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tv   Channel 7 News at 530PM  FOX  March 21, 2016 5:30pm-6:00pm EDT

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and it shows them actively pursuing this individual. >> in front of his home, bali into made the clear he a gun. he even asked someone nrby to call 911. he was near clier not the aggressor based on the statement that were taken and joitd that the detectives were able to review. i hear pop, pop, pop, and i see the lady in the garage performing cpra. alvarez shot and all ef forwards to save him too late. but a another still mother still in pain but th all signs show this was a case of self ce dpens. and deputies say they do believe jack bellino had a concealed weapons per next are not filing any charges in thls case. they say they are respherg everything to the state attorney's office for a final decision. to reporting in fort lauderdale. nicole linsalata. 7 news.
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a teen accused of killing a 6-year-old making a plea in court. and i plead not guilty to many charges including second degree murder. his trial will start in jufnlt police say and he two others were shooting at another person when a stray bullet struck and killed that young boy right there, king cter ouch. the first grader was shot in the chest while playing outside in northwest miami-dade. >> lynn: a south florida teach ear acsed of crossing the line way student facing a judge. jason miers charged with two nald counts of sexual activity p way minin police. say he inappropriate rewhraitionz a female sphiew student multiple times. myers has been fired from his position at malpalmetto senior high school in pinecrest. >> # 22 cuban migrants sprug smuggled into s. and the group processed by u.s. customs and
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board protection. >> lynn: first full day of president obama's first historic stroits cuba. and it began way somber alert with a wreath layingster month any at hor jose marty ma more why. and a hand shake in havana between prprident obama and cuban leader raul castro. the two w0r8d leaders attending what could be a game change toarm. a major league baseball game cuban citizen ba ro na plays on the threefnlt take on the cuban national teernlings with the tampa bay rays. he is getting a chance to reunite with his family in havana. this wasn't smg i didn't even believe in tig i hugged my neessments for three years i didn't see them you so it's thrilling but also very painfulul >> lynn: and it is the first
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welcomed an mlb im teem. alex diprato with the story from the island nation. >> reporter: major league base bhalz shipped in 60 tons of blai claim. it is being added to the pitcher's mound. and the latino american stadium it s- being watered. owdout side a fresh coat is being added to the walls faded by the havana sun and they will take on the raise take on the cuban national team is being reired. >> we were chosen through a picking lot require and quiti frankly i think we were the best suited for it and going forward because as a said the distance from here to cuba. >> major league baseball has sent he is cieielt visitors to what van into and they wille in the staij stadium on tuesday watching the game.
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the game the government has handed out tickets with the names those cubans invited to watch. >> it is not so easy to get a ticket. >> why not? well, some people say it's not for everybody. have you to kno somebody? well, you got to know somebody to y/u know. >> reporter: to get a ticket? >> to get a ticket. nonetheless the cubans and amicans playing together has drawn excitement. >> the common gond 22 countries is baseball. i'm look forward to seeing the fans here and how they react. >> and he says very happy, very proud that i game is going to be played with a team out side cuba. even though the mernses and cubans will be cheering on different teams, this game may show that the people of both countries now have more similarities than differences. in havana cuba. i'm alex diprato. 7 news.
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live to cuba at 6:00. craig stevens and robbin simmons will have team coverage of what snran of the president's visit. >> taking you cross country tonight. # kids steak age frightening fall in mare larchltd the 11-year-old boys were playing outside when the ground collapsed in baltimore. the pair plunge down a 30-foot hole. one managed to climb out and call for help. the child was rescued by lower age rope system down into the hole with the rescuer. place a harness asht child a a then lifting the child and rescuer both up out of me. like a said the total extra indication time was about 40 to 45 minutes. both boys taken to the hospital. a trunk stop busts nothing flames in indiana. the fire briect at a nearby restaurant before spread together building in indianapolis. no one was hurt. blaze e using at least # million dollars in damage.
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coffee shop in mare lafnlt an suv, plowing trite rite through a starbucks in ltimore. four people hurt but expected to be cool. the cause of the crash is under investigation. coming up to night on 7 news, a woman is nakd the keys. those trying to help her come nrg fire. we'll hear from one of the victims. a director of a tournament making comments about female players. rena williams has something to say about what he sez said. a tech giant releez age new gaget that apple lovers will want to get their hands on 50. and while it's cool around here. it's cold enough for snow and filing up er8 yer today in the northeast where there are some air travel delays even this hour. your forecast is coming up. >> for the lates news weather and sports. tap the 7 news app. it's free. just search wsvn in your app store sponsored by paul beige roofing.
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>> >> a tennis tour na mercht drirk tore in hot water after make controversial comments about fee mall player ufnlgt call tai a grand slam against the woman's ten mission association. >> lynn: and it is causing big fire storm. let's go to donovan campbell in the newsplex with more. donovan. >> and the unfortunate remarks made by ceo over the weekend has every one screaming fault. noamplet few weeks, the best tennis players are in the world will be on display in key biscayne. with you before they actually play tennis matches, it's the redloiks cment made by indian wells ceo ramon moore where the final tennis open rocking the tennis community.
