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tv   CBS Evening News With Scott Pelley  CBS  March 8, 2016 6:30pm-7:00pm EST

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zoe hawkes. h-a-w-k-e-s. very good. [exhales] i'm danny. i want you to call us if you haveany questions at all. we're gonna take great care of her. ok? you're all set. um, do i pay the bill here? no, ma'am. the bill's been taken care of by an anonymous donor.
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just the notions of an observant student. i've been thinking, though. zoe got all of her information from the newspapers and from paula mcconnell's column. there's no way she could have known about every homicide in the city. well, not every homicide's reported in the papers. so how do we know the unsub didn't commit more murders than the ones noted in her journals? we don't. we can check missing persons and see if anyone was last seen in the unsub's operating zone. hmm. what? well, a young person's mind is so active-- yours, zoe's, and i imagine this unsub's, too. i think when he get him, he'll be curious. he'll ask questions. rossi, heads up. she knows. did you do this? i don't need or want your money. i have taken care of my daughter for 22 years, and she is still my responsibility. i don't need any help from you.
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i'm sorry if i've offended you. just leave us alone. [cell phone beeps] all right. we found another body. east cleveland. strangulation marks. reid: this was recent. the bruises on her neck are still reddish. no other obvious signs of trauma. well, this isn't a bike path like the last one. which serial killer is he mimicking now? i don't think he is mimicking anymore. he's starting to show consistency. i think he's developing his own style. has anybody touched her? no. they have instructions to wait for us and the m.e. where's he? dr. edwards! [camera clicking] here he comes. hi. agent hotchner. um, could you take a look at this spot on her forehead? hmm. that's strange. let me swab it and get it back to the lab.
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3 murders in the last 3 days. something's causing his frenzy. could be a drastic change in his life. something he lost control of. or it could be something he gained control of. like himself. if he's finally defined himself as a strangler, he may just be practicing, perfecting his style. he may have awakened. the coroner just called. preliminary tests confirm acetyl alcohol on the homeless woman's forehead. he sterilized it? why would he do that? maybe he did something to her forehead, used an alcohol wipe to remove evidence. well, if that's the case, it certainly wasn't necessary to the crime. this could be part of his signature. we should look at other victims to see if he did something similar. any evidence on the last victim was washed away in the water. and all the other bodies were either buried or cremated. except for one.
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[footsteps] i know you don't want to see me, but please hear me out we need zoe's body to go back to the coroner's office. zoe's murderer left a clue on her body. there's a chance we can find him from this clue, but we have to examine her again. ali want to do is put her to rest. zoe chose to study criminology because she believed in bringing criminals to justice. can't guarantee the evidence hasn't been compromised. the mortician hadn't touched her yet. even so, she's been transported more times than i'd like. don't want anyone to get their hopes up. just make sure the evidence gets to quanco quickly. zoe's voice: east cleveland homicides, first quarter to date-- 5 out of 9 unsold. january 22--prostitute murder, downtown at 5th and main. january 9--man shot at kingsbury park.
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first home invasion... [overlapping] february 8--murder... youncouple shot in park. no apparent motive. investigate. why are locations different? page 47, rossi's book: there are no coincidences. [cell phone rings] [ring] garcia, you got something? yeah, the boys in the lab found trace amounts of saliva on zoe's forehead, enough for a dna sample. so we got a codis match on eric ryan olson, 23, cleveland native, did 2 1/2 years for attempted sexual assault and was paroled 6 months ago. we thought for sure he'd be a student. uh, that's 'cause he was. while he was in the slammer, he took independent correspondence classes in forensic science and criminology from an out-of-state school. call the team. let's get a search warrant. yeah. clear! clear! reid, check the computer. detective, we should talk to the neighbors, find out where he goes, where he might be on a week night.
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he's reading my books. [music playing] don't know how long, baby i can hold on but i gotta tell you one thing reid, anything? al's alehouse. that's like 5 miles away. it's on the schedule for toght. have a good night. see you tomorrow. [music playing in bar] he was alone at the bar. when did he leave? like 10 minutes ago. did he talk to anyone?
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he left right after she did. thanks. got it, hotch. manager says he may have followed one of the waitresses out of the bar. she walks home through cedar park. we just passed cedar park. [tires screeching, siren] fbi! get off the girl! get off the girl! ok, it's ok. stay down! stay down! get off me. it's all right. wait, wait, wait. hold on. get f me! stop! we're trying to help you.
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no, he can't be this guy. we found his dna on a murder victim. what? we also think he's responsible for the murder of 7 other people over the last 7 weeks. two of his victims were raped. [retches] i think i'm gonna be sic [retches] ok, ok. [vomiting] against my counsel, my client would like to talk to agent rossi. we talked about him being curious, asking questions. if he thinks he knows you, he might open up. i'll keep him talking. good. agent rossi. big fan. we have some information that would be of great interest to you.
