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tv   Channel 7 News at 5PM  FOX  March 18, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm EDT

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like some of you i haven't been able to rest since hearing the news late last night. >> hope theag survives and makes a full recery. >> reporter: in december walker did an tirn view with espnw- entitled he try walker hopes to a avoid the locker room curse. and it has become superstitious because some so many of the players have been injured. you can't escape from injuries. if it's ment to be, if u- it's ment to be. if not, thank godo. 1 knew three months later walker would be fighting for his life. i'm hopeful and leave it in god's hands and whatever will be ll be. >> and police tell me that this traffic homicide investigation is ongoing and investigators believe there may have been a witness, main who saw what happened. if you know who that person s call miami-dade police.
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brian entin, 7 news. >> belkeys: all right brian, thanks. and bso releasing this surveillance video of an parmd man who has hit seven, 7-eleven's n- across don't in the last two weeks. and sometimes has a female accomplice with him. he robbed the store on will ten manners on tuesdays well as businesses in pompano and fort lauderdale sphru any information call crime stoppers at 954-493-tips. >> miami beach police want to question this man about what he wis witnessed duringg a shooting on south beach last week. they are handing out fliers trying to find christopher huff. police say the victim an quon twon decade was shot in the chest near the clevelander on sunday while set celebrating his brotherrers birthday. it happened after a fight broke out. he late erd died at the hot. christopher huff is being called a person of interest. call crime stoppers at 305 tips
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police can find him. >> craig: all right now police are stepping up security long ocean dry. huge crowds are expected there over the weekend. that's because it is spring break. >> police. >> belkeys: police want to make sure every one is safe while they ray good time. 7's jessica holly is live on miami beach with more on this. jessica. >> reporter: yes, a huge weekend on the beach and just in just a couple hours, ocean drive will be packed and miami beach police say they are ready and this year they have a revised plan. >> spring break and beaches packed with a party and party patrol. >> we're talking about miami beach police officers and a presence that's heaeas hard to miss. >> trying to control the madness going on, yes. >> so the department making a few changes this year on south beach to keep the crowd under control. before take seat in theand, spring breakers pass police
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sky ra foan foam, glass or b bze on the beach. they clear the beach before sun down and then it's lierveghts officers and action on ocean drive. units with fshing lights and uniforms filling the streets. ocean drive sphr 7th to 11th , a hotspot off limits to drivers nightly. foot traffic only from 7:00 p.m. to 7:00 a.m. through sunday. >> it thursday a a friday miami beach police officers w wt eye out fo local school skippers and partying law breakers. but so far police are reporting pepee on the beach. >> with that s sd, the big nights for spring break are still ahead. >> and miami beach police also have what they call goodwill ambassadors out. they are wearing green shirts and meeting with visitors reminding them of the rules this weekend. repoing live from south bees beach, jessica holly, 7 news. >> belkeys: well, while police work to keep the piece peace, others are ready forest cues on the beach.
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we'll have that ahead at 50:00. iecialtion a live look croos biayne bay on another hot day today. some possible changes are in storen we're hearing about the possibility of wet weather. and meteorologiststrent cameron is in the weather center now. brent. >> we're already noticing patches dry conditions in spots where we've been lack some rain but some spring like showers are in t forecast sthargt weekend, not necessarily what you want to hear sphru weekend plans so moment. notice the clouds coming out of gulf of mexico. showers and thunderstorms to our north and west and we're just noghts some patchy clouds moving to florida at this point in time. we also noticed temperatures on the rievmentz those readings well into the 80 eats today on the heels of in s air coming out of south and southwest and that will keep things on the warm side this entire weekend. temperatures are at least going to feel quite warm with a little bit of humidity.
