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tv   News Channel 3 News at 530  CBS  February 26, 2016 5:30pm-6:00pm EST

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no charges against the newport news police officer involved in a deadly shooting over the summer. good evening - i )m beverly kidd. and i m les smith. today the commonwealth )s attorney said the officer s actions were justified. it was not the news the family of kawanza beaty s --p&hoped for. newschannel 3 s kelly rule has the update.
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kawanza beaty s family -- waited 7 months to hear. 26;51 black lives don t matter 28;13 its still not justified to shoot him in the back of the head newport news commonwealth s attorney howard gwynn says the narcotics detective who shot beaty -- identified as detective gibson -- was justified in using deadly force. 12;37;39 the facts that we put out in this report aren t contradictory gwynn s office released the findings of their own independent investigation today. for the first time -- the report talks about a confidential witness who was in touch with detective gibson -- about a man armed with a sawed off shotgun in the stuart gardens area. according to the report -- when detective gibson went to the area -- he found the man who matched that description -- kawanza beaty. the report says beaty was also with another man -- emmanual dargan. the report says detective gibson -- along with the two officers he called for back-up -- master police officer keller and sergeant sinclair -- all saw beaty walking with a stiff arm -- and believed he was carrying a weapon -- as the witness told them. when detective gibson gave beaty commands to stop -- he ran. and the report says even emmanuel dargan -- who listened to police and did not run -- heard the officers give beaty multiple commands to drop
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gwynn says -- all three officers also saw beaty point his weapon towards seargeant sinclair -- and feared that he was going to shoot -- when detective gibson stepped in and shot him first. 40;16 once you have a right to use deadly force you have a right to eliminate the threat gwynn says -- when the officer has that right -- it doesn )t matter where on the body they shoot. detective gibson shot beaty in the head -- according to the report. gwynn also says -- they didn t consider gibson s history -- that he was involved in another police shooting. 32;30 its troubling, put it that way john ellenson is representing beaty s family in a pending civil case -- a wrongful death lawsuit against the city of newport news. and in the meantime -- beaty s family says -- they aren )t giving up. 28;59 this is not the end, thats all i gotta say, we are going to fight this to the end the newport news police department tells me they
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investigation two weeks ago and found all three officers acted in policy. they say they will be talking with detective gibson about putting him back on full duty. live in the newsroom, kelly rule, newschannel 3. a chilly start but a mild finish to the weekend....we re expecting quite a chilly start to the weekend. morning temperatures on saturday will be in the upper 20s and lower 30s. by afternoon, highs will only rise into the mid 40s. but on sunday, we )ll see a nice warm up. west- southwest winds will help boost our high temperatures into the lower 60s. the best part of the weekend forecast, though, is that we )re not plenty of sunshine on both saturday and sunday. on monday and tuesday, highs will be in the mid and upper 60s. we )ll likely be near 70 on wednesday, just in time for move in. thursday. then, highs will cool of
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three people dead - more than a dozen others hurt. today federal investigators are in kansas - looking into the deadly workplace shooting. police killed the suspect during the attack - and now details are coming out about a possible motive. manuel bojorquez has the update. police in kansas say shooting suspect cedric ford was served with a protection from abuse order in the factory where he worked 90 minutes before he opened fire. sot: sheriff t. walton/harvey county 11-:19 he didnt display anything that was outrageous. he just displayed, he was a little upset that he was getting this order. graphic ford, who had a criminal record, left work after getting the order, and first opened fire from his car, hitting someone in a vehicle. he then shot another driver and stole their car before heading back to the excel plant.
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inside the building before an officer gunned him down. the unidentified officer is being called a hero. sot: sheriff t. walton/harvey county he had to stop that threat. youve got 200-300 people in there. luckily 200-300 people came out. relatives rushed to the factory after hearing about the shooting. one couple was reunited as cameras were rolling. nats, oh my god police say ford was armed with an assault rifle and an automatic handgun. investigators are trying to figure out how a suspect with a criminal record was able to get those weapons. manuel bojorquez, cbs news, hesston, kansas anchor tag: ford had convictions for multiple burglaries , fleeing from police and disorderly conduct. authorities say the person named in the order did not work at the factory, but released no other details about the order. new details-- portsmouth police say they arrested a man after he put a woman in the hospital. this is 49-year- old ray jones. police say he forced his way into a woman )s home-- stabbed her multiple times-- and then ran off.
