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tv   Channel 7 News at Noon  FOX  March 4, 2016 12:00pm-1:00pm EST

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7 news an at noon is next. real-time closed captioning provided by u.s. captioning company. 7 news at noon begins in miami beach where a pair of drivers on a collision course caused a major mess. good afternoon, once again. that big rig slamming into ann apartment building early this morning after a run in with a driver and suv. >> diana: let's go live to the scene where elitsa bizios is having a look around. >> reporter: that here. but luckily, the good thing to
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was hurt. >> i heard popping. i didn't seehe car. i didn't know what he hit it was so fast. >> (inaudible) >> reporter: an early-morning crash full after food headed straight for this apartment building. >> i just saw that truck coming in this way and a said that's going to hit the building. >> reporter: it happened near 71st street and byron avenue. here is a look from a bus t. driver of this silver suv ran a stop sign causing the collision. the food service reps tell 7 news that's when their driver lost control and ran into the palm trees here, which luckily stopped the truck from hitting the apartment building. >> if it got me, i would be gone. >> reporter: this guy on his morning run said he narrowly missed being hit. (inaudible >> reporter: luckily no one was hurt but those who live in the area say it's only a matter of times before it happens.
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people hit on that corner. this corner is very dangerous. >> reporter: for a short time they had to shut down 71st between abbott and carlisle avenue as the 18-wheeler was pulled out. the load put on another truck to finish its delivery. miami beach police tell us that ticketed. for now, we are live on miami beach, elitsa bizios, 7 news. also this noon, secretary of state john kerry cancelling his upcoming trip to cuba. the change in plans comingg because of the island nation's human rights violations. jessica holly is following the story for us live from little havana. jessica? >> reporter: this could be a sign of trouble brewing for the president's upcoming trip to cuba, and some are saying now same. now. john kerry cancelling his
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>> i am really susurised. >> reporter: congresswoman ileanna ros-lehtinen reacting to the latt development in cuban relations. >> i think the acccculation of evidence of the human rights violations got to be too much for even secretary of state john kerry to stomach, and so he's postponed his visit. >> reporter: the secretary of state was set t to visit cuba to lay the ground work for the commander in chief. president obama headed to the island nation on march 21st. the haggling over human rights in which dissidents will be allowed to meet has kerry's trip on hold. how will this impact the president's visit? >> just like kerry cancelled, president obama must cancel his trip as well. is the castro regime willing to stop beating the heads of human right activists? they won't stop for john kerry. will they stop for obama? i doubt it. >> reporter: and w w are continuing to gather reaction to this latest development.
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later in the day. for now reporting live in little havana, jessica holly, 7 news. we're following a news alert right now. live pictures here of a podium where we're awaiting a news conference right now. this is los angeles. this news conference regarding the o. j. simpson case we're telling you about. omar lewis in the satellite center to tell what you say's going on. >> omar: what we know right now, los angeles police tell us and they have confirm that had a knife was found on t former property of o. j. simpson. now, that property is located in the brentwood, california just outside of los angeles and they're investigating a report that this knife was discovered years ago by a construction authorities. and tmz first broke this story just a few hours ago. and ha they're saying is that a construction worker found a
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on the perimeter of theormer simpson home and handed it over to a police officer working shoot. the officer now retired was recently ordered to surrender the knife for testing by report. and what we're waiting for is los angeles police to confirm investigation. what we are hearing is that they're now investigating what that knife, the circumstances around that weapon. what we know is that it's a folding buck knife, is what tmz reporting. an a press conference going on in just a few minutes where los angeles police will talk about investigation. we will, of course, get back to you once that press conference takes place. we did want to let younow this is going on right now in logsz. that's the latest in the satellite center, omar lewis, 7
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in the race for the white house, the 11th republican debate once again has the gop hopeful targeting front runner donald trump. his rivals threw everything they had at him but he's standing strong. >> diana: carolinin has the latest. >> reporter: rivals would be on the attack and he sai bring it on. last night they sure did. >> don't worry about an it little marco. >> let's hear it big donald. >> don't worry about it little marco. >> reporter: it was trump versus rubio versus cruz as the two senators tried to take down the feisty front runner. >> donald trump has written checks to hillary clinton not one, not twice, but ten times. >> reporter: they jumped on trump throughout the twhour debate, including for not releasing awed owes with an times. in it, trump said he was much more flexible on his immigration plan than he said in public. >> in terms of immigration and
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always has to be some, you know, tug and pull and deal. >> reporter: ohio governor john kasich refused to get drawn into the fight and warn withed voerts about electing piticians are no experience. >> we're putting people in that policy. people are getting more and more frustrated with the system, which is why we must pick somebody that has a record of achievement, not just talk. >> reporter: today former republican nominee mitt romney squashed all speculation that he would be getting in the race. and as the race for the height house heats up, earar voting starts this saturday in person voting in 20 locations in county. the broward county supervisor soft elections [ no audio ] talking about it in lauderhill. >> we've seen a lot of interest.
