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tv   Todays TMJ4 News Live at 1000  NBC  August 22, 2016 10:00pm-10:35pm CDT

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>> reporter: yeah, carole, and charles, the all-clear was just given. you can see behind me, waukesha police are actually still gathered over there. we saw another police car just drive in right now. carroll university said there were reports of a man with a gun. they have not said if anyone is in custody. they say the situation is resolved. they were on lockdown for a while. waukesha police department is on th they're investigating. carroll university was telling students to look at their pioneer alerts for ongoing information. one thing that is important to know, classes are not yet under way at carroll university. i looked on their web site, move-in day isn't until labor day weekend. what does look like is going on, athletic events that start this friday. possibly those students are on campus. as of right now, no official fall class students are on
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so, again, the all-clear has been given here at carroll university, and waukesha police continue to investigate. they say they will be releasing more information to us a little bit later on tonight. reporting live at carroll university, rebecca klopf, today's tmj4. >> we're happy for the all-clear. thank you. historic flooding in louisiana. devastating wildfires in california. and a deadly apartment fire in sheboygan. when disaster strikes, the red cross is there. and in wisconsin, that means volunteers stretched thin. >> dozens of volunteers are in sheboygan where a fire ripped through this apartment complex, killing one person and leaving many families homeless. >> coreen zell talked to one of those families affected, along with volunteers who say they need more people to step up and help. >> reporter: charles and carole, more than 20 of those people who lost everything in that apartment fire are staying here tonight, at farnsworth middle school.
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clothes. >> i don't even ever want to go by that building again. >> jackie is one of more than 40 residents who used to call embers apartments in sheboygan home. now, many have no place to go after the complex caught fire sunday morning, leaving one person dead. >> we were shipped here on this bus shocked, put into the loving hands of these volunteers. and it was amazing. >> 35 red cross volunteers are working around the c those who lost everything in the apartment fire. almost 50 local volunteers are in louisiana assisting with flooding victims. close to ten in california helping with wildfires. the red cross is in need of some help of their own. >> right now, it's a little bit more urgent, because we have so many things happening. >> reporter: they're asking for people to volunteer their time, donate blood, and give money. >> we're stretched.
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>> i can't imagine not having lost my mind if it had not been for them. i don't know what i would have done if it hadn't been for the red cross. i really don't. >> reporter: tomorrow, the red cross is organizing a multi-agency relief center here to help those people take steps toward getting back on their feet. fire officials are investigating what caused that apartment fire. if you're interested in helping the red cross, you can find information on reporting live, coreen zell, today's tmj4. >> where would we be without the red cross and volunteers. the aclu is putting pressure on the attorney general in the smith case. >> smith's death led to two days of violence in sherman park. rebecca klopf talked to the aclu about why they want the video
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sylville smith took 20 seconds to unfold. we don't know if he activated his camera. the aclu says this could mean you don't hear the actual shots. >> that suggests that the officers didn't turn on their video when they should have. >> the cameras are always recording, but not always saving the video. here's how it works. when an officer wants to save an incident, they double click on the camera. the camera will go back and save as a safeguard in case something happened before. there is no audio on that 30 seconds. audio starts the moment the officer double clicks the camera. >> we don't think that it's a defect that if you don't have the audio, if you can have training and policies that make it so that the officer turns on the video as soon as the
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as the officer's still in the vehicle, and then about 30 seconds later, the audio also kicks in. >> attorney general brad schimel says he's not yet ready to release the body cam video. and that concerns the aclu. >> if you retain, withhold the body cam video, without a good reason, that's going to undermine community trust. >> reporter: schimel says he's holding the video because he still needs to reserve evidence. >> in the end, the to have confidence that the process was an effective search for the truth. >> reporter: rebecca klopf, today's tmj4. >> the attorney general's office will turn over its finding to the district attorney. if the d.a. decides not to issue charges, the video will be released first to the smith family and then the public. 23-year-old sylville smith ran from a traffic stop. smith had a gun in his hand and
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that's when a milwaukee police shot him twice, once in the chest and once in the arm. there were three officers wearing body cameras. state investigators have looked at them in real-time. at last check the d.o.j. has gotten 10 anonymous tips. the family is arranging funeral services this friday at christian faith fellowship church. more than 30 faith leaders have promised to be there. the fly this mother worshipped there yesterday. >>...her heart and prayed for her and just tried to reinforce the prayers, and the strengthening. >> funeral services are expected to start at noon. the reverend jesse jackson is expected to deliver the eulogy. milwaukee police and federal investigators released a surveillance picture of the suspect in the arson of a liquor store in the violence in sherman
