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tv   Today  NBC  November 2, 2016 7:00am-8:41am CDT

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good morning. battleground blitz. six days to go, hillary clinton and donald trump pulling out all the stops, buying up ads, ramping up their they're thinking of voting for ump, i want you to stage an intervention. >> hillary is the one who set up an illegal pvate e-mail? server to shield her criminal activity. you know that. she knows it. >> trump even going after? the skyrocketing number of early voters reminding some of them it's not too late to reconser.
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donald trump. le a greatagain, okay? breaking overnight, new evidence shedding light on the final moments ofala rlinlight 3 wing flaps were not in a landing position when it disappeared nearly three years ago. will that help investigators solve one of the world's longest running aviation mysteries? the tomb of jesus. for the first time in 500 years, researchers are given access to what's believed to be burial slab. >> my knees are shaking a little bit because i wasn't expecting this. >> this morning the epic discovery that took scientists by surprise. and game seven, game on. the chicago cubs forced a showdown, striking early and often. >> high fly ball tot at the wall, grandslam! >> walloping the indians 9-3,
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in sports, game seven of the world series. today wednesday, november 2nd, 2016. >> announcer: from nbc news, this is "today" with matt lauer and savannah guthrie live from studio 1a in roefeller plaza. and good morning, everyone, welcome to "today" on a wednesday morning. i am officially into this. >> this is exciting. for those of us who were just rooting for a game seven, here we are. we just saw wrigley d, there is the field in cleveland. there are the fans up early. and this is hry no mter what happens tonight. >> chicago probably came apart at the seams in the third inning when addison russell hit that grand slam. that was cool. >> i was?? going t say that but took the words right out of my mouth. >> we'llave more on that. >> first let's just get to politics. six days to go until election. here's the state of the race today. a record number of americans have already voted. 26 million people.
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had voted this time in the last presidential election. >> there is a new bloomberg politics poll out this morning showing hillary clinton with a -3 lead among independe likely voters. it was taken afterid cebouthose newly discovered e-mails. donald trump makes three stops in battleground florida today, a must-win for him. hillary clinton holds rallies isn't arina and nevada, and her surrogates are once again keeping busy. president obama, vice president sanders and senator elizabeth warren all out on the trail around the country for clinton today. >> of course we've got it all covered starting with nbc national correspondent peter alexander on the campaign trail in pensacola, florida. peter, good morning. >> reporter: hey, matt and savannah, good morning to you both. both candidates today trying to sharpen their closing arguments. donald trump in what really is a must-win state of florida trying to chip away at hillary
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up her support in nevada and also trying to pick off a republican stronghold in arizona. hillary clinton, fed up and fired up. >> i am sick and tired of the negative, dark, divisive, dangerous vision and behavior of people who support donald trump. >> reporter: going after a otester heckling her in florida late tuesday, accusing her husband, bill clinton, of sexual impropriety. it comes as the candidate is trying to energize a critical inviting former miss universe aliciamachad to highlight trump's hisry o insults. >>0& he said t missggy, missekeeng, miss eating machin >> who acts like th? ell you who, a lly, that's who. >> reporter: trump in wisconsin making an unusual pitch to democrats who have already cast early votes for clinton. >> wisconsin is one of seral
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early ballot if you think y've a lot of stuff has come out since you vote chang your vote o donald um wp,ll make america grea again, okay? rorter: earlier in pesylvia, targeting obamacare. >> i will ask congress to convene a special session so we can repeal and replace. >> reporter: six days to go, a record-setting 26 million votes already cast. nearly twice as many early votes as this time four years ago. the candidates launching a war on the air waves. tr into ads in 13 states. almost all of them won by president obama in 2012. clinton is trying to secure her advantage in states once considered safe. back on tv in colorado and virginia where democrats worry her lead may be eroding. while trump relies on his single best ally, running mate mike pence, clinton is sending her surplus of surrogates to key state. president obama scoffing at the idea of trump as a working class champion.db
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of his hotels unless you were cleaning the room, wouldn't let you onto one of his golf courses unless you were mowing the fairway. come on. >> reporter: overnight the trump campaign fiercely rejected the newspaper for the kkk that supports trump. the cpaign putting out a statement that reads mr. trump and the campaign denounces hate in any form. this publication is repulsive and their views do not represent the tens of americans who are uniting behind our campaign. matt and savannah. >> peter, thank you very much. >> nicolle wallace and steve kornacki are with us as promised yesterday. good morning, guys. steve, i'm going to start with you this morning. if you look at where this onslaught of money from the democrats is coming right now, it's going into those firewall solid blue states supposedly, wisconsin, michigan, colorado, virginia does this signal jitters on the part of the clinton campaign? >> it's really interesting,
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the final stretch of the clinton campaign is focusing on. let me take you through what the strategy probably is. what the clinton campaign is lookin at is basically if, if there is some sort of doom's day scenario where this fbi thing, there's a reaction that mov against her in the last week and if she starts losing all of the toss-up states on the map. and again, this is a huge if. there's a lot of reasons to think clinton can still pull out wins in a lot of these states. but if it all breaks against her in the toss-up states, you see wh t donald trump would then be one state away from the presidency, and so what the clinton campaign is thinking is let's prevent him from getting, if all else fails, that one state. so what are they doing? they're in michigan with ads, they're in colorado with ads, they are in new mexico with ads, they are in virginia with ads. their super pac is in wisconsin with ads. how about this, hillary clinton now on friday, she is going to be going into michigan. she is going to be going into detroit. they're going to try to get the african-american vote out in
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the idea there is if everything else goes wrong, protect those blue states and you're still safe. >> and she has the resources to spend that money.> well, her closing message seems to be let's turn this back to donald trump. you heard her in peter's piece talking about staging an intervention. she's trying to make him unacceptable. all of her high water marks in this campaign has been when she is on the offense with a disqualifying comment from donald trump. he has given her all of her offensiv argumes, wther it
