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tv   Channel 7 News at 10PM  FOX  March 14, 2016 10:00pm-11:00pm EDT

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is is. they came they campaign now it's up to you. ating -- voting just hours away in the fight for florida. >> historic visit is now a week away. president obama on the record tonight about his upcoming trip to cuba. this is the beginning not the end of what is going to be a journey that takes some time. >> class was out. but he was in. burglar trash ago school and walking away with cold hard cash.
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safe nejghborhood turned into a brutal attack and sexual battery and now cops are on the hunt. for a presented toyvrment car losing control. smashing into a grocery store with deadly results. >> and she has a land line. but never uses it. sohy is her bill tens of thousands of dollars. it's tonight's edition of help me howard with patrick frazier. >> hello welcome everyone. >> i'm in for craig. the news at 10:00 starts now now at 10:00. weeks of campaigning. >> spirit of our country rest news. >> all leading u0to this. >> we see republicans unite behind our campaign. >> can a senator from south florida. make a powerful statement to the country tomorrow. >> topple trump. >> we can really change things
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>> will hillary clinton clinch another victory? >> this election tomorrow is so crucial. >> no president can do it alone and that is why we need a political revolution. >> we work the fight for florida. >> primaryn the sunshine state does happen tomorrow so here's the deal. if rubio doesn't pull off a home state win, this could possibly be the end of his campaign. >> as for the democrat one candidate standing apart in the poll. robin live at the west miami recreation center where rubio is rallying tonight. >> yes. this just wrapped up a little while ago and when marco rubio said he would be pushing to the end he wasn't kidding. audio problems. he had to use bull horn then second belle bull horn he says they are going to win florida. every single candidate pushing to the very end trying to get
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>> my whole life i have been told being humble is a virtue. and d w the and now being humble is a weakness and being vein and self absorbed is somehow a rtue. >>reporter: perfect south florida night for campaign that is not quite meeting expectations. after winning delegates in just three contests senator rubio now pinning his hope on florida 99 delegates. senator r uz make inroad in illinois. >> if donald trump is the nomie hilary wins. >> if hilary we understand the supreme court is lost for a generation. the bill of rights is lost. our kids are buried under a mountain of debt and future put in discrepancy difficult. >>reporter: poll in florida show donald trtrp in the lead with 46 percent. rubio with 22 percent.cruz with 14 percent and governor kasich with 10%. muchighter race than ohio
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neck for the state 66 delegatesneck for the state 66 delegates. kasich in columbusp trump outside young town. >> we have something going that people haven't seen before. it's really a drive and i'm i mean honestly they are talking about one of the great things they have seen in political history. >> the reason why i have survived not because of the record and balancing budget and cutting taxes t.but telling people to believe in themselvespeople to believe in themselves. >>reporter: democratic candidates overlapping with the republican for super tuesday illinois tryink to shore up support in the blaze she was born and raised. >> we have to have a big vote tomorrow that could send a strong message that the love drums hate. >>reporter: bernie sanders hitting ohio and missouri as two battle over 3 midwestern states. >> we are going to move this country to having one of the highest rates of voter turn out not one of the lowest.