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recognize this. it was taken at the store. anyone who recognizes this man is asked to call milwaukee police or the atf. you may be eligible for the $10,000 reward. the emergency curfew in the city of milwaukee has been lifted. teens under 17 are required to be home by 10:00 during the month of summer. >> things have stabilized. certainly in the sherman park area. and kudos to the police department, the religious groups, the neighborhood groups, and most of all to the residents of sherman park who really stepped up and said, hey, this is our neighborhood, we want this to be a good neighborhood. it has been an amazing response. >> the sheriff department is still closing sherman park at 6:00 p.m. for complete coverage on the healing, go to our web site, coming up in the second half of our broadcast, i want to tell
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business celebrating a successful 15 years in business. attorney general brad schimel took time to talk about brendan dassey. he was convicted of helping his uncle help murder halbach. a judge overturned his conviction saying his conviction was coerced. schimel said he would probably act much sooner than the 90-day the options. there are a number of different directions this case can go. and before we make a determination as to which option we'll pursue, we are going to want to give teresa halbach's family an opportunity for input. >> schimel's office has been in communication with halbach's family and continue to outline options and the likelihood of success on each one. after a cool, wet weekend,
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week. jesse is in for john malan. we should expect to see more of the same tomorrow. >> a little bit more humidity. almost a repeat forecast. we started off a little chilly this morning for some. 56 in milwaukee. 46 in burlington. 46 also in lake geneva, up a tick there at 6:30 in the morning. a couple 40s on the map. in the afternoon, temperatures were mainly in the 70s. we did reach a high between hours in milwaukee of 80?. but, we h tomorrow, we are going to be watching the temperatures tick on up again. continue to look at clear skies allowing the temperatures to drop. 71? now. the rest of the overnight hours, dropping into the 50s away from lake michigan not quite as crisp of a start to the day, but it will and cool start. i'll tell you when the warm air sinks in, and how long it will stick around. take a look at this, one of milwaukee's historical landmarks
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project. the basilica of st. joseph is in need of millions of dollars of improvement. the project is about 16% funded. supporters need donation toss reach their $7.5 million goal. more than a dozen neighbors in the bay view area laced up their sneakers and took a walk with the mayor. it's all part of the mayor's 100 miles in 100 days challenge. this promotes people to stay active by walking with members of their community. beautiful day to take well, it looks like this week will be the week matthews and peppers will meet with the nfl. >> alleging they used performance enhancing drugs. >> rod burks joins us. >> they had a deadline of august 25 to talk to investigators or they would be suspended by the league. according to a report by the usa today, they have asked to meet with the nfl this week on
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the al-jazeera report. it looks like the two sides will be getting together soon to beat the deadline of august 25th. the packers pre-season continues this friday in san francisco. the only place you can see it right here on today's tmj4 your official packer's station. coverage begins at 7:30 with a special. kickoff set for 9:00 p.m. still ahead, a piece of the past >> why this coffee shop is about more than cappuccino and espresso. a dog rides shotgun when the car is stolen. firefighters are probably used to calls about a kitten stuck up a tree, what about one stuck in a toilet? "the tonight show" is next. here's jimmy fallon with a preview.
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real time closed captioning brought to you by u.s. cellular. firefighters in kansas rescue a 3-week old kitten from a toilet. a 4-year-old had flushed the kitty down the toilet. the family could here the meows. thanks to a firefighter and a plumber the kitten was rescued.
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doing better. her dog was left in a stolen car, the car was stolen at the corner of cass and wells. the gps tracked to the north side where it had been left abandoned after a crash. a bystander found arrow, the dog, near 6th and vine. >> his name from a kids' story. he is just like that dog i always wanted as a kid. >> the arrow dog had with a phone number. the collar was missing, so the dog's microchip is what led him back. we spotlight a sherman park business celebrating its 15th anniversary this month. one with a rich history that's filling a community need. >> the sherman park coffee shop has brewed up java to thousands during its 15 years in business. >> it was totally about the
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coffee shop guy. i just like plain coffee. our neighborhood needed a welcoming, safe, place. >> it sits in a former gas station built in 1939. and perched on 49th and roosevelt. the owner has lived in sherman park since the 80s. >> we were wonderfully embraced. we have an eclectic neighborhood. >> it is not only latte and treats. he has been c opened. >> get a chance to experience a lot of personalities. >> sherman park is on the national registry of historic landmarks. >> it is a very unique property in a unique location. it's a streamlined architecture. >> fans are hoping sherman park will be fueling folks with caffeine for many years to come. >> at least exist another 15 years. that would be my wish for the sherman park coffee shop.