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being generated because of theed candidates and ha they bring to the table, what they promise to bring to the table, the interactions with each other. so we've seen quite a bit of interest in that. and, as a matter of fact, the research indicates that when the voters are interested in issues of candidates, you're goi to have a higher turn out. i don't know if we will have an a higher turnout or not, but voters are showing indations they are really interested in this particular election. >> diana: hillary clinton, donald trump and marco rubio have been hitting the campaign trail in south florida ahead of@ the primary on march 15th. with the primary fast approaching, n n is a good time to download the voice your choice app always updated with the latest from the campaign trail. an a south florida mother accused of tossing her two-year-old daughter in a dumpster remains behind bars this noon. now we are hearing from those who know her best. alex de armas is standing by live with what they have to say
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al? >> reporter: we know this story is b absolutely heart-breaking. this mother accused of throwing her two-ar-old daughter in a dumpster is still in the jail behind me. just wait until you hear what she told police. >> what ppened? >> reporter: this mother from sunrise is in handcuffs. custody of the state. she is accused of tossing a little girl in an a dumpster building on wednesday. >> this is crazy. i don't really have nothing to say about it. it caught me unexpectedly and i would never thought she would have did anything like this, but it is crazy. >> reporter: witnesses told police she saw the 28-year-old throw the girl and walk away quickly. graham who was nearby rushed to get her out. >> i looked around and saw the kid in the trash. i ran babb to take her out because i didn'tant her to remember that moment. >> reporter: andis what police say sheffield told them echl
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i did not throw my daughter in the dumpster. i put her in the dumpster. she told witnesses she recently had a miscarriage and was depressed. her cheful demeaner was puzzling. >> good morning, miss sheffield. >> good morning. how are you? >> just fine. >> reporter: and in court she watched the judge grant temporary custody t/ her daughter. >> i was glad i was able to help the baby and know the mom probably had a moment of break down. >> and this mother is still in now. charges. she also has a $16,000 bond. reporting live from pompano, alex de armas, 7 news. suspected pickpocket stopped in pinecrest here. 56-year-old derek hope getting hit with a clue of charges. he is linked to a number of charges.