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florida not tight. the aftft clinton stunning loss to michigan the vermont sator tuesday. >> and back to the hometown candidates some fans taking pictures in front of the florida rubio country and he is counting on that. he asked the crowd several hundred peiple out here tonight how many had early voted then asked if you had early voted make sure you go out tomorrow and get your friend who haven't voted to vote and do that early so you can get more people out to vote and still pushing for every last vote as is everyone ahead of another super tuesday. >> live in west miami, >> stay with 7 news for extensive&coverage of tomorrow's big primary. we'll have crewws across south florida throughout the day. >> president obama is just a week away from his historic
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the controversial trip. alex in the plex with this alex? >> well, when president obama arrives in cuba next week he plans to use part of his visit to kick start u.s. business with the island. the president says he will also bring up the issue of human rights. >> during my visit i intend to meet with disdents. critic of the cuban government. >> the president ahead of his historic stroyvt cuba next weekhistoric stroyvt cuba next week. the visit put in motion when the united states and cuba restored relations by reopening the embassy in july. >> the more that u.s. businesses are ncaa engage the more we have people traveling there and the more cuban americans are able to interact with family members that in some cases they haven't seein decade. the more likely we are to see the kind of changes that all of us are hoping for. >> embargo remains that only congress can repeal but the
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will bring about the change. embargo not able to achieve. >> we have taken away an excuse that the castro regime consistently used for why it couldn't provide greater opportunity 0for freedom to its people. which was that heavy handed neighbhb to the north was preventing them. or sabotageor sabotaging them. that's no longer app excuse that is viable. >> the president says the united states will continue to press for human rights. >> we continue to press to make sure that over time we are widening more and more freedom for speech. assembly. religion inside of cuba. >> president oma also making a prediction. >> some time in the next president's administration whether they are a democrat or a republican thathe embargo in fact will be removed because
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able to sell into cuba, to do business with cuban, to show s. business practices and how we treat workers and how we approach issues of human rights that tt will help bring about the kind of changes that are needed. >> in cuba the president is scheduled to attend a baseball game between the tampa bay rays and the cuban national team. that game is a week from tomorrow. live in the news plex, 7 news night team. the president arrives in havana next monday. our live report from the island begins this friday on today in floridathis friday on today in florida. >> neighborhood on alert in the wake of a chilling crime. woman attacked raped and r rbedwoman attacked raped and robbbb. sheldon fox is live in coralgables with the details. sheldon? >> and people i icoral gables
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the cops are onhe look out for a violent bad man. somebody whohohinks nothing of preying on a woman who is just trying to walk in the street near where she lives. >> there's a sexual predator slash robber thought to be out and about in these coral gables streets. he's the kind of guy who sneaks up on women in about the last place they would be expecting danger. their own low crime neighborhood. >> especially in a neighborhood like this you don't think so much bb being dangerous or about things happening to you. >>reporter: but it happened to a woman who was steps away from her home. during a stroll she will ver forget. coral gaibilitys police say she was just walking in the neighborhood. granada boulevard. safe looking street. nice looking homes. quiet area. quiet until about 6:45 sunday morning. >> she was attacked. robbed.
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terrace by a violent men as said by detectives to be 5 foot 8 5 foot 10 bald with brown eyes bushy brow anan wearing a white t-shirt jeans and blue and yellow sneakers. who was possibly driving a white suv or van. >> this is such a nice place to walk around. the it's nice and safe. but i gus we have to think twice before we do that again. >>reporter: neighbors in the area were shocked and sympathetic for the neighbor they said they didt know. but they hope is doing better after an awful day in the neighborhood. >> i'm always vigilant. i'm looking around. >> i wish the best for this lady. >> co-workers walk around in the morning. female as s ll so i'm sure it's something good for them to know about. >>reporter: the violent crime does not happen often in coral gables. the cops looking hard tonight needing your help badly. if you know anything about what
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standing in coral gables 6:45 in the morning yesterday pick up the phone right away and call crime stoppers at this the number to call. you can collect cash for the right anonymous tip to police we are live in coral gables, sheldon fox 7 news nig team. and now on to the roof. and out with the rules. >eart breaking. devastating. >> burglar breaking. bashing and banking his way in. leaving a school house rocked. >> heart breaking heist left the school damage and cash strapped. >> that's right. now investigators are trying to track down the man responsible. rosh rorts. >> take a look at this surveillance video and this guy come through the roof of presbyterian school in miami. the school has been here for
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student pre-k through 12th grade. >> extremely sad. it's heart breaking. devastating. the there's no need for it. >> look at the effort the guy took. in fact investigators are out here school officials place this ladder here to retrace the guy foot steps. he got on the ledge to get into the school. >>reporter: school officials say the thief came in 1:00 o'clock in the morning and first goes to the cafeteria then to an office brick ago window. rum annualing around andd then he gets away with a a sale. sale.en the safe 5000 dollars. >> money was in the sale. money for the youth retreat ghly anticipated. >> how sad somebody would go in there break into the building and rip it off from children. >> absolutely. that's probably the most devastating part. the fact now we have to tell these kids and the problem is this field trip is this week friday saturday and sunday is when we at that time kid down
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this they have is out there he was able to get this heavy safe out of the school. police want to put him behind bars. >> able to take the safe which weighs over a ton and wheel it out of here. don't know how far he was able to get but again we have great video. great skills and we need the comnity to come together come forward with the information. >> you didn't do it to the building this building is occupied by people and the people they hurt. >> they the bad for everything we have done here. the money is gone and maybe the cops will get the money and put it back to where the supposed to be. >> if you would like to help out the school go fund me page has been set up. go to our web site we'll take you to that page. in the mean time you know who the guy is the e ief is call crime stoppers at this number on the screen.
