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tv   Todays TMJ4 News Live at 1000  NBC  August 12, 2016 11:00pm-11:36pm CDT

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congratulations to katie ledecky. thank you for joining us in the studio. [ applause ]
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now. >> in a word, my reaction is relief, and i suppose gratitude. >> brendan dassey could soon be a free man. >> but what about the victim? >> i'm concerned about the family, the family of teresa halbach. >> now the ruling from the federal judge has many people talking tonight. it came down late this afternoon. >> brendan dassey was only 17 at the time he was ic uncle steven avery in the teresa halbach murder case. >> the 25 yald-year-old was one of five siblings and an aspiring photographer. >> she went missing after going to avery's auto shop to take pictures of a car.
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interrogation of dassey and his confession: >> why did you not tell us the truth from the beginning? >>reporter: in 2006, dassey was interviewed four times over 48 hours. he was an attorney at the time, and he had no adult and no attorney present. >> why didn't you tell me that? were you scared? >>reporter: detectives repeatedly told dassey he had nothing to worry about as long as he told the truth. that tactic attorneys during the trials of dassey and steven avery. >> they tell him, you know, we'll go to bat for you, we'll be in your corner, you can make it look however you want, and giving him carte blanche to come up with a story however he wanted to make it. >> reporter: the judge wrote this: the investigators' use of leading questions and disclosure of nonpublic facts makes it difficult to evaluate whether he knew the
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with the investigators. the court acknowledges serious doubts as to the reliability of dassey's confession. if he gets a new trial, expect a big fight over whether that interview can ever be used in court. >> tonight experts in the legal community are weighing in on the overturned conviction. >> jeff wagner is a former federal prosecutor. >> i was stunned. i legal community was. this was a federal habeas corpus petition. these are almost never granted. this was the ultimate hail mary pass. >> he would not be surprised if the state appeals to the district court. >> here is a time line of key events. on november 3, 2005, she is reported missing by her family, four days after going to steven avery's auto
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he is charged with mutilating a corps. then brendan dassey is charged with being a party. on march 18, 2007, avery is convicted. in april, dassey goes on trial. april 25th, dassey is convicted and later sentenced to life in prison, just like his uncle. now turning from brendan dassey and steven avery, there are people with the decision. >> reporter: carole, steven avery's former attorney is touring the country right now to talk about avery's case and the "making of a murderer" documentary. he just returned to milwaukee tonight where he learned of the verdict. we spoke to him and brandon dassey's attorney about what this all means. >> i'm relieved and grateful. >> i'm obviously very gratified and, frankly, not surprised. i've been waiting for this decision for a long time.
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murderer". >>reporter: two attorneys for two different clients, both excited for the federal judge's ruling. brendan dassey's attorney says a change in the law right before teresa halbach's murder made the difference for his client. >> the deciding factor is a change in the law that happened fairly recently that requires confessions to be recorded. >> reporter: what does this mean for steven avery? dassey's confession was never used in his his former attorney says it still hurt avery's case. >> it used the confession of dassey to pollute the jury. 129 of 130 jur ji questionnaires that came back, the people that we had to pick a jury from -- all but one of them thought he was guilty. >> reporter: both lawyers hope the case will not be appealed and dassey will be released from prison. his attorney says brendan
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limitations and just wanted to appease law enforcement when he confessed. >> he is what makes this case so sad, a person of his age, his disposition, be put in this mess -- it's all very sad. >> reporter: . >> reporter: since he's no longer avery's attorney, it will be up to his present attorneys to decide how this case will be case moving forward. >> thank you very much. >> since the ruling came down, the story has exploded: kathleen zellner took to twitter saying unmaking murderers, one false conviction at a time. >> this case has received international attention last year after the make release of making a murderer, a netflix docu-series. >> a second season is
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exploring the post-conviction process for both dassey and avery. no release date has been set. this has manitowoc back in the national spotlight. we have a preview. >> reporter: brendan dassey could be going free. t later. will we need our umbrellas this weekend? let's go to chief meteorologist john malan. >> i don't think you'll need much of an umbrella this weekend. less humid air rolls in starting tomorrow, and some folks got a lot of rain, others not so much at all. pell lake, 174, about an inch and a quarter, but everybody, much less. look at the airport.