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near u.s. 1 a southwest 136th street. then accused of racking up more than $16,000 on that victim's credit card. new details about an ongoing investigation, fiu captain of the womens basketball team filid a complaint accusing the head coach of harassment. destiny said he made inappropriat advances to her in person and new text messages. the university confirming that the player's complaints came shortly after she with us suspended from the team because the police had opened a a theft investigation against her. head coach has been suspendnd pending the results of the sexual misconduct investigation. a hack attack putting south florida officers at risk. personal information released and 7's liz nagy has more from miami police head quarters in doral. >> reporter: the personal information of police officers,
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judge, county employees protected by law in south florida is now out in the open on the internet. >> the only information that we got was -- and was alarming to us -- was the computers were hacked and that information very sensitive information was released. >> reporter: according to an official memo from the homeland security bureau, miami-dade started investigating a cyber security breach february 26th. the union that represents miami-dade pllice officers alerted their members wednesday. >> the moment we found out, we were more alarmed by the fact they have counted our members. it's not just police officers that are exposed. the web site allows anyone with an internet connection to search
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information from 1121 miami-dade employees, 2385 in broward county and 4114 people in palm beach county. >> it's our position at the end of the day, it's the government that we work for. it's their obligation to protect the information, fire wall, passwords whatever they have to do. >> reporter: several days into the investigation to find the source of the leak. >> wee do not know if it's been fixed and we have not heard from the county. we demand they fix it immediately, if at all cost. >> reporter: in anline letter, the guy that runs the web site where all of this information $% has been published, he did not commit the hack himselel he said he doesn't condone what happens but also says he doesn't condemn it either. right now miami-dade county has not said if this hack has been fixed or when it will be.
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back now to this news alert out of los angeles regarding the o. j. simpson case. let's listen in. >> we need to -- we stiti don't know if that is an accurate account of how thistem came into our possession. the actual item is described as a knife. i'm not going into description of the knife because that could be jermaine to determine iffin this actual piece of evidence is evidence or if it's just fact silly or made up story. we need to look into that. and robbery homicide is going to look into that. so what i can tell you is that the story, as it's told to us by the person we received it from, and the person we received it from is a retired lapd officer, who retired back in the late '90s. he was a motor officer. at the time, according to him, he was working an off duty,
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movie job, which a lot of our officers do on off duty basis as well as our retired officers. do not know if he was retired tat time he allegedly received the item from the person who claimed they foundt on the property or if he was still in fact an lapd officer and retired some time after that. we're lookingnto that. the bottom line is that with all cases that remain open, such as the o. j. simpson an other murder cases and robbery cases, unless there's an actual arrest or conviction to prove that we have actually closed the case, the case remain open. that is where we are with the o. j. simpson case. and i shouldn't say the o. j. simpson case. this is nicole brown case, this is a double homicide that is still open and ongoing. so the investigators will continue to look into this. that item has been recovered by
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it is being treated as we would all evidence. it's being submitted to our lab. they're going to study it and examinee it for forensic, dna, hair samples and that's ongoing as we speak. so with that, i can take a couple of questions and i may not be able to answer all of your questilns. let me start right here. >> captain, can you just give us reaction, the reaction with an officer with lapd decides to keep evidence in what many describe as the biggest mur murder trial in all of la, what was your reaction? >> i was reallysurprised. i would think an lapd officer, if this story is accurate, any time you come into contact with evidence that you should and shall submit that to investigators. i don't know what the circumstances are i don't know why that didn't happen or if
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story is bogus from the get go involving a variety of people. we're looking into that. i was quite shocked. so in terms of charges, the off areas retired. in terms of administrative charges with the department, we will look into that. at this point, i don't believe there are any administrative charges that could be filed because he's no longer an employee of the department. in terms of criminal allegations, robbery homicide investigators will look into if there are any poe ten alty of criminal charges of related to this. (inaudible queion) >> i don't have thaha information. the investigators have asked that we not be vy december cryptive about the knife. they haven't told me so i don't stent tally tell you and for obvious reasons. we need to one determine is this evidence and if it's not evidence, how do we prove one
