you do, take your hands an apply on somebody's chest and do compressions. >> reporter: the mayor hopes the app will help save lives. >> we've been focused on trying to get our neighbors betr prepared to save lives. >> reporter: pamela said thankfully for her nephew, she knew how to save a life. >> there's something special in all of us and something special that we're meant to give back. i know that some day he's going to fulfill thathatever it is. >> reporter: the app is available in four south florida cities including miramar, sunrise and fort lauderdale. if you wanan to get involved, we have links for the apppp in training. in the plex, craig stevens, 7 news. @and coming up in the next half hour of ws, pet owners concerned about what's happening to cats in a south florida neighborhood.
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and tragic turn of events for an aventur police dog.
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final farewell. that is today in florida at 5. i'm ashley jones. > and i'm diana diaz.
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much more news. you are absolutely not allowed to have direct or indirect contact with your two-year-old daughter. the judge ordering her to stay away from her daughter. cats falling victim to a cruel crime leaving a community on edge. people want answers to these alarming acts and you will find the story on justne station. and a man battering up and busting new a south florida business business. now police are searching for the vandal. and magic city giving rise to vibrant center. good morning. i'm omar lewis. >> and i'm diana diaz. forecast.


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