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tv   Today  NBC  August 26, 2016 2:37am-3:31am CDT

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drifting over earlier this evening. see those moving out as we clear out and pull out check out what's going out to the west, absolutely nothing. so it's going to be a beautiful day tomorrow. maybe a few clouds in the afternoon. all in all, a sunny start to the day. clear overnight, sunny start, and a couple of high clouds again drifting in from all this activity to the south. high pressure, then, rolls to the east. look what happens by 6:00 in the morning on saturday. a line of showers and storms rolling through, could see a and we could see more into saturday evening. so, rainy on saturday, but the whole weekend is in a washout. 64 overnight tonight, mostly clear skies, 58 inland, very comfortable dry air. tomorrow, beautiful day. sunshine, 78?, less humid air, and right on into saturday, showers and storms return, highs right around 80?. "storm team 4" 7-day forecast, small chance of a shower sunday,
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monday with a chance of a shower, and 83. and we're going to stay warm much of next week with 84 on tuesday, with partly cloudy skies, slight chance of a shower into wednesday, 82, and 81 into thursday. so, warm temperatures rolling in for next week. our average highs have already dropped into the upper to mid 70s around here. so... >> warm labor day possibly. >> very warm. >> coming up next in sports, how aaron rodgers will do it with limited ugh, this pimple's gonna last forever. oh come on. clearasil ultra works fast to begin visibly clearing up skin in as little as 12 hours. and acne won't last forever.
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aaron rodgers likely getting some playing time in pre-season game number 3 against the 49ers. our lance allan is outside the stadium with what we can expect. >> alyse, we won't see a lot of him, but, yes, it is expected to be the debut of aaron rodgers against the 49ers here at levi stadium. >> it will be good to feel the tempo, if i expecting to play. if i play friday, feel the tempo out there...used's a little different tempo when i'm in there...long time. i'll set the tempo with my own pace, and push the guys, and that will help. the tempo we practice at is so high...we got to keep that going. and we will.
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trying to do is get ready for the regular season, whether it's with the scout -- or whatever we're doing, we just got to keep pressing that, and keep getting on the same page. i think we're doing an operating job. >> back-up quarterback bret hundley not expected to play with that strained ankle, expect to see williams behind rodgers. >> still to come in sports, the brewers get the pirates on their home turf tonight. who would startut ? music ? new k-y intense. a stimulating gel that takes her pleasure to new heights.
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wily peralta pitching for the first time against the pirates. late season push into the post season, but drudge mccutcheon, a single to center, a pattern today, he makes it 2-0 pirates, pitcher chad cool hot...a chris carter double to left. follows that with a homerun to deep right. we're tied at 2. who else to break the tie in the 10th, mccutcheon with the r.b.i. single, and the pirates beat the
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bart houston will make the first start of his career at lambeau field. he earned the starting job over hornerbrook. impressed with both quarterbacks during camp. >> i thought one of our key goals was to make sure that both were ready to play the season, not just play, but to be able to win with them playing, and i felt both did that. as a team. they're no different than the group. we've still got a ways to >> the badgers men's basketball team announced their schedule. greg gard's first full season, opening at home against rutgers december 27th. home against two of last year's final, oklahoma and syracuse. alex looking to redeem himself. he dropped to 23rd after
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comfortable and ready to win. >> i'm used to it a bit more now with the team. so when i get there to the weekend, like they have my seat. so i jump in the car and i feel like at home, because it is my seating position. yeah, they -- the team -- team penske is doing a great job.
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here are your winning super cash numbers: >> john: mine are better winners. mine are huge winners. 64 to start the day, sunshine, dry air, 70s in the afternoon. beautiful day. >> i'm business in ontario, canada. here's the picture on facebook. >> uh-huh. >> so is that >> oh, my -- >> regis, can you see that? >> regis, do you like it? >> a throne, i love it. regis thinks that's funny. >> hey, now, you are 85 today, reg. that's getting up there. do you agree with this new survey, it says as you get older, you get happier. >> well, mostly true. >> yeah. >> not always true. >> what are you happier about
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>> not having to deal with you. that often. >> is that often the -- >> and what's the bad part of it? >> getting up in the morning sometimes regis is a little stiff. in the knees. >> regis. regis. you're the best. >> we just got out of that one. >> let me going to see him later. >> how about a little music? a little song -- >> is it hoda day? >> we played it when we were in rio, it's reggae, beach. it's from a group called the dirty hits and it's called "that's all i need." take a listen.