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the only way we do that is challenge the people involved as to what -- where it was recovered, where it was alleged to have been etc. >> (inaudible question) >> my understanding is that it's a knife, not a machete. >> (inaududle question) >> so my understanding, i'm not an attorney, but it's my understanding from being a police officer nearly 30 years that double jeopardy would be in place here. we could not charge mr. simpson with the homicides that he's already been charged with because he's been acquitted. >> (inaudible question) >> it depends on what kind of evidence they're able to glean from the item. we're working on that and there's a lot of attention to this. we're interested in finding out
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the story to rest or confirm something. >> (inaudible question) >> as i'm told, the retired officer was working in rocking ham estate area and claimed that an individl who claimed to be a construction worker provided him w wh this knife, claiming that it was found on the property. so he held onto it until just recently when we discovered that he had it. and we have now recovered it within the last month. >> (inaudible question) >> that may be part of the investigation but i don't know. >> (inaudible question) >> there will be plenty of additional investigation. i don't know where that will lead our investigators. that property, as many of you know, has been demolished and rebuilt. i don't know if they will be gogog back there. certainly they will look into
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let me go over here. >> (inaudible question) >> yeah we're not going to ovide the exact dates and could go to proving or disproving the legitimacy of this ite and where it came from and who was involved. >> (inaudibib question) >> i don't know that. >> (inaudible question) >> yeah, i don't have that information. it's my b understanding that he believed that the case was closed, which, again, is a possibility that he had that misunderstanng. so, again, as i explained at the beginning, any case that is not where we don't have a conviction all of the charges or we're not ableo prove to our satisfaction that we have proved the facts of the case remains an open case. and that is the case here. >> (inaudible)
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statement is. that's the information that i have at this time. i'm sure we will look into that further. we are not releasing his name at this time. >> do you know the name of the person who found the knife? >> we don't. if you're seeing this story and you believe you are that individual that provided this knife, we would love to have you contact our robbery homicide division an we would get more information from you then. >> (inaudible question) >> i don't know that. we will look into any criminal charges that may be involved here. >> (inaudible question)) >> i don't know that. >> captain, how much dna can go over time? >> i'm not a forensic expert, but depending on where an item is kept, stored an maintained, it's possible to get dna.
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forensically with our natural history, discovery of items that arar very old. so we're hopeful. if this involved, our investigators will submit it to the labs that are very good at what they do and we will see. >> i don't know. >> (inaudible question) >> well, it depends on the type of testing and the condition of forensics. there's a lot of process and i'm not a scientist. we have folks experts in that and they will do everything in their power to maintain that and produce anything producible. >> can you talk about how lapd found out about snit >> so it was brought to our attention that this retired officer had an item that was believed to or allegedly, possibly taken from or recovered
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back in the '90s. that's how once we learned about that we recovered up. i don't know how the contact was made. we discovered it and investigators immediately followed up on it. >> (inaudible question) >> yeah, i don't know. i don't know where it was recovered orow it was rereported to have been recovered. when a case is remains open, it is handed off to special team. our open case team. that is who has it at robbery homicide. they would not have been the original investigators on this case. that happens in many cases that go on for years. we have a number of cases that are still openfrom decades ago where the officers and investigators are certainly retired by now. last question. >> the retired officer retired back at the time you received
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>> i don't have that information. we're trying to determinehat what his status was hen the item was handed to him wheer he was retired or shortly afterthat. he did retirere in the late 90s. so i'm not sure when this item came into his possession. >> he was working movie shift? >> a lot of officers work. you see them m ound the community, los angeles and elsewhere typically on lapd -- not motorcycles they work on movie bikes that look like lapd officers and in uniform. that is by agreement with the city and with the department they work those jobs for traffic public. it's my understanding he was working one of those jobs as a motor officer for the movie job. so he would, in any case, be off dudu whether he was retired or still employed by lapd in an off duty capacity. >> what is his name? >^ we're not providing his name
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thank you very much. >> ashley: and we have been listening to a live news conference out of los angeles where police are telling us they have been given a key piece of evidence possibly in the o. j. simpson case. a apparently a retired police officer was given a knife by a worker who said they found that smalluck knife on the o. j. simpson property there. >> diana: it p happened during the demolition of the house, apparently. this at the o oj. simpson estate. so that construction worker found the weapon. it was folding buck knife and law enforcement sources say the construction wororr took the knife out to the street. he saw hau enforcement officer, lapd cop and told him he found the knife and t t officer took it home and kept it t for years. this did not surface once again until recently when he told a friend, who was also an ficer, about that knife after he wanted to frame it.