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hundreds of people clergy and police chief come together at south florida church addressing some serious counity concerns. liz is live a anew birth baptist church in north west miami-dade with details on the meeting. liz? >> this was a vibrant conversation inside this north west miami-dade church this evening. namely about issues plaguing the african american community particularly violence and guns in the hand of teenagers. >> how many more of our children have to die in miami before our schools implement restorative justice. >>reporter: inside the hall of new bi h baptist church police chief pastors and people of the miami-dade c cmunity the are looking for answers. >> there has been one child week killed since the beginning of the year oychlt bring kids togetherore importantly let's wring them together before something happens.
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the community none so far is in. they are dealing with them deeply. just dealing with them on the surface. and the surface is just to keep us going in a circle. >>reporter: but monday night they say the conversation ststted between police and the community. it's a place to begin to make the streets and children future safer. >> one of the other big topic of conveveation tonight was affordable housing for people in this african american community and how they can find affordable safe places to live to help keep kid off the strtto help keep kid off the street. live in north west miami-dade tonight, 7 news night team. >> it was a tragic turn for father of 4 who went missing over the weekend. florida fish wild life say they have dcovered the man's body. sky force hd over the scene today at the park on 51 avenue and north west 7th street in miami. 46-year-old jose montez was declared missing after
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runner out for test to drive in the lake. officials searched on saturday. sunday. and today for him. they say he was wearing all black. he didn't have a life jacket on and this made him difficult to spot. thief leaving behind a clue on camera. look at thee surveillance video. capturing a man who broke into a texaco gas station. he caught hole in the wall before emptying the register it happened at the business near northeast ninthnd wilton manor drive. if you recognize this guy call broward crime stoppers at this number on the screen. the live look now outside our north bay village studio things heat up we can see well above average temperatures tomorrow. phil in the weather center with this. phil. >> all right belkys warm day today. as a matter of fact high were in the low to mid 80's everywhere. tonight we are looking at the
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that could stick around through early tomorrow morning. anan you mentioned it tomorrow is going to be a hot day. high expected be in the upper 80's. right now everything is dry over in palm beach. broward. miami-dade and the keys. no changes expected tonight. or during the day tomorrow.. everyone is in the 70's here throughout fort lauderdale miami. marathon with 74. 74 as well in naples. bimini the cool spot a temperature of 71 degrees. now here's the voting forecast tomorrow morning around 7:00 a.m. still the possibility of some fog. some of it could be dense especially in the western suburb now by afternoon high are expected to be in the mid to upper 80's no. rain in the forecast will be hot and by 7:00 p.m. we look at temperature of 73 degrees. now if f anning ongoing out early to vote be careful with the fog. the big worry in the afternoon will be the heat.