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ta be paying attention to. the areas of rain out of gulf of mexico. some thunderstorms as well. closing in on the panhandle. and these will tend t approach head ave front that comes in later this weekend. now head of that frontal bound drirks the rain chances on the stronger side at 50% tomorrow. so not every one will be gettinged with but a pretty good chance we sunday. along with? thunderstorms with that front nearby and then after that, if you plan on staying around here for spring break, then rain chances are going to be dramatically lower. we'll talk about this and more coming up in weather. >> several big arrests in belgium and police say the take downs are connected to the deadly terror attacks in paris oomplet authority dz have been searching high and low since november's deadly cram ram page. >> craig: there were explosions. shots fired during this raid in brus elsz. danielle nosmszz knox in the satellite center with the
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>> danielle: and craig, a slawm has been captured in brilsz and the three people accused of sheltering the fugitive have been detained as well. salah ab da slam, the terrorist who haha been on the run sints november 13th paris attack that killed 130 people has been captured alive in brielsz they are taking out the two guys who is wounded and one of them who has been hit in the knee is sa ab sa da slam. >> and his fingerprints were found this week when belelum authorities raid an apartment and one person was killed. an all gear jeerian who authorities say helped plan and or chest straight paris attacks. ab da slam is believed to be the driver who dropped him off at the attack sites and wore a suicide belt that was found on the streets after the taks that never exploact plowed. ab da slam was questioned and
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authorities knew he was involved and surveillance video shows him and another nan at gais station near the belgium boarder the d d after those taks. but since then he has been in ding until tuesday's raid. even though sources say he wasn't the initial target. what we've seen nows this lucky break in the investigation when@they went into this safe house on tuesday afternoon, not expecting to on a terrorist dean den and not expecting it to have da slam, one of the most wanted men in the world. but he was there and france's president has already called for his extraditio we're live in the satellite center. i'm danielle knox. 7 news. >> craig: and nowowresident obama heads to havana this weekend and cuba is getting ready. >> i believe that a change is possible and mostly for cubans. >> tonight a look at the presidential plan. >> he is scheduled to arrive at
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tonight a look at what he'll see on his tripnd some of what he won't see. with the anticipation growing, t's take you live to what van namplet 7's robbin simmons joins us this afternoon. robbin. reporter: hey guys, the president will only be here for three days and two nights. so he can't possibly see everything there is to see in havana but there are geoff knit things that won't on his itinerar. when president barack obama visit what snran next week he will likely y ke a drive long havana's iconic martha cofnlt a lot of spriewtion up all over the city before liz visit and even acknowledged interviews that all the countries he visit do their best to throok look their bessments here are just a few site the president is likely to see on his strip and some he probably won't 508 months ago this ca thee dwralz completely obscured by scaffolding. but look at it now.
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the president's visit on sunday and all around this part of o o havana it is clean t is bought biewmplet and hiri see a building with trees literally growing out of sides t. scaffolding ruftd out. walls crumbling. streets completely fal nampleght is what we see and lots of parts around old havana. places in need of desperate atntion and repair. there intliefnt changes since the u.s. embassyeopened in havana last summer and president obamsays thon trip he will be meeting with disa dints. but whrea won't see is the first hand confident how they are treated at the harchtdz castro government.. le not see the more than 8000 people who have been reportedly arrested or de tains wit government since 2015. another thing the president is likely to see while driving the street of havana is people hut huddled around their smart phone. that's something we shaimplet we love our smart phones n. u.s. we
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time. it's in our hands. but here in cub have you to come to a public wi-fi hotspot to get that pressure internet access. most people don't have the luxury of having it at home. our country is working on it to make it better for us to use the service and make it faster. maybe even use it from home. >> and of course president obama has his critics but w wle reason for change whraitionz cuba is to open up p e lines of comiewn caismghts more internet action sessments direct mail and direct lights flights to cuba and with all of that, he is hoping me investment from both the u.s. and around the world here in cuba. reporting live in havana crew ba, robbin simmons. 7 news. >> belkeys: all right robbin. cuba is becoming a tourist holt spots and not just for americans. more on how mernz they are wem welcoming tht world.