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>> you like it, reg? are you sure? listen. ? ain't no place i'd rather be ? ? i'm talking about right here right now ? ? that's all i need ? >> your favorite song is "every time it rains it rains ? >> that is my favorite song. >> what >> he's blanking right now. he's 85. >> 85. >> when i was 84, i remembered every lyric. >> okay. all right. so if you guys, by the way, want to see the video of how her hair got curly, it's epic, people want to see how they did it. go to our facebook page. kick up your cowboy boots for the boys of florida georgia line. >> find out why they changed in
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hi, guys. welcome. they're famous for their brand of bro country, mix of country, rock and pop. tyler hubbard, hub, and brian
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georgia line. >> it's alphabetical. >> is that how -- >> which one of you is from florida? >> i'm from florida. >> you're florida, he's georgia. >> runaway hit "cruise," they've become a main hit in country music, their latest single is called "holy." it's held the number one spot on billboard's hot country charts for 16 straight weeks. >> what? >> what? >> now florida georgia line is perfor i crowds across the country and their new album is called "dig your roots." hello, boys. >> you always have dug your roots, haven't you? you're proud to be where you're from and riding that wave. >> it's important. i think it's more important to us than ever. we're excited about this album. i think we're trying to as transparent as we can be. a lot's changed. a lot's happened for us. >> bring us up to date. >> you brought both your wives here.
2:54 am
>> she's over there. >> she's adorable. overalls on. >> what's interesting, you guys, whenever i hear your music, i think of dancing and kicking up my heels. party music. this cd i fell in love with listening to the song. so much more depth. it's like close your eyes music and soak it in. >> thank you. i think it's a little bit -- you nailed it, little deeper album, little bit of vulnerability -- can't even >> and spirituality. >> that's right. >> was this a conscientious decision? did you say to yourself let's just represent where you are? honestly were you thinking maybe the fans aren't going to want us to evolve? sometimes they want to keep you right where you are. >> i think there's no stopping where we're at and how we're evolving. it's a natural thing. we're turning into men. a lot's changed. we're excited about this album, we have collaborations,
2:55 am
>> when you said, hey, do you want to join, did they go yeah? >> that's funny, well put. they kind of did. it was a dream come true for us. super surreal. all these guys had huge influence in our life and music. it's kind of ironic. we're digging our roots even with the collaboration on the record. >> when you were writing different songs you were going only if they would to it with and me" sounds like a modern day backstreet boys song. nick carter was on our bus, fell in love with the song last minute. last thing you know they were putting their voices on it. >> how fun. >> writing in an interesting place. you have a tree house? >> a real tree house. >> two story. >> what are you talking about? >> look at this. >> no. >> yeah. >> how cool is that? >> pete nelson from "tree house
2:56 am
over and hooked my wife and i up, tyler and i, friends, producer, songwriter friends, we all come over and hang out, a lot of inspiration out there in the woods. >> you have electricity up there. >> do number one, number two out there. can do it, it's all good in the woods, y'all. >> somebody's wife is cringing. we're going to play a game. i think underneath you where you're sitting there's a peach or an orange. you see one? >> oh, yeah. >> you got the peach. we're going to ask you a question, tell us whoever this applies to. who has a parent that's a mayor? >> oh, yeah. >> mayor of? >> in florida. >> up for re-election. >> going for county chair of volusia county. >> moving on un. >> who owned a car detail business? high school? >> that would be me. i can clean the heck out of a car. >> which one of you is usually
2:57 am
which one of you stays out later? >> kind of -- >> can we get a shot of your beautiful wife since she is here, by the way? what's her name. >> this is haley. >> hi, haley. adorable. you guys have great families. >> next time, please sing for us. >> we'd love to. >> the whole deal? >> the whole band. >> we would love it. we would love it. all right. heads will be turn when two teachers go back to school. >> where's reg? >> oh. >> where is reg? >> ambush makeover after this. reg's birthday. say happy birthday to reg, you guys. affordable renters insurance. with great coverage it protects my personal belongings should they get damaged, stolen or destroyed. [doorbell] uh, excuse me. delivery. hey. lo mein, szechwan chicken,
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it's time for brain teaser thursday. see if you can solve this puzzle. from the beginning of eternity from the end of time and space, the beginning of every end, and the end of every place, i'm already -- what am i? i say you're god. from the beginning -- can we go back one more time? what is it? from the beginning of eternity, to the end of time the beginning of every end and the end of every place. >> i stand by what i said. >> i think it must be a word like place mat. >> all right. i'll go with her instead of god. >> there you go.