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water with you and if you are caught in the long line try to have umbrella along. try not to get too much sunshine again it will be very hot and dry. look at all the dry air moving in to south florida. that could stick around for awhile. i have more on the local forecast a little bit later on. >> all right phil. our florida power light cooling now call for concern. turkey point cooling canal act as radiator to cool the power that powers nuclear react or. our report says the tracer the which is found in the canal water was also found in scayne bay. the level found to be 215 times higher than normal when sampled back in december and also january but still far below what experts consider dangerouswhat experts consider dangerous. fpl president cespedes fight the find the county water is safe to drink. >> the most important thing to understand is that fpl is not
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impacting the drinking water. there's no environmental impact that's negative right now. >> i would have no problem drinking the water except pretty salty right out of biscayne bay. >> they have come up with certain solution thatats we think may work but we need to analyze it and make sure that it does work. >> the we should also ahead the county cited fpl back in october for violating w wer quality standard based on too much salt in the water. more violences could be coming in the next few weeks if found the e ility has committed any additional infraction. >> still ahead from the night am. driver losing control devastating results. car smashing into a south in grocery store. >> no emergency but you have never know it by looking at the men at mia. >> something in the air forcing people to evacuate miami beach building. >> she says he owns land line but doesn't use it so why is her phone bill tens of thousands of dollars. it's tonight's edition of help
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you are watching south
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askedingsingsaskedingsings. >> car out of control. speeding over curb right into south florida grocery store. man at the wheel was killed in that crash. >> brandon buyer reports from hollywood. >> she likes her nephew. she like to play with them. she's really good. she's really good with family. >> describing her sister roxanne whohoas badly injured in a car wreck on young circle in hollywood early monday morning. driver of the e d ka cadillac 24-year-old david la muir was not wearing a seat belt. her family says the two had been dating for two years. la muir thrown from the car and died at the scene. >> once he reached here the curb it appears went straight. lost control of the vehicle. >> family says roxanne is in
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several broken bones. her boyfriend leaves behind a young son. it's not the first time we have seen him on the news. we met him pack in november of 2013 when he helped cops nab a robbery suspect at shell gas station he worked natural miami garden. >> i gave her the money. started taking the money. let me bag it for you so start bagging it. then you know what double bag it i'm stalling. >> he made headlines again monday morning after wrecking his car and losing his life. moving one woman to leave behind a candle. in memory of the man lost encouragement for young woman trying to recover. >> l say a prayer. what else can you do. >> at this point police say it's too early to know how fast that driver was going also too early to know if alcol was a factor. the we are in hollywood brandonbuyer 7 news night team.
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at miami international and american airlines flight set to loaf for jfk grounded after officials say a maintenance crew accididtally deployed an emergency shoot chute. you see it there. flight cancelled in all 210 passengers were put on other flights. >> miami beach apartment building evacuated. sky force hd over the weinberg federation towers on west avenue and 7th street. officials getting everybody out after meters detected elevated level of carbon monoxide. one elderly resident and all clea given. >> 4 missing boater found. the coast guard spotting the men and 26 foot vessel near marco island. they went deep sea fishing yesterday but never returned last night. the group sending up distress flare because they were out of range to use the cell phone to call for help. that vessel was towed back to shore.
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a monthly bill right but what would you do if your bill for one month was 26,000 dollars. and you were told by the phone company you had to pay it. it's tonight's edition of help me howard with patrick frazier. >> think safe to say most of us have a cell phone the she has two. >> i crew any personal cell phone and work cell phone. >> since she often works from home they went back to the olden days. people had a land line in their house. >> in case of an emergency lose your cell foychbility all together the cell phone phone her and her family cost 2 73 dollars a month. everything was fine. and then. >> received an e flail verizon to let me know some suspicious illegal activity going on
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>> contacted phone company and told her everything was straighten out. don't worry. then the next day she got her phone bill. >> i thought something was wrong. i thought maybe i needed glasses. i couldn't believe that it was 26,000 dollars. >> 26,000 dollar phone billt.she called verizon and told herland line number had been used to make calls all over the world. >>ustralia. austria. cuba. argentina a.all over the place. >> she didn't make the call and nobody in the family made the call. then the phone company told her they figured out what happened. >> they found out my lip was compromised by another country because i had to return a call that came in through the line. that's how they get to my line. >> she thought that meant the 26,000 dollar phone bill would be erased. but. >> transferred me over to an investigators who told me that calls were come from the line that there is nothing they can do for me. that i need to pay.
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to access your phone number and run up a ridiculous bill without you northwest do you have to pay the phone bill. >> you are not responsible unless you are neglect. and by that i mean you give some one access to your phoneor you give them your pin number so they can access it remotely to make calls. if you do that you have to pay the billll if you don't do that and you don't know that item happening you are not responsible for the bill. >> we contacted verizon to find out how it happened. spokesperson told us they uncored new informatiti about this but couldn't disclose details of cusmer's account. but obviously it was not her fault. they w wte verizon strives to provide the best customer experience forh all our customers at every touch point. in this case we didn't deliver on that promise. we sincerely apogize. verizon then did the right thing and more. not only did they wipe out the 26,000 dollar bill.
