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tv   News Channel 3 News at 11  CBS  March 7, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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you would have been about 4 at the time. he was found in the basement of his own house, behind the dryer. he'd been sexually abused and stabbed. spencer, what are you doing here? did i know a boy named riley jenkins? i've been having dreams about his death since i s very little. why en't you helping me? spencer, pay attention. show me your face. dad. come on, baby. give it to me. give it to me.see? nuh-uh. morgan, can you-- please, can you-- my head. my bad. sorry. you know these things are rigged, right? ohh! late night? i hate vegas. come on, prentiss. how can you hate vegas? this is a grown folk's playground. anyone seen reid? i know he stayed with his mom last night. well, he should be here by now. he knows the departure time. that thing still has credit on it. j.j., i swear to god-- what? [no audio] ha ha ha!
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what'd you do? sleep through your alarm? sorry to keep you guys waiting. i-- hotch is already at the airstrip. how st can you pack? actually, i'm gonna stay for a couple of days. is everything all right? yeah, i just, um-- i haven't seen my mom for a really long time, so i'd like a few more days. you sure? yeah. ok, take a few days. do what you need to do. hey, um, take care of yourself. you, too. both of you. hi, i'm special agent spencer reid, with the fbi. i'd like to see everything you have on the 1984 murder of a boy named riley jenkins. just a second. thanks. that was a rough one. did you work the case? yeah. i was 3 or 4 blocks away
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my first kid. you don't forget those. can i ask you this? were there any suspects? the family, initially. a dad, an older brother. makes sense. i heard the boy was found in his own basement, right? yeah. aftea while, the family got defensive, stopped cooperating. a bit like the-- what's her name? the jon-benet case, i guess. i never liked them for it, anyway. i always figured it was somebody outside the home. what's the bureau's interest in the case? um, research. is this everything? there might be another box down in records. i'd like to see it all, if you don't mind. lots of luck, everybody, let's go. [chatter]
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[tv playing in background] en did you know? woman: that's it? that the extent of you... what are you guys doing here? hey, what's it look like we're doing? uh, breaking into my room and watching "days of our lives." "young and the restless." aren't you supposed to be on a plane back to d.c.? you're supposed to be hanging out with your mom. and you're not. riley jenkins? no, it's not-- that's actually not why i'm here. reid? come o man. who do you think you're talking to? i know what this has been doing to you. let us help. maybe together we can findut who killed him. i think i might already know. so, tell us about the spect. truth is, i don't ow anything about him.
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"what was silent in the father speaks in the son, "and often i found in the son the unveiled sret of the father." freidrich nietzsche. before we go downhis road, you need to be sure. he's right. some rocks don't need looking under. my mind is sending me signals. i can'ignore them anymore. mixed signals. that's what the subconscious is all about, you know that. id, your dad left you. you take it to the freudian extreme, you could say that he killed your childhood. could explain a dream in which you see him as a murderer. i've come this far i'm not going back. ok, thank you. emily, you remember agent todd? oh, yeah. hi. welcome back.
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for the next couple of weeks. big shoes to fill. big ankles, at least. come on, you look great. that's what i keep telling her. do you have kids, too? or-- ah, no. i think j.j. may have snared the last viable donor. tell me about it. donor for what? nothing. i'm just, uh, reacquainting agent todd here with the layout. good to see you again, s.s.a. hotchner. no, please. "hotch." hotch. so, whe's the rest of the team? oh, another case came up while we were in las vegas, and they stayed behind to look into it. excuse me. i thought you work cases together. this one's different. riley was 6 at the time. his father, lou jenkins, was supposed to pick him up from t-ball practice at 4. but he got delayed at work, prompting riley to walk the 3 blocks home. when his mother got home in the early evening, she founhim dead in the basement. so, the offender came to the house after the boy arrived home. or picked him up on the way there. coaxes riley into the basement where he sexually assaults him. the boy's mouth was taped shut. symbolic. the unsub fears riley will talk,
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decides to make certain that he'll never talk. he finds a knife in the fishing gear under the stairs, stabs riley 9 times in the chest, stuffs him behind the washing machine. so, the unsub's a white male in his late 20s to early 30s. means we're lking for a man in his 50s. likely knew the boy. maybe been to his house. neighbor. reid? what is it? my family lived less than a half mile from the jenkins'. do you think your dad knew the boy? i don't know. my memory's lack of recall just reinforces how little i knew about him. reid, we're going to have to track him down. you do know that? we should talk to my mother first, neighbors. get their impressions. reid, i don't need to tell you that this signate was need-based and sexual in nature. the man 're looking for is a pedophile. so, i'll ask you again.