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my lawyer here explains that i'm being charged with 8 murders and that i'm probably looking at the death penalty. i have one very important question for you. aryou sure it's just 8? what? we checked missing persons. since he started killing, 4 people have been reported missing in east cleveland neighborhoods. we can't rule out any of them as his possible victims. he marked pages on several serial killers. we don't know which ones he tried to copycat. we're screwed, then. the d.a. is gonna have to offer him a deal. the d.a. doesn't have to give him the option. that's easy for you to say. you get to go home tomorrow. what do i tell the families of the missing? sorry, no idea? detective, we're not gonna leave until we can give you and the families some closure. and how are you gonna do that? hotch. reid. i need something, anything that might show where he was trolling for more victims. once the d.a. gets here, have a lot to talk about. what do you think you're gonna get out of this? i don't know.
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you don't have to say anything else, eric. you got to speak to him. now let's just wait for the d.a. i don't know how to break it to you, kid, but you don't have a card to play here. we're 3 steps ahead of you. oh. really. we've already considered the possibility that you killed other people. we knew you were young, wanted to experiment. it was likely you would copycat as many serial killers as possible to figure out who you are and what you liked. so let me ask you a question. how do you know you haven't told me already where the other bodies are buried? [cracks neck] we've been through everything. he markeup rossi's books. check the bookcase. maybe he was scouting for locations to commit more murders. pictures. what?
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nothing else... nothing else is framed. they look like originals. let me call you right back, hotch. ok. i need to ask you about your sex life. that's personal. your boyfriend's a serial killer. your relationship is no longer private. i-it's completely norl to experiment with sex. ok. it might be normal to have sex in a public park, but the other things? we were just role-playing. every couple has fantasies. did you ever think it was strange that your boyfriend has fantasies about strangling and raping women? not women. just me. did he...kiss you on the forehead, too? how did you know that?
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i got strep throat every flu season. did you just profile that about me? her name was zoe hawkes-- the girl you killed 3 days ago. we found your dna on her forehead. it'll never be admissible in court. her body was removed from a state facility and-- now, most people would ask what you did. i know what you did. you kissed her on the forehead. what i what to know is, why? why do you think someone would do that, agent rossi? well, that's why i asked if you had been ill much as a child. you see, you're slight,pale, sickly. most parents, they kiss their children on the forehead to see if their temperature is warm. now, my theory is that you, somehow in your development,
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so, did you sit next to zoe to see if she got cold? is that why you kissed her? that's a really interesting theory. make a great chapter in one of your books. [cell phone rings] yeah, reid. i found pictures on his computer in a special folder he created. they're scenic places in the city. 3 of them i recognize from his crime scenes. there are more pictures of places i don't recoize. all right. email them as soon as you can. this guygetting off on those photos. then what does he need linda for? did he have any other strange preferences in bed? no. did he ever role play by tying you up? no. are you sure? yes. i'm sure. he liked--he liked being an exhibitionist.
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what do you mean? well, he didn't... like... having sex in bed. so he just took me to public places. where? do i have to tell you this? please. ok. um... the first time was... at kingsbury park. and then... at a movie theater. in the parking lot, in my car. did he ever take you to the second street bridge, off the bike path? yeah. that's where the jogger was killed. he can only have sex with linda when he's revisiting his crimes. if that's the case, what were the doing in the park where we picked them up?
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all the places he took you to have sex. [door closes] the d.a.'s not gonna need to negotiate a deal with you. cedar park, edgewater channel, cuyahoga valley park, euclid creek. we'll send units in the morning to search for the bodies. how'd you find out? eric. is it something that i did? you needed to revisit the crime scenes because it was the only way for you to get a gratifying sexual release. but revisiting the scenes wasn't enough. you had to capture it on film, put it on your computer,
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so you could look at it every day. eric, we should talk privately. this isn't ov. i always knew i'd end up back in prison. just a matter of when. you can come interview me if you want. i read in one of your books that's how you built your behavioral database, right? maybe you can learn something from me. i got a lot of questions myself. i'll be honest with you if you're honest with me. 'cause the one thing that you always ask is the one that i don't understand. why? i have no idea why. i see a guy walking down the street
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and i want to bash him over the head with a bottle. to me that's normal. it's weird to me that no one else feels that way. it's all i think about. i can't stop. [door opens] [door closes] this is not up for debate. cancel the rest of the dates. is everything ok? why do people want to hear me talk about serial killers? is it that entertaining?
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sometimes i wonder if my books are doing more harm an good. my senior year at georgetown... i was graduating, i did not have a clue what i was gonna do with my life. and one day i was in the campus bookstore and you were there, promoting your second book. sat through your whole talk. you never told me. i asked you what it was you were most proud of, and you showed us a picture of a boy from charleston. brent roberts. a neighbor took him. he was found alive. one of the few. that night, i bought your book. applied to the academy the next fall. i'll see y at the airport. rossi: austrian novelist
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"in youth we learn. in age we understand." what is goin' on? i hear you caught him. we did. is he going to prison? for the rest of his life. it doesn't make me feel better. he's alive, zoe's not. but she'd be pleased that you caught him. i hope so.
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captioned by the national captioning institute ,, [music playing] yeah, yeah, yeah yeah, yeah, yeah yeah, yeah, yeah giddy-up. well, it's about time.
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now, tell me what you want. i want... i love you i can do that. [song continues] now there you see... [song continues indistinctly] ahh. heh heh heh heh. what are you doing? hey. [grunts] [cell phone rings] [ring] hey, lover. [man groans] [chuckling] tonight? yeah. i'm wide open.


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