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free phone service. something they legally didn't have to do. >> this hacking of the phone was clearly a scammer. so difficult to track down that law enforcement rarely gets involved. so you have to protect yourself and hope that's enough. >> she's happy. with verizon and people frfr channel 7. >> help me howard i don't know what wld i do without help me howard. >> glad we are ableleo help out>> glad we are able to help out. why would a crook hack into the phone line to make free call of course or to sell the access to some one else and make cheap long distance kawchlts the scam item about the money. going long distance and not getting an answer with your problem. want to hangup on the headache. call us. you won't get a busy signal. instead we try to dial up a solution for you. with this help me howard 7 news. >> that was a good one. 26,000 dollars. >> that's not a good. >> not good for her. >> but howard and patrick got
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>> coming up next on south florida. nightee.e. big crowds and even bigger beef. night team gearing up for ultra. >>steve coming up in sports. we have a chris bosch citing. heat try to break denver winning streak anan panthers collapse to the islander tonight in brooklyn. this is a killer.
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party prep under way. one of the biggest parties in south florida is just arorod the corner. some people love it. some people hate it. the you will from music festival love it or hate it, it's taken over downtown miami again. >> that's right. jessica holly has more. downtown miami getting set for tens of thousands of ultra music fest fans. electronic music celebration now in its 16th year i feel as the festival grew up the downtown miami grew up at the sa time, it has evolved. this is the second year tickets are sold only to those 18 and older. >> festival bigger more popular and more popular i thought it was the right thing to do. >> move certainly not slowed sales. sign says it all.
10:33 pm
two months ago. 165,000 tickets sold representing 87 countryrepresenting 87 countries. >> it's a huge boone to the economy in downtown miami. >> festival growing every year and it has had its share of growing pains. last year a ticket holder was found dead from a drug over dose and two years ago a security guard was critically injured when she was trampled by gate crashers. this year ultra will have 350 of its own security officers working the event and 300 miami police officers in therea as well. >> some bike and some undercover capacity. >>reporter: keeping things under control a a looking for illegal activity like drug use. you will from teaming up with bap picture health this year for on site awareness campaign. >> biggest thing is creating awareness. you see signage around the event that clearly says like the drug use is not tolerated.
10:34 pm
festival no drone zone. faa and miami police out looking for offender, 7 news. >> tell come up 7 news at 10:00 o'clock. major retailer feeling the wrath of social media tonight. why a simple shirt caused such an uproar. >> once again tomorrow important day here across south florida. warning temperature on 7:00 a.m. a.m. 70 degrees. fog developing tonight and lingering through tomorrow. it's a hot afternoon high in the upper 80's. expire outlook in a coue of minutes. >> all right phil and unlikely animal wandering into trouble. cops say flamingo in hialeah.
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well popular retailer is pulling controversial item off the rack >> comes after some swift backlash on line. we are in the social media center with this one. >> this can make a fashion statement especially with quirky little saying but tonight popular retailer forforever 21 has taken a shirt off the rack. here it is.