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mom? can i ask you some questions about dad? i'm having... having trouble remembering. what do you want to know? did he like to be around children? children? well, yes. if it were up to him, you'd have a house full of brothers and sisters. so, you didn't want more kids? why mess with perfection? um, what about other people's children? how was he around them? he was good with kids, i guess. he coached your little league team. man: good hit. yeah! hey, good hit, riley. spencer, you're next. he was always trying to put you into normal activities. i tried to tell him you're not normal.
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let me ask you this, mom. did you ever get the feeling, like, on his part, the marriage was... just for show? these questions are very strange, spencer. what is this about? it'about riley jenkins. riley jenkins? i told you, he was someone you made up. no, he's not someone i made up. he was a real boy who lived in our neighborhood, and somebody killed him. and, i don't know, i think-- i think that dad might have had something to do with it. he was real? yes. and... he was on that little league team, too. so many cases. how do you determine which ones get priority? ah, basically murder triage. i look for cases where the threat of losing another life is most imminent. withouthe other agents giving you a working profile? well, that comes later. this job does require a little bit of profiling. just don't tell them that.
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ok, family in atlanta, mother, twin daughrs, stabbed in their sleep, and, uh... yeah, sioux city, iowa. two men with no apparent connection both found drowned in their bathtub exactly one month apart. where would you go? i'd have to take a closer look. what does your gut tell you? sioux city looks like a serial. another victim could die within a month. what about atlanta? that's a family annihilat. father snaps, takes out the flock, puts any relative in the area in immediate danger. i'd take the team there first. good. now, do that with that whole entire stack, right there. oh. you ok? oh, yeah. i'm fine. it's just a theory, mr. jenkins. you must be out of your damn minds. we're trying to get some new facts. well, you're hell and gone from facts if you think will reid killed my son. so, you were friends?
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i'm his son. spencer? spencer, a g-man? how about that? i don't understand. was william around your house often? the occasional barbecue, that sort of thing. was riley arnd on these occasions? why are you doing this? i need to know. take it from someone who does know, he was a good man. thanks for your time. where is he, these days? my dad? it's been years, but he's probably still at that same firm in summerlin. he's been itown this whole time? far as i know. you know summerlin? yeah. it's like 9 miles east of here. off the 95. he was 10 minutes away and never let me know.
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yeah. we'd like to speak with william reid. is he expecting you? i don't think so. he's in a meeting right now. why don't you have a seat and i'll tell him you'reere. you ok? yeah. no--yeah--i'm going to go to the bathroom. i've never seen him like this before. 17 years is a longime to go between visits. not long enough. the kid's still angry. yeah, i'm starting to get that. i'll be right back. here you go. you from the fbi? yes, sir. mr. reid, i'm agent rossi. this is agent morgan. this wouldn't be about the city council investigation, would it? no, this is, uh, more of a personal matter. it concerns your son. my son? did something happen?
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you don't look like me anymore. you used to. everybody said so. they say some people look like their dogs, too. its attributed to prolonged mutual exposure. elderly couples, also. they unconsciously mimic the expressions of people they've been around their whole life. so, it kind of-- kind of makes sense that i wouldn't really look like you. i haven't seen you in 20 years. so, are you in town on work? we're just wrapping up a case. a 5-year-old boy was abducted and murred. i read about that. uh, ethan hayes, right? that's terrible. that case got me thinking about riley jenkins. you remember riley jenkins? of course. i've been having dreams about him for a really long time. but when we came back here for this case,
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i saw his killer and he was you. interesting dream. you don't seem all that surprised. i stopped being surprised by spencer's mind a long time ago. there are certain criteria we consider when looking at this type of suspect. you fit parts of that profile. me? we just want your cooperation. my cooperat... you're not actually saying you think i killed riley jenkins? we didn't say that. good, 'cause that's absurd. we'd just like permission to look through your computer, cess your records. and what would you be looking for exactly? you want access to my files? get a warrant. we can't get a waant, so we have to go under the radar on this one, garcia. you want me to hack your father's network? you sure about this?
