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tv   News Channel 3 News at 6  CBS  March 7, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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[car alarm blaring] [muffled] hey, are you ok? cooper: hotchner, is he ok? he can't fly for a little bit. his ears are-- but he's gonna be fine. captioning made possible by touchstone television and cbs, inc. [distant clattering]
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oh. jeez, bo,you scared me half to death. such a cliche. see that, bo? guess i'm supposed to make a wish or something, right? [bo meows]
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[mechanical humming] woman: how is the buzzi now? it's ok. i think i could actually get used to that part. the problem is dealing with the pain. you're experiencing hyperacusis. it's caused by sudden loud noises, like an explosion. so what do we do about it, doctor? you have a small tear in your right eardrum. we'll treat that with a bonding agent. it'll most likely heal itself in a week or two. most likely? the condition can sometimes become permanent. but i can go back to work?
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agent hotchner, if you're not careful, you could lose your hearing entirely. i understand. good. but you'll... sign my return to duty? w-what if i said i'd... take it easynd... limit my role in the field? stay out of loud places. [cell phone ringing] your phone is ringing. what's up, j.j.? this is delilah grennan. she was bludgeoned and raped during the night at her home in lower canaan, ohio. lower where? small town 40 miles outside of cincinnati. staging the body face-up with the arms across the chest like that. morgan: ritual. nice hair, by the way. ahem. thanks. uhthere's mo. small puncture wounds on her stomach.
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prentiss: they were inflicted post-mortem. were there any other victims? kind of. victimology and signature match a serial killer from the same town 10 years ago-- 6 victims spanning over 10 months. he called himself-- hotchner: the angel maker. i remember the case. reid: they caught that guy. rossi: and executed him. j.j.: that's right. heas put to death by lethal injection a year ago yesterday. yesterday. morgan: so we're looking for a copycat. honoring the anniversary of his hero's death. reid: it sayhere they found semen at the crime scene. perhaps locals will get a dna match when they run it through vicap? j.j.: well, that's where it gets weird. they ran it already and they got a match, too. prentiss: well, if they already have a name, why'd they call us? they've got to be kidding. the match they got back on the dna is to a cortland bryce ryan,
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hotchner: "we all die. "the goal isn't to live forever. the goal is to create something that will." - chuck palahniuk. reid: the angel maker's victims were beaten with the assaila's bare hands. delilah grennan was bludgeoned with a heavy instrument, maybe a hammer. morgan: ok, so this unsub's a weaker guy, but at least someone who perceives himself that way. so he brought along the hammer to make certain his victim wouldn't fight back? they have parachutes on-board, right? reid: they should. it's standard on all federal air transport. maybe we can give one to the elephant in the room, get him out of here? that'd be the elephant with the dead man's dna. well, obviously somebody planted the semen on the victim. in the victim. that's one theory. there's another? think about who shares the exact dna makeup of another person. morgan: reid, you're not seriously floating around the idea of an evil twin, are you? no, i'm not. i'm floating the idea of an eviler twin.
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and an evil twin. but in this case, it's evil twin, eviler twin. [high-pitched tone] hotch? yeah. you have been cleared to fly, haven't you? man: before cortland ryan, this town hadn't seen a homicide in over 30 years. he didn't just kill those 6 women. he killed a way of life. now this thing's got people thinking he's come back. they don't really think that, do they? i guess when you've been scared by sething, i mean really scared, that fear's in you forever. let's stick to the facts. were there signs of forced entry? none that we could find, but whoever killed delilah grennan opened up every window in this house before he left. that's a signature from the previous murders. a detail we never released to the public. and it came out at the trial? no, si
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the man we're lking for is most likely a fan who exhaustively studied the first killings and used them to form his own murder fantasies. reid: he knows this case as well as us; better, maybe, if he had tual contact with ryan while he was incarcerated. hotchner: we sent one of our agents to hawkesville prison to look into it. and the semen? smuggled out of the prison, kept on ice, brought out on the anniversary of the execution. there's an entire cottage industry based on serial killer effects and memorabilia. you can find absolutely anything if you know the right people. hotchner: question is, is this a one-time commemoration or is it just the beginning? prentiss: what about the puncture wounds? my best guess is a small rewdriver, like a phillips head. just like the prior murders. this guy's a stickler for the details. the groupings in the prior victims were always different in number and arrangement. 3 wounds on this one. 5, 24. he was all over the map. but i also found traces of paper in the wounds. paper? like tissue?