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missuniverse, and she's trying to turn the attention bac to all of his disqualifying but i he he's also found very strong closing argument with obamacare and a change message. >> steve, let's talk about where trump is spending his money and his time. thels pol are showing a much closer race, so he loves the polls again. does it make sense where he's going? i think he's got three stops in florida today. >> florida today, although yesterday where was he? he was in one of those blue states we were talking about, he was in wi wisconsin is one of those states where if you have cast an early ballot you can actually go and change your vote. he's actually talking about that right now. actually i think one of the things i am looking for today, this whole question of a last-minute bluetate strategy for trump, we're goingget the gold standard poll out of the state of sconsin. it's going to come out early this afternoon. i am very curious to see since th fbi development, this is one ofhose state if we get a poll out of there today that says this thing is suddenly a dogfight, that's what the trump
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is fearg. ?? >> he needs one of those states. >> yep. >> they will acknowledge that @ all of those blou states look really tough for th. the one where they feel the best, they're down two, and that would be new hampshire. so that would be e manmanna fro heaven if they're close or ahead. >> paul ryan did an interew and he was talking about casting his ballotar he said that he was supporting or he had supported the entire republican ticket andev name donald trump. it's like vi ggest story aft electn the y. should donald trump win or lose frankly. the spotlight wl be on paul orta relationship ay a very between pl ryan a donald trump. there ar a lot of republicans alread askingbo whether that e it m thaten h earshi aisle, for
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wille o paulan, no mter the ocome tuesday night. >> thanks, guys, appreciate it. breaking news overnight. two police officers sho and killed ines moines, io ambule shtyattas. aanhunt for at least suspec is now uer way. rlys morn police responded to a report ots fired. they?r found anm the suburb of urbandale shot dead i his patrol car. about two miles away, anoer officer from des moines also fod shot dead inis r. in pairs to bette protect themselves. there is some new information this morning on the search for malaysian airlines flight 370. it's bn missing two and a half years now. australian investigators looking at?o?gieces of the planereckage that have washedashore now say thvidence suggests the plane did not go into the water gently when it finally went down. nbc's tom costello covers aviation. tom, that's intriguing. oes it mean? >> reporter: good morning.
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beijing. investigators believe everyone di?ed when thelane went down in the southern indian ocean. this morning the australian transportation safety board is saying analysis of two wing flaps that have washed ashore indicate they were not in a landing position when the plane hit the water. the satellite data suggests the plan w down at a high and easing rate of descent, most likely out of control. it is very unlikely anyone would have survivedhe impact. all the working?7 theory has been that the plane was intentionally flown into the southern iian ocean,erps byf th o pilots. this evidence does not tell us whrld have been alive when the pla?+?? finally went into the ?twate it only tell u i t pilotas ill ?ale, he pbably did not try to set the plane down gently. search tms have now scoured ,0 square miles of ocean looking for the fuselage. so far noing. theeven confirmed pieces that th have found have bee recovered thousands of miles to
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ashore. they expect to finish scouring the search zone off australia sometime late this year or early guys. >> all right, tom costello, thank you so much. authorities in oklahoma have released dramatic video of the police shootout that kled double murder suspect michael vance on sundaynight. >> i want to shut theoad down. i'm going to take shots. i'm going to shut the road down and take shots. >> dozens of high-powered rifle shots were exchanged as teehree oklahoma state that suspe down a highway. he was wand for killing two family members and shootg two police officers on october 23rd. video from a patrol helicopter shows vance plowing through a roadblock and then speeding away. later vance stops and gets out of his truck, more gunfire exchanged. eventually he was shot and killed by police. taking a big turn now, as we said earlier, it all comes down to one final game in the world series. the chicago cubs hammered
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for one team, their historic championship drought is about to be over. r the other, another year ending in heartbreak. nbc's ron mott is in cleveland. ood mol@rning to yo th is not the outco the folks here wanted to seechlt but not too many long faces. you guys are still excited, righhey had to postpone the big celebration they had planned last night andowt's down to one more game to discover whether it's cubs fans that will see a dream come true. there's no tomorrow, only tonight. >> and a big night for the heart of this chicago lineup. >> reporter: game seven of the world series, the victors destined to spoil part of the loser's winter, a harsh cold reminder the difference a few innings can make. the chicago cubs, backs against the wall heading into game six in cleveland, stunned the home crowd right off the bat.
7:15 am
left. cubs strike first! >> reporter: scoring three runs in the first and then four more with a grand slam in the third. >> high fly ball to left center. at the wall, grand slam! >> reporter: delaying gratification for the indians another night, if not another year. >> i wanted to win. that's what i would want. but we lost, but we'll get them agai cleveland's superfan, nana, the hometown faves never recovered from the cubs' quick start and now find themselves in a winner take all jam. not even the presence of eddie robinson could reverse cleveland's fortunes last night. >> the two longest world series droughts, one of these will come to an end. >> reporter: and now with everything up for grabs, the
7:16 am
of ace pitcher corey kluber, who's been brilliant. the cubs calling on kyle hendrix. two pitchers, one in line to be world series series, the other, perhaps, the goat. as any world series fan will tell you, we have plenty of the latter. >> we have 27 more outs. this is so exciting. but we're one step away. >> reporter: there is nothing like the spectacle o a game seven in sports. certainly for the players. the butrfesill be flying here in cleveland and in chigo as well. guys, back to you. >> all right, ron, thanks very much. i know you're planning to be sound asleep when this is played but i will be calling you when it's over. >> that's right, i'll put my ringer on mute. al is in cleveland. he had prime seats for last nit' game. so exciting. was it everything you hope?qd, other than i know your team didn't win. well, other than that it was a spectacular game.
