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tv   Todays TMJ4 News Live at Daybreak Early Edition I  NBC  August 15, 2016 5:00am-5:31am CDT

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>> announcer: this is breaking news now from today as tmj4. >> we are staying on top of breaking news with renewed violence in the sherman park neighborhood. one milwaukee police officer was sent to the hospital with an 18-year-old man both injured after protests turned violent for a second night in a row. good morning. it is 5:00 a.m. >> crews have been out bringing us the most up-to-date information on the continuing violence. we're bringing you team coverage. >> our ann sterling is live at sherman and burleigh where protesters clashed with police.
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activists will mobilize to try to clean up after more damage was left behind overnight. >> we want to start with ann sterling. she joins us live. good morning. >> good morning to you. as you can see here now on the scene, calm here at the bp station. we are down the street from where the house fire started moments ago. we saw fire trucks rushing through. we do want to point out there is no worthed yet if that's connected to the violence that night. overnight, here's what we can tell you. we know one person was shot. that 18-year-old was rushed to the hospital in armored police vehicle. also a milwaukee police officer was injured overnight when a rock smashed through his windshield. the crowd was calm until 11:00 when things took a turn and got violent. protesters started to throw rocks and picked up whatever they could and threw at police officers. one car was set on fire down the road from here.
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that will come out later this morning. the national guard was not called in to help mpd. they are still on alert, ready incase the sheriff office or mpd calls in for help. reporting live, ann sterling, at today's tmj4. the area around us here is quiet. we're going to show you some of the debris that remains at the burned out bp gas station behind me but the streets around here are actually this morning quite clear. earlier this morning, we caught video of street sweepers out cleaning debris left from the violence the last couple of nights. they worked to clean up neighbor roads as police officers in our video we saw slowly left the scene. we saw members of the community
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into their own hands on sunday. following the first night of violence and unrest. they gathered near the burned bp gas station at sherman and burleigh. >> it's unfortunate and sad what happened to that young man but now a whole community is messed up and a lot of times when you destroy something, it never comes back. >> now, many neighbors we've spoken to say they have been very afraid during some of the violence that has taken here. they're also frustrated because even if they want nothing to do with any of the burning and looting, they are stuck in the middle of it because of where they live. live in sherman park. >> pete, we're staying on top of the situation from twitter. there's a lot of new information coming out in the overnight hours. this is a live look at the milwaukee list twitter feed. the most recent tweet telling us officers are restoring order at sherman and burleigh.
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mpd. they tweeted this out a little bit earlier. among those investigating this, chief flynn was out there. see him in the pictures. the damage done to the squad by bricks, rocks and glass bottles according to mpd. more damage done to a squad car. this time a brick hit the windshield. police tweeting out the officer in that squad was taken to the hospital. we'll stay on top of all this for you. >> thank. violence erupted after police shot a suspect. mpd tells us officer shot and killed a man armed with a gun at 44th and hour. saturday afternoon. saville smith they say was on the run from police carrying a handgun they say was stolen. officer is on administrative duty. investigation goes on. encounter between the suspect
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chief watched the video. says the suspect was shot in the chest and arm and is waiting for autopsy results. describes what he saw in the video. >> i know what i saw on the video. i know what i see in the still. certainly appears to me that at the time he made that decision, it was a credible and legally protest ticketed decision. >> chief flynn says the body camera has a 30 second audio delay. first 30 seconds is mayor would like to see the video released to the public as soon as possible. >> members of the quinn national guard remain on alert. asked for the guard to be on stand by. governor agreed and now members are ready in case they are needed. >> again, our intention is they're not coming immediately over to be on the ground or on the streets but they would be available at this site if the request was made. >> the governor says extra state
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in. we will continue to bring you the latest from the violence in sherman park as it happens. also follow along for the latest on this breaking news on the go. bridged shanahan will have a hit in moments about a fire in the sherman park neighborhood just now. >> we don't know if that is related but right in the same spot. let's get an update on the weather and traffic together. looking at the start of the new work week. >> good morning to both of you. good morning, everyone. a quiet weather start to the week. with a few clouds around milwaukee and to the south. partly cloudy. a lot of clear conditions across the state and more clouds and rain showers back into the dakotas that could be here by overnight tonight. temperatures comfortable. we're in the lower 60s for the most part. now dropped to 69 degrees in milwaukee after holding 70 most of the night. drier air moved in. noticed it last evening out and
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had most of last week. heading into work, partly cloudy, 71 degrees. this afternoon, after a high of 80, southeast wind will develop. it will be 82 inland. this is your pick day of the week. >> keeping an aye on the roadways now, this morning, my map mostly green, good news. i do want to give you a heads up. 894 southbound a little bit of a slowdown. that is because of overnight closures. will clean up in 10 minutes. and then heads up for those who travel eastbound on 94. this ramp in the zoo interchange is completely shut down today and will not reopen until spring of 2017. so again, the 4 eastbound. does shut down today and will not reopen until much later in 2017. now to turn it over to you. >> thanks. breaking news. a fire started near 41st and burleigh. susan mentioned this a moment
