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tv   Channel 7 News at 530PM  FOX  March 11, 2016 5:30pm-6:00pm EST

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in the areaf southwest 137th avenue just north of 8th street. as you can see pretty intense flames. big smoke in this area. this is one of two fires there. is another firet 5 acres at northwest 138th avenue and 6th street this. one that are you looct from 7 skyforce is the bigger one. 160 acres at southwest 137th 137th avenue just north 8th 8th street. no buildings feactd no. structures. just a lot of smoke in that area and pretty big flames. as you can see, i believe that's a a mb ba deemplet thoho go through the brush and try to extinguish this fire. that's what forestry and the this hour. we're going to keep sky force there and continue to monitor this one as it unfolds. live at the news desk. i'm alex diprato. 7 news. >> snow now at 5:30, a dad and daughter danger.
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a good samaritan who took action overcome by what happened. >> could of been m son and my wife. >> >> danielle: 7 news with the water rescue. and that crash and splash happened so quickly. >> lynn: and a witness who didn't hesitate thoap turned tie hero, turned into a hero anan this story is something else. let's go to vanessa medin live on the scene in plantation. vanessa. >> reporter: this story is incredible. the 10-year-old girl and her father. eir fan van had fall neen this canal thaw see behind me and this good samaritan was just driving something flew by his windshield and that's when he desided he to do something. they were seconds possibly minuteteaway from death. >> it was lir on sunrise boulevard around 7:00 friday morning. jet ta thomas was driving east when suddenly something flew across his windshield. >> i heard the sound of crush
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vehicle in the water. it was submerging. >> reporter: a van going into the canal. inside a father hnd his 10-year-old doubt erp. looks like thetried to to brake but they went straight in. >> reporter: tire marks possibly where he tried to to stop. unclear why the car ended up there. >> i pulled up there and jumped to run across and pulled my phone out and dialed 911. >> thomas trying to tblag other drivers to hel him. he need help. a driver for fpl then stopped. thomas jum then jump nptd water. he tried to the front door. i tried to opening that and it did not open. then i i heard a knock in the back window. they are not dead. could you see they were very frightened. water up to their chins just waiting quietly inside the van. it was all the way up. way up to -- but the fathehe company say the father was
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>> luckily thomas jumped in and pulled on the window. >> i grabbed this and it busted. once it busted the little girl grabbed on my neck. >> the father then get owght hugging thomas realizing what he done. >> you saved his family's life today. >> just one of those things. >> reporter: you saved their life. you did an amazing thing. >> it could of been my sonnd my wife. >> so back out live here toto the scene once the van was cleared you could see the little girl's doll remained behind according to mr. thomas, the girl hey gash along her forehead. she was taken to the hospital and treated and released with minor injuries. he had he not stop and just let something fly by his windshield, we would have had a very
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reporting live in plantation this eefnlgt vanessa medina. 7 news. >> danielle: what a hero that man is a ievment. >> a thief constructing a crime in southwest miami-dade. a man pride open a side door tie house on 54th court. police say the crook then loaded more than $9000 worth ave contractor's power tools into a vehicle and took off. it happened back in snovment if you have any information that can help, call crime stoppers at 305-471-tips ievment. the fbi isearching for a repeat robber. surveillance pictures showing the criminal demanding money from the material at a td bank this morning. >> and robbed twice this week. investigatorbelieve it was the same crook both times. >> president obama's historic
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than a week way and a top security adviser made a aouth florida stop to talk to exiles and address their concerns about the trip. 7's jessica holly was there. >> what we put ot t at the center of our policy is what will make life wert for the cuban people. >> reporter: the president's right hand man in cuba on n- miami. d take questions and comments from young cuban americans at miami-dade college. >> why are these discussions happening now? >> i am hopeful for a future of the cuban people. >> how is the u.s. gaining economically? >> the town hall with roads to cuba. and roads sitting down with exisles in mile. not this group. they represent dissidents in florida to cuba. the visit will not be good for cuban freedom and cuban democracy. and a list of what they will