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that is one brave lady, but i tell you, last night was spectacular. perfect night for baseball. 74 degrees first pitch. i was out on the field at progressive field. i got to do some snapchatting and facebook living. we h a gre timethe. and then talk about your bonus, one of my seatmates, bill murray. unbelievab bi murray was there, mr. chicago cubs hims he made one fan's dream come true. as he was coming in the stadium, this young woman was standing out there waiting for tickets, hoping somebody -- and he gave her one of his tickets, brought her in. she sat next to him. she's from diana. and it was a great time. we're going to show that a little bit later. later in our 9:00, guys, bill murray as hairdresser. it's one of the most bizarre moments at a baseball game, it's
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really quickly and show you what's going agn, we are threat ofome showers late, te in the game possible, but it's most likely going to be after 11:30. game time 70 degrees under partly cloudy skies. and where's that rain coming from? well, there's low pressure making its way out of the midwest. it's going to be bringing in showers and thunderstorms, first chicago and then they move into cleveland and make their way into the northeast by late thursday on into friday. we'll get to he and i used to ask if you could hear me now with verizon... not anymore. i'm with sprint nobecae ess what? it's 2016 and every twor great. in fact, sprint's reliability is now within 1% of verizon. and sprint saves you 50% on most verizon, at&t and bi s. so, i switched to sprint. d millions more have too. can you hear that? (vo) don't let a 1% difference co you twice as much. for people with hearing loss,
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weathe? ,unaty,'ve g?< game seven toght. >> no. g y wecng? som driznzle h new york. you need to get ba.
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we'll see you this a bit. > coming up outrage this morning about with one school's controversial lesson on the dangers of ttingnd officials c fa?lsely telli students several of their classmates have been ki a crash? and a historic discovery just uncovered. are these the first imas ever taken of the slab where jesus' body was placed after his death?
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me, and that's not donald trump. priorities u action is responsiblfor the content of this adverti. it is 7:30, it's wednesday, the 2nd of november, 2016. great crowd outside and we'll head out there today in just a take a look at some headlines from this morning. a manhunt under way in des moines, iowa, where two officers were shot and killed overnight, ambushed in their own patrol cars. those shootings happened about two miles and 20 minutes apart. in politics, hillary clinton was not holding back when she was heckled by a protester during a late-night rally in florida. take a look. >> i am sick and tired of the negative, dark, divisive,
7:31 am
people who support donald trump. >> clinton went on to urge her supporters to, quote, stage an intervention if they know someone who's thinking of voting for donald trump. >> meantime, donald trump was in wisconsin making his own appeal to clinton supporters who have already voted. >> wisnsin is one of several states where you can change yr early ballot if you think you've made a mistake. a lot of stuff has come out since you voted. >> he's right. in wisconsin, early and voters can change their minds up to three times, but the deadline for making a final decision is tomorrow. now to a wisconsin high school under fir this morning to teach teens about safe drg, school made udents believe several of their classmates had dd in an accident. nbc's kerry sanders has more on turned out to be a pretty coroversial decision. kerry, good morning. >> reporter: well, good morning. we all know that you suldn't text e, but how do you get that message to here at broadhigh
7:32 am
someth conin toversial inbroadhead, fire this mornin stud shoc series of wrecks and multiple reckless epr: timhappening aroundt
7:33 am
okayo use barbaricare?a s to idea. thoug it was a fantastic >> reporter: she was a member of the stu councilho cam up with theidea. sh voted for it. >> we knew it was going to create probably some talk, but ner this much. and, you know, either way, we made an impact because they're still talking about it. >> reporter: social media lit up. i think this is amazing, one said. sometimes you need tough love. another disagreeing, telling someone that aer ur them has dieds and cruel. >> there was many i?it >>epter:chool superintendent leonard leuick said the intent wasmproo? awar f s iv wepo ses twas caused to any parents or students. >> it s asolut
7:34 am
or the school superintendent wouldn't talko th stude l,counciaid the superintendentold hert' unlike sl try this again. savannah, matt. >> you can see wse at tf e, heartsn the right place, though. kerry, get dry. > let us head back to cleveland and get another check ,he'v got little bentleyhere, t months old, thitest qution do yo guys kw the name of the?iannd masc, the costum >> slider. >> what's the name of the maot? what's your scot's name? >> slider. that right, there's slider nging out withme these gs are an act unto
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7:42 am
>>y s ar shaking a lit bit because i wasn't eecting this. >> reporter: for 60 hrs=( last week, t slabas pul to allow8 scientistsnd ationa ic" to ve a look. the inside of the tomb wre many belie jesus was resurrected has never been filmed. >> i'mamazed. >> that fng specialness, it?r permeates the who building. >>orte jerusa[8s ch of the hy u?a ith, bau ts churchhe final stations of thelocations, church leaders y, of where christ was crucified, where his body prepared f aor house called the ediculever the tb and tle te y so mhctivity now. the edicule damaged by water,
7:43 am
renovated for the fir time in 200 years. a group of specialists were drilli in metal suppts, cleaning the stones. >> it will look?fey? exactly the without any defrmation, a cracks. so it wil b solid insidsa rr:he fle se s?
7:44 am
your's the nd >>orhrist has long played a central war in -- central part in history. even today, it's still making li thank you very much. coming up, we are catching up with an icon, a legend. those words fit. that's warren beatty. why it took him 15 years to return to the big screen and what he says is the best thing that's ever happened to him. and carson is in the orange room. he's checking ticket prices and he's checking ticket prices and remember 2007? smartphones? o m g
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we're back at 7:49. carson has more on world series fever. >> oh, if you didn't get enough from al there in cleveland, i've got a little more for you. the cubs forcing the indians into game seven made for an extremely exciting night in cleveland and for baseball fans after that 9-3 victory the cubs tweeted their view from cleveland saying today was a good day, saying fly the w. nice shot in chicago just outside of wrigley field. it was more of a somber scene, as you might imagine, on the indians twitter page where one of their few postgame tweets was retweeting this, game seven. one baseball fan writing game 7 is great any year.