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of rainfall. this area of showers has been around all evening, but southern milwaukee county not getting much, racine kenosha, another area of showers. this is all moving in our direction. most of this rain will be gone by the morning hours. could see a lingering shower early in the morning. look at the dewpoints, still around 72. humid overnight tonight. the 50s and 60s are out to the northwest that. will be coming in with the northwest wind during the day tomorro chance of a brief shower, most of saturday is dry, 70 degrees to start your day. pretty good weekend coming up. i'll have details in just a few minutes. >> thank you. the pack is back. we got our very first look at the green bay packers, back in action against the cleveland browns. we have two reports from lambeau field. how are they looking, team? >>reporter: i tell you what,
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drop the ball in that st stair -- in that scenario. >> callahan, like a veteran, came through during the two-minute drill, put the packers up five right before the end of the half. the coach was impressed with him. >> and said it's more about watching the players make plays when the lights come on. >> it's a it's about the cohesiveness, playing the right people, executing, playing with the proper leverage, using the funda fundamentals. [ audio not understandable ] plays a different highlight, and plays that we learn from. >> another thing we saw
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mike mccarthy calling four straight running plays for eddie lacey. i think that's going -- that we're going to be seeing a lot of that. today's tmj4, back to you in the studio. the rio summer olympics, here's a quick look at the medal count, the u.s. dominating with 50 medals overall, including 20 gold. many people turning google to answer their burning questions. after the beach volleyball, two players wore long sleeved shirts. google searches spiked for temperatures in rio. it was in the 60s. a little chilly. a hail of gunfire on milwaukee's north side. >> one man is dead after
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and the overturning of brendan dassey's conviction is the talk of the town in manitowoc.
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a federal judge has overturned the conviction of brendan dassey in the teresa halbach murder case. right now he remains in prison. the clock is ticking for the
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dassey or re-try him. the state has 90 days to make that decision. >> the possible release is stirring up plenty of opinion. >> his release is not likely to happen overnight. >> reporter: dassey is said to be released within the next 90 days unless the state's justice department decides to re-try the case or file an appeal. many here believe that's exactly what will happen. the talk about the potential release of spreading like wildfire in manitowoc county. >> i think it's not safe for him to be you out. >> reporter: bill does not agree with the judge's decision to release dassey, which the judge determined that his rights were violated, when he was confessing without a parent
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over whether dassey should be release, his opinion affected by making a murderer. >> i don't believe they're completely innocent. >> i assume the state justice department will be appealing. >> reporter: county executive bob zeeingalbauer doesn't want to speculate too much about what will happen but worries about what could happen fn a new trial is requested. >> i'm concerned about the family, the family of teresa halbach, and i can't imagine what they're going through. >> reporter: the department of corrections is aware of the judge's ruling but had no further comment. meanwhile, dassey will remain locked up at the columbia correctional institution in portage. for now, reporting outside the manitowoc county courthouse, eric ross, today's tmj4. >> for more, head to our
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a deadly shooting on near sherman around 6:00 this evening. a man was rushed to the hospital after he was shot multiple times. he later died. 64-year-old mary wills was walking home from work where she was hit and killed near 91st and appleton. if you k are urged to call police. shannon sims has the our next story. >> reporter: the road to the olympics can be tough. one local health official notes what it takes. he told me about his journey to win an olympic medal and the reason he gave up his dreams. he finds himself at home in the gym, a natural with a
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>> to the left hand! . >> reporter: it's been more than a decade since he gave up the sport of boxing and his dream of chasing olympic gold. >> i remember my coach telling my father, your son is a natural. he's going to be a champion. >> reporter: it was an encounter with a neighborhood bully that got him there. >> it's physical, it's mental, ask it's spiritual, and if nin any one of those are be no. 1. >> reporter: boxing propelled him to national recognition and gave him an opportunity to see the world. >> compete ad long with oscar de la hoya, shane mosley, antonio tarber, some of the best welterweights in the entire world ever. >> reporter: by the time he was 18, he had a number of welterweight titles. his toughest bout, though, the 1992 olympic trials.
