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tv   Todays TMJ4 News Live at 1000  NBC  November 8, 2016 10:00pm-11:00pm CST

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house to the fight for control of the u.s. senate we have crews spread out throughout the state bringing you the latest results. just ahead live reports from janesville, oshkosh, madison and southeast wisconsin. our 2016 coverage starts now. thank you for bringing today's tmj4 your election news coverage. >> we're going to get right into it. >> charles benson live in janesville where paul ryan speaker of the house reelection pretty handlely here. >> the room is glued to what is going to happen on the presidential race. they are watching all of the cable stations and one of the stations now calling florida for donald trump. so it is looking better here for the trump campaign and trump supporters on what the election might look like across the country. there is still a lot of battleground states wisconsin is one of those battleground states. all along in the polling the
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clinton had a lead over donald trump, and in her open campaign, they felt comfortable enough not even to send her here in the general election. will that come to cost her if she needs wisconsin to help get her over the 270? yes she was here in the primary, but she lost in the primary. so did donald trump he lost the wisconsin primary. donald trump came here five times trying to convince voters he was the guy, the change the country was looking for. on the presidential race wisconsin looking very much like a battleground state. in the u.s. senate race, we knew this was going to be a close race based on the marquette poll there was only one point separating russ feingold and ron johnson in the latest marquette law school poll. what was going to be the turnout and could republicans finally in a presidential year, overcome years of losing in presidential years where ron johnson the
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those are the issues here, that's what is at stake tonight and here we are two hours after the polls have closed and it still seems to be a nail biter not only across the country, but right here in wisconsin. carole and george. >> think most people sort of predicted this was going to be a razor's edge race. thank you very much charles. one of the tightest races in the country is a senate race in wisconsin. >> let's take a look at the numbers that one right now ron johnson with 52% of the vote with 58%ep tail end with 45%. but again this could well determine if republicans or democrats control the u.s. senate. katie is with the feingold campaign in middleton, but we're going to start with julia in oshkosh with the presidential campaign. >> our field producer rachel just told me that nbc projects ron johnson has won a second term for u.s. senate.
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jubilation, huge cheers here at his watch party. people are just glued to the screen right now. i spoke to johnson one-on-one earlier today, here's what he said if he were to clinch this. >> we do some regulatory burden, and just identifying every duplicated program, wasteful program, fraud in those programs to make sure we don't waste any taxpayer hard earned money. that was my focus the the next six years. >> we expect to hear from ron johnson on stage very soon. he says no matter what, if he were to win or lose he said that it would be his second term and then that would be it. reporting live from oshkosh, today's tmj4. thank you very much. let's get to katie in madison with the feingold camp. >> reporter: guys no one here really reacting yet. they are still waiting.
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but some cable news networks are projecting that ron johnson did pull out and win this race. now, i did talk to russ feingold earlier today, he expressed confidence. he says it is not over until it is over. wait until all of the votes are counted. votes still need to be counted in dane and milwaukee counties which are democratic strongholds. feingold expected to win those counties. so, he is hopeful. i did speak with his campaign manager just a little while he said russ feingold will not be out, will not be making any appearances until the race is completely over and the results are known. he said he is feeling optimistic, but specifically said, he doesn't want to jinx anything. so also, his campaign expressing some nervousness over this race and rightfully so as we can see by the results right now. carole and george. >> katie joining us live russ feingold trying to win his job
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latest presidential numbers in wisconsin. >> in the democratic nominee hillary clinton, now has 46% she's trailing donald trump 49%. that is with 59% of the votes in. >> we've been talking about the senate race throughout the evening right now let's take a look at where the numbers stand on that one we can bring that up on the screen. there we go. ron johnson with 52% of the vote, to russ feingold's 45%. steve chamraz will be alo moment to breakdown these numbers. >> courtney gerrish is in oshkosh, shannon sims with the democrats in milwaukee. >> we're going to start our coverage with shannon sims at j and b's blue ribbon pub. shannon? >> reporter: carole, supporters knew this would be a tight race, didn't think it would be this tight however we are still waiting on numbers to come in from milwaukee. but i'm sure that they will be glad to hear the good news that is happening on the west coast where nbc news is reporting that hillary clinton has won
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washington state. those are some big electoral college numbers that hillary will need to keep pushing her to the 270 mark, but again we're waiting to see what will wisconsin do and will wisconsin play a role that we haven't seen in a while, and help hillary become the next president of the united states being the first female and being president 45. we're still waiting i can tell you that this room has been watching the tvs all night long and they are tryingo cautiously optimistic as we wait for the night to find out who will become our next president of the united states. i'm going to go ahead and shift it over to courtney gerrish in oshkosh for the trump campaign. >> reporter: shannon thank you. what started out as a very quiet room here in oshkosh has erupted recently with key states being called for donald trump. wisconsin is a battleground state. it is typically gone blue, the