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not according to roads. >> and civil and dissident. >> and beach also made clear that as we do in every country in the world weather we do, that we'll we select who we will meet with. pretz goes cuba on maf 20th 20th and despite the a broch roads says there's one common goal. >> we share the objective of improving the lieftz cuban fem and the riefts cuban people. we believe pursuing this opening will makak us more effective in advocating on those issues. the deputy national security adviser says there will be a larger group traveling with the president to cubaa including a a size able bipartisan dell imaiftion members of congress. that list also not out yet. reporting in miami. jessica holly. 7 news. >>. >> danielle: and some south florida students on a march with
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from more than 60 schools coming to at piper high in sunrise for a influence marchnd rally. the event put on by broward public schools and the united way celebrates students who make the right decisions rescission peer pressure and avoiding violence and drugs. >> college students and community members concerned at fiu. the group against the plan to pave three acers of nature preserve for athletic fields. fiu isn't living up to it's commitment of environmental stability and preservation. and well, despite a petition with more than 7000 significant tiewrksz the fiu board of trustees says this will saft university millions of dollars. the funds will be used to manage and improve what remains of the preserve. >> lynn: a scom plex full of restaurants would be liengtz miami river if voters say yes to
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7's ann keil takes a closer look at the issue on the ballot. >> reporter: garcia'ss seafood grill and fish market on the river feeds it's patrons easily about wt fishing operation down the road. >> it's an important vital part of our fishing business. the family owned business has leeses leased the property on the 200 block of north river drive from the city for decades. but a local developer has a grander plan for that parcel. >> riverside war of will be a complex of restaurants on the water front. >> reporter: a 58,000 square foot privately financeed strip on partially public par prort. the referendum on the ballot. at steak ann initial 30 year lease. >> this is an area where historicallyt's been neglected. we're looking to transform. that well, that property where the fisherman are now would undergo a 7 million-dollar investment and when combined with this here, it would cover
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front property. the total cost for the project. 30 million droompletet we also have to contribute 15% of our gross revenues from the rent to the city. the city would receive a minimim rent pavement 195,000, $500 fro the developer who is promising the expafnghts public river walk. an outdoor plaza and four restaurants. one, a raw bar way sea foot food market a guess whose name is in the plan. >> you'll have ceviche and oysters and stone groofnltz garcia is in the mix as what has contacted fisherman. tasked with feeding more hungry patrons oomplet we're feeding alive line so our fishing industry grows and has sta by. then if the redevelopment gets voter proof evaluate in the election. in miami ann key. 7 news. >> danielle: all right. >> lynn: coming up to night on 7 news. we're keeping our iens the fire you're looking at right now.
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there in west miami-dade. 137 nl ave news, north of 8th 8th street a lot of smoke but brush is the only thing that's tbeangtd right now. siect smoke is wasting around. so far no structures or building in danger. that the point it's been dry out there. we'll keep our eye o this and see what's going on ie. >> danielle: also a woman beaten into a coma. weekslater her flame has reason to rejoyce. >> lynn: and a city hall raid bitd fevmentdz opa locka not getting answers and talking to just one station. >> danielle: and if it's the only way you can thief after being locked inside. >> phil: all the right so. you've seen the live images there of that fire. here's what it looks le roont damplet thal green is not rain but smoke. fortunately moving away from any houses. so no one there in the western suburbs should be im baictd that smoke. we'll slight more in a few minutes.