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well, that's new. unique to the copycat. i... what is it? [sighs] i don't know. it just seems familiar. [metal clangs] ryan didn't have any next of kin, so after the execution, all of his effects got boxed and stored. this is all his correspondence? coes, at least. helps the warden keep tabs on certain prisoners if he can know what's in their mail. there's a lot of letters. a lot of fans. real lady killer. what about male fans? some, yeah. freaks. this one kid would come by. musician, i think. black clothes and eyeliner and all that. he sent ryan his demo tape and some sheet music he wrote in his own blood. did you ever catch ryan trying to smuggle anything out, to this kid or anyone else?
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his dna was found at a fresh crime scene in lower canaan. what kind of dna we talking about? type of dna that cats in lockup don't have occasion to use. all right. well, listen, thank you for all this, but i want to look at all your visitor logs, all right? [cell phone rings] excuse m yeah, j.j.? ok, uh... yeah, i'm headed right back. something wrong? a local newspaper just got a letter from someone claiming to be the angel maker. reid: "i give you a legacy, a breath of life from the angel maker himself. those who prayed to forget me will one day see my face and shrink in fear." that's the last thing people need right now. reid, how's it compare with the original correspondence? they share some compelling characteristics. i'd obviously like to look at it under magnification with a better light. hotchner: best guess, reid?
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sheriff: how can this letter be authentic if the guy's been dead for a year? could be an elaborate forgery. or it could be the genuine article, just written before his death. well, mail here isn't that slow. or released through an intermediary. you mean the copycat? we're going over the prison visitor logs to check who had multiple visits th ryan, try toarrow our suspect pool. [door opens] sela? what are you doing here? is it true? there's a letter? how did you know? you didn't really think you could keep that quiet around here. the letter's not from him, not the way people might be saying. what does that mean? it... hotc: it means we think he has someone on the outside, a friend. what if you're wrong? what if-- there's no such thing as ghosts, sela. i'm not talking about a ghost. i am talking about those rumors about the execution, how there were problems, how it didn't work right. what are you suggesting? what if he's still out there? don't do that. you think i'm the only one?
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sela: they wanproof that he's dead. i have to advise against this. all due respect, this isn't your town. i have to convince them that cortland ryan is dead and buried. but you're indulging this killer by perpetuating the ruse he's created. he's right. it may embolden him, prompt more murders. sheriff: sela lost her only daughter to that bastard. we met when i was working the case, grew close. i thought we'd gotten past all this, but i guess i was kidding myself. [tractor engine turns over] [high-pitched tone] hotch? hotch? [muffled, indistinct [muffled] hotch, are you all right?
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yeah, i'm ok, i'm ok, i'm ok. ok. [high-pitched tone fades]
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oh hon, why is this a wine fridge now and not a freezer for my leftover christmas gravy? check the freezer freezer. oh! let's get this chardonnay angravy party started. (squeak and giggle) cortland ryan is dead. there's no two ways about it. we're just trying to be thorough, dr. hagen. we heard that there may have been irregularities with the execution. his heart was stopped. his pupils were nonresponsive. trust me. this is notthe first execution i'veronounced at. but it was the last. did something happen that day to prompt your resignation from the corrections department? everyone dies different. ryan went hard is all. what does that mean, doctor? doctor: after we cycd the drugs, we realized he was still alive.
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how is that possible? the catheter dislodged. we reinserted it, started the potassium chloride. he started shaking. [whimpering] spitting. he was suffocating. catheter failed again. took him almost an hour to die, almost as if something were kping him here. he said this was going to happen, you know. that what was gonna happen? his last words. he said he'd come back. you may think you've seen the last of me, but death cannot take me from you. i will be born again. today you make me a legend.
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set the stage perfectly: a latter-day lazarus returning to deliver hell on earth. we need to debunk this, or the whole town's gonna panic. little late for that. the grave-robbing we can explain. it has to be a fan. you think the same person that did the copycat murder took ryan's body? it's possible. he had to have help. someone on the inside. i suppose you're gonna tell me there's a cottage industry for that, too. garcia: did you know that john wayne gacy painted clowns? a murdering pedophile paints clowns, and people hang them on their walls. it's creepy on so many levels.i mean, clowns-- garcia, i didn't know you had that hang-up. coulrophobia-- abnormal fear of clowns. garcia: oh, no, there is nothing abnormal about it. when i was 12, a hobo clown groped my breast at a birthday pay and made this old-timey honking noise when he did it. apparently making it funny makes it ok. were you able to find any auctions on angel maker memorabilia? oh, my vision. i found a ton. mr. maker was quite the self-promoter. he autographed everything: photos, panties, and for the discerning collector, screwdrivers.
