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tv   Channel 7 News at 10PM  FOX  March 8, 2016 12:30am-1:00am EST

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look at the ostrich keeping up teenager nearly snatched ofthe street as she's walking from school. tonight she's talking about her frightening ordeal. >> new view showing a garbage truck flying off i-95 and into a south florida park. >> dangerous drive. mother and 14-year-old son caught in the path ofof danger. >> presidential cdidate stumpping for support as next round of states are just a day away and candidate closer to setting their sight on floridatting their sight on florida's primary. >> hello welcome everyone. >> i'm in for craig. >> 7 news continues now at 11>> 7 news continues now at 11:00. >>amera rolling as teenager becomes the victim of scare after school. man driving alongside her trying to lure her into his suvtrying to lure her into his suv. deputy say he even chased her
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>> tonight she's talking about the lucky escape. nicole has it. >> well this happened last wednesday in the middle of the afternoon out here on northeast fourth street in pampano beach. there were other cars out here. other people but still this girl is only now able to tell us her story because at the time she did all the right things. >> i was scared. i started running. >>reporter: and 13-year-old girl whose family asked sheot be identified ran for her life. the moments captured by a surveillance camera as she sometimes frantically looked behind her. man following her in his suv. >> what was going through your mine. >> just to get away. >>reporter: deputy say the girl was walking along northeast fourth street and 14northeast fourth street and 14th avenue wednesday afternoon around 4:30 when a man who looks like this pulled up alongside her in his car. >> he was pulled into the grass and stopped the car and actually stopped on my way home. when i didn't say nothing he
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grabbed me tried to put me in his car and i like pulled away from him and started like fiting just to get away. >>reporter: he may have been unable to get a good grip because of h h large backpack. still she screamed and took off running. man continuerunning. man continuing to follow her. e was able to safely get to a relative's home. >> she did everything right. she did exactly what we all tell theory do and tell all the kid to do. >>reporter: but the video stillo difficult for her aunt to watch. >> what's it like for to you see that. >> horrible. proud of her though. she did a good job. >>reporter: here is yet another@ look at the sketch and according to the girl he had reddish brown hair in an suv that looked about tan in color. if you know anything about thisif you know anything about this, if you think you know who he is or if you may have seen anything call police call crime stoppers the number is here on the screen. and once again detectives say there is a lesson in this for other kid.
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with someone else but if you can't if anything like this should ever happen scream, yell, should ever happen scream, yell, make a lot of noise do anything you can to break free. reporting in pompano beach, 7 news night team. now at 11:00. first on 7. inside look te as the driver loses control. plungeplunging 100 feet to the ground below. >> it's a miracle he survived. >>reporter: tonight the new view showing dramatic drop. and this is a story that you saw first on 7 tonight we are seeing the horrific crash up close and personal as the garbage truck driver went over the evenly. alex reports. >> video incredible. show as miami garbage truck smash through the concrete barrier on i-95 and plunge 100 feet into a park. watch again. the driver hits the left barrier on the south west 7th
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and then make the jaw dropping fall. >> it's a miracle he survived. >>reporter: miracle smith wasn't wearing a seat belt and ejected survived. and a miracle no children were injured as chunk of concrete rain down and the truck slammed not parking lot of jose martin park. >> what could have been is that this truck could have listened on a bunch of kid down at the park. it's martin park. park heavily used. a pool. community center. and thank god throughout the whole entire ordeal nobody lost their live. >> video shows smith wasn't texting and driving prior to the crash. after the president's day crash he spent two weeks in the hospital. >> i thought my properties was gone. i was like he's dead. he's like can't nobody survive. that like he's dead. like i honestly thought he was dead. i kept calling. and his fiance called me and told me she said he's still alive. he was literally breathing
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>> for the crash smith received two tickets. one for careless driving, the other for not wearing a seat belt. >> the city of miami is still reviewing the crash and records show smith has a satisfactory record while driving for the city. in miami, 7 news night team. mother and son recovering in the hospital after being struck in the street. sky force hd over an accident in oakland park. police say an suv slammed into a woman in her 14-year-old son at northeast 56 street and north dixie highway. >> i keep praying to them and i can as you can't replace a life. i'll get another vehicle. >>reporter: woman was inside of her vehicle and got hit by the out of control suv. she's okay. but the mother and son rushed to the hospital with some pretty serious injuries. the driver of the suv was also taken to the hospital. >> released after abducting
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florida foster home. 21 month old logan hernandez found safe in texas over the weekend. his mother second from the left here questioned and released by officials in laredo. miami police have issued an arrest warrant for her. three other people including the boy's legal guardian an were arrested in connection to the boy's disappearance. mom baby last seen this miami home along 26 street and south west 34th court on saturday. police say the child caretaker knew his mom had borrowed add bus to texas but gave police a fake story. >> two fishermen saved at sea.a. fired off a flare when the 27 foot boat started sinking off fort myers. duo jumped in a rvt and waited for coast guard crew to arrive. both men safely brought back to shore. candidate getting ready for another ron of primary and
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>> this as another potential candidate makes a big announcement. robin is live in the plex with all of the details. robin. >>reporter: that potential candidate bloomberg opted out of the presidential race while one candidate insist he's in it and he's vowing to win the fight for florida. >> it always comes down to florida. come down to florida on the 15th and come down to florida in november because in november of this year as our nominee i will defeat hillary clinton in florida and i'll be elected president of the united states. >> rubio pususng forward despite what sources have said to cnn. some advisors in his campaign wanted to get oututf the race before florida's primary to avoid a losso donald trump. latest poll have trump in the lead. >> i always used to tell politicians pretend you are going toless because you will fit harder even if they had a big lead but in mississippi we have had somemazing polls. and way up.