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after 11 on bold street. officials say the woman suffered serious injuries and was taken to the hospital for treatment. jones including malicious wounding. shooting and killing three stray dogs. officers charged danny felonious cruelty to animals. the three dogs were found dead from shotgun wounds near pinnacle, north carolina. several people in the community began taking care of the dogs six months ago - when animal control officers were unable to capture them. they have since created a makeshift memorial in their memory. tonight on newschannel three - an amazing story of medical advancement. we meet the infant who had heart surgery - before he was even
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evenflo is recalling 56- thousand child safety seats because kids can loosen the internal harness. if that happens - it means there s a greater risk of the child being hurt in a crash. the recall includes transitions three-in-one combination booster seats from december 2014 through january 2016. so far - no injuries have been reported. hollywood s biggest stars are getting ready to walk the red carpet at sunday s academy awards. but it costs a pretty penny to get them looking gorgeous. according to wallet hub - celebrities will spend about 35 hundred dollars each - for primping alone. the actual red
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and each gold plated oscar costs about 680 dollars. ahead on newschannel three - an infant is alive - thanks to a delicate heart surgery -
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right now - several volunteers are taking action - to help people impacted by the through parts of virginia this week. newschannel three s brian hill - shows us what the volunteers are doing in waverly - today. :00-:05 charles camp / operation blessing the lord spoke to me and asked me to come down here and volunteer some labor. 70 volunteers in waverly today ... helping to rebuild a town left in shambles after wednesdays devastating tornado. )the back and the roof and the sides and theres some shifting in the sides as well. i was at home praying. ) )today, were focusing and concentrating on putting tarps over the roofs that have been damaged. ) officials say a number of homes were destroyed and more than forty left damaged. :36-:43 donald van / volunteer )its pretty horrific you know, it could have been a lot worse. by looking at the trees and stuff, it appears it stayed a little higher in some places but it did do some devastating damage on a lot also. brian hill / wtkr
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devastation that ultimately took three lives here in waverly. as for the cleanup, volunteers say they still have a ways to go." joseph poe / volunteer chaplain :55-:59 )this is going to be an on-going process for a couple of looking for resources, cleaning supplies, non- perishable food items, paper goods. ) for those in the community ... they hope the solidarity will be long lasting. ophelia hatch- jackson / home damaged in tornado 1:04-1:09 )im gonna continue to pray that were not gonna release this ... that were gonna keep this bond with all the help that we re receiving." in waverly, brian hill, newschannel three. a chilly start but a mild finish to the weekend....we re expecting quite a chilly start to the weekend. morning temperatures on saturday will be in the upper 20s and lower 30s. by afternoon, highs will only rise into the mid 40s. but on sunday, we ll see a nice-p&warm up.-p&-p&-p&-p&west- southwest winds will help boost our high temperatures into the lower 60s. the best part of the weekend forecast, though, is that we re not expecting any rain! we )ll see plenty of sunshine on both saturday and sunday. on monday and tuesday, highs will be in the mid and upper 60s. we )ll likely be near 70 on wednesday, just in time for showers and thunderstorms to move in. rain will linger into thursday. then, highs will cool
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today - dominic had a change to take part in a very special moment. take a look. dominic rang a historic bell in williamsburg. it sits at the first baptist church and has been quiet for decades. that is until recently-- when the bell was restored for the church s 240-th anniversary. the church has been visited by key players in the civil rights movement, including doctor martin luther king junior. but-- restoring the bell wasn t easy. the colonial williamsburg foundation says it was rusty, covered in dirt, and layered with bird droppings. but with many helping hands-- the bell is shining and ready to ring again. the church )s pastor now hopes many people will come to ring the
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tonight at 11-- we tell you exactly what to do to boost your chances of winning the biggest prizes from lottery scratch off tickets. new at five-- portsmouth public schools are offering a new kind of summer camp. it )s a three-week long program educating students on cyber-security. officials say students will get to participate in hands on activities that teach them about cyber security. this includes going on field trips to places like the u-s navy cyber forces. 25 rising 10th, 11th, and 12th graders will have a chance to apply. the camp will be held at i-c norcom from july 18-th to august fourth. new at 5 - a baby in california is alive after a rare and very delicate procedure that was performed before he was even born. chris martinez is in los angeles with the story. nats - check up with dr @ how s-p&grayson doing?... just looking at grayson davila - you