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hey, you're pretty good. was the envelope dropped off at the front desk first? nope, it went straight to my room. so, they knew what room you were in. i do have to admit, the timing of this is a little suspicious. yeah. an hour after i see my father, we're handed another suspect. you think you knew this guy? i don't know. i think so, but i'm not sure. i--i--no, i don't know. exposed himself to a minor. that's a precursor to molestation. and murder. we should take a closer look at this guy. [cell phone rings] it's garcia. yeah, talk to me, baby girl. i'm not interrupting boy time at crazy horse 2, am i? you know that's not my thing. i'm more for in-room entertainmen i can't help you there. but i do give good phone. let me hear what you got. reid, we've been all up in your father's business. what did you find? well, let me tell you first what i did not find. no kiddie porn, no membership to illicit websites,
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what about his finances? we went back 10 years. no questionable transactions that we can find. well, he did buy a ticket to see celine dion 6 months ago. but i think we can overlook that. he's smart. is it possible he kept things under the table? well, of course. but from what we can tell, reid, he doesn't fit the profile. we can tell you other things about him, if you want to know. i'm listening. he's a workaholic, he actually logs more hours than we do. he makes decent money, but he doesn't spd a lot of it.e has a modest house. he drives a hybrid. he doesn't travel much. he stays away from the casinos. um, and according to his veterinary bills, he has a very sick cat. he appears to spend most of his free time alone, he goes to the movies a t, and he reads. and from his collectionof first editions, it seems his favorite auor is-- isaac asimov, i remember that one. he does have one other major interest. on his home computer, he's archived, like, a ka-jillion things on one common subjec what? you, kiddo. he's got, like, everything that's been published online.
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pieces you've written for behavioral science journals, he even has a copy of your dissertation. he's keeping tabs on you. that's saying something. yeah, he googled me. that makes up for everything. i'm going to get some air. you guys still there? i thought we were giving him good news. what else can we do? yeah, look up a name for us, if you would. gary brendan michaels. u like this gary guy for the riley murder? somebody does. [bping] wow, looks like you got a loose one. no such thing. these machines run on random number generators. no brains, no bias. best odds in the house, though. really? i thought that craps had the best odds. normally, video poker odds are slightly worse at .7 percent in your favor. but if you employ optimal strategy and always drop wi a royal flush, you can push those odds to 2 percent. hmm.
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so, are you in town for the convention? um, there are 12 conventions in town this week. which one are you talking about? take your pick. 6 minutes. excuse me? um, it was something i used to say to my mom to try to get her to quit smoking. a cigarette takes 6 minutes off your life. so every time she'd light one, i'd say, "it's 6 minutes less that i get to spend with you." aw. d it work? no. because i've tried it all--the gum, the patch. nothing works. you should try hypnosis. they've had-- there's been a lot of success in... tell you what, i'll put mine out if you buy me a drink. uh, not today, sweetheart. we've been looking all over the place for you. comon. hey, you won, like, $2,000 here. keep it. you do realize you just gave two grand to a hooker? must have been quite a conversation. what was it about?
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thank you for seeing us on such short notice. well, i'm always happy to assist the fbi. is there a witness you want me to look at? uh, yeah. me. i'm trying to recover memories from my childhood. there was a murder. how long ago are we tutking abo? i was 4. memories from that age can be difficult to interpret. i'm aware of the limitations of hypnotherapy. well, then you're aware of suggestion issues. if you've looked into this case, you may have a bias. are you saying what he remembers under hypnosis may not be real? it's a possibility. either way, it's a tough sell in court. we won't be ung this for evidentiary purposes. it's really just for me. the suppressed memories are about my father. i'd like to monitor this session. make sure you get him to the right place. you nt to sit in? i don't normally allow that.
11:28 pm
i want you to hold my wrist in your left hand. and if you should feel any fear, i want you to squeeze, do you understand? yes. go back to the night you were just telling me about. you're at home, your room. you can't sleep because your parents are arguing. mother: i don't know what to do. i had to do something, but i didn't know what to do. father: i'm not going to discuss it anymore. he's coming in. who? i know you're awake, spencer. it's dad. what about him, spencer? what is he doing? daddy loves you, you know that?
11:29 pm
ok. it's ok, spencer. take uto where the light is. to the next morning. the sun is coming up. where are you, spencer? mom? my mom. she's at the window. she's thinking. she's been crying. she saw him. who? your father? do you talk to her? no.
11:30 pm
what is it, spencer? what e you seeing? that's enough. i need you to leave this location now, spencer. damn it. wake him up. i'm going to count backward from 5. 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, and wake. reid. it's ok. it's ok. it's ok. it's ok, reid. it's ok. what happened?
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"why are you checking your credit score?" "you don't want to live with mom and dad forever, do you?" "boo!" (laughs) "how do i check my credit score?" "credit karma. don't worry, it's free." "credit karma. give yourself some credit." try to remember, mom. no, i can't. you were there. you watched dad burn the bloody clothes. you had a dream. mom, this was not a dream. this was a mory. it was a memory and i saw you. your mind, ah, such a treasure. even as a baby you knew about things you weren't supposed to know. this is not about me. this is about riley jenkins. it was always about you. please, mom. please. please, just try to remember. remember riley.


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