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>> craig: and the story will be live for the history in havana. we'll have live come cove rej on sunday on the air and on line at >> belkeys: on now to the race for the white house. mitt romney showing support tore texas senator ted cruz the utah native pofnght his facebook that he will vote for cruz in next tuesday's utah caucus. nownsment weeks after room any held a news conference wheree basically drashed the front runner donald trump. trump quickh to respond tweeting quote. mitt romney, the man who joked and let us all down is now endorsing lying ted crumpletsz this is good for me. >> craig: much more coming up thth friday evening. a performer is bad ily burned during a high schooll pep rally. now the stunt man speak out saying there is only one person to blame. >> belkeys: a woman take bin surprise after someone offers to
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but she says a man was only trying to help himself. the story on just one station. >> craig: an apartment building shaken by a wrerks residents forced to clear out again. >> belkeys: and a fire ball lighting up the sky when a barn exploampletdz details on what wawz caused this major scare. >> >> craig: and airline passengers talking about the scaifer their lives after a sky high strike. stay tuned. >> brian encontinue.
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>> craig: a strike in the sky creating aprilanic in the air on a flight to new york city. passengers are t tking about that flight fright. >> belkeys: their plane diswapped lightning.. lynn has more in the plex with this. lynn iemplet how scary that much of been. they flew from the big eam. whensked how was your flierkts the passengers have very interesting answers. pretty terrifying. it was a flashing lht and big explosions. the plane dipped about a hundred feet. i don't know. f- i just felt like i was on a roarl coast templet that flash of light came from a lightning strike. the bolt hittiti the jet on the right side. none of the 55 passengers on boar was jirtd but they were
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some were fearg the worse. i didn't know it would have this kind of impact. it was the first time for me. >> lynn: the flight from raleigh durham to new york was supposed to end at la gar yeah airport but pilot decided to make an emergenen landing at jfl crks because the runways were long ir. >> i never experienced this before. and i soiled my pants a little bit. once they did land passengers whipped out their cell phones take video of fire trucks racing to the aircraft and posting it to social media. others were just grateful to have their feet back on solid ground. my last meal will be the bag of peanuts and the cuch water i got on the flight. it was pretty intense but i'm glad we made it safe. >> lynn: intense i bevment again, none of the passengers was injured. in the news, in the satellite center. lynn martinez. 7 news. >> craig: all right lynn and dadely plane plunge in tampa. a cessna crashed near a prite airport outside the city.
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hit the crowfnld officials confirmed there were two people on word. both civmemez the faa is now investigating what caused the trash. >> lynn: >> belkeys: next up here from the newsplex. the law protects people with disabilities and some businesses are paying the price but is the law being a giewmpletdz and disability ti deception. >> craig: and a store manager watching a suspected shoplift ner afntle he is stunned by the woman whot turns out to be.