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been through... until you see the scars on his chest. 22 weeks into his mother samantha s pregnancy, doctors at children )s hospital los angeles discovered he had hypoplastic left heart syndrome a condition that leaves the left side of the heart underdeveloped. marco davila/grayson )s dad you can imagine, without half your heart it s hard to survive, right? babies in the womb should also have a small hole in the heart to help blood flow, but grayson s was closing up. samantha davila/ grayson )s mom you sort of feel like everything )s stacked against you. so the davilas turned to a rare procedure: a "fetal cardiac intervention". doctors inserted a long - thin needle into samantha )s womb - then into the-p&fetus... putting a small stent into grayson s tiny heart... to allow blood to flow back to the right side of his heart. nats - dr. showing ultrasound of heart - even though this looks big, it )s only about 2 to 3 millimeters wide. the procedure worked, strengthening grayson s lungs so surgeons could perform emergency open heart surgery 10 weeks later when he was born. they converted his one heart chamber - to do the job of two. dr. vaughn starnes/ chief executive of heart institute at children s hospital los angeles normally that chamber the right ventricle, pumps blood to the lungs... now we )re asking it to pump blood to the entire body! samanta davila/grayson )s mom he was born on the 19th of
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on the 27th, so... but it was worth it! it was worth the wait!... grayson s 3 month old heart is now functioning as expected... nats/home - mom/baby where are those morning smiles?... he still faces two more procedures... but doctors say he should live a normal - healthy life. chris martinez, cbs news, los angeles new details about a soldier who was shot and killed in richmond. the man wanted by police and u-s marshals - for the murder of the army reservist - has been arrested. according to our sister station - in richmond - the 24-year-old from henrico surrendered to police this morning. he is charged in the murder of - army reservist - nathaniel bullock. bullock was gunned down and killed at an apartment complex on monday. right now police in a north carolina community are searching for answers. they want to find the person who shot and killed a 49- year-old man in his driveway. police say they re getting little to no information from neighbors and even friends. kim
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the victim )s family are trying to get the community to speak up. 26:30 "why did this happen to him? why would somebody want to murder him as he comes out of his house, walking to his car in his driveway?" lieutenant shannon coates has been asking himself these questions for more than a month.. lt. shannon coates 27:00 "was he in an argument with somebody? was he having problems with somebody?" questions...coate s isn t getting answers to concerning the murder of 49- year-old darnell long. 36:16 "darnell was someone s son. someone s father. he was someone s friend." on january 7th.. long was shot three times in his driveway..... on vance street in reidsville. he died later that night. more than a month later.. 38:05 "we re not getting crime stopper tips in. we )re not getting phone calls in. we re not getting people coming forward." ...reidsville police say they ve only gotten one crime stoppers call, on their anonymous tip hotline. 25:05 that )s just very unusual to just have one crime stoppers." coates says long did not have a serious criminal history. police and long s family have been urging the public to come forward. 36:23 "you have a
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something but is just not saying anything about it, it s hard to grasp that." stand up/ kim wynne "long s murder was the second homicide in reidsville since november. police formed a task force shortly after to try to better community relations and get more people to speak up when shootings like this happen." members of reidsville s community improvement task force knocked on doors and handed out flyers in long s neighborhood. the lieutenant says this is a search that won t end until long )s family gets justice. we )re live at regent university where ted cruz is appearing tonight. more on the all the candidates coming to hampton roads next at six. and virginia is going all in on exempting daily fantasy sports from the state )s ban on gambling.
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virginia could become the first state to regulate fantasy sports betting. the bill -- already on it s way to the governor. and rebuilding waverly. days after a deadly tornado tore through the town -- volunteers are coming together to get the people back on their feet. and today we )re hearing from the family who lost their loved ones. plus -- virginia becomes a hotbed of presidential politics ahead of tuesday )s primary. meanwhile some candidates who are hoping to win your vote boiled over in houston during last night s debate. good evening and welcome to newschannel three at six. i m beverly kidd. and i m kurt williams. nearly every candidate remaining in the race for president is visiting the commonwealth ahead of tuesday )s primary -- known nationally as super tuesday. and in the last republican debate before virginians head to the polls many of the


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