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scene. you can see firefighters on the roof here and smoke pouring out of the top of this home. now, this is just a few blocks from that gas station that has been ground zero for all of this. close to sherman park. you can see the officers up on the roof now h what we don't know is if this is in any way related to all the other violence we've been sighing. we do know it just started in the last half hour or so. no police presence there. whh in fact related and a tragedy for this homeowner this morning. we'll try to get more answers for you about this house fire. burning 3 blocks from the bp gas station on saturday night. >> all right. thank you. 5:08. coming up next on live at daybreak on winning young minds. consolidating the youth vote acog to the latest poll. >> and battleground wisconsin when donald trump returns to the
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you live life your way. we can help you retire your way, too. financial guidance while you're mastering life. from chase. so you can. >> 11 minutes after 5 on today's tmj4. trying to get you updated on the overnight violence in milwaukee sherman park neighborhood.
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peacefully. 10:45 went south. one cop ended up in the hospital. after midnight, police began arresting people that would not go home. 425th and center h crowds broke up and police got that situation under control. street sweepers came by to clean up debris. 3:00 in the morning. >> more local news now. one of the three men arrested in the death of lela peterson today. prosecutors say carl barrett junior was targeting a rival when he shot the wrong house and killed a 5-year-old girl. second suspected also facing charges. driver pleaded guilty back in february. big day ahead for future milwaukee police department officers. 45 recruits will be sworn in today. 36 men and nine women the first of 2016 to go through the academy.
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training and scheduled to graduate early next year. ceremony itself starts at 10:30 this morning. still ahead, grabbing the gold. the fastest man alive and the event team u.s.a. won for the first time ever. >> plus, under water. the reason the president declared a investigator disaster and the staggering number of
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we're on top of more overnight breaking news. happening now blocks from the site of the overnight protest. >> fire crews are on the scene of a house fire now. pete joins us live from 41st and burleigh with more
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>> susan, you are correct. near 41st and burleigh. take a look at what is going on behind us. another crew on the scene closer to the actual house on fire. burleigh is blocked off. heavy presence of police officers and firefighters. i counted three or four vehicles arriving at the scene with the sirens on when the fire was first reported. half an hour ago we heard people up bp gas station at sherman and burleigh and tell the officers on scene there that a home up the block was on fire. right now, we do want to reiterate there is no indication that this fire is at all relate to any of the unrests we've been seeing around sherman and burleigh. it appears to for now to be a routine house fire call. however we do see a heavy presence of firefighters and police officers here in the area
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around the area of 41st has been blocked off as crews respond to the blaze here. live at001st and burleigh, today's tmj4. >> also worth mentioning firefighters have been busy over the last few days and though it is not connected at this point, still a big job for them. turning on twitter, hashtag milwaukee unrest. pushing to end the violence. this hair, pray for milwaukee. an eye whole world be blind. these are people that live in milwaukee sending out the tweets. another one. when i wake up, please let this be over. people obviously upset about what is happening in their city. some on social media frustrated by the violence in the community. many condemning the violence. saying sherman park is full of good people. others sharing video of people and damage and destruction. >> thank you very much. we will continue to bring you the latest from the violence in
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you can also follow along at for the latest on this breaking news on the go. >> beyond wisconsin, police in georgia looking for this man, 24-year-old accused in shooting and killing a police officer over the weekend. authorities say he shot officer tim smith as he was getting out of cruiser to investigate a report of a suspicious person. officer smith managed to return fire but the shooter got away. smith died from injuries at the a report of gunfire at j.f.k. in new york may have been cheering and clapping from people watching the olympics. started when a woman coming off a plane thought she heard gunfire. terminal 8 and 1 placed on lockdown. no shooter or evidence of shots fired were found. >> rising flood waters create a dangerous situation in the stays of louisiana. president obama declared a major disaster for that state. torrential rains overwhelmed the
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weekend. 7,000 people have been rescued. four deaths so far are blamed on the weather. >> do not try to go back into your homes. it is dangerous. it's a dangerous situation and if you're out here, you can replace anything that you have in the homes but we cannot replace your life. so i'm asking, begging you guys please don't go back in and try to go back into your home. are are evacuees did leave pets behind as they fled their homes. >> time for weather and traffic together on this monday morning. over to brian watching the forecast. >> watching a beautiful sunrise this morning as well. what a nice way to start your monday morning. a few clouds overhead. colors beginning to pop. sunrises around 6:00. we have over 30 minutes until we see it. getting spectacular colors. 63 degrees. comfortable outside. dampness with humidity at 97%. a few clouds i showed you over southern wisconsin.