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in the next year, in 1993, the first round for the u.s. championship. >> reporter: now the director of milwaukee health and human services is knocking out different opponents. >> i'm knocking out chronic homelessness. we may be the first city of our size to do so in the entire united states of america. >> reporter: the skills he learned in the ring have been invaluable to his life outside the ropes. dedication, and discipline it took me to be a champion boxer i applied to life, whether as a husband, father, or professional in my career, i'm striving to be the best i possibly can be. >> reporter: hector was picked to be the commissioner of boxing in 2009. his former coach, israel acosta, is in rio training the boxing team. >> thank you, shannon. it has been a wet day, but plants outside are not complaining. >> let's take a live look
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towercam. it's still coming down pretty good out there. how long is this going to last? >> off and on through the nighttime hours. during tomorrow, the humidity moves out. could see a lingering, brief shower before 9:00. most of tomorrow looks dry. 82 degrees tomorrow and sunday. less humid air is here. looks like a very beautiful sunday. if you're going to stay fair tomorrow t was a wet one today, but tomorrow, that should be saturday, cloudy, less humid, with just the slimmest threat of a brief shower in the afternoon hours. let's look at the radar. you can see streaks of rain. it's been hitting racine, kenosha, waukesha into areas, heavy downpours willing rolling into jefferson and dodge counties. we'll see the streaks of rain continuing on.
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could see one of those lingering shors sticking around very early in the morning. 81 was our high today. you can see temperatures dropping out to the north and west to around 82 degrees that. will be our general temperature for highs into the weekend. our temperature right now, 75 in milwaukee. the dew points are very high. we have a dewpoint of 72 still in milwaukee, 71 in watertown, 72 out in whitewater. the low pressure system generating all this rain moves out, slowly tonight, could see just a lingering shower, slight chance of a brief shower in the afternoon, clearing out saturday night. on sunday, the computer models put in some rain, but i think sunshine and beautiful, dry air into sunday. tonight, scattered showers, could be patchy fog late, very muggy, 70, your overnight low. tomorrow, a slight chance of a morning shower,
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cloudy, and 82 degrees. winds more northerly on sunday. here's the storm team seven-day forecast. monday, beautiful, 83, partly cloudy, maybe a small shower, into tuesday. wednesday, 83 with just a small chance of a shower once again. and then we'll start to warm up on thursday and friday. so i think the weekend looks pretty good. maybe a brief shower tomorrow, but all in all, nice. >> we love that. up next in sports, could the packers get a win over the browns?
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the packers got the win over the browns at lambeau field, joe callahan getting the start for the pack. callahan working the the two-minute drill to perfection. he would finish off the drive by finding runningback john crockett for the touchdown. crosby showing off his leg by kicking a 54-yard field goal. that put the packers up 13-5. third quarter, quarterback finds higgins for the touchdown, making it 13-11. fourth quarter, christian ringo. the packers get the win 17-11. for more on the game, we go live to our elise men acker.
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>> reporter: i'll give you the win by the numbers. three safeties in tonight's game. when's the last time you saw something like that, two 54-yard field goals from snaithan crosby, and one touchdown for each team. joe hal callahan delivering in the two-minute drill. here's what was going through his mind during those two minutes. >> you know what, really not too much. i was just concentrating on communicating with everybody on the field, sticking to my progressions, making good decisions, not forcing any balls. >> reporter: the 74,000 + crowd, much bigger than what callahan is used to. as for john crockett, he gets the first lambeau leap of the year. he joked that jordy nelson better watch out. >> how about the brewers
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tonight? third inning, coming up, adam duvall gets this ball to leave the yard for a solo shot. reds take the game 7-4. coming up, could michael phelps grab another gold
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michael phelps was back in the pool looking for his fifth medal. here he comes in lane no. 2, he's got some work to do. but the swim frer singapore
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medal. in the women's 800-meter freestyle, it wasn't a race. katie ledecky won another gold medal, shattering the world record, winning the race by 11 seconds. wow! the soccer team, the quarter finals in rio, alex morgan scores to tie things up. hope solo one. sweden stunned the
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>> a lot of 4s in there. >> a good number. i have good numbers for you also. first, the rain, you can see streaks of rain still coming down. off and on throughout the night. if you didn't get a lot today, you may see some overnight. saturday, just a small shower, most of it is dry, 82 degrees aring northwest winds. that's a cooler direction,
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beautiful. >> and the men's team usa on the court. >> 94-91.
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