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>> now 7 weather with meteorologist brent cameron. >> and the main story today involves the warm air. not so much in the keys where it was come comfortable and hive 82. 85 in fort lauderdale but a sizzling 89 degrees in miami. that was this afternoon and we'll stient warm side of things going into the weekend as well. as we watch for the potential of some on and off rain showers. right now the radar mostly dry across the immediate region. at least across the keys and mainland so south florida with a steady ber ram ter this hour and winds out of southwest on the light side. winds continue to come our
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watch the warmth tend to linger across south florida at least going g to saturday and sunday brat rival of our front. what we have is low pressure coming out of texas. and then a trailing front moisture on the increase awngd already see the clouds streaming in to our state from the gf of mexico. also some active t- tiff ti across this northern batch of clouds including a few snow showers in the northeast. here's what we look for this evening. looking frit good. we'll still watch for the potential of maybe an isolated shower. most of those riefg well after midnight tonight. and then it is going to be another steamy day tomorrow with temperatures in the 80s and extra humidity. that will be before our frond front. that front pro diswroactd around us very late in the weekend. 8:00 on sunday. probably moving on through and with that boundry in place provides a real punch and that could trigger extra showers a stormy weather it looks like the wert of the two weekend dayss
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but ceem keep the umbrella handy both weekend days. if you're heading to the beach winds on the light side tonight. a light chop on biscayne bay for boaters and for boat ners the keys. nds out of south southeast and a moderate chop fiewmplet we will call for the chance of a few isolated showers night temperatures well above average for this time. year as we approachtrange deeper into the weekend and temperatures will be in the 60s and lower 70s. and then tomorrow a day much like we had today as we stay on the warm side of things. spring arrives on sunday with the active weather. and then things settle down along with temperatures behind our front the humidity will come down but we'll look for a breezy week head going into next week. that's your 7 on 7 forecast. >> belkeys: well, as we head into the commercial break, we nt tyke a live picture of the ultramusic festival. well, we're on biscayne boulevard righgh now but you'll
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well, looks like we're losina it a little bit. regardless, we want to let you know that there will be street closures and traffic this weekend because of ultra. we'll have that story coming up. eye. >> craig: and we'll be right back. >> for news 4/7, just go to
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>> >> belkeysyswell, that's a wrap for us here on 7 news at 5:00. caio caio i'm belkeys nerey. >> craig: i'm craig stevens. keep it here the news continues at 5:30. lynn martinez and danielle knox are up next.
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>> >> this is 7 news at 5:30 supply and now at 5:30, a crash and dash at a south florida apartment@building in the middle of the night making for one rudee wake ening. good evening everybody. a driver getting iewft a wrecked vehicle and then making a run for it. >> lynn: that's right and property managers a a get tired of making the same repairs they say. >>. 7's elitsa bizios live on the scene in northwest miami-dade with the top story. a let's a. >> reporter: you said it and also these people living here tired of waking up to crash ses like this. take a look at the building here
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but today one person who was outside during this csh says he is thanking god sthea alive. and i jumped up and bam. >> reporter: it wasn't the wake up call any one living in% this apartment complex in northwest miami-dade expected friday eye didn't think a car would cause thal much damage. >> reporter: miami-dade police say this woman key vanna role was speeding down northwest 71 street just after 3:00 inhe morning when she lost control of her car and crashed right into this building. >> and then the car went air bound. >> and it was coming towards here to my area. >> reporter: that is marin stevens e. lives here and was spoke a cigarette o oside when the car barreled his way. stevens tells 7 news he narrowly escaped being killed and feels lucky these are his only injuries. >> miami-dade fire rescue on the scene here for several hours
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secure and stabalize the build. we wouldn't believe it when we got the call because we could not believe it. property owners and ernest hill shaken up and upset. eye see a car about 5 feet from where the first car hit. and my heart just sank. >> ernest hill is talking@about this. you're looking at video from the first crash that happened at his same apartment complex back in move. damages the hills are still trying to get fix oovmentd the news of friday's crash. and it breaks my heart. this is my life saving. the driver behind the wheel is now behind bars. cops say she ran from the scene and was later arrested. she is now charged with leaving the scene of an accident with injuries and property damage. >> and back out here live, the damage you're looking at is actually the damage caused back in november. so ts coupled with what happened today, the property owners keep adding things to the list they have to fix but next
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here and for the property owners is to way. they have to wait for the city to send an engineer out here to deem this structure safe. at this point there are three families who cannot go back home because of this latest crash. for now we're live in northwest miami-dade. elitsa bizios. 7 news. >> danielle: all rig a let's a. a southwest miami-dade man vanishing without a trace and police are asking for your help low dhaightan, alfonzo ma ken knee who went missing near 107th avenue. he is 6 feet tall way skinny build. lairnlg scarl on his forehead and missing one toofnlgt he was last seen wearing red shirt and blew blu jeefnltz officials say ma ken nick suffers from severe memory lost and may becom confused. >> >> lynn: lons 7, spring break in full swing. rescue workers wan to make sure water enthusiasts have aafe time off land.


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