7:50 am
special. clearly cleveland is the place to be there. if you want to be there, you're going to pay for it. here's a shot of stubhub. $30,000 for that field box seat. major league baseball only piling on the pressure showing this quote from the first baseman of the cubs, anthony rizzo. if you lose, you go home. if you win, you're a hero. what's your prediction? have we done that yet,av matt? >> i'd like to see the cubs win but i think either team winning is great for baseball. >> i have remained neutral like switzerland. >> what about you, carson? >> i like what matt said. i think you know in the first two innings. if kluber has his magic, the indians will win. if the cubs get to him earlier, it will be a cubs victory. >> but they have their entire
7:51 am
be in trouble for chicago. they played chapman last night. >> baseball, by the way. >> touchdown! >> carson, thanks. just ahead, ditch the denim? bad news for people of a certain age who like wearing jeans. >> we'll see about that. and then the world's most connected model, ? ? hey, is this our turn? honey...our turn? yeah, we go left right here. (woman vo) great adventures are still out there. we'll find them in our subaru outback. (avo) love.
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check of the wer. 94 southbound at ryan road is completely shutdown because of
7:58 am
there are no other crashes in the racine milwaukee waukesha ozaukee area right now but looking at drive times, several slow go spots plan ahead
7:59 am
an economy rigged for the wealthy. and ron johnson's made it worse. johnson took a shady $10 million corporate payout, then went to washington and voted to protect corporate tax loopholes for companies shipping wisconsin jobs overseas, supported privatizing social security, which would hand billions to wall street, and wants to eliminate the federal minimum wage.
8:00 am
senate majority pac is responsible for the content of this advertising. it's 8:00 on today. coming up, fight to the finish. with the clock ticking and the polls tightening, donald trump and hillary clinton take their respective battleground states and pull no punches. >> he sure has spent a lot of time demeaning, degrading, insulting and assaulting women. >> hillary is the one who set up an illegal private e-mail server to shield her criminal activity. you know that. she knows it. plus beatty is back. >> the only person you can trust is you. >> the hollywood legend stops by
8:01 am
the fight to bring his new movie to the big screen. and rocking the runway. supermodel and social media gaur gigi hadid struts into the studio live, today, wednesday, november 2nd, 2016. ?? >> hello, tennessee. >> on our honeymoon from michigan. hi, mom. >> hello from at kennison, indiana. >> good morning. >> shoutout to high school in hawaii. aloha from "today"! whoo! >> we're back now, 8:00 on a wednesday morning. it's the 2nd day of november,
8:02 am
here in new york city. >> let me just stop you there. you said it's the second day. this is day two of no shave november. two days. >> but to be fair, you had a beard on halloween morning. >> but i shaved. i started fresh. two days, look at this. by sunday i'm going to have a full santa claus beard. >> do me a favor, go ooooh. >> it's ouram attention to men's health. just ahead, dr. oz will weigh in on the debate of the best weighs to not only detect but treat prostate cancer. first let's get to the morning's top stories. here is the news at 8:00. i'm andrea mitchell in florida where both hillary clinton and donald trump are waking up today. both have campaigned here more than any other battleground. in her fifth visit to the sunshine state in the last week,
8:03 am
florida crowd late tuesday, going after donald trump. >> by the time you add up all the people he's insulted, that's more than half the population of the united states. >> trump making a play for wisconsin with a unique appeal to early voters in the state considered a long shot. >> wisconsin is one of several states where you can change your early ballot if you think you've made a mistake. a lot of stuff has come out since you voted. >> reporter: trump back on script tuesday. the late-breakingbi controversy breathing new life into his faltering campaign. clinton trying to ride out the storm, but showing a rare flash of anger at a protester against her husband. >> you know, i am sick and tired of the negative, dark, divisive, dangerous vision and behavior of people who support donald trump. >> reporter: not where clinton expected to be in this final week. >> i am not taking anything or anyone or any place for granted,
8:04 am
to win this election for you and everything we care about. >> reporter: trying to distract from the latest e-mail fallout by attacking trump. >> donald trump is the poster boy for everything that's wrong with our economy. >> reporter: and hoping to galvanize her base, especially women, bringing former miss universe, alicia machado, to one rally. >> he said to me, miss piggy, miss housekee. not respect woman. >> he sure has spent a lot of time demeaning, degrading, insulting and assaulting women. >> reporter: president obama heading to florida for clinton later today. >> you know, there's a reason why we haven't had a woman president before. when a guy is ambitious and out in the public arena and working hard, well, that's okay. but when a woman suddenly does it, suddenly you're all like,
8:05 am
key states. >> we're way ahead in florida, way ahead in ohio. wow, we're doing great. >> reporter: as his campaign tries to expand the map, announcing a $25 million new ad buy in 13 states. 12 of them states president obama won four years ago. >> there has never been a movement like this in our country's history. there never will be again perhaps. but we have to take advantage of it on november 8th. >> reporter: clinton more cash on hand announcing new ads to counter trump's late push in michigan and new mexico and going back on the air in virginia and colorado. clinton has one other big advantage, her surrogates. both obamas and joe biden today alone, clinton and her surrogates have 22 separate appearances. trump and his team only eight. after leaving here in florida, clinton will try to rally hispanic voters in nevada and
8:06 am
a manhunt under way around des moines, iowa, following what police are calling ambush-style attacks on two officers. the two were shot and killed early this morning about 20 minutes apart. an emotional police sergeant said it doesn't appear there was any interaction with whoever shot them in their patrol cars. >> that's the best we got that we can explain the scene right now. both of them were in their cars. >> he said there is a clear and es officers right now. police are looking for the shooter or shooters. pope francis is raising some eyebrows with comments he made tuesday about the catholic church's ban on women becoming priests. the pope says he believes the ban is forever and will never be changed. those comments came during a news conference onboard a flight from sweden to rome. a reporter ask the pope if he thought the catholic church could ever allow women to be ordained. the pope responded, quote, st. pope john paul ii had the last
8:07 am
stands. francis was referring to a letter written in 1994 that said ordaining women was not possible because jesus chose only men as his apostles. coming up next, health concerns. val kilmer opens up to address some rumors surrounding his health. and on trending, your first look, matt, get excited. a new batch of emojis going to keep you so busy. >> and then the one and only warren beatty will talk about his first ? you got your mom side. ? ? a just be calm side. ? ? you got a, "i never thought i'd get married at 65" side. ? ? "hey i'm just looking" side. ? ? man, you better buy that ride, whooo! ? ? that's why there's nationwide. ? ? they help to know, protect and grow your many sides. ? ? yeeeahhh ?
