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tv   NBC Nightly News With Lester Holt  NBC  September 28, 2016 5:30pm-6:00pm CDT

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. breaking news, school shooting horror, at an elementary school when a gunman eaches fire on students and a teacher. tonight the suspect and alleged link to another crime scene nearby. critical voters, brand new poll with women as his beauty queen controversy deepens and clinton courts milleials with a former rival. deadly encounter, protests erupt after police kill an unarmed african-american man. why they say they thought he was aiming a weapon. mystery at sea -- a mother and a son go on a fishing trip and only he is found alive a week later. now it's revealed he is a person of interest in an unsolved murder. and air rage -- what's
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feet. "nightly news" begins right now. >> announcer: from nbc news world headquarters in new york, this is "nbc nightly news" with lester holt. >> we begin with breaking news of another american school shooting this time an elementary school in anderson county, south carolina. where panicked parents rushed this afternoon learning that a teacher and two children had been wounded. one student air-lifted to the have also found the body of an adult, the father of a teenager who tonight is in police custody, in connection with all of this. nbc's gabe gutierrez is there and has late details. >> the chaos erupted just before 2:00, reports of an active shooter in south carolina. a heavily armed s.w.a.t. team swarming townville elementary school. >> the shooter is going to be a
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and blonde hair. >> police say a teenager opened fire, wounding two students and a teacher before being taken into custody. >> deputies were on scene within seven minutes. >> authorities say it happened on a playground that the shooter never entered the school. >> jamie brought one of the townville firefighters was actually one of the "first outlook" responders to get on scene. and he engaged the suspect and at that point took him down. >> authorities now investigating a separate crime two miles away. where police say the alleged gunman's father was found dead. >> 911 received a call from his family, a short time after the incident at townville. and when officers arrived, they found mr. osborne deceased. he died from a gunshot wound. >> terrified parents scrambling to the school this woman's daughter in kindergarten. >> she just told me they went to the bathroom and she said she didn't get shot.
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nearby church. tonight investigators here are searching for a motive. classes now canceled for the rest of the week. >> we are heartbroken about this senseless act of violence. >> police have not said what connection if any the teenaged gunman had to this school. tonight, the injured teacher and one of the wounded students have been treated and released. the other student was air-lifted to the hospital. left centre. >> gabe gutierrez, thank you. to presidential politics now, survey monkey poll tonight showing a significant majority of likely voters believe hillary clinton won monday's first debate over donald trump. both candidates on the trail today as clinton courted millennials with former rival bernie sanders. new trouble for trump, among women voters as he feuds with a former beauty queen. we have it all covered starting with nbc's halle jackson. >> donald trump tonight trying to spin what critics described
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>> every single online poll had me winning. >> but 27% of women, a group he needs to win over, said their opinion of trump got worse after monday night. according to our nbc news survey monkey online poll. multiple trump sources acknowledge he has work to do. one calling his performance a disaster. his team now considering more traditional prep, though trump himself tells nbc in a statement, hard to be unhappy when we are doing so well. the gop nominee now fallout for what he said about alicia machado. >> what were the names he called you? >> miss piggy, miss housekeeping, miss eating machine. it was horrible for me. >> machado, sharing her story with the help of hillary clinton's campaign. trying to force a conversation about trump's record with women. >> how does that help him appeal to this demographic?