10:38 pm
crossed the line. t-shirt that says don't say maybe if you want to say no. social media more specifically twitter lighting up with backlash claiming the shirt alludes to r re from at this forever 21. how about we not perfect pet ate rape culture with 1999 shirt. don't say maybe if you want to say no. why is this a gooooidea? now here's another tweet. from kristen forever 21 is sellinin a shirt that says don't say maybe if you want to say no. how about don't do something if you don't hear yes. but not everyone is offended. lindsay tweeting i am not one to shrug this kind of thing off but in this case you are looking for something that is just not there. now the company respond with this statement forever 21 strives to exemplify the highest ethical standard and take feedback and product
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we sincerely apologize to any one who was offended by the product. t-shirir has now been pulled from store racks. live in the social media centerlive in the social media center, 7 news night team. so we began the week on the warm side. morning low in the 70's. 75 in key west. high of 81. 84 in fort lauderdale and miami reached all wait up to 86 this afternoon. keep in mind the average high for miami-dade and broward is right around 80 degrees for this time of year. right now everyone is in the snis. warm spot. it will be pompano beach. cool spot miccosuke with 74. the wind out of the west south west at 8 and the humidity at 71 percent and right now the breeze at the coast has gone calm. now as we look at the stormtracker everything is dry. palm beach broward miami-dade
10:40 pm
dry tonight and throughout much of the day tomorrow. we have plenty of weather across the northern half of the u.s. u.s. we have three 80's of low pressure here. aiming for the coast. big winter storm impacting parts of washingtonnd oregon yesterday. al that activity moved in through the northern rockies and now heading into the upper midwest. we on the other hand are looking at very warm conditiwnslooking at very warm conditions. 77 degrees right now miami 74 in san antonio. 20 degrees colder in minneapolis and in the 40's from new york through washington, d.c. washington, d.c. it's in the 70's tomorrow through missouri and illinois. illiis with 30 percent chance for rain in the 60's acrossohio. 80's for north carolina. most of the state tomomrow will also be in the 80's except for extreme southern south f orida we are in the mid to upper 80'swe are in the mid to upper 80's. average high 80 degrees.
10:41 pm
is 90 from 2008 just 3 degrees away. now here's the marine forecast for tomorrow. no advisory. wind out of the south west sea up 1 to 2 feet. biscayne bay a moderate chop. for you throughout the florida key. the wind variable in the morning. sea in the reef 1 fought. beyond the reef one to 2 feet. next high tide 2:41. 2:36 fort lauderdale. upper keys 3:04. :49 key west. clear skies tonight. fog will develop in the western suburb. and start creeping towards the coast. 68 in the keys. 70 in miami and fort lauderdale morning fog tomorrow just about everywhere turning warmer in the afternoon. high in the upper 80's and main land andere's your extended outlook. we remain hot and warm thrgh friday. few showers on saturday and sunday and by the way sunday that is the start of spring. that is the 7 on 7 forecast. >> thanks phil. >> wild rescue becoming a sight
10:42 pm
police involve in a different kind of purchase suit in hialeah. if ming 0on the loose and not going down without a feather fight. found running through traffic nearest fourth avenue and east 9th street. cops corral it with a jacket antook it to the hialeah park casino sanctuary where said to be in good condition. stay with us.
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>> this started red carpet ready and so are we. new film miracle from heaven screening right here in south florida. it is the incdible story of girl with debilitating disease and the moment that changed her life forever. some might even call it a miracle. and just like that, the night team's chris appears like magicteam's'shris appears like magic. live on lincoln road with more on this amazing movie. chris tell us about it. >> just like that the magic of
10:45 pm
it's a touching story and what makes this even more touching isis the fact that it is based on true story and jennifer told me this is an important role for her to play but difficult role for her to play because of how emotional it was. >> red carpet rolled out at the cinema on south beach for the premier of jennifer's new film miracle from heaven. >> welcome to miami. >> jennifer takes on the emotionally challenging role of a mom whose daughter is diagnosed with an incurable disease. >> everything is fichbility everything is not fine. there's something wrong with our little givrment what's the mood like on set? for you whenyou have to get in the really emotional scenes. >> when you have to do an emotional scene in a movie generally the crew is very respectful of actors have been to wrap their head on what's going on. >>reporter: the family doctor says jennifer feelelgs in those scenes stem from what was going
10:46 pm