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8:10 am
to be you, be you ? ? 'cause there's a million things to do ? ? you know that there are ? ?? the honey in honey nut cheerios likes to take its sweet time. [sighs] that's why we make them for you. we're back. it's a time for trending party, people. i think this is going to get a little heated, this discussion. a british company says it has research that shows the exact age when we should all stop wearing jeans. first of all, i didn't think there was such an age at all. what would you say it might be. >> i think old people in jeans look adorable. >> but define old.
8:11 am
>> i don't think there's an age. i still wear jeans. >> it's not like you're 100. you're not on the smuckers jar for crying out loud. >> what's the age? >> they say it's 53. i know, it's silly. but by the way, it's not because people above that age aren't supposed to look good in jeans, they say actually it's not worth the trouble after 53 -- >> what is the trouble of wearing jeans. >> i'm glad you asked. because apparently one in ten people try on as many as six pairs in one go, s looking for the right fit. >> that's true. >> really? >> when you find a pair that you love, you keep them forever and just warming up by the time you hit 53. >> three pair of them. >> they also say it's so stressful 6% of people burst into tears. >> don't you think now they have all these jean companies that are stretchy? i have these really awesome stretchy jeans that you can get into with no crying, no fuss, no muss. >> 53 was the age i stopped wearing rhinestone-studded
8:12 am
>> skinny jeans, still wearing them. anyone here a big fan of emojis? this morning we're getting an early look at the 72 new emojis that apple is planning to roll out with ios 10.2. check out the shrug emoji. when you just don't know what to say. the face palm for all those moments. the crossed fingers for all the fans of cleveland and chicago tonight. for savannah and dylan, and perhaps the most controversial of all given all the alleged creepy clown sightings, the creepy clown emoji. >> that's bold. >> that pregnancy emoji is going to be interesting for some people, how they use that one, breaking the news. >> haven't even thought about it that way. >> we had more in trending but popstart is more to talk about. >> we'll start with val kilmer, finally setting the record
8:13 am
michael douglas said val had been battling oral cancer and things didn't look too good. on tuesday val broke his silence saying i love michael douglas but he's misinformed. the confusion started two years ago when he noticed a lump on his throat and asked michael for a referral. in his post val insisted he has no cancer whatsoever and thanked his fans for their concern. next up, guess who, guys. take a look. who's the superstar that took to instagram on tuesday to show off they, like us, took a little inspiration from the '90s. >> who is that? >> this person decided to jump up like the character from "the mask" in 1994. who was that, no guesses? >> man or woman? >> woman, singer. maybe one of the best. >> madonna. >> adele went all out before her show in dallas, texas. she loves a good costume. if you didn't see her last year, she dressed up as george michael. so that was adele.
8:14 am
knows ellen likes to scare her guests and jake fell victim to one of her pranks a few years ago. >> i like those characters because they're fun to play but i also think there's an opportunity for -- oh, my god. what the [ bleep ]! >> jake said it's hard to watch that clip back because he was actually terrified. well, this week he returned to ellen's show and spent ten minutes hiding out in the bathroom in his dressing room but he never even went in it because he knew something was up. so when ellen revealed herself, he told her, "i knew it!" >> jake gyllenhaal, 1, ellen a million. let's head to al in cleveland standing by with a couple of guests. al. >> that's right. in fact a superfan, if you will,
8:15 am
emily sirian was in the stands in cleveland watching the series in 1948 with her dearly departed and beloved husband. and she is 104 and everybody knows you as nana. you watched the game last night. a little disappear point but what do you think about tonight? >> well, i think tonight they're going to do it. >> yeah? >> why do you think they're going to do it tonight? >> well, because they it yet. >> dummy! that's why i love you, ma'am. you are just the best. are you really excited about tonight? >> oh, yes, very. >> this is great. lori, why is she -- everybody loves your nana. >> for us she's got that spirit. she used to always say to us, i think i'm just greedy for life. she turned 90 and she said i think this is it.
8:16 am
but she's always had this philosophy of being greedy for life and i think she exudes that and people are drawn to her. of course the love of baseball, people can resonate with that. >> and the indians. >> yeah. >> we'll have what you're having. whiz your birthday? >> may the 9th. >> we're going to put you on that smuckers jar for that 105th. >> okay. >> god bless, we love you. all right. let's show you what we've got a it's going to be spectacular. again, when we talk about the west, they need the rain in southern california. they're not getting it. they're getting it up in the pacific northwest where we may see a few inches of rain before it's all over and some mountain snows. we'll see some showers moving into northern california and there's another storm system coming in on saturday, so very active, but they can't get it where they need it further down south. that's what's going on around
8:17 am
four generations of family here all because of nana, god bless, we love her. all right, matt. oscar winner warren beatty is a hollywood legend and he's back in a very big way with his first movie in 15 years, writing, producing, directing and stars in "rules don't apply." he plays howard hughes, who helped make or break careers
8:18 am
>> these guys want to have a face-to-face meeting with me and then be able to say i'm crazy and then i'll have to give up control of twa to them. it's just -- >> well, maybe you'd teach them a lesson if you just gave it to them. >> then they could sue me for a whole lot of money and then they may come after my daddy's company, so i can't afford to let them make me a psychiatric case. i would leave this country and never come back. i'd leave this country and never come back. i'd leave this country and never time actually too. >> two more times. >> warren, it's great to see you. >> good to see you too. >> it really is. normally i would say welcome back to an actor like you, but i would generally say that to someone who kind of went off not by their own choosing, who fell into disfavor in hollywood. the opposite is true for you. you kind of went out of the public eye and you correct me if i'm wrong, because life was just too great to stop living.
