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tv   Channel 7 News at 11PM  FOX  March 23, 2016 5:00am-5:30am EDT

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in brussels. >> ashley: this morning, two of the suicide bombers identified as bbers with no previous ties to tear rim. >> diana: and massive man hunt sundays way for the other that's believed to be alive. omar lewis is live with more. >> omar: foodgood morning. the people in brussels woke up under guard and limited transportation the day after more than 30 people were killed and more than 200 injured inn a series of bombings at the airport and subway station. dfl >> 7:59, i hear the first bomb, which was a big blast and hear and see the second blast. and then time for running.
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travelers in the brussels airport, some just arriving and checking in for their flights as bombs exploded around them. others huddled close hiding behind their luggage, a s soller left abandoned. >> you hear screaming and in a war zone. >> omar: but itasn't over. just over an hour later, a blast in t subway close to the european union cocolex. survivors forced to walk through the dark ove the tracks trying to escape. outside, medics raced to save the injured. >> can't explain.% it looks like war. it's unbelievable, really hardrd >> reporter: at the airport, four americans among the injured, all missionaries with the mormon church and these are the men investigators believe are responsible. the two on the left thought to be suicide bombers and the one on the right in the light colored jacket still at large. the explosionives likely in that
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>> two of them some how detonated the explosives inside the suitcases on the trolly. >> reporter: president obama along with u.s. am bar dos were iefed as he wrapped up his trip to cuba. he discussed itted watching the tampa bay rays play the cuban national team >> the notion of killing innocent people is something beyond the pale. >> omar: after the chaos calmed down, they found and neutralized another bomb. that's the latest, omar lewis, today in florida. and suspected terrorists are thought to have made it out of the airport. sheldon fox is live with the latest on the massive man hunt. >> reporter: it's an hour's long mission in the belgium
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for the latest jihad mash murder. police said they found aail bomb and flag after being tipped off by a cabdriver who said he drove the suspects from an apartment. >> if you tilt up, you can see the apartment that the forensics workers are in right now. >> reporter: the men got out at the airport, they wanted their bags left alone. >> when they got to the airport, they told him they did not want him to touch their luggage. >> reporter: here they are, say police. the two on the plaque. each with a plaque glove on their hand are thought to be hiding detonators. airport. then the guy on the right in the lighter jacket. he's thought to be alive and now men. >> there's a guy or sniper with a rifle. >> reporter: intelligence
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since thettack in belgium of the accused attack conspirator, salah abdeslam. >> he is one of the most fighters we are looking for. >> omar: >> omar: officials have been after abdeslam. the blasts in belgium were set off one day after the release of his sketch. the sketch hasn't been released to brussels or what's happening tuesday night. a brussels suburb is where the hunt presses on. and police were still in the
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apartment taking out bags of evidence with forensics teams on site. >> diana: and we will tell you what's coming up. >> ashley: and stay with us for updates on air and online at president obama wrapping up his trip to cuba and taking off for south america. he gave great speech. >> ashley: also on the agenda, mlb baseball. alex diprato has a recap. >> reporter: president obama took the stage in havana. here he would highlight the united states and cuba's painful past. what the president believes is a hopeful future.
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here to bury the lt remnant of the cold war in america. >> president obama: the president had an audience of more than 1,000 and his remarks clearly aimed tat cuban people across the island. the speech was carried live on government-run television. he spoke of the 90 miles between the neighboring countries and perilous journeys undertaken at a chance for freedom. >> president obama: that has been crossed with exiles on plains and makeshift rafts. >> reporter: and he speak of the cold war era. >> president obama: the cuban revolution took place the same year my father came from kenya. the bay of pigs took place the year i was born. >> reporter: he spoke of democracy and human rights and perhrhs the strongest term since
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>> president obama: i believe citizens should be free to speak their mine without fear, to organize and criticize their government and to protest peacefully and that the rule of law should include arbitration of those rights. >> reporter: and directed raul castro on a not so fair nudge on >> president obama: and i am also confident that you need not fear the different voices of the cuban people and speak and assemble and vote for their leaders. in the united states we have a cuban ha they can build and it's called miami. >> reporter: the president did meet directly with the
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of the cubanivil society. his comments to the media were brief. >> all of the individuals around this table have shown extraordinary courage. there are people here who have been detained, some in the past and some recently. >> reporter: the president engaged in a littleaseball diplomacy. the first family arrived to greatanfare inside the stadium where the tampa bay rays played the cuban facingal team buchl the president did not stick around to see whoho won. he left the game early andent back to jose marti airport. unlike his arrival, raul castro was there. but that first official public handshake that stands out as a lasting image on a visit that inspired some and infuriated others. i'm alex dipro, today in florida. >> ashley: and president obama
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dissidents before leaving the island. >> diana: though they say they had a productive meeting they hope they don't give too much to cuba immediately. they have not received too much con kegses to justify the economic benefits to hit the island and an increased economic por could make violence and arrests worse. >> what's going to happen in the next weeks and months buzz they feel now more comfortable and intimacy an pressing really hard. >> r >> diana: the ladies in white whose loved ones protesting the arrival before sunday, and as you see there, several of them were arrested. and stay with todayn florida for continuing coverage of the historic change following the president's visit. we will have a live report from havana cominggp at 6 o'clock. and next from the newsplex, a killer confrontation between
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weapon. officers say they were forced to fi. a live report coming up in the next half hour. first, south florida officers armed with new equipment. we will show youhe bso body cameras next. and what a difference a d d makes. we are waking p up instead of the 50s in the 70s. 71 in miami and seeing partly cloudy skies.