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their hands on a knife that was found on the simpson p property more than 20 years after o. j. simpson's wife and her friend were murdered. we, of course, will stay on top of this still-developing story and we're come right back.what would you do, if you could choose your ultimate adventure? explore the ocean with a tour guide that's a ton of fun. race like a cheetah at 60 miles per hour. or fly down a waterslide. with choose your adventure, you can explore four parks for less.
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then add an additional park or visit for only $10 more. more visits. more savings.
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an out of control suv smashing into a bus bench and while chairwoman in path. was scary and could have been much worse. >> ashley: walter morris with much more from the scene. >> reporter: terrifying moments caught on camera. surveillance video showingnghe vehicle crashing through a bus stop hitting a woman in a wheelchair.
12:29 pm
take another look. you can see just how close that suv came. if she had been a few inches over, it would have been a different story. >> would be dead in the morgue. >> reporter: skyforce hd overhead near 42nd avenue near 2:30 p.m. miss gonzalez not too seriously injured. the driver shaken up but okay. >> when she accelerated, she endedd up losing control. >> reporter: crews cleaning for hours and this isn't the first time they've had to clean up broken glass. surveillance video from november 4th shows an suv plowing slut same bus stop. the driver ejected and similar scene left hind. >> terrible. she could have been killed. >> reporter: two people injured in that crash. the building owners put up these barriers but they've done little to protect their piece of mind. now calling on the city to make changes. >> reconsider an move that bus
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it's not safe foror anyone. >> reporter: it could have been much worse. a woman was waiting at the bus stop just minutes before the crash. gonzalez just grateful to be alive. >> better believe it. very thankful. >> reporter: are and gonzalez deciding not the go to the hospital and looks like that draifer won't be facing any charges. reporting in miami, walter morris, 7 news. an not so sweet treat for miami yogurt store. the man through a baseball bat from across the way s sttering the window. >> when i got here, i was in shock. the front window was completely busted out. >> diana: he thinks it was a raom act of vandalism. if you have any information, call crime stoppers 305-471-tips. good afternoon a, south florida.
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beautiful one with the satellite picture showing some times of sunshine and some clouds moving mexico. the radar is showing it's mostly dry. but we have a very weak front approaching south florida. and it's only producing a couple of dotted showers around western palm beach county. overall, mostly dry everywhere. we're in the 80s already, 83 degrees in miami, 81 in fort lauderdale to 80 degrees in key west, 9 in grand baa a ha ma island with the breeze already with this front that's on the move from the west-northwest. late tonight, it will swing around more off the ocean and picking up on t t breezy side. from coast to coast we go. we have snow arod minneapolis at this time. it will approach the great lakes later today. we still have some snow around the northeast and rain has definitely pushed off the coast for the mid-atlantic states. right now 35 in chicago, 33 in
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our forecast calling for this front to cross through tonight and into tomorrow morning. th skies will gradually clear out, but that breeze will be building steady off the ocean creating some beach hazards for long. keep in mindd advisories will likely be required and issued by today. overall temperature readings wi be nice and seasonal. if your plans take you beach or boating,g,e have the risk of rip currents for swimmers. bayaters are at a light chop. coastal waters at the quays with no advisories. next high tide 4:37 in miami an key largo at 5 o'clock. otherwise high temperatures will top off in the 80s especially for dad and broward. tonight's lows in the 60s and can't rule out an occasional somehow we are this front that's on the move. overall it wilil be a relatively dry weekend with no major weather changes other than the wind being a problem for swimmers and boaters and it's pected to subside as we go
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week. that's your 7 on 7. miami-dade superintendent receiving a high honor for his commitment to south florida studentsv he's being awarded a prize in education for providing way for students in technology. he was named superintendent of the year in 2014 for saving schools from bankruptpt. well-deserved. straight ahead ark new app that could mean the difference between life-and-death for some. south florida firefighters say they m need your help to make it work. it's a special assignment report: how to save a life. and we will have more on the los angeles police department's investigation of a knife that