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republican presidential candidate was back in 1984 for ronald reagan. polls have shown some major shifts over the last couple months the latest wall street journal nbc news poll putting clinton at 44% to trump's 40% of likely voters a nationwide poll obviously. again waiting to see here we're at the johnson election night party. they celebrated his reelection to the senate, and now we're waiting to see what happens with donald trump in the state of wisconsin. we're gerrish today's tmj4. >> this is a night that we're fighting out that polls aren't always necessarily correct. big question how are the polls stacking up county by county in the state of wisconsin? >> steve chamraz joins us. >> that is how we're going to count the votes county by county. i'm going to show you the way the votes are coming in and i want to show you a disparity between the presidential numbers we're seeing and the senate race numbers we're seeing and how
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while tonight. this is the senate race in wisconsin right now. pay close attention to the number ron johnson has right there, 943,000 votes. i'm going to turn my back to you for a half a second to get us into the presidential race mode in the state of wisconsin. 866,000 votes for donald trump. that is quite the disparity. hillary clinton a lot closer to donald trump than russ feingold is to ron johnson right now. this is why all eyes across the wisconsin. wisconsin is was not expected to be this close, maybe in the senate race yes it was expected to be close not in the presidential race where the polls showed hillary clinton had least a 4 point lead coming into this. it is a lot tighter than anybody expected. if wisconsin goes red, for donald trump, if michigan goes red, and right now michigan is leaning in the red column we still have half the vote there out, this could put the election
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our two states our two neighbors here in the old industrial midwest. one thing i want to say this is the big calv caveat you add theo numbers up, you get about 1.6 million votes there, we're expected to have record turnout in the neighborhood of maybe 3 to 3.2 million votes in the state of wisconsin. that means we are probably at 55% of the votes counted at this point. when i look at the race as it all these counties down here in the southeastern part of the state went blue for barack obama. all of these counties north of dane county, went blue for barack obama. we are getting very miniscule percents of votes 36% out of columbia county right now. sauk county 79%. you come to grant county, 19% of the vote in. so we've got a lot of vote to be counted out there, we still have a lot of vote about half of the vote to come in from dane
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i'm sorry control room say that one more time? i cannot get the states that have been called here reliably i will try to bring that up real quick here. there we go. these are the states that have been called so far. donald trump 201, hillary clinton, 197. pay no attention to wisconsin and michigan being colored red, the software we use puts the state in the color of the leader right now, donald trump leading wisconsin right now donald trump leading michigan, but aga called for him. so, this is why all eyes of the country right now are on us here in wisconsin, and our neighbors to the east, and to the north everybody up there living in upper country. our two states and our electoral votes could help shift the balance of power in this election. we could be here for a while. >> if wisconsin does go red it will be the first time since ronald reagan was elected in 1984. >> a lot of votes to count
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the congressional race. >> mike gallagher taking on tom nelson. mike gallagher with a substantial lead this area covers green bay. >> the fourth district gwen moore has been declared the winner up against robert raymond. and actually no surprise in this. she won handlely and that is what was expected. very popular in her district. >> here's the first district this one already c all right let's go back out live to charles benson he is in janesville with paul ryan's campaign. this race didn't turn out to be close at all did it charles? >> no it wasn't expected to be close at all, but paul ryan now has retreated to watch all of these results coming in not only across wisconsin, but across the country. while he was here he did thank his supporters and did drop a
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by name, but did say he was looking at results. let's listen in. >> i just have been sitting there watching the polls by some accounts this could be a really good night for america. this could be a good night for us. [ applause ] >> fingers crossed. >> so, p paul ryan keeping an ee on results and we'll be keeping an eye on what happens around the state from this location. back to you george and carole. thank you very much charl at the national numbers that we have for president. right now this is with 59% reporting, donald trump 49%. hillary clinton, 47%. >> we have crews at each party, mike is with the clinton campaign in new york city. >> todd walker a few blocks away with the trump campaign. we're going to start with mike sax and the clinton party. >> reporter: hi george, hi carole. it is a very quiet evening here