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cruz open 10 campaign offices in florida ahead of the primaryin florida ahead of the primary. he's coming off big weekend closing in on trump delegate count. >> america is waking up. there's a spirit of awakening. >> yes. amen. >> sweeping the country. >>reporter: both republican front runner called out by former new york ci mayor bloomberg. declining to run as third party candidate riding in an op-ed as race stands now with republicans in charge of both houses there is a good chance that my candidacy could lead to the election of donald trump or senator ted cruz. that is not a risk i can take in good conscious. he says extreme rhetoric coming from both campaigns is destructive. ohio governor kasich campaignohio governor kasich campaigning next door in michigan before their primary tuesday. he's polling well there and he says he will win his home statesays he will win his home state, too. >> you washington than the to win a voter that likes trump you give them an answer that is real. bebeuse they want to know how the wages are going to go up. how the job will be secured. >>reporter: democrat contract
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dueling for vote. senator sanders won three contest over the weekend but former secretary of state hillary clinton continues herer domination among minority voters. >> we are going thelp small businesses that create two third of the jobs in america. the fastest growing segment of small business are minority owned and women owned small businesses. >> fight number one is a very fundamental fight. does this country belong to all of us or does it belong to handful of billionaires. >>reporter: and back to the republicans this weekend. we started seeing those florida focus attack ads. mr. it cal action committee attacking donald trump and trump firing back at marco rubio. and the front runner trump is back in florida tomorrow night likely hoping for another news conference slash rally celebrating some more primary wins. live at the news plex, 7 news night team. >> and rob i hope some resident
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voicing their choice early voting for the presidentiaia primary began in broward over the weekend. it started in miami-dade last week. early voting is this coming sunday and we do have a list of voting locations and tes on our web site the nation pausing to remember first lady nancy reagan passed away fro heart failure on sunday at her home in los angeles. she was 94 years old. governor rick scott ordered all flags at state buildings to be lowered to half staff. and today president obama spoke about meeting her. i had the opportunity to meet miss reagan once. obviously she was already inconvenienced in age but could not have been more gracious and more charming to myself and michelle when we first came into office. >> mourners paying respect outside the ronald reagan presidential library in california where her private
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she will lie in repose for public visitation on wednesday and thursday. still ahead on 7 news at 11:00. police showing up to family home looking for some one they say doesn't live there. but tonight the dog is the one paying the price and now they are demanding answers. cops say this man tried to
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home but something scared him family dealing with a nightmare after the pet is shot and killed by officers. this say it all startedd when police showed up to serve a warrant. >> when the dog started barking it ended with the precious pet under fire. the night team reports. liz? >>report: she created her dying dog as he laid bleeding all or her porch and arm monday morning. >> i woke upup to gunshot so i came out my kids are outside she's outside. i see my porch a little washed
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>>reporter: miami-dade detectives she said were there looking for man that the family says they don't know. >> my mother said they showed her a picturef colored male. thatpparently was track down to this address. they didn't even have a warrantthey didn't even have a warrant. >>reporterer as children played in the front yshd of the north west miami-dade home the grandmother tried to warn police. >> she told them there's a dog inside so i can look him up and they just proceeded in. that's when the dog came in around this way and growled at the cops and thedecided to pull the gun out and shoot him. >>reporter: that's when she saw charlie her two year old adopted about you wl dog shot in the neck. >> i talked to the cops. you shot my dog. no we are trying to scare him. i'm l le but throws blood all over my porch. oh, i must have hit him. >>reporter: she raced charlie to the veto try to save him as she says her husband shot cell phone video of different
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the yard for bullets. >> i guess theheerson they were locking for was irrelevant because they left. they called other cops back to do investigation. >>reporter: charlie didn't survive the gunshot and owners say y ere were no answer from his police on who they were looking for and why. tonight miami-dade police only say that this shooting is now under investigation. and as officers do in all cases that involve a fatal police shoooong the officer has the choice to take three days of administrative leave. in north west miami dade tonight, 7 news night time. would be crook spooked trying to brick into a south florida home. police say this man attempted to gain entry into a west miami-dade residence last wednesday. neighbor taking photo as he allegedly tried jumping over a fence and then tried unlocking it but he was frightened away when the homeowner came outsidewhen the homeowner came outside. >> i was watching tv.