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>> lynn: we have news from a very important astronaut who is is saying i've done my part. >> danielle: absolutely. let's get live to the satellite center. alex diprato standing by with this news. >> reporter: we're just getting information n. nasa astronaut scott kelly has decided to retire. that will be effective april fimplets he joined the international astronaut corp in 1996 and spent the most time in space. after retiring le continue to
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research related to his one year mission. as you might remember just last week he returned from space after spending 340 days in space. kelly broke the american record for the most time in space during that mission. he is a ciewd 500 to days. of course we're going to continue to stay on thoch one. live at news desk. i'm alex diprato. 7 news. >> lynn: all right. also a special needs student left all alone on a school bus and makes a desperate decision to get home. like more than once. >> a dust bus driver and attendant going home and for getting something to do on their to do list. >> very important. >> danielle: and it wasn't the first time as ashy jones explains. >> i want to introduce to you two people who where l- not be the school bus driver and tendant of the year for the polk county school system. >> reporter: back on
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says gail brown and simmons were dropping student off in orlando. expect not every student got off the bus. a 13-year-old boy with special needs was sleeping in one of the seats and judd says both browns and simmons had no idea he was therer >> she was too busy gathering up two or three bags of something she had. and you can see her, she's walk owgh carrying the wags and does not even look down at this child laying in the seat sleeping next to her. >> reporter: 15 minutes later the boy realize he is alone. panicked and rolls down the emergency window and cliemedz out. he then hitch hiked his way home 30 miles way. >> doesn't tell any one when dowrd him except he tells the attendant hey, you left me on the bus tuesday. >> and tuesday, kay sha view. the two women least bus unaware the 13-year-old is sleeping this. time gets up and leaves through the front door and once again
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>> it's like what are you thinking? we know what they were thinking. nothing. both women arrested and charged with child neglect. sheriff judd says they are lucky the boy made it home safely both siems times. we're bless thead was picked up on every occasion by good folks that gave him a ride home and not picked up by a nair ro well or child predator or someone who wanted to create harm from him. and they say the women admitted to telling the student to deactivate the child reminder system. that feature remains them to ensure the bus is vacant before leaving. in the satellite center. i'm ashley jones. 7 news. >> danielle: and we do continue to follow this developing story. let's take a look at the live pictures of the brush fires that continue to burn in southwest daivmentd sky force hd is over the scene as you see there. two fires. one at 5 acres at northwest
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the other one at 160 acres at southwest 137th avenue just north of 8th street there. is no word on a car. >> lynn: but it looks like they are dropping some water on these fires because there's a lot of white smoke. we'll keep you updated. we'll be right back.
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>> now 7 weather with chief meteorologist phil ferro. >> phil: good afternoon every one. we're looking at a quiui weekend here across south florida. but it's anything but quiet across the southeast.
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with a front pumping in a lot of moisture across parts of texas, louisiana, mississippi, and alabama. they are looking at a lot of rain. we may get a few of those showers here, maybe late in the day on sunday. 69 degrees in san san antonio. 67 in new orleans. in the 70s up and down the east coast. 63 in new yk city. we are following a couple of fires here across southwest 137th avenue. tamiami trail. fortunately the wind is nofght west so it should not be an impact here across the western suburbs. again, this radar, the smoke is dense enough to be picked up by our radar but all moving away from these communities. here is whate can expect forecast. threat of rip currents tonight. small craft exercise caution. chop. for you in the florida keys, you too are looking at an advisory.
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next high tide will be at 10:48. 11:21 in the lower keys. water temperature 74 degrees. for tonight partly cloudy. the wind coming in off the east southeast. again, that's good pushing all that smoke way in miami-dade. over night lows in the 60s to the low 50e6789s tomrow partly cloudy. not as breezy and highs upper 70s to the low 80s. extended out look. a better chance of showers sunday and monday. by the way, sunday time to set the clocks head one hour and it's a start of daylight savings. thats your 7 on 7. 7 news will be right back.