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doesn't have the personality or temperment to be president. along with one in four republican women. >> he needs to convince republican women that he is acceptable. and this i think is one of his problems, that he has not closed that gap. >> but many backers now brushing off trump's latest controversy. >> it's obviously not a very kind comment and not a comment would you ever want directed towards you. but i don't believe that it is something that we should be worried about as much in this election. >> halle jackson, nbc news, university of new hampshire, where hillary clinton and bernie sanders rallied young voters today. >> it is imperative that we elect hillary clinton as our next president. >> i'm proud of the primary campaign that bernie and i ran. we ran a campaign about issues, not insults. >> millennials overwhelmingly chose sanders in the primary race. helping him win big in places like new hampshire. in the last two presidential elections, about one in five
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today, clinton took aim at donald trump. >> i never thought i would hear someone running for president, my opponent, who says he wants to appoint supreme court justices who would overturn marriage equality. >> now, all hands on deck, the first lady energizing young voters on college campuses in pennsylvania today. she refrained from mentioning trump. but ex-core yated his berther conspiracy theory. >> hurtful, deceitful questions deliberately designed to questions that cannot be blamed on others. or swept under the rug. by an insincere sentence uttered at a press conference. >> clinton leads trump among millennials, 50-34%. but today students at the university of new hampshire still mixed. >> yousupported bernie sanders in the primary. are you going to vote for hillary clinton in the election? >> i think it was hard for me to
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actually didn't win the nomination. >> in an interview with "cosmopolitan" chelsea clinton is slamming donald trump for saying he's proud he didn't raise her father's past infidelities in monday's debate. chelsea telling "cosmo" it's a distraction. new outramg over another deadly police shooting in this country. protests erupting near san diego after officer killed an african-american man who police say removed something from his pocket and appeared to take aim. but it t let's get more from nbc's miguel almaguer. >> tonight in suburban san diego, protesters back on the street. after a call for help ended with gunfire. >> shots fired, send me an ambulance. >> investigators say this man, identified by family as alfred alongo took a quote shooting stance. rapidly pulling an object from his pocket, clasping his hands together.
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officer on the scene, and concealed his hand in his pants pocket. >> police would shoot and kill alongo, an unarmed black man said to be mentally ill. >> i do not call the police officer to come and kill my -- >> the shooting and facing of the man captured on cell phone turned over to police immediately sparked angry protests. >> when i seen the suspect he had his like -- don't shoot. >> i didn't hear the man say anything. next thing, i see pow pow pow, five shots. >> tonight investigators have not released any video. only this still image. >> we will be transparent this will be investigated, this will be looked at by many sets of eyes, not just ours. >> don't shoot him. >> the death here comes on the heels of officer-involved shootings in charlotte and tulsa. >> now another case tonight
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miguel almaguer, nbc news. an historic moment today in our nation's capitol, congress handing president obama a stinging defeat overriding his veto for the first time of his presidency. the battle concerning a bill that would allow 9/11 family members to sue saudi arabia for an alleged role in those attacks. nbc's pete williams has more. >> the yeas are 97, the nays are 1. >> senate and then the house, 348 to 77 easily came wuth two-thirds needed to override a veto from president obama and allow victims of the 9/11 attacks and their families to sue the government of saudi arabia. watching the vote today, kerry strada, whose husband, tom, died in the attack on the world trade center. >> congress worked beautifully together, bipartisan, even hillary clinton and donald trump agree that this bill should be passed. >> the families say saudi arabia
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campaign. but the obama administration pushed hard to defeat the bill. saying it could expose u.s. service members and diplomats overseas to legal retaliation. >> it's a dangerous precedent. and sometimes you have to do what's hard. and frankly, i wish congress here had done what's hard. >> supporters dismissed those fears, saying the bill allows suing only foreign governments, not individuals. >> the risk of shielding the perpetrators of terrorism from ju how other countries might respond to and perhaps compromise u.s. interests. >> now the hard part, years of legal wrangling in court over access to evidence. pete williams, nbc news, washington. tributes around the world tonight for man who fought for israel's independence and then fought for peace. shimon peres, the former prime minister died last night at age 93. as andrea mitchell reports, peres witnessed history and made