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the active way to better skin. >> the brain teaser, before the break we gave you the riddle. >> from the beginning of eternity to the end of time and space, the beginning of every end, and the end of every place. what am i? so after matt and then god, the right answer is actually "e." >> the letter "e." >> from the beginning of eternity, to the end of time. >> you know why i think it's god, though? >> i don't know why it would be "e." >> eternityta beginning of eternity. >> to the end of time and space. ends with es. >> they end with es. >> then what? >> every end is an "e" and the ended of every place is an "e." >> it's exhausting. that's why i said god. >> regis, someone tell me where regis is. >> he'll show up. you know he will. >> i don't like waiting. >> all right. now how about the letter "f" for fabulous? that's the way two lucky teachers are feeling after their ambush makeovers. they were swept off the plaza
3:05 am
courtesy of our crack makeover team. >> "today" contributor and celebrity hairstylist to the stars, louis. ? la, la, la, la, la ? and jil martin. >> how's everybody? >> great. feels so good to be back. >> it's fun to get teachers and help them, right? >> oh my gosh, it was so much fun because they really don't spend that much time on themselves. they spend all their time with children which is one of the most difficult, not -- you know, it's personally don't acknowledge them. >> they don't get the thanks they deserve. >> these two teachers know one another. here's the first one. lauren pemberton. she's 37 years old from new york city. lauren and her close friend, catherine, are both teachers at the school at columbia university where lauren teaches kindergarten. they both call themselves adventure girls. lauren said the makeover was catherine's idea. she's happy about it, too, because she, too, wanted a change. she's married, have a 2-year-old
3:06 am
monday. here she is with her friend and fellow teacher. >> i love this back to school. i can tell you're teachers because of this crazy sign. so first tell me why lauren deserves this. >> amazing friend, great mom, great teacher. she's amazing. she deserves it. she's my workout buddy. she'll do anything with me. she's my adventure friend. >> will you do anything today? >> i will do whatever you want. whatever you want me to do, i'll do. >> thi >> okay, so their friend is a fellow teacher named jen, right here with the blindfold on next to regis who has a blindfold on, too. all right. regis, we know how you can be, stop peeking. let's take a look at lauren's before picture. all right, lauren, let's see the new you. ?? >> wow. >> oh my -- jen couldn't wait a
3:07 am
>> wow. okay. >> regis. >> forget my hair. look at hers. >> all right. are you ready to see yourself? >> i'm ready. >> okay. spin it, girl. here it goes. >> oh, my god. amazing. i love it. can i touch it? >> yes, you can. you can touch it. >> i love it. >> oh, my god, it is so fun and flirty and adorable. spin right around. take a look at camera 12. >> regis loves it. take >> i love it. >> what we did, what i did here is i gave her -- i softened herd color, number one. we had jenny from the salon today who gave her this great haircut. instead of flattening her hair like we do so many times, she said why not embrace the texture? >> love it. >> women always e-mail me and say why don't you leave the hair curly? there you go, girls. >> the pop star we had on,
3:08 am
>> this is shorter shape. she took off the back. she looks great. >> so pretty. >> all right. >> stand right over there if you wouldn't mind. time for your friend. >> jen, turn around. you guys turn around. >> catherine georgia teaches math and has been a teacher for 16 years. describes her style as low key. says she doesn't have that much time. okay. busy mom to two young boys. says she's been wanting to be ambushed for years. now she's let's listen to her story. >> now it's your buddy, catherine's turn. what are your hoping for her makeover? >> i hope she becomes even more beautiful than she already is. she's such a beautiful person. inside and out. she's an inspiration to me. she's a wonderful mom. and friend. and i am ready for this next adventure. >> i love you guys. i cannot wait. you're ready for this adventure, too? >> totally. all about this. >> oh my gosh. >> laies are waiting. >> don't turn around.