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clear. more clouds off to the west from the twin cities back into the dakotas where they're seeing rain showers. future forecast clear this morning. we'll see a 10% chance of a shower this afternoon. computer forecast doing a little overboard with the rain. today is your pick day of the week. second monday in a row where it's the pick day. good start of the week. rest of the days are not as nice. above normal temperatures continue and humidity as well. a good chance for scattered showers well which we still need the rain though we had the downpours on friday. milwaukee is 69 degrees. glen day, 65. franklin, fond du lac county waking up to lower 60s. 620 in oakville. this afternoon, you'll get up into the upper 70s to lower 80s. fond did he lack at 83 with a light southeast wind. dew points have dropped into the
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temperatures. dew points this past weekend had highs near 80, but it remained a little humid on saturday before drier yesterday is very with lows in to mid 60s mostly clear will be a august day sunshine, 80, and some humidityt is the pick day of the week. a few showers will pop up after 4am tonight with lows in the mid 60s.tuesday morning has a slight chance for a lingering shower, otherwise it is partly cloudy and humid with highs in the lower 80s. wednesday is partly dy highs in the mid 80 and scattered t'showers. sunny and highs in the the weather thursday lambeau with 70s. friday upper 80s and scattered ahead of front. looks rainy the upper 70s, while sunday is
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live at daybreak on today's tmj4... what to watch. the high profile events on tap for your olympics coverage today... plus.((...the guy pulled out his gun, he cocked it, put it to my forehead and said "get down".)) terrifying ordeal. the u-s athletes mugged at the olympics... and what the crooks were wearing that has authorities in rio
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amop?. love every step. now save $15 in your sunday paper or at >> it's 5:25. olympics update plenty on the line in rio. games enter 10th day. it is win or go home for mennings volleyball taking on
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u.s.a. gymnastics seimone biles goes for 4th gold and gold in the mens pole vault finals. scary moment for ryan lochte and three teammates. robbed at gunpoint in rio over the weekend by men posing as police officers. the crooks stopped the taxi they were stopping in, the fake officers told the men to get on the ground. lochte says he had done nothing wrong. >> then the guy pulled out his gun. he docked it, put it to my forehead and said get down. i put my hands up. i was like whatever. he took our money. he took my wallet. >> rio police say they are investigating the incident and they plan to interview the swimmers about it. >> 5:26. coming up, the clock is ticking. decision prosecutors have to
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avery's nephew behind bars. >> and city under siege. violence continued overnight. businesses hit this time and what authorities are doing to
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offices. one call, that's all. >> happening right now, more police officers are showing up here at sherman park. i'm ann sterling. we'll tell you what happened on the second night of violence. >> plus, just blocks from the epicenter of all that unrest, a we'll tell you if we have any word on whether it is related and what we know thus far. >> and back to school. four things doctors say should be on your summer check list as kids get ready to hit the classroom. >> this is breaking news now from today's tmj4. >> a house up in flames now blocks away from the site of violent protests overnight. live in the sherman park neighborhood once again this


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