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>> shimon peres was a dreamer, a peace maker. brokering the first and so far only peace treaty with the palestinians. for which peres later shared in the nobel peace prize. >> i'm sure i shill peace in my lifetime. even if i should have to extend my life for a year or two. i won't hesitate. >> tonight, israel is in mourning. flags lowered for one of the last of the nation's pioneers. twice israel's prime minister, and for seven years its president, peres emigrated from palestine at the age of 11. once a hawk, he created israel's secret nuclear program and armed its military. later a mentor to american presidents and diplomats. >> we're here to pay tribute to the last living israeli who knew king david. >> president obama, who awarded peres the medal of freedom, saying a light has gone out, but the hope he gave us will burn forever. praising him today, a political
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>> he worked until his last days for peace. >> an international figure, peres was serenaded by barbra streisand for his 90th birthday. ?? ?? >> also known for his humor, peres posted a job hunting video when he left the presidency two years ago. president obama will leave the u.s. delegation to attend his funeral friday, his vision for peace never realized but legal an imprint on generations of world leaders. a mystery at sea. this is only deepening this evening. mother and her son went on an overnight fishing trip off rhode island and disappeared. a week later the son was found alive on a life raft and the mother presumed dead. now we're learning the son is a person of interest on his grandfather's unsolved murder. nbc's ann thompson has details. >> 22-year-old nathan carmen, police believe, may be the living link to deaths at sea and
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grandfather. something his father vehemently denied today. >> they were the two most important people in his life. >> the mystery at sea involved nathan's mom. the pair took off from point judith, rhode island in nathan's fishing boat on september 17th. the next day out at block canyon, nathan said the boat started taking on water. he managed to get into a life raft, his mother did not. eight days later he was picked up by a chinese freighter, 100 miles south of martha's under my feet. when i saw the life raft, i did not see my mom. have you found her? >> but rhode island police are investigating. there was no distress call and in a search warrant states nathan had made repairs to the boat that may have made it unsafe. nathan told the "boston globe" today, he thought the boat was seaworthy and didn't do anything wrong. >> emotionally i've been through a huge amount. and my request is just to be
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the 2013 still unsolved murder of nathan's grandfather in connecticut. nathan was the last person to see john chockolos alive. he left a $42 million fortune to his heirs, including nathan's mom. >> connecticut police describe naten as a person of interest in his grandfather's murder as the family mystery continues. still ahead here tonight, air rage -- unruly planes have gotten so bad the airlines are calling for a crackdown. and the man who risked his own life traveling to a war zone bringing precious items to more "stay" per roll. more "sit" per roll. more "who's training who" per roll.
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we're back now with troubling news that concerns anyone who gets on an airplane. an alarming rise in the number of air rage cases, both in the sky and on the ground. now a global airline group is demanding new international rules in how to deal with out of control passengers. nbc's tom costello with more now. >> take a seat. i said take a seat, sir. >> i don't want to take a seat. >> august 2nd, an intoxicated passenger gets physical with a pilot and flight attendant. >> you don't put your hands on my flight attendant. >> march 10, an all-out brawl involving five passengers over loud music. july 2014, a canadian s.w.a.t.
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angry passenger makes threats. >> today, a group of world airlines reported 1500 more air rage incidents last year alone. nearly 11,000 cases worldwide. that's one for every 1200 flights. while the majority involve verbal abuse, 11% got physical. >> this is the number one issue that we face when we come to work every single day. >> the problem, say flight attendants. >> our aircraft are fuller than ever, the conditions that lead to an air rage incident are and there's fewer of us to be able to deescalate the situation. >> no surprise, drugs and alcohol were a factor in a quarter of all air rage cases. and post-9/11 pilots very often choose to divert to the nearest airport for police help. >> i'm a captain that has had to make that decision before. and the consequences to the passenger were quite severe. >> the u.s., up to a $25,000 fine and 20 years in prison. but the punishments vary from country to country.