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former home of o. j. simpson. a new app could save thousands of lives but officials need you to get involved. >> diana: here's how you can potentially save a life. >> reporter: two years an ago, pamela pulled her five-year-old nephew's lifeless body from the car, knelt on the asphalt of the dolphin expressway and began ving him cpr. >> when i look at those picture i cry and see the color of his skin. it h hs home how close he was to dying. >> reporter: pamela had learned cpr years before, but in a state of panic, she almost forgot she knew how to do it. >> i came out of the car screaming for help for somebody else to help me. of the people that approached, none of them knew how to perform cpr. >> reporter: not surprisefully since only 30 percent of
12:37 pm
meaning the odds of having a trained rescuer nearby are pretty slim. and new tool to life-saving arsenal. respond. register on the app. if there's a cardiac emergency near them, they will get an alert. >> your phone wilil give you a notification. it will set off a tone. it will tell you there is a person in cardiac arrest within 200 feet in your area. >> reporter: it will also tell you if there's a portable defiblator in the area, which shocks the heart. trained tech kneeing neaks, easy to learn cpr. >> take your hands, apply to the chest and do compressions.
12:38 pm
the app will help@save lives. >> we try to help our neighbors better prepared to save lives. >> reporter: pamela said thankfully for her phew, she knew how to save a life. >> there's somethingpecial in all of us and something special we're meant to give back. i know some day he's going to fulfill that, whatever it is. >> reporter: right now the app is available in four south florida cities including miami beach, miramar, sunrise and fort lauderdale. if you want to get involve wed have links for the app. in the plex, craig stevens, 7 news. time for a break an check on wall street. (stock market bell) >> diana: the dow is in positive territory here 71 points up. the nasdaq is up 500 and s&p is up 8.
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back. time to check on day's top stories. a big rig wreck in miami beach. a tractor-trailer wedged up against an apartment building on 71st street and byron avenue. it happened after the truck collided with an suv that police say ran a stop sign. the driver has been ticketed but no one was injured here. secretary of state john kerry cancelling his upcoming trip to cuba. the move over the issue of human rights comes just weeks before
12:42 pm
7 news will have live coverage from havana later t ts month. and possible new evidence found in the o. j. simpson murder case. just m ments ago, the los angeles police department held a news conference after an retired officer turne over a knife found on the la property that star. the weapon is being tested for dna and officials say the claim could be bogus. live in the news plex, omama lewis, 7 news. and ahead on 7 new, we will get you ready for march madness south florida style. >> ashley: not basketball but
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that's ahead. spring is in the air and several events are blossoming celebrations. something for everyone to enjoy in the month of march. the first world golf championship tournaments rap wraps up at the trump national doral. johnson defending his title at the cadillac championship. this year's winner will be decided sunday. also this weekend, the annual carnaval on the mile returns to coral gableses for two days of art, culture and entertainment. the event will feature 120 artists and more than 30 musical groups. >> reporter: the 39th annual calle ocho coming to streets of little havana on march 13th. actor andy garcia joining the festivities as newly crowned
12:46 pm
include live performance. >> we have a 13-piece cuban orchestra. it's very loose and people seem to enjoy it very much. >> reporter: the miami-dade county fair, excision -- expo cigs celebrating. and we have a special parade with local marching band. >> reporter: the youth fair runs march 1th to april 10th at tamiami park. >> reporter: the jazz in the gardens music festitil bringing smooth sounds to sun life stadium. the three-day event takes place march 18th through the 20th and feature performances by usher
12:47 pm
>> from entertainment on the stage, the audience, food courtyard, it's an experience. >> reporter: trawl music festival returning to bay front park in downtown miami march 18th t through the 20th. and closing out the month, the miami open bringing some of the biggest names to tennis in crandon park for a two-week tournament. serena william, roger federer and rafael nadal will be sprieking. and another event to take part in starting today, the miami international film festival. there are locations throught south florida and it runs until march 13th. all right. powerball player hitting the jackpot in south florida. somebody bought the winning ticket at marathon tom thumb store. eat worth $291 million. thester's manager is thrilled about the news. >> i was amazed.