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up next. trending this morning,
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will stop manufacturing the wiiu. ey're ending it because of the slow sales and are not expected to improve here and officials say they have the name of the next and will let everyone know later this year. good morning, south florida. we are waking up to the 70s, # 1 in miami to 6 degrees in key west. ur morning commute looks dry mostly dry and won't be until later today going into tonight when we increase the possibilili of seeing an isolated shower. wind speeds are off the ocean so that's going to warm things up later in the day. running from 9 to 14 miles an
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coastto coast we have snow developing out west. the northeast now getting some rounds of sfoe as well. the deepp south on the quiet side and stormy weather will ben the way especially for the gulf coast states today. 38 degrees in chicago and 47 in boston. here's what we could look forward to at home. warming up with high temperatures at about degrees. this will be basically the last dry day. we're going to go towards the wet and stormy side of things especially tomorrow afternoon with the winds more out of the sout we're going to be tapping into that caribbean-type air across the area and also with the front approaching the gulf coast states that's going to trap in more moisture over us. we're going to leave in a decent chance of rain in the forecast going into friday with about 50 to 60 percent chance lingering, hopefully not for the weekend.
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currents for swimmers in place. seas building two to fivee feet, moderate chop and seas remange choppy and outside the reef 4 to # feet. 8:31 is next high tide in dade and broward and 9:50 in the keys. otherwise today a mix of sun and clouds, high temperatures about 80 degrees along the coast. tonight's temperatures warm with a better chance of rain starting tomorrow. it will stick around through saturday and it will be nice an toasty for easter sunday. that's your 7 on 7. and straight ahead on today qn florida. deputies in south florida adding something new to their uniform. we will give you a closer look at the high-tech tools. and the u.s. on alert following the attacks in brussels.
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security. deputies in one south florida county getting ready to record on duty. >> diana: brandon beyer e plains the high-h-ch tool that will be part of their uniforms. >> you need to record that on video. >> reporter: yououe looking at body camera video of broward sheriff during an a resent stop in fort lauderdale t. woman is
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her over because he's racist. the body camera captures a much diffffent interaction. >> in what a normal action he said she said on this deputy's file that he was unprofessional and racist, now we know that was not the case. he remained very professional throughout the stop. >> reporter: the broward sheriff's office said this is why they're implementing body cameras cameras. it will be the responsibility of the deputy to turn the camera on. he trusts the judgment of the deputies to know when to u u them.
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will be counseled and spoken to. >> reporter:r: the camera kits cost about a thousand dollars. right now there's 50 on the street t. hope is to have about a hundred in the coming months. and on alert across the globefter the attacks in belgium. we are taking a look at the step ups. and what the presidential
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counts. spa are that is today in florida at 5. i'm ashley jones. >> and i'm diana diaz.
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more news. airport. s across the globe with increased increased security and what miami international airport and fort lauderdale-hollywood international airport@bre doing to keep safe. a man swinging a deadly weapon. and police searching the streets for a man attacked a woman. they're handing out fliers hoping to identify him. and hillary clinton and donald trump picking p up big wins last night. good morning. i'm christine cruz. >> and i'm diana diaz. we begin this half hour with a quick check of the weather from the birthday girl. hi, viv. >> vivian: thank you, ladies, south florida.
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up in the 70s so you're not going to be nemding those sweaters. it's a dry start and we'e' going to introduce a chance of showers going into later tonight and the moisture is set to return as early as tomorrow. right now 71 degrees in miami, 71 in fort lauderdale, 68 in west kendall and 67 degrees. good morning to you in key west. the day planner is going with slim rain chances going into tonight andnd we increase that chanceetween 20 and 30 percent chance. afternoon high wills be nearing are 80 degrees. the morning commute looks excellent, waking up to partly cloudy skies an mostly dry weather. i'll be back with the complete forecast in about 15 minutes. >> traffic reporter: good morning. checking out the drive this wednesday, no problem, just about 7 to 8 minutes from the palmetto expressway.
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well, head lights are moving south, 14 minutes from the miami lakes drive. we do have a crash 95 northbound entrance from miami gardens that has the left lane blocked. the main line is unexpected and no problems on 595, there is ab injury crash and turnpike northbound before hollywood boulevarar two left lanes are blocked. on the flip side, we have emergency crews and they're blocking the left lanes. delays in both directions. i recommend this morning through the hollywood area and better drive all the way into the boca raton area as you're heading north. more traffic coming up in 15 minutes. 5:32 is the time an it's time to check on the day's top stories. ashley jones is live with the top stories. >> ashley: two bombs going off, a third at sub wi station, at least 30 killed and 200 injured.


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