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it's time for a crackdown and an international agreement on fines and prison time. lester? >> all right. tom costello, thank you. we're back in a moment with new developments in the fbi search for two men caught on
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the fbi thinks it has identified two witnesses it's been searching for in the recent bombing in new york. senior law enforcement sources say the two men, who were seen on surveillance video removing one of the bombs and suitcase it was in, are believed to be airline employees who are now back overseas. the fbi is trying to make contact with them, but does not consider them to be suspects in the case. a television pioneer has died, agnes nixon was a major force in daytime tv. creating "all my children" and "one life to live." both shows ran for 40 years, on her programs, nexen helped introduce controversial issues
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abortion, aids and same-sex marriages. agnes nixon was 88 years old. we're saying farewell to our chief pentagon correspondent, jim miklaszewski, who is retiring after 31 years with nbc news. mick guided us through some of the top stories in recent decades, including the war in iraq, the conflict in afghanistan and the 9/11 attack on the pentagon. the pentagon itself cited mick for setting what it called a standard of excellence, calling his reporting tough, fair and persistent. that's something all of us here saw and appreciated day in and day out. we all wish mick the very best. when we come back here tonight, a man on a dangerous mission to bring a little happiness to the children of there's nothing more important than your health. or the freedom to choose what doctor you want to see. so if you're on medicare, consider an aarp medicare supplement insurance plan, insured by unitedhealthcare insurance company.
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tell your doctor about all planned medical or dental procedures. eliquis treats dvt & pe blood clots. plus had less major bleeding. both made switching to eliquis right for me. ask your doctor if it's right for you. finally tonight, the ability to bring happiness to our children is something that most of us take for granted. but as you might imagine, that's a challenge in a place like syria, where the children have suffered from years of war. and it's why one man has made the perilous journey back to his home country more than two dozen times. we get his story tonight from
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>> it's the most dangerous place in the world. rami adham would know. he survived bombings, dodged snipers. scaled fences. risking his life to deliver precious cargo to syria. but not the kind you might think. >> if i make it, a lot of kids will be happy. >> rami is carrying toys. >> they call you the toy smuggler. >> yeah, i came to learn that in aleppo. >> rami has six kids at home in finland. two sons, four daughters, plenty of toys, he's syrian and when the war broke out, he wanted to help. so did daughter yazmin. >> the first family donation has turned into this, a mountain of toys. from children across finland. >> these kids haven't had a
5:58 pm
long time. it should be kids. up to the last minute. and we have betrayed them. the whole world betrayed them. >> so in five years, 27 trips. 13,000 toys. and always more to do. >> you have someone in mind for this? >> oh yeah. oh yeah, definitely. >> a pony for an orphan named miral. >> i'll dot honor of smuggling this to her. >> every two months, he leaves n. wife maria knows the risks. but supports him. >> i'm the mother of six kids, i know what kind of joy he bring to the kids. he's a good man with a big heart. >> risking his life, time and again, for this. >> kids deserve to be happy. these kids deserve to play. these kids deserve to be a child. so i'm here for them. >> and on his 28th trip, a
5:59 pm
and the smile worth smuggling for. kelly kobiya, nbc news. that's going to do it for us on a wednesday night, i'm lester holt, for all of us at nbc news, thank you for watch >> announcer: right now from milwaukee, this is today's tmj4 "live at 6". >> shannon: wisconsin back in the presidential campaign spotlight. a rally foral now in waukesha. >> steve: charles benson and ben jordan live at the county expo center. charles leads the coverage. we'll begin outside with ben. >> reporter: shannon and steve we are live outside just over to my right you can actually see hundreds of people in line to come to the event. right behind me you can see
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it's become part of the daily routine here on the trump campaign trail. and that's no different here in waukesha. on the site of the road next to the main entrance a diverse group of protestors hold signs while you'lling in unison. >> we're in waukesha, one of the most republican places in the country there is a lot of people that do not agree with mr. trump. >> on every issue he's not wanted. >> reporter: n inside the property trump supporters cheer for the presidential candidate they're about to see. dealing with protestors nothing new for the man first in line for the rally. randall tom has been all over the midwest to see trump. >> the number of protestors isolan a lot, since the primaries got over. >> reporter: tom wishes he could


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