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he also made these little origami figurines out of cigarette boxes, which, i hate to say, are really cute. did you pinpoint the most active collectors? that would be his overseas fans. what about local buyers who also turned up on the prison visitor log? zilch. what about sellers? high-volume broker might know a broader spectrum of fans. rcia: there is one guy in particular who seems to be the local distributor, as it were. you got a name? shebang! sid rutledge. rutledge? you know him? he's a guard at hkesville. sid rutledge, fbi. open up. just want to talk. i can't see anyone. oh, guy's got two dead bolts. he doesn't use either? morgan: sid?
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wakey, wakey, my man. damn. one to the grill, one to the groin. that'personal. yeah, well, if rutledge was selling the unsub memorabilia, he knew his identity. now the unsub's coveri his tracks. rutledge probably contacted him after you paid a visit to the prison. he let him in, let his guard down, boom. whew. a little, uh, heavy on the old spice. strikes me as an aqua velva guy. oh! man, you're good. hey, it looks like he took something.
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i think we've got this unsub all wng. there have been some strange happenings in this case, but i urge you not to abandon reason in the search of the truth. this is not the work of a ghost, and it's not the work of a killer come back from the dead. this is the work of somebody who ves right here in lower canaan, and this person is a woman. morgan: her last victim, sid rutledge-- he was the angel maker's mule. he smuggled items out of hawkesville prison, including the semen that was planted at the first crime scene. reid: she killed rutledge because he knew she was the copycat, and also because he was blackmailing her. so i'm thinking you and i need to talk. morgan: we now know that rutledge w transferred to hawkesville from a female prison, in the wake of allegations that he was using his position to leverage sexual favors from inmates. and we think he did the same thing to our unsub; in exchange for his silence, he wanted sex. because she shot him in the junk, right? reid: that, and the fact that he took a pde-5 inhibitor shortly before his murder. a what? viagra. hotchner: we're looking for a white woman in her mid-30s
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and she's not just a fan, she's a groupie. morgan: now, she's not what you would normally expect. more often than not, they're attractive, they're well-educated, they're successful; some are even married. reid: generally, they fall into types. some are reformers. they're on a mission to save or rescue these murderers. often, this type of groupie has been ised in a repressive, religious environment and specifically have been exposed to the ideals of sexual repression and subjugation of women. ouunsub is a different type, one who suffers from hybristophilia. it's a sexual attraction to men who commit violent crimes. they give her a power that she lacks, which stems from low self-esteem and a need for a father figure. well, the victims were raped. how do you explain that? morgan: she's using an instrument to simulate the sexual assault... this is something that she keeps in her rape kit, along with the weapon that she's using to bludgeon her victims. this is a list of women who vited and wrote the angel maker while he was in prison. we've started to ack these leads, but the list is extensive, so we're gonna need your help.
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sometimes, if barry manilow isn't in town. heh! any of them look like that? shara carlino. she visited ryan over 70 times. waits an avege of 3 hours for a 10-minute visit, mandatory strip search. would you endure that for a guy? for barry manilow, maybe. heh! e was a maeting vp in cincy till '99, moved here, took an outside sales job, commission only-- serious pay cut. i'm guessing she came for the view. according to these logs, you were the angel maker's number-one fan. woman: his name is cortland, and i wasn't a fan. how would you characterize your relationship? we were lovers. rossi: last time i checked, they didn't allow conjugal visits on death row. it wasn't about physical interaction. when you take away the flesh, there's only the soul. everything was understood.
6:29 pm
cortland made me feel alive, in a way no free man ever could. where were you on the 16th of thisonth? why? we believe this copycat killing was committed by a female fan, someone who knew cortland very well. i was out of town with the company. ask anyone here. do you know another woman-- there were no others. i--i can show you logs, photocopies of fan letters, women who sent cortland pictures, their underwear-- they didn't mean anything to him. but whatever connection you had with cortland was severed when he died. not the copycat's. every time she kills, it reinforces their love. that is, of course, unless you help us stop her. he sent me a letter
6:30 pm
i knew it wasn't meant for me, because it was addressed to..."my dove." he never called me that. do you still have it? no. i burned it. did the text reveal anything about the woman? the text was a joke. usually his prose was seamless and beautiful, but... this was... pedestrian and crude. you never asked him who this dove was? i thought there were no secrets between you.


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