8:19 am
>> the best thing that's ever happened to me was annette and having four kids. i like to joke that they are my four small eastern european countries. we negotiate. you know, i've never made a lot of movies. i always have kind of had something in the back of my mind, and then finally i guess i have to face facts and get around and do it. >> let me talk about this. right off the bat that this is not a bio pick. this is not a movie about howard hughes. how do you describe it? >> howard hughes, of course, is an important character in it but, no, it's not a bio pick at all. it's more about hollywood that i came to 10,000 years ago, 1958. and the movie themematically i
8:20 am
have to call american sexual puritanism that pervaded in the 1950s and then the rise of feminism and other factors started to kind of break loose. >> just to drive home the point, you said this to "the new york times." stop calling it a howard hughes movie, call it a movie about hollywood in 1958, old hollywood. warren beatty's hollywood. warren beatty's old hollywood or old warren beatty's hollywood. tell me about warren beat old hollywood. >> i think old warren beatty's hollywood, i was impressed and i was -- you know, i was kind of young. i got lucky. >> several times from what i heard. >> oh, no, don't go there. but i had a great director on the first movie i did, kazan. not only did i pick up a lot about directing, i picked up a
8:21 am
i went out there, i was very lucky to be kind of welcomed by some people that might seem from another time. >> so as a guy who's in the later part of his 70s, what do you want your role to be in the business now, in hollywood now, i don't mean in a movie role, in the larger community of hollywood? >> i always have an idea in the back of my mind, and i always try toid but i'm leading a very nice life with my marriage and my children. >> you can't talk about where you are in live now without talking about annette. this is the first time i think you direct her in a movie, is that true? >> it's the first time i've directed her, yeah. it's not the first time she's directed me. but yeah. >> what was it like? >> well, i think there's no
8:22 am
annette. you should see a movie that she made called "20th century women." she's very, very good. >> do you think in some ways, warren, your marriage, was it 25 years now? >> mm-hmm. >> do you think you surprised a lot of people in hollywood, that people expected it to go the way of some other high-profile hollywood marriages? >> it didn't really surprise me. i always felt that -- i wasn't trying to avoid marriage, i was trying to i had no doubt when i met annette that it was time to get married. >> what makes it work? what's made it work for 25 years? >> respect. >> i read somewhere where you said that it's hard enough for children to grow up with one famous parent. >> that's right. >> and you are two wildly famous parents.
8:23 am
known. so i completely respect their privacy. you know, i could go on and on and on and on talking about them, because they're brilliant and fun, but, no, i think it's -- you've got to give them a break and they have their privacy. >> i would imagine one of the great gifts you've ever given them is these past 15 years. >> well, it's a gift i hope they feel the same. >> let me just end by asking you a little bit -- you've always been someone who cared about politics in roles and in life. have you been following? >> here's my answer to that. it is three words. don't start me. >> don't make me wait 15 more years. please come back and see us. >> if you'll be here?
8:24 am
all right? it will be good for both of us. warren beatty, what a pleasure. "rules don't apply" hits theaters on november 23rd. get this, it's a joke, dr. oz, chef john best and gigi hadid walks into a bar. we're going to have a great segment. actually they're all separate. we're really looking forward to a big half hour coming up next after a check of your local
8:25 am
8:26 am
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milwaukee racine county line there are no other crashes in the racine milwaukee waukesha ozaukee area right now but looking at drive times, several slow go spots plan ahead
8:29 am
what greases the gears in washington? money. and ron johnson fits right in. six years ago, johnson took a shady $10 million corporate payout, went to washington, then voted to protect $21 billion in tax breaks for the world's biggest oil companies. $21 billion.
8:30 am
that's ron johnson. that's washington. and he fits right in. end citizens united is responsible for the content of this ad. good morning, everybody. it's 8:30. it's wednesday morning, the 2nd of november. we have a beautiful crowd out on our plaza. let's take a nice weather too. i love your coat, that's so cute. anyway, we're so psyched to be here. hi, charlie. >> this is a fun crowd. >> oh, my goodness. where's matt? >> i'm here. >> he only listens to you and olivia. >> i've got the treats, that's why.
8:31 am
we've teamed with dr. oz. we've commissioned a survey that shows 6 in 10 have not talked about prostate cancer screenings with their doctors. that is not a good thing. dr. oz is here hopefully to change those numbers. also coming up supermodel gigi hadid is here. if you haven't seen her on magazine covers and runway, maybe you've seen her on instagram because that girl owns it. >> she's so sweet and beautiful. feel like standing next to a supermodel right now. she's adorable. also coming up, we've got a thanksgiving match made in heaven in our kitchen. martha stewart and chef john are here teaming up for the ultimate feast. >> first let's send it back to al for a check of the weather in cleveland. hey, al. >> hey, guys, here at the winking lizard brew pub and having a great time, although these kids are not having any alcoholic beverages.
8:32 am
so they're all hopped up. let's show you what's going on. again, we're talking about if the game goes into late late innings tonight for game seven, we could see some showers. otherwise it's going to be a nice night. cloudy skies. oh, that was yesterday's forecast. anyway, we're looking at some showers and 70 degrees. now, for today record warmth through the southeast, gulf coast. we're looking at some stronger storms. those storms in illinois will make their way into ohio in th in fact tomorrow you can see wet weather in the northeast in new england. record highs down through the gulf. unseasonably mild through the plains and a flood threat with
8:33 am
if the indians win tonight, school -- no school for anybody. all right. official school day off. only kidding. much. now to our no shave today campaign. as the stubble continues to take hold here in studio 1a, we partnered up with dr. mehmet oz for a closer look at big health issues facing men. this morning we're focusing on prostate cancer and the debate over screening and treatments. take a look. >> hi, i'm clark howard. >> for nearly a decade, clark howard has been living with prostate cancer.