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men and don't make any decision threandz lucky, very,ery lucky. moore's critical comments didn't stop tre. if i was a lady player, woi go down every night on my knees and thank god that the roger federer and rafael nadal are here because they carried the sports. and serena williams who felel tee saturday rar da took remarks to the remarks. i don't think that's a very accurate state. i think there are a lot of women out there who are really exciting to watch in london and i think those remarks are very much mistaken and very, very in accurate. >> official shalsz at the miami open on monday weighed in on the ceo e es dispair aj remarks. ra fa and ra ga have been great to the game and so have so many
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yeers and their i`dependence and tough athleticism has put them on a playing field whehe they play side by side with the men. >> well after catching major flakka cross the globe, the 69-year-old former pro from south after af ra ca later apologized calling his comments erroneous. >> donovan campbell 7 news. >> thank you donovan. >> lynn: and drone iers coming up with a new way too iewtz tech toy and it has their hearts raising. >> and a comedian showing a different side of herself all the a bar that has employees nark. and rescue workers trying to save ducklings day after they go down a drain. >> oh.
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>> >> high flying entra paw ah nee knewers take the track for the next nascar of drone racing. it's like an outer body experience. steve knew mass race his drone to victory while watching a live feed through a pair of golings. you get a full body rurchlt your hands trem bevment have you to learn how to control your nempletz ts it's part of racing like i've never done before in my light. won this race bit drl for shoa short. organized drone racing in almost every wowb crown tri i've look avmentd we're fo cowngs taking that hobby, that exciting sport and turning it into something professional. something people can watch the home or stadiums. and competitive video game org e sports generated nearly $750 million in revenue last
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nan list say drone racing needs to track major invest ment and advertise towards tors tap into this. >> certainly it has a potential and few things that people are drying right now. people are buying droabz and love them. and laos like nascar epic races and withoutrisk of injury to the pilot. they definitely take more chances because you know if you crash i change a couple props giewnd t work the next day. pretty need. zumus is a home racer we day and another re scheduled in dubai soon. >> who knew. >> and drain daig for feaj feathered friends. the animals falling into the drain near northwest 64th avenue and wind field boulevard. maybe they should make the drains skinnier and more narrow so this doesn't hall. i don't next firefighters using a net to remove the young birlz
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chicks out of storm drain and put them nay cage. they start chirping and threaten other ducks come out to be with the other duck lings. >> look at ma ma and her baby. she is probably yelling at them. i nowltd to go near the great. they were brought wack to their mom who put them in a timeout. >> happy ending. >> now 7 weather with meteorologist brent cam ro. >> and we were well on our way to an early spring. nose of move march. temperatures running well above average. not today. partly do to the clouds but more do tohe fact that we had a strong cold front croots cross late last night into the morning and lingering k4r0u6789dz maybe probably impact sunset to some extend although somef these clouds are now starting to get back lit just a bit as the sun tries to break through. those clouds are not rain producers unlike what we saw over the weekend. when we did have rain showers even a few thunderstorms to follow.
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now that much drier air is in place. evidence here relative humidity just 37%. windndhave been gusty. occur the lane 20 out of north andorthwest and that makes it feel even colder than these temperatures. these ront low side for this timen year and current readings are in the low to mid 60s on our way tonight to some 50 degree temperatures wide spread. now werks go into north florida. that's where frost concerns well over night over the northcentral parts of the state and then up around atlanta. portions of the carolinas also under the gun for frost pro potential in the early morning hours tomorrow. here's the set up. high cloudiness out of the southern gulf streaming in our directions. we have low pressure. still spin just offshore of new england. that's what brought snow yerl today and then on the western states. yaifers rain and snow from the weather system that came pact us very late in the week here in
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in between all this is high pressure and that qs what will remain in control of our weather with a gradual warm up. boating forecast as small craft advisory dot wind and seas. winds out of north northeast and seas up to 9 feet for tonight. next high tide just after 7:30 in miami-dade and broward and a little bit later in the keys just after nine ofnlgt. water temperatures in the mid 70 ts. warmer than what we'reoing to find on the air temperature for tonight. thermometers getting down into the lower 50s western suburbs. miami-dade and bra bro quard. wide spread 50s as we wake up on tuesday this morning. a little driet brighter day tomorrow with nice sunshine. temperatures start to bounce back closer to average tomorrow and then temperares continue to rise deep near the week heading into easter weekend. that's your 7 on 7 forecast.