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he was in the neighborhood then i saw him he was trying to open the door. so i i think he saw me through that little gap right there. so he ran away. >>reporter: this happened near west flagler street and 84th avenue. suspect is wanted for attempted burglala. let's go ahead and take one more look at him if you do regnize him call crime stoppers at this number on thth screen. >> man wanted for credit crime caught on camera. this surveillance video captures the crook using a stolen credit card at business in south west miami-dade. police say he stole the card from a woman's purse back i december. if you recognize this man or the two women he was with call crime stoppers at this number on the screen. pair of panda born months ago making their public debut. finally they are getting names. the public has something to say about it. all right we have high pressure come natureing our weather over the xt couple of
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it means some windy conditions but those wind are going to make it rough for voters and beach goers alike. entire outlook in a couple of minutes. all right phil. after the news something to rev your engine. cool car giving new meaning to the term drive through
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that is tonight on deco at 11 now on the night team. after year of voting two canadians panda have their name. >> she certainly do. selected after public vote fromlist of 7 potentialames. today mark the first public appearance for the panda a born last october at the toronto zoo andure are cute. so what are they called. the. their names mean kaidz hope and canadians joy in english. >> which is which.
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>> 7 weather with phil. >> i think the fatter one is joy. let's look at thth temperatures right now across south floridada 71 degree ins miami. partly to mostly cloudy skies wind out of the east at around 15 miles per hour. fort lauderdale also also 71 for you the relative humidity at 49 percent and key west at this h hr also 71. it is unanimous. wind out of the east south east 16 miles per hour winds for you. the stormtracker showing that there is no moisture across southlorida. we really aren't expecting any rain over the next few days. high pressure sitting across the south east. but that high pressure is going to make for some windy conditions and any time it gets really breezy it could push in a little moisture here and that could mean a dotted shower here maybe anher one there. but in general mostly dry. so tonight passing clouds it
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there'e' the high tomorrow sticking around should be on the sunny side but again when you have the windy conditions coming in off the ocean could bring in some low levellouds and big story will be the wind sticking around on tuesday same on wednesday. no big change in our pattern here. we should remain quiet and mainly dry. here's marine forecast for tomorrow because othe wind threat of rip current. small craft advisory. 20 knot winds. sea up 4 to 8 feet. biscayne bay will be choppy. throughout the florida keys you look at advisory. winds building up to 25 knot. sea inside the reef will be at 4 to 5 feet. but beyond the reef building 8 to 12 coastal water veryy rough. next high tide dade broward 8next high tide dade broward 8:42 in the morning. 10:05 the lower keys. water temperature at 73 degreeswater temperature at 73 degrees. so for tonight still some lingering clouds.
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64 i should say. 64 degrees. the low wililbe right around there except for the keys. you will be in the upper 60's. by tomorrow breezy. the wind out of the east 15 to 20. all the way around. under partly cloudy skies. average high about 78, 79 again very seasonal for this time of 84. here's the extended outlook. windy on wednesday. we warm-up through saturday and then sunday reminder 2:00 o'clock in the morning we have to set our clocks forward one hour at the beginning of daylight saving. best thing to do is to do that saturday night before you go too bed. that's the 7 on 7 forecast. > always forget. i-phone does it for you. does it automatically. >> what doesn't the i-phone do. >> it does everything. >> only i could flop it here i could do the news. the. >> any ideas? coming up next on 7 news at 11coming up next on 7 news at 11:00. >> another milestone for this panthers star.
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econd place florida panthers trying to hold off third place boston. panthers in red down 3 nothing. one back. yager misses. assist to yager. he passes third in all time list. panthers trail after one. cats come back down 4-3. rebound. they tie the game. panthers back 4-4. could not fini. 3 on 3 over time. at the. top shelf glove side on montoyatop shelf glove sisi on montoya. panthers lose in overtime. teams are tied for second. dolphins are completing a trade with philadelphia. dolphins get corner back
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this likely memes that grimes and his wife are gochbility dolphins wanted grimes to take less money. they owe him 8 million next season he declinedmillion next season he declined. grimes wife caused tension in the locker room when she ripped dolphins quarterback taken hill on twitter. all this should be finalize on wednesday. manning announced retirement today. he holds all the big p psing record. just won the superbowl. that and 18 years is enough. >> just something about 18 years. 18 is a good number. and today i retire from pro football. >>reporter: i showed you something similar to this in the past. i thought it was a joke it's not. soccer game in israel. pler goes down. the the medic load him on a stretcher three stooges act. they dump him. teammate comes out and he helps the injured guy get@ off the field.
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using performance enhancing drugs. i'm steve back to belkys. >> poor guy. >> who steve. >> no. th he will be all right. >> not style. he does all right. >> that's a wrap for 7 news at 11:00. ciao ciao. >> make it a good night everybody.
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