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people came here expecting it to be a jubilant evening as the glass ceiling quite literal above us could be smashed by a president elect clinton. not looking so sure after all with both neck and neck in the electoral college and really all eyes on michigan right now among the quiet crowds staring at the board right above the stage. it is really, surreal moment. a lot of tension if clinton were to win tonight, i imagine it will be more of a than a big shouts of victory because really the crowd here, they are just in a state of shock. meanwhile i bet over at the trump election night event with scott walker is a very different environment. >> yeah mike it is certainly a good atmosphere over here. people are excited and confident on how donald trump is performing. they know this is not over yet. watching significant states that have not come in yet. he is leading by decent margins there in wisconsin, as you folks
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pennsylvania, hillary clinton has a lead there then you have the northwest states of washington and oregon which generally lead democratic. they know this is not over yet. it's a much closer race than it was maybe an hour or so ago, but donald trump still holding onto the lead according to many of the numbers including fox news which is what everyone here is watching. people are feeling confident, but they know they cannot celebrate just yet and the celebratory mood we had an hour ago has definitely simmered down when hillary clinton picked up ca this a much closer race. it's not over yet they are going to continue to watch, but feeling much more confident then they came into this room earlier tonight. live in new york city, todd walker today's tmj4. >> we have learned many years that you can never pop the champagne cork too early when it comes to election night. >> absolutely not. social media has played a key role in this year's election. >> our digital team could not be
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joins us live to explain. you enjoy being among all of the information you get every day marcus and sharing it with us. >> that's right george and carole. social media has played a major part in this campaign. and we've been tracking things all night and donald trump has been some what quiet on twitter, but active on facebook throughout the night. let's take a look at some of the top posts we have been seeing. donald trump has been very much in a celebratory mood all night. almost every time he has won a state h thanked his supporters. you see there with texas and ohio several other states. here's another post showing trump watching the returns coming in. a little more subdued we're seeing on the clinton side. she hasn't reacted on facebook since about 7:30 p.m. shortly after 7:30 she posted whatever happens tonight, thanks for everything from everyone.
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with his daughter hoping whether a little girl has to wonder if she too can one day be president. we're tracking all of the social media months from now. trump has had much more support on facebook and twitter. that may be indicative of the vote we're seeing so far tonight. >> thank you very much. appreciate that. long lines have dominated the start nearly the end of the day in waukesha county. rebecca is live there hey rebecca. >> reporter: throughout the day one polling place even had a line out the door before it even opened. but despite having to wait to cast a ballot nearly everyone left with a smile. >> for all the talk of negative campaigns it was hard to find an unhappy voter in waukesha county. from first time voters -- >> it was thrilling honestly. >> to parents who brought their kids to the polls -- >> they have been seeing all of the commercials on tv so we
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time to bring them to show what the process is about. >> even those standing in lines about an hour. >> it's important to vote it's our civic dudeys to get out and vote. >> even those that didn't think they could stomach casting a vote today, ultimately celebrated their participation in the democratic process. >> even though i didn't want to i came. >> there you go. i did it. >> you didn't want to, but you did it. you feel better? >> i do much better. >> the says there was a few issues, but despite that, overall everyone got to vote in a timely manner for now reporting live in waukesha county, today's tmj4. turnout at the polls was high, but the election officials say overall everything went well on what was truly a busy day. our eric ross is live in milwaukee there were a handful of issues reported today, but nothing overly serious.
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hiccups here and there, but all in all it was smooth sailing at the polls. we'll start over in wash shaw county where the clerk says they ran out of ballots at three polling locations in the town of lisbon earlier this afternoon. new ballots were ordered and arrived shortly before 2:30 p.m. to milwaukee county, and the city of milwaukee, smooth sailing for the most par there we did discover there was a broken ballot counting machine at park view elementary earlier this afternoon. we're told that was corrected with there were also a fewues iss with people not understanding voter id laws. >> we have some voters that have some pretty profound challenges around either meeting the proof of residence requirements or the photo id requirements at their polling places. >> the city works with those voters to cast provisional ballots meaning their vote will count as long as they get the
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dmv by friday. another problem we discovered is that it is taking longer than normal for the city to count absentee ballots. as far as other issues across the state we learned the city of madison had to get a court order to extended the polling location at east high school until 9:00 this evening, that's because a fire alarm went off this morning, delaying that polling location from opening. but all in all, from what could have been a hectic night at the polls everything seemed to be going pretty good so that's the silver lg reporting live eric ross, today as tmj4. thank you very much. before we go to break we're going to take a look at some of the numbers in one wisconsin congressional race. >> district 2, peter thereon against mark pokan. in district 5, republican jim against carrie. that's with 87% of the votes in.