>> she was going through a lot of things personally so she was veve touched by the scene. >> currently no cure for anna coition. >> doctor please thinks our little girl. >>reporter: or medicine leaves off for this family faith takesover and their daughter is miraculously hooeld healed. >> if you were trying to explain this to some o there was no way that would happen. >> that's what is so special about it. i had the reaction all the time when shooting. come on this is silly this captain be real but then i would be turned around and there sitting at the monitor would be the real little girl that this happened to. >> people think we are crazy. >> roll with it or rolled over. >>reporter: bring a tissue or two or entire box because you will node them. >> right now in this country we node to be reminded of the importance of hope, faitit importance of hope, faith,
10:47 pm
>> who told you you would be fine. >> movie with a great message and how sweet is screen ferry garner. right.. miracle from heaven hit theaters on wednesday. we are life on south beach, 7 news night team. keep it here. more 7 news coming up right
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the past passthe past pass. >> not much defense in this one. heat and nugget combine for 243 points. trust me that's a lot. chris bosch on the bench first time since going out with blood clot in his leg 5 weeks ago. heat in home red. wade drives baseline. played with a soevr sore thigh. heat up by 2 at the intermission. heat down one-fourth quarter. winslow with the steal. winslow at team high 20 point. heat lead by two. later in the quarter wade to josh richardson. what a night for the rookies. richardson 17 off the bench. heat lead by 4ment one minito play. johnson. stepped back. johnson had 18. next possession johnson white side had 12 of the 18 in the fourth quarter. 7 players and double. heat win 1241 naechbility half
10:51 pm
>> coming in with the young guy>> coming in with the young guy. the bench mob go out there and try to play with a lot of energy and our tem`erature pochlt tremendous block. key bucket and i'm proud of myself and other young guys. >>reporter: nice job by the two guys. panthers do not finish in first place this is the game they will point to. panthers in the islanders in brooklyn. panthers in white. scoreless first period. hubert to peter. center past. his 22 is 1 nothing panthers. second period panthers with the puck and islander zone. out. his 11th. panthers lead two nothing. 2 nothing third period. 7:15 left. islanders 1 on 2. the it's 2-1. minute 21 later. the safe. josh bailey got a check h. ties the game 2-2.
10:52 pm
they turn it e ery. cal. 3 goal in 5 and a half minutes. the panthers blow a two nothing leadment panthers lose 3-2. >> i think the the they play off the air and sat back and rely dispointing lochlts we need these point. >> play at montreal tomorrow night. the hurricane and the bull of buffalo first round of the ncaa tournament thursday night rhode island. perfect camera position last night t en the canes got the news. >> whether a one seed 2 seed 3 seed 4 seed or 11 seed you want to try to win the national championship that's what we try to do during the next 3 weeks. you have to w w 6 games. you have to take them one at a time and play great in every one of them. >> right in the coach's face. lead canes sooet seeded fifth in the women tournament.
10:53 pm
saturday night in lexington, saturday night in lexington, kentucky. leads to the tournament for the first time in 6 years. tivrnlt starts to realize that we are a force to be reckon with and so the this is amazingwith and so the this is amazing. i think we'll get the respect wee deserve. >>reporter: good hoops going on at the u. this is a fine how do you do. kenyon is about to break the record for the bass england half marathon. got wrapped up in the ribbon at the finish line and down goes the t t he laughing while down there? yes he's okay. 13 miles in 61 minutes and 45 seconds. by tomorrow at 4:00 o'clock in the afternoon the dolphins find out if they get running back cj anderson from denver. we'll be following. that i'm steve.
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that is a wrap for us first at 10:00. ciao co.
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isis isis is jew f)ght for florida is upon us. presidential candidate crisscrossing severalaltates before you head to the poll tomorrow. >> histotic visit is now a week away. president obama on the record tonight about his upcoming trip to cuba.>> it was my view that policy that hasn't worked for 50 years since i was born demand reevaluation. >> thief dropping in through the roof. before going to work. making off with cash t.for stunmaking off with cash t.for stun. >> it's known as safe south florida neighborhood but now it's on high alert. after a woman was sexually
11:00 pm
>> hello welcome everyone. i'm belkys. >> i'm danielle knox in for craig stephens. 7 news at 11: begins now. >> this is 7 news at 11:00. >> now at 11:00. candidates on the trail. guest it their all in the final push. tomorrow primary just hours away. the night team breaking down the fight for florida. >> florida senator rubio hoping to win the home state but already being trumped in the poll. >> as for the democrat one contins to be the clear favorite while the other remains competitive. we cover it all live from west miami where senator rubio held a rally this basketball court was packed with rubio supporters and he had a very optimistic tonreally got this crowd going. despite the long odds that many say he is now facing but every single candidate trying t t


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