12:48 pm
i got a phone call from lottery reps and the aware of the winning lottery? i said lotto? and he said no, poweweall. >> diana: the winner has 180 days to claim the prize. the store owner will get $185,000 just for selling the winning ticket. i'm steve shapiro.
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7 sports with the highlights. phoenix in town if the heat hadn't won there should have been an investigation. first quarter, luol deng to dwyane wade. the heat lead by 8 after 1. second quarter, dragic with the steal. goes the other wayful dragic has 25, lays it in. in the second, dragic for three, heat on a 25-5 run. the heat have a lead. before the half, wadad rebounds to zone, backs up, then goes around alex lin for the layup. the heat run 14 tat break. third quarter, joe johnson misses hasan whiteside with the put back. whiteside with 9 points, 11 rebounds and 5 blocks. phoenix come within 10 no
12:52 pm
108-92, thinker straight win. they're in philadelphia tonight.t. panthers in colorado last night. it was a late stt. jagr kisses his stick an it works. mid way through the first. the cats down 1-0. jagr gets an assist, ties the game. he ties gor di for third on the all-time points list. panthers down 2-1 after 1. what a move. the panthers lose in colorado. opening rorod at doral yesterday. top three players in the world. jason day, rory played together. a birdie on six. jordan finished three under par and three shots off the lead. phil mickelson won here in 2009. good first round for him yesterday. 7 birdies. mickelson is 5 under par, one shot off the lead.
12:53 pm
three rounds still to go. that will do it.
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make it a great day, everybody. get ready for ghost busters it felt most anticipated summer movie is about to reboot and
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>> i'm a doctor in particle physics. >> ashley: ghost busters 3 is a brand-new version of the 1984 class ik classic and makes a nice receptionist. got to have a guy in the movie, why not him. that wraps it for 7 news this noon. i'm diana diaz. >> and i'm ashley jones. >> diana: have a great weekend, enjoy.
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company. >> today on "fablife"... (applause) >> unplug and unwind. >> (shrieking) >> i'm trying to unplug. "the odd couple's" yvette nicole brown. >> the best way to get a hot guy's attention is.... >> i would love for somebody to tell me the best way to get a hot guy's attention. >> plus, what to wear to chill out. >> you wear that in the day and then go right to sleep. >> and pasta with chef fabio viviani. >> it's not cheating to use a food processor. >> it's cheating not eating
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>> imagine the "pasta-bilities"! (cheers and applause) >> welcome to "fablife." today we are switching off the tech in our lives so that we can relax without interruption because it's national unplugging day. (cheers and applause) and we're gonna help y unwind too with a relaxed but chic fashion show, portable gadgets, and we have actress yvette nicole brown here today. how exciting is at? >> we love her. >> she's amazing. >> and we're also gonna be cooking with the hilarious and energetic chef fabio viviani. >> fabio! (ches and applause) >> fabio. >> it's gonna be a good show. good show. >> we're gonna shoyou lots of different ways to unplug, but have you ever felt like just going extreme? >> no. >> like just totally throwing your phone against a wall or smashing it? i think joe's felt a little like that sometime. >> you guys, i'm gonna unplug in a very extreme way. >> oh, my gosh! >> oh, no, joey, don't do it. >> say good-bye, you guys. >> to your little frie? >> look at your mariah carey mallet. (laughter) >> the only way to-- it's the only way to hit things. all right, ready? are you guys ready?


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