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>> >> danielle: identity theft can ruin your credit. create years of headaches and be a real pain to cleaner up. >> lynn: that's true it happen
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heazne thing going for him. patrick fraser has the special assignme report taken for a ride. >> >> three months ago hector and vanessa got married. i was having the time mif life, getting rried and having fun. >> of course every one who gets married has hopes and dreams. the ortiz did >> after our honey money we were planning on prrk a house, what every wiewn does when they get married. >> and then hector ortiz did make a big push pr. it said i purchased a 12,500-dollar vehicle and an atv and said it was purchased out of rye va sports in homestead. >> a 12,000-dollar atv just like this one fanced by a bank using hector's drivers license with someone else's picture. >> a drivers license. a really goodrivers license. we looked at it at the police
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after finding an atv was bought in h@same he checked his credit record and found a fake hector was on a shopping sphreend a mercedes benz s5502012. he was able too convince two dealerships he was hector ortiz and convince two banks to loan him the money to bite mercedess and suv. and we run the wiewr rose and credit bureau and submit to the bank but today's date dat ta is not full proof. >> sadad v vy common. millions of americans get ripped off every jer yeer. hector did one break. one of the dealerships had surveillance cameras. a lot of surveillance cameras. and hector got to see the guy who was pretending to be him. >> we saw video and saw individual of the guy that was purchasing it that wantz me. he was a different race than me, twice my size, twice my weight.
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sports rivas presend tok hector. and the same guy that went to miami lakes and drove off in the 2012 mercedes. the guy described as cool, cam. collective. listened to all the maintenance plan. he has clearly done this before. miami-dade police want to talk to this suy. riva sports spoke to the credit bureaus and remove the 12,000-dollar debt hector owes for the atv. after we talked to car max they moved to remove his name. and the identify theft fooled them by using a fake drivers license and social security number and date of birth. and carlos and rivas also loss a vehicle. their sniewdly wed dreams have been derailed. it i just got married and my plans have been shaltlt terd. this guy as has been walking around saying hes me. he may not be walk around since
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nice mercedes and a tv. i'm patrick fraser. 7 news. that picture could not be any more clear. take one more look at this guy. do you know who he is? call crime stoppers at 305-471-tips. the right tip cld lead to you a cash reward. >> danielle: and you're right. the picture, doesn't get much clear than that picture. >> lynn: youan see his oz pores almost. >> danielle: that is 7 news at 5:30. thank sow much for watching. i'm danielle knox. >> lynn: i'm lynn martinez. 7 news at 6:00 begins right now. >> now on news. >> some encourage signs for a south florida woman nearly beaten to death. the republican front runner getting a show of support from an exrival. another candidate stumping in the sunshine state. and a south florida hopeful may be backing someone else. >> one d docrat also on the campaign trail. other stai say going buy toy a former first dlaiddy.
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for the whites house. a mayor saking 7 news after her city hall is raid bitd feds in a corruption case. just one station with the interview. and the chase is on to catch main police call a crook, a ga sa maish tan trying stop him. it's tonights low down. >> danielle: and we do continue to follow some developing story coming out of west miami-dade. a brush fire burning. >> this is 7 news at 6:00. >> lynn: all right. let's go back to those live pictures from sky force hdd of that developing story. flames scohing acre after acre and been doing so for over an hour. good evening everybydy. more than a hundred acres burning. >> danielle: and here's the thing.g. firefighters are trying to tame those flames. alex depra is live at the news
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and i know thre is not one but two fires burning. one was put out alex ie. >> reporter: one is contained and the other out of control at is hour. let's go to live pictures from 7 skyforce. this is the larger fire 160 acres burning at this hour. southwest 137th avenue just north 8th street. awks see plenty of smoke. plenty of flames and there are radio towers there in the picture and we have just learned from fire officials that these radio towers have about affected. there is another fire. >> that's beenn contained to five acers. this fire na you're looking at southwest 137th avenue just north 8th street is a 160 acres. it's not under control. lots of flames and smoke and
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at least one of the radio towz wers you see thehe in the picture. in the meantime miami-dade fire rescue`is to work put this out as this continues to unfold. it is a brush fire season here in s. it is between january and april so these things can spark at any tim live at the news desk. i'm alex diprato. 7 news. >> danielle: and for more on the conditions fueling the flames. chief meteorologist phil ferro now joins us live. phil. >> phil: and you know, we have been very lucky. just heard about our typical fire season here but so far since the beginning of the year, we are actually above average as far as rainfall is concerned miami ov 10 inches. the average is four. we're on the s splus, better than hall. actually better than 5 inches. fort lauderdale on the plus side


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