8:34 am
doctor and decided on using what's called active monitoring. that means that because his cancer is slow growing, he opted to monitor it closely rather than have surgery or radiation. the prostate is a walnut-sized reproductive gland found only in men. more than 180,000 american men will be diagnosed with prostate cancer this year. more than 26,000 will die from the disease. besides a rectal exam by your doctor, historically the only screening for a prostate specific antigen test, usually known as a psa test. it's a simple blood test that measures a specific protein produced by the prostate. if the psa level is elevated, it could indicate the patient has prostate cancer. active director ben stiller recently credited a psa screening for saving his life. >> i learned that i was someone that had a case that could be treated. there are a lot of people that
8:35 am
late. >> in stiller's case, his doctor watched his psa level rise over a year and a half before sending him on for ultimate testing. ultimately he had surgery to remove the cancer and says he is now cancer-free, but treatments vary. a landmark study published in the "new england journal of medicine" followed more than 1600 men with diagnosed prostate cancer. the men fell into three groups, those who had surgery, those who had radiotherapy and those who actively monitored their after ten years, researchers found almost no difference in death rates between the groups. >> this study shows that there were serious side effects of treatment in terms of sexual, bowel and urinary function, but there were side effects on the men on active surveillance too, because the risk is the tumor will grow. >> for clark, active monitoring was the right choice. >> that i'm sitting there just watching it drives people crazy. but i think i'm crazy like a fox.
8:36 am
right thing to do. >> dr. oz joins us now live in the studio. good to see you. i was shocked by the numbers, over 180,000 cases will be diagnosed this year, 26,000 men will die of it. this needs attention. >> well, it's common cancer. men are confused. in our big sur va that we did together, we found that 54% of men don't know what a psa test is and 61% want the test. the c because people don't understand in the medical community how powerful this test is. >> so what's your recommendation, who should get the psa exam and at what age should they start? >> the reason the u.s. government and major medical groups don't get along on this is because people think you'll overtreat the psa. if you're thoughtful about it and don't get rushed into doing procedures on yourself, then middle-aged men it makes sense.
8:37 am
makes you at higher risk and you should think about it. here's the thing, most men think the psa test will tell you if you've got aggressive cancer or some type of cancer, not true. 75% of the time it's going to be a false positive. so don't get biopsied and aggressively treated because the psa doesn't tell you that. >> you're in a doctor's office. the doctor walks in and says, mr. lauer, i have bad news, you have a psa of x level, you have prostate cancer. what is the first thing you want men to do o >> let me blow your mind with this. this is the data set from the survey we did together. 79% of men think that if they have prostate cancer and don't have surgery, they will die. that is completely wrong. that is not what happens at all. in fact this is changing the paradigm of how we treat all cancers. most men with active surveillance don't pay a penalty. even lifetime change can make a difference so don't think of it as something that you have to get out of your body
8:38 am
more aggressively. men should have the information because it's power in their hands but do not get roped into getting biopsies and other invasive procedures. active monitoring is probably the better way to go. >> all right, doc, thanks very much. we appreciate it. coming up next, supermodel and social media sensation gigi hadid. but first, this is "today" on nbc. i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. she's a slob. she ate like a pig. a person who's flat chested is very hard to be a 10. does she have a good body? no. does she have a fat [expletive]? absolutely. do you treat women with respect?
8:39 am
8:40 am
8:40 now. we're back with today's style. at just 21 years old, gigi hadid has already conquered fashion runways in new york, london, paris and milan. she starred in music videos and become the face of brands like versace and tommy hilfiger and has nearly 25 million followers on instagram. thanks to a new collaboration, she can add footwear designer to her resume. gigi, it's great to see you. >> thank you.
8:41 am
the "today" show. >> it is. and i'm such a big fan. i've watched it morning my whole life so it's great to be here. >> i was looking at some magazines and you're on the cover of every one. >> it looks like my mom's living room on this table. >> you've got vogue, bazaar and the "wall street journal." >> my dad was excited about that one. it's amazing. i get to work with the people i've looked up to my whole life. people a cover, but each one has so much experience and such a story behind where were shooting and who i was with. >> you and your mom had a five-year plan. when you started to model, you decided what you wanted to do. it seems like it came true in about a year. people call you that phrase that they use too often, i think, "it" girl. do you like it or hate it? >> obviously it's an honor to be called that. i think that something that i've just really paid attention to is
8:42 am
like to work with. i think that if you really touch someone on a personal level, they'll be the ones fighting for you the next day at a meeting or pushing for you in a campaign and that's something i try to stick to. >> you have probably learned by now that not everything written about you is true. she's still nice, responsible and respectful. is that true? >> i mean that's what i do me a conscious effort to do so i hope so. >> savannah walked up and said she's so nice, she really is. >> thank you. >> you hang out with some pretty cool people. what was halloween like? >> halloween was really cool. we were all working, so my friend had just a little like girls night at her house. >> just a flend general? >> taylor. we had like chips and guacamole and pizza. i had a really, really intense costume planned and then i was
8:43 am
shirt in japan at a vintage store and i made a costume out of it. >> that's cool. creative. i'm sure your instagram followers, 25 million, will love that picture. there's another picture that caught my eye. can i put a picture up ofou that was taken i believe yesterday in the streets of new york. so you're walking. you know from watching the show i am a germphobe. look at your coat dragging in the streets of new york. do you think what's in the et >> this will make you feel better. the coat came off the runway like already dirty, right, so it's long. so i got it as that piece. then i walked across the street for coffee. i only walked across the street. like that's literally the farthest i went all day yesterday. >> because there is not a dry cleaner in the world that is good enough to sanitize that jacket or coat. >> but it was already like dirty. so i either don't wear it or i just do wear it. >> let's talk good stuff. let's move on.