3:09 am
again at catherine georgia and let's bring out the brand new catherine. no turning around, ladies. not yet. >> wow. wow. >> all right. spin around. >> can i touch it? >> she hasn't seen herself yet. >> spin around and see yourself. >> wow. oh. >> isn't it great? >> oh, my god. >> all right. >> okay. basically i softened her -- i tried to take away her black hair. when your hair isn't black anymore, it shouldn't be black again. start to make it a little softer. dark but soft. >> i love that. >> it takes a while. it takes a while to get the black off.
3:10 am
today. jenny gave her this great haircut. the makeup. again, significant amount of hair taken off because the hair down here was doing enough but making her -- >> it's amazing. i love it. >> what do you think of her? >> it's amazing like holy moly. >> regis thinks you look great. >> parent/teacher conferences. maggie london. >> that is awesome. >> we've got your color for you. all righty. from back to school, to back to school breakfast. i can't see but i think it says pack a protein punch, right? two healthy ideas to give your kids a boost coming up right after this. the decision to ride on and save money.
3:11 am
s no shame in saving money. ride on, ride proud. geico motorcycle, great rates for great rides. hey, it's the phillips' lady! there's a more enjoyable way to get your fiber. try these delicious phillips' fiber good gummies, a good source of fiber to help support regularity. mmmm. these are great. my work here is done.
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you know how it is in the morning. you got to get the kids fed and out the door if time for school and it is rush, rush, rush, rush. >> right. >> our "today" food team has come up with quick back to school breakfasts packed with proteins and veggies. here to show them to us is celebrity chef and restauranteur. you were saying you have a new grand central -- >> yes. >> good for you. >> pizza bar. >> look at you. we wish you all the best. >> thank you. >> what are we making for breakfast? >> okay. this is -- i tested it on my son. this is quinoa pudding. the easiest thing, you can make it in a microwave. all you need is egg, coconut, quinoa, banana, vanilla extract, chocolate chips, maple syrup. >> a breakfasty thing we're making? >> breakfast and make it in the microwave and the kids love it. it's really healthy.
3:15 am
>> yeah. >> healthy version of, like, a -- >> a -- >> mash it up. >> masher. >> let's -- it's okay if i use my fingers. this is cooked quinoa which everyone says is so healthy for you but personally i don't lake the taste of quinoa. in the microwave, i love it. >> really? >> how come, what happens? >> i don't know. thank you. you just mash it up. >> mash it. >> we're going to put it in the mug. >> you just pour it in a >> just pour it in a mug. microwave it in the mug. make it -- then i usually set it -- >> sorry. >> that's okay. that's okay. what happens in the kitchen stays in the kitchen. >> exactly. >> here's one that's out. >> for 45 seconds. i stop, do it ten more seconds. here's what's that's out. look at that. >> here's a little chocolate chips. >> that's it? >> a little maple syrup.
3:16 am
attend he loved it. i put whipped cream on. i know you don't like cherry. high in potassium, high in protein, high in fiber. quinoa is a superfood. it's like a warm hug in the northern. >> oh my gosh. >> i would start eating breakfast with this. delicious. it's good. >> it really is good. another thing we're going to make are pea and muffins. we're going to start with a little oil, shallots now. i'm always trying to get my son to eat any vegetable. yes. some peas. we saut? it for five minutes. pick whatever your kid likes. mushrooms, broccoli. >> how old is your son? >> about to turn 5. >> wow. >> he was on the "today" show last time. >> wow. mother's day. >> you want to mix these up. >> we're adding your stuff.
3:17 am
>> peas and cheese. >> add cheese because kids love cheese. >> and some spices. >> milk. >> milk. then we have a muffin tin pan. some pepper. >> let's pretend like we poured them in. >> poured them in. bake them in the oven 350 for 10 minutes. >> regis is freaking me out. >> he's following you everywhere. >> give it a try. >> get over it. >> give it a try. you can use frozen vegetables. there's veggie cups out there. so many fun things. i actually like these after school. i >> i can't have cheese? how was it? >> delicious, too. >> make it without cheese. >> to get these recipes go to click on the breakfast tab. >> tell us the name of the restaurant opening in two weeks? >> pizza bar. grab your pencils. we're about to find out if we're smarter than a fifth grader. or any grader for that matter. not a kindergartner. >> i doubt it. >> we have a couple fans to play along. >> really good.