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>> alsls on 7, a group of bartenders smiling face from ear to ear ave could neddian left a pretty big tip. an autograph they wrbt expect oog. and a move that earned them some good fans. who doesn't like a good tip. yeahguys, aim shoe mer was checking out broad way blockbuster hit ham mill done and they got the ultimate surprise after she signed her receipt a. comedian aim shoe mer was tak nent blockbuster hymn hit hamilton saturday night she and her friends got the hottest tickets in town if you're lucky to get a round of tickets and drinks. and at intermission schumer order a second rowfnltd $77. that's when the bar captain was hit with the real show stopper. they paid with credit card and slipped me the credit card slip and said aim wants to make sure
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and a look at it and i'm completely completely shocked. and a noticed her become completely still. i said what is going on? and she is shocked looking at this piece of paper eemplet bar manager mark anthony has the receipt to approve it. a 1000-dollar tivment i was speechless and i said are you sure? he is walk waig he said of o urse. of course. five other bartenders were work ago among the seven collecting $160 eac >> i started to choke up a little bit. something i never witnessed that kind of generosity and kindness. the bartender says amy shoe mer has been to hamilton before and since some are inspiring actors and comedians they think there could be a king ship here. shee used to do bar tend back in the day. every one nose she is hysterical and smart but she is also
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fut fut towards rent but m mbe go out for a few drinchtz you know, some really good chocolate. random people are comment ongt pipiure saying i live off tips. this is unbelievable. that is unbelievable. it's kind and generous is what it is. aim si no stranger to broadway. despite her success in hollywood. she still lives on east coast and tapes her comedy central show in new york city. live in the news plex. i'm belkeys nerey. 7 news. >> all right belkeys. she's funny, nice and generovs. >> >> lynn: yes, very generous. that's night and our make over mistro shepg home owners fix a room to live up to his name. it's in tonights room for improvement. >> and a hand shake seen around the world as our o- our president visits havana cuba. our liveoverage continues at 6:00. >> amy shoe mer.
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>> >> lynn: well, you note living room is where the whole gamily use up hanging out eye that is right. i usually fall asleep it there. our make over mistro has ways to make it comfortable for every one in tonights room for improvement. >> it seementz only one that has a cody corner in this rye living room is jake but the home owners immediate a place where every one can enjoy the space. that's the challenge on to nights room for improvement. the first thing i want to teablg are the window treatments. much better back drop now the next problem, we need seating. >> every one loves sek nalz but traditional ones do limit the lay out of rooms.( what we love about this one is completely mod you lar so we can
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okay jake. no time to lay around here. okay. ank you. here's a design tip. i'm rung a an extension cord under the area rug soy c c are have power source for my lamp on sthoo side of the room. i love low profile teech con sulz so now we can decorate the top. and jt approved. from the looks of it, it seems jake is enjoying his living room and a i'm shower the home owners will love it too. check out more tips and i'll see you next time on another room for improvement. good job jaifnlgt he work sod hard little jake. log on to our web site and click on on line extra f-. if you like martin to show you how to design an area for your pets. this is 7 news 59 6:30. i'm jeff lennox i'm lynn martinez. 7 news at 6:00 begi right now. >> now on 7 news.
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>> president obama and raul castro are make his fli havana. coming together despite differences between the two nations. a crackdown on dissidents creating shock waves on both sides of florida straights. i'm craig stevens in havana. we have live coverage of the historic events today of the president in cuba. >> what was s sposed to be a night of fun in key west taking a frightening turn. and that's when my foorm went nuvment an ultrabig party over. what happened during the festival heartbrfaking. >> a cooler day and what will be an even chillier night in south florida. and a disney classic. 2016 sty. we're sitting down with the stars of the new jungle book. >> and at this hour we continue to follow a developing story.
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13-year-old girl missing from miami. >> this is 7 news at 6:00. >> tonight at 6:00, a site many thought they would never see. i hope that my fis visitere indicates that we agree to set a new chapter i cuban american relations. the leader of thehe free world and raul castro meeting face to face na n- havana. we recognize president obama and his administration against the blockade. >> and his repeated peels to congress to have it removed the embargo is going to end. live coverage of the president in cuba. >> good evening and welcome every one. i'm belkeys nerey. live in miami. >> i'm craig stevens liver in havana cuba where it's been an extraordinary day and busy one for president o bhavment he just
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a half hour ago and headed back prepare for this evening's state dinner and they are preparing a for him a few minutes ago. he is running a bit behind schedule this af evening. this afternoon was nothing short of a bhaigz you consider the history between 29 countries where they were and where they seem to be right now. president caldz it a new er anchts he is here to improve the lives of every day cuban pevment cra raul castro says they are take the step to improve the relationship and mending fences after so many years of bitterness haveot happened over night. and it's a photo op many thought they would never see and a site certain to anger many of the exile community. an american president shake hands with the castro brother on cuban soil the p pls the revolution the site of welcome ceremony of president obama.
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>> and the u.s. national anthem. >> trump pelled through the ceremonial hall. the flaflghtz two former foes are together as the two leaders stood stood side by side. the pair joined with respected dellll giergses a new photo open. then, a new day. a knew ava dia between our two countries. president obama and castro made statements broadcast on cuban television. castro said the u.s. trade embargo that only castro can lift needs to end. the blockade stands as mottes important obstacle to our economic development and the well bfght cuban peoeoe. that's why it's removal will be of the essence to normalize the lat ter ral relations. it will also be necessary to return the ter tore ni ri illegally occupied with by


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