8:44 am
stuart whitesman, great shoe designer. you created these for all the right reasons. talk about it. >> yeah. i started with doing the stuart whitesman campaigns and i am a huge supported of pencils of promise. 2013 was my first gala. stuart has a partnership where he has made a financial commitment to building three schools, one in guatemala, one inha boots come in three colors and proceeds will be part of that fall 2016 commitment to building three schools. >> wow, that's called an "it" girl doing right by the term. >> thank you so much. >> what are you going to say to your 25 million instagram followers about your experience here this morning? >> that i love this show and i'm so excited that i'm on it. >> gigi hadid, it's great to have you here. thank you so much. up next, we're kicking off
8:45 am
martha stewart, john besh, both
8:46 am
? ? ? ? can you say i love it? ? ? oh love it? ? ? can you say hey? ? ? hey! ? ? that's the spirit! oooooh.? ? ooh ooh ? ? wooh ooh ? ? wooh ooh ? ? sing sing, baby baby i love you. oh yes.? ? ooooh oooh.?
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we are kicking off a special "today" food all-star thanksgiving. it starts this morning. we're going to bring you the biggest and brightest stars in the culinary world to make your holiday the best ever. store. it's time to talk turkey. really talk turkey. as "today" food doubles down with the chef explosion. with tips and tricks from the greatest culinary talents in the country. we've paired them up all month long to create their favorite holiday recipes, from pies to potatoes as well as sweet and savory. it's all gravy, as we pledge to make your traditional
8:48 am
tastier and the most memorable yet. okay, we're going to get the month started off right with two of the biggest names in the business, martha stewart of martha stewart living and chef john besh from nashville. they have the perfect pairing between the north and the south, turkey and stuffing. we gave you a choice because we said you could collaborate on a recipe or find the perfect pair. >> well, i'm doing the turkey, which is in a new way, upside down turkey, and john is making -- >> you know, a southern staple, oyster es cannot wait to dig in. i should mention our taste testers are downstairs and we have a celebrity standing in, gigi hadid is here. >> okay, so john, you're going to take your spot and we're going to make our turkey. >> this is a 14-pound turkey, fresh, organic if you can find it. fresh has not been frozen. so salt inside and out.
8:49 am
expecting, et cetera? >> well, i would say if you're going to have 20 people, you should have two turkeys, two 14-pounders would be very generous and gives you enough for your turkey sandwiches the next day. you know, you have to have all of that. and the extra dressing. so rub the salt and wrap this turkey -- you should do the day before. wrap the turkey in plastic wrap, put back in the refrigerator and let it stay. and that's a then rinse it. this is the day of thanksgiving. so you have a rinsed and dried turkey. make sure you dry it inside and out. >> get to know that turkey. >> yes. you have your nice roasting pan with a rack. under the rack, orange, garlic, onion, sage, thyme, rosemary, salt and pepper. and then this is the odd part, a ciabatta bread. this is just cut in half.
8:50 am
>> be generous, it's thanksgiving. >> don't worry about it. >> this is so good. you put this in the pan on the rack, and then you put your turkey upside down on the bread. >> now why upside down? >> this way you're going to have a really moist breast without doing the -- oh, i have to try this too, without doing the more complicated cheesecloth method 101 that i'm famous for. i love that one too. but i make three or four >> savannah, you know what's funny? gigi is down here chowing down on this turkey. she said you know what i have to do after this? i have my fitting for the victoria's secret show. >> gigi, that's so funny. me too! >> a little bulge won't hurt. >> you might not want some of that oyster dressing. >> just a few seconds, we've got to see the upside down thing.
8:51 am
the bread. now, your oven is preheated to 425. put this right in. here, john -- >> you're a strapping young man. >> put that in and then bring me this turkey. this has been in for 45 minutes at 425. >> that's all? >> yep. and now we flip it. see, we flip it. it's a little hot. >> well, be careful. >> and then are we adding our jus here? >> and then we butter it a little bit more. >> i've got to get to john for his dressing. >> flip it, put a little more butter on the breast and put it back in the oven. make sure you pour some turkey stock. >> how long in the oven? >> another two hours. >> great. >> and this is what it looks like. >> it looks gorgeous.
8:52 am
good, right? >> juicy. >> okay, so oyster dressing. what you would call stuffing, up north we call it dressing. >> and you don't put it in the turkey? >> we're not putting it in the turkey, just serving this on the side. so you've got to start with a little bacon. so we have bacon rendering, onion, a little garlic. we call this the trinity of creole cooking. it's very simple, some green onions, onions, bell pepper. just a little bit of bacon. we'll just saute this up nicely like that and add in just a little bit of cayenne pepper, some garlic powder and some smoked paprika. >> so that's going to have a little kick to it. >> oh, it will, it will. >> great. >> so i will turn this off. this is an old family recipe. perfect to make ahead like a day or so. i love doing these dressings well in advance. this is everything that you see
8:53 am
minutes. >> what kind of bread are you using there? >> just like day old stale bread. >> like french bread? >> french bread is great, some of that ciabatta is wonderful. >> we're going to set that back there. and so you've got to have a little smoke in the kitchen. >> get to the oysters, everybody wants to know about that. >> nothing like martha stewart shucking oysters just take some of these oysters from either coast. i love these big southern oysters. toss that up with a little salt, a little parsley. >> how did you prep those oysters, just a little butter? >> no, just raw. fresh. >> what we want to do is pour that right into our casserole. >> i think that paprika -- >> that's really so good.
8:54 am
i just did. >> how did the baby like the paprika. how does it taste downstairs? >> just a little bit of green onion. you want to bake that 350 for about an hour. that's what we have here. serving it with martha's incredible upside down roast turkey. >> come to mama. okay, great. thank you so much. john besh, martha stewart, for these recipes. >> john, would you like a little? >> i want some of that turkey. >> recipe john is back tomorrow and will cook with kathie lee and hoda. taste testers, thumbs up, right? >> thumbs up.
8:55 am
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