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against sarah lloyd and and independent. that covers dodge, ozaukee, sheboygan and fond du lac. shawn duffy verses mary heff. northeast wisconsin, there you see shawn duffy with the handy lead over mary heft. >> we're going to take a break
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as decision 2016 coverage continues, we have breaking news out of the johnson campaign he has been declared the winner against russ feingold. >> he will be taking the stage
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it's funny throughout the day today we figured we would be waiting around for tonight whether johnson or feingold had won instead we're waiting to hear if hillary clinton or donald trump has won. let's get to charles benson in janesville taking it all in at the victorious paul ryan camp. >> i'm joined by a long time friend and long time republican steve king. the networks have projected that ron johnson is going to win the u.s. senate how extraordinary is that? >> frankly perhaps the most extraordinary thing if it should happen this way of course ever experienced in my political life here in wisconsin. >> how do you think it happened and how did it come together for him? >> i think that the modest turnout in dane county and milwaukee coupled with extraordinarily high turnout in rural areas not only in this
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going to make the difference. >> let's look at the presidential race still hasn't been declared yet, but wisconsin potentially could be red. you are probably the last guy that remembers when wisconsin would go red with ronald reagan. >> 1984 i remember it well. >> give me a sense if that happens? >> the only word i can find charles is extraordinary. not only, are we a battleground and swing state, but we could be the difference between a red and a blue washington, d.c. country was talking about the possibility of a complete control by one party in washington, d.c. the white house and congress. they were talking about democratic control. there is a chance, that we could have one party control in washington, d.c., by tomorrow morning, but it would be by republicans. >> the trifecta they hold the house, senate and win the white house. donald trump came here five times he didn't give up even though he lost here big in the primaries. were you even surprised that he
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>> yes i was, but obviously they knew something we didn't. >> were you surprised that hillary clinton did not come here? >> i was surprised. or someone from the white house the president or first lady? >> have to be catching their head -- scratching their heads why they neglected wisconsin. >> after all of these years if this comes together give me a sense of paul ryan what was he looking forward to here as he becomes speaker again here workingh president trump. >> he was looking at the perspective of being the highest ranking official in washington, d.c. as the speaker of the house. if tonight's trend continues he will be the third highest ranking republican in washington, d.c. >> we appreciate your insight. a lot of folks looking at what is going to be a potentially historic night especially now with ron johnson winning. >> thank you very much charles. it is funny you almost lose
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on this big election day. john it has been a nice election day overall. >> it has been favorable today. 53 degrees there was a sprinkle this morning. 54 at 4:00. even 52 degrees at 8:00. that heat does continue. we hit 59 today. normal is 50. so far, we have had seven days above 60 degrees the record is 9. we could still make that record. we had a couple clouds around earlier tide start to go clear out of t out some clouds in the northwest. they are dissipating we'll see sunshine for tomorrow. so mostly sunny skies, when you wake up in the morning hours 40 degrees. another day above normal in the mid-50s more details coming up later on in the program. has been a wonderful fall. john thank you very much. as we head to break here's a look at some of the referendums that have been on the ballots across our area. >> in elkhorn the district wants
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equipment costs. >> in whitewater the district wants to spend $23.5 million to build a new gym and renovate and remodel several district buildings there. >> and in germantown the district wants to spend $84 million to billion a new cafeteria and student commons for a performing arts center and pool. >> more than $28 million for new construction and modernization of the middle and high schools. we're going to take a break
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breaking news we're going to listen to governor scott walker he will be introducing ron johnson. >> you elected ron johnson, youlielected a whole wave of republicans across the state. you sent a message you said don't just campaign get out there and govern like you said you were going to do when you campaigned and we turned this state around. we turned the state around. [cheers and applause] >> and you have got someone who is kind of like those remember that old movie mr. smith goes to washington, someone who was a manufacturer, was just doing his own thing, stood up and heard the call to people in the state, said he was going to do something about it, went to washington, did his job and said i'm going to focus on wisconsin not on washington. that's what he has done for the past six year that's what he will do for the next six years. he is someone who is going to bring those wisconsin values to
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>> and not only with his victory tonight a victory for all of us in wisconsin, but really a victory for wisconsin. and it's a victory for america as well. because now ron johnson can yet again tell what it means to be someone from wisconsin to show what it means when you have people willing to think more about the next generation than just the next election. you can do remarkable things for the people of your state. he will help lead in the senate do remarkable things for the people in this honor to introduce the current and future senator from the great state of wisconsin, ron johnson and the entire johnson family! [cheers and applause]
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>> thank you everybody. ? ? [ music ] ? ? >> thank you everyone. thank you. thank you. thank you. thank you. thank you we can. -- wisconsin. thank you wisconsin. thank you. >> i so appreciate it. this is a big night.