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regis is outside. we made him go outside. we all know kids dread doing homework but it's no secret parents sometimes dread it, too. >> in fact, a new survey of more than half of parents admit to turning the internet or smartphones and asking spouses for help when answering their kids' math and science questions. >> here with a pop quiz to see how we stack up, jeff who we have loved since the him. today. the star of the new nbc show "better late than never," killed it in the ratings. >> thank withdrew very much. >> he's going to help us, older friends on the far east vacation. >> we decided we're going to pull two parents from the plaza to play with us. glenda campton. all right, jeff, we're ready. can we play? >> i have $50,000 on travis. just so everyone knows. this is a multiple choice quiz. and the team that gets the most correct answer wins a prize.
3:23 am
>> this isn't for fog. >> okay. >> all right. you go. >> this is a back to school quiz. question number one, how long is the term of a united states senator? >> we got it? >> it was multiple choice. >> six years? i hit the buzzer first. that's how it works. >> you don't even need multiple choice. >> next question. >> ready, ready. >> what's the name for a type of forward and backwards? >> give us a choice. >> palyndrome. >> we got it. >> answer the question. no more show boating. all right? >> you're right. >> how many red stripes are on the american flag? >> 13. >> no. that is incorrect. >> 13. >> 12. >> you're both wrong.
3:24 am
>> seven. seven. >> all right. next question. a haiku contains how many syllables? >> how many, travis? >> two. >> excuse me. >> there's the multiple choice. >> you want number two? >> we'll go with number two. >> that is correct. >> congratulations. >> not that hard, travis. >> you can show boat more. >> what is the square root of 25? >> that's correct. she's killing it. all right. what is the capital of south dakota? >> oh. >> oh, it's -- >> bismarck. >> pierre. >> that's correct. >> pierre. >> she got it. all right. i'm going to allow it. because i have no regard for rules. >> i don't like it. >> next question. how long did it make my tad dad from jail to send me a birthday
3:25 am
what's the name of the bone between -- >> femur. >> that's correct. >> thank you. you buzzed in. all right. what is the largest ocean in the world? >> what are the choices? >> we have mt. rushmore. >> "b" atlantic." that's correct. who is not on mt. rushmore? >> alexander hamilton. >> that is correct. >> so what's the score? >> you guys keep score. somebody won. >> who won? >> it's a tie. give us a tiebreaker. >> tiebreaker question. >> tiebreaker question. >> what is the capital of florida? >> gain -- >> tallahassee. >> correct. you win! you won a bunch of apples. >> all right. >> travis. >> and $25 from the apple store.
3:26 am
>> you can catch jeff on "better late than never" tuesdays at 10:00, 9:00 central on nbc. >> trending on twitter right now. this is huge. we should do this every morning. >> we'll be back. first, this is "today" on nbc. we're out of control. as regis would say, we're out of
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3:29 am
? sunshine on my shoulder makes me happy ? >> happy birthday, reg. we love you. all right. tomorrow from the knew movie "the hollers," dinners delivered to your doorstep and how to turn
3:30 am
zuckerberg. >> don't we wish? >> good-bye, everybody. have a great day. >> announcer: the following is paid for and furnished by hair club. this station is not responsible for claims made in the following program. >> i love my hair. >> i'm happy with the way i look now. >> i feel like a million dollars. >> i'm very satisfied with the way i look. >> knowing i look good makes me feel more confident. >> i look better today than i did at 40. >> i wasn't looking for a major change. i was just looking to keep my hair. >> i got my confidence back when i got myr do it, too. >> i finally look like i'm supposed to look with my own hair. >> i feel great. >> the best part is -- i don't have to worry about losing my hair anymore. >> if you want to look better, if you want to feel better about yourself, hair club is the way to go. >> hi, everybody. i'm tom wainman. since you tuned in and are watching today's show, i'm guessing you're probably dealing with some hair loss. well, please know you're not alone. for both men and women, balding and thinning hair is a very common problem. the bad news is that hair loss


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