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people are satisfied with our product and service. >> way to go. and, feeding america is stopping in sherman park tomorrow, going to hand out 10,000 pounds of food. the mobile food pantry will be at the boys & girls club from 1:00 to 3:00. all of the food will be on a first-come, first-served basis. this weekend, gwen jorgensen became the first ameriwo >> girls rule. the waukesha native had no shortage of support, with several friends making the trip to rio. doning their team gwen shirts. gwen is just as down to earth as she always has. >> being her friends, even throughout athletics, she was always very humble. she was driven and very successful in all of the sports that she did.
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about anything. >> we're so proud of you. she graduated from waukesha south. she lives near minneapolis. if the weather could stay like this all year long, it would be great. >> a beautiful shot of lake michigan from sheboygan. enjoy this cool refreshing air while you can. warm air rolls back in soon. >> tomorrow you'll start to feel a little bit of the stickiness. wednesday, we're going to have instead of the 70s in the 70s. we did see a high of 80? in milwaukee. 56?, a cooler start, it was breezy. winds from the south. they will continue to stay from the south overnight tonight and throughout the day tomorrow, which is going to bring stickier air to the south, into our neck of the woods. temps hanging on decently. 60 in burlington.
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janesville. dew points still comfortable today in the low 50s. those are going to start to increase, as we go into the day tomorrow. we'll have dew points in the mid 60s, by wednesday, again dew points in the 70s for some of us. it's going to feel steamy. friday we'll be back in comfortable dew points in the 50s. it will feel refreshing closer to the weekend. to the north, situated a warm front, showers and storms up in the u.p., that's where they're going to stay overnight tonight. still looking at clear skies, warmer and more humid air starts to push in tomorrow. not oppressively hot. the humidity cranked up a little bit tuesday into wednesday, that's when this cold front approaches. that will bring a chance for showers and thunderstorms. not going to be a washout of a day, certainly a good chance for rainshowers, get your mowing of the lawns done, i think tomorrow
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maybe a half of an inch wednesday, best chance in the morning, then late in the day as the cold front swings on through. overnight staying dry with clear skies. 62 your overnight low. pretty much right where we're supposed to be for this time of year. 58 away from lake michigan. clear skies are going to allow us to warm up very quickly, along with that drier air starting to increase the moisture a bit. 81? for your high tomorrow. we'll still be breezy, and that wind continues to crank in the temperatures that are going to be in the 80s for wednesday, a chance for those showers and storms as that cold front swings through. that will dry us out for thursday, and the humidity will drop back down, a very comfortable friday ahead with a high of 74?. chance of a few showers or thunderstorms this weekend, certainly not a washout. so, not the best, but not the worst.
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?? the green bay packers got one of their offensive stars when jordy pads today. we like to see him doing those drills. he caught footballs from aaron rodgers, and he expects to be ready. they open in jacksonville in week one. here he is after practice. >> i felt better today, honestly. ...being in full pads, and everything. i thought that was a good time. we have been working inside, we have been getting the
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there's nothing like playing a game and playing a game in jacksonville week one. it is going to be hot down there. i'm sure everyone will be having to deal with it, and it will be part of it. >> tretter got good news when mike mccarthy made him starting center. he takes over for the injured corey lyndsay, who hasn't practiced because of a hamstring injury. >>...again, it's out now you got to run with it. have to go out there and prove what you can do, continue to play well, and just continue to go out there... >> coming up in our second segment of sports, could the
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the brewers opening up their game hosting the colorado rockies. jimmy nelson looking for his first win since july. tied up at 1. ryan braun safe at first. and behar and a two-run single that scores brawny and scooter gennett. chris carter with yet another homerun. 30th of the year, headed out of the park. the brewers take game one against the rockies with a 4-2 win. nelson gets his first win since july 16.
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championship in dallas. terry played his last two season with the rockets where he averaged 14 points a game.
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and here are your winning
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5, 10, 21, 27, 30, 36, and no doubler tonight. >> what kind of numbers you got? >> a little bit warmer than what they were this morning. >> i still want summer. it feels like it's flying by. >> and you'll get a little bit of humidity creeping back in there tomorrow. hey, yesterday, it brought the end. it was 75? in milwaukee. it brought the end of 20 days of 80 degrees or more. it brought the end more of at or above average. >> carole: that's incredible. we have had two or three summers of below normal. >> okay, two days in the 70s. i think we can handle. really not so bad. and the wind is going to be a little bit breezy tomorrow, but nothing too much. >> charles: a nice summer day. >> get the yard work in before. >> don't forget to join vinny
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[ cheers and applause ] ?? >> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center in the heart of new york city, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon." tonight, join jimmy and his guests -- robert de niro,


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