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it's a big night for wisconsin. a big night for america. i have to take some time to thank some people. first thing i have to thank my wife jane. jane. they have been supporting every part of the way. my brother who moved to help run the business doing a great job. [cheers and applause]
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leave her family. she's got it just involved in the community, the boys and girls club doing a wonderful job mary thank you. my brother dean and his wife. deep is the one -- dean is the one that filmed an awful lot of our commercials that i think really put us over the top. [cheers and applause] >> my sister lynn and her husband bob. lynn has been a supporter afar. give me all kinds of texts of encouragement lynn thank you. [cheers and applause] >> i need to thank a special person you saw him earlier tony blando. [cheers and applause]
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so, first of all, let me apologize to oshkosh and the catholic school system for taking tony away from you. you know what a servant leader tony brando is. he has gained so much respect in washington, d.c., the respect he deserves, but tony you know i could not have done this without you. god bless you i want to thank the official staff of the senate. the folks here in wisconsin, who are just dedicated to excellent customer service, i'm not going to name everybody because i will forget some. you know who you are. you have done so much to be so responsive, to the good folks of wisconsin and trust me we are dedicated customer service you expect six additional years of
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[cheers and applause] >> the old washington, d.c. base is pretty darn good they give me all of the information i need. thank you to all of you guys you come help and campaign. [cheers and applause] >> i have got to thank the state based campaign staff as well. betsy, where is betsy? [cheers and applause] >> betsy never gave up. let's face it we had some pretty disappointing days every now and again. some frustrating poll results. nobody, nobody was more upbeat, more positive, kept us on message, kept us on point
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fabulous campaign manager for whoever hires you next. [cheers and applause] you know i have had the privilege over the last really six years serving with phenomenal people. and over the last couple days traveling through the state, i really don't think wisconsin fully appreciates how are to have the men and women of integrity, in our state legislature, in the governorship, serving in congress. governor walker, where did governor walker go? a man of integrity,
10:36 pm
he's retiring, they called the race for mike, mike gallagher is a fabulous,
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these are fabulous members of congress. the governor, members of the legislature, put widz on the -- wisconsin on the right path, and paul ryan, we'll put america on the right path, so god bless those folks. about six and a half years ago, a door was opened to me. gave me this opportunity t serve the folks of wisconsin, american's united states senator. 18 months ago, another door was opened up to me, through my senate staff and i met a wonderful man. pastor smith. where are you? pastor smith. working together, we've created
10:38 pm
and it is through the leadership of a wonderful man named pastor smith, and we're helping to transform people's lives and using it as an example of how when you demonstrate and implement your compassion in your community that's actually what works. and pastor smith, my guarantee to you is we'll continue to grow and expand the joseph project and use that example, so bless you pastor smith. (clapping.) now, i did speak with senator, he called me, it was a very gracious call, he graduated me. and -- congratulated me, and i wished him well on his path for life.
10:39 pm
i've talked to leader mcconnell, and the vice presidential nominee, and my message is consiste. i believe america has given us a chance, an opportunity to put this nation on the right path, it's what i intend to do. tony said, i promise i'll always tell you the truth, and this is my final so i approach the next six years with a purpose. we have a shot, we have a chance. we have to put america on the right path and the way we'll do it is we'll be concentrating on the areas of agreement. and here's the number one area of agreement that we start with. as americans, as wisconsinites,
10:40 pm
we want a secure wisconsin and america. and we are concerned about each other. there's no one political party, with a monopoly and compassion. we want all our citizens to succeed, and the opportunity to build a good life for their family. i've said this repeatedly, i can problems, the challenges, the threats we face. i'm not going to do that. this is a night of celebration. [applause] (chanting). >> thank you, thank you.
10:41 pm
opportunity. we've been given a chance, we'll seize that chance and together, worked together, because, one group of people i haven't thanked yet is all of you. as i said, what gives me hope, what gives me hope, and understand, the number one thing that people tell me, we're praying for you. okay, it's all of you that's made this possible and working together, as wisin america, we'll save this country. god bless all of you, god bless wisconsin, and god bless america, thank you. >> senator ron johnson saying we all share the same goal, we want a secure america, he said, he wants a compassionate america and wants all citizens to succeed. >> there's the number.
10:42 pm
speech, maybe you did, if feingold made a phone call to him. >> he did, and a happy night to johnson. put america on the right path. and the breaking news, nbc news, is predicting donald trump won the battle ground states of florida and iowa. both donald trump and hilary clinton over the 200 mark on they need for the presidency. >> and steve, we've been watching the two states closely. >> yes, let's take a look at where the numbers stand right now. pay attention to the number that are predicted electorals. that's the number that nbc news
10:43 pm
candidate's pocket right now. the top line is ap's numbers. and the map full screen. look at the gray states out there. these are the states that are still in play. here's a couple of scenarios here, knowing what the numbers look like right now. let's start with the neighbors to the northwest here in michigan. that's looking a pretty safe hilary clinton state. she has a healthy lead there. in well. arizona, a donald trump state. georgia, let's give that to the republicans as well. i don't know why it's held out as long as it is. maine is looking safe for hilary clinton. four states still in play.
10:44 pm
nevada [inaudible]. hilary clinton has a lead in pennsylvania, we give that to hilary clinton, we'll give it to her sake of argument. new hampshire, donald trump is leading there right now. that brings it to two states. michigan, and wisconsin. right now, both of the states are leaning red. that gives donald trump 289, that gives hilary clinton 249. hilary clinton wins 275 to 263. i'll put these back gray right now. these are the two state we'll be up watching all night long. come out to camera, i'll flip to show you what's going on in the state of wisconsin. the map in state mode. this is the state of wisconsin, hilary clinton, donald trump about 74,000 votes apart.
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ear, the state of georgia has gone for donald trump. 74,000 vote lead for donald trump in the state of wisconsin right now, but we've been told we're expecting record turnout in our state and record is 3 million votes cast. that means there's still 1 million votes out there. where are they? if i look at the map right here of what happened in wisconsin in 2012, the whole southeastern for barack obama, we're missing a lot of votes. i'll tap all of the counties to. we only have 55% of the vote in, from counties where barack obama did very well in 2012. the rest to have nation, believe it or not will keep an eye on southeast widz. we're -- wisconsin, we're one of two states, that can tip the balance to hilary clinton or
10:46 pm
but right. >> we knew this would be a nail biter, more with charles. do you think donald trump has a strong chance here? >> that's the indication, and i'll bring in the political panel. two people who know the state of wisconsin very well. two people involved in statewide elections. we also have thompson, who's the gop strategist, and governor walker advisor, and how surprised are you by the ron johnson victory and how close wisconsin is right now, a potential double victory here for republicans. >> the fascinating thing is how much ron johnson has out performed donald trump in southeastern wisconsin.
10:47 pm
ground game that we've honed, that's come true in rural counties in the state of wisconsin right now. that's an area that typically, the governor will do well in the midterm, and drops off in the presidential, but we're seeing the rural western counties, look more like a midterm than a presidential. >> joe, you know that wisconsin has gone blue in the last seven presidential races, still wait for the final surprised you? >> i think what's happening tonight is not unique to wisconsin. if you look around the country, clearly something bigger than either of the candidates is underway. the entire country will have to understand and come to grips to that in the coming days. but the fist thing that jumps out to me, is the president won 25 counties around the state, out of the 72.
10:48 pm
leading in nine of the 7 # counties. -- 72 counties. some are very large metro area, that could be votes out there. >> joe, i have to ask you, we know that hilary clinton didn't campaign here at all in the general election. we know that tim kaine was here, come here at least once, especially in the closing arguments? >> i take it back to what i was earlier. i think it's bigger than being about hilary clinton or donald trump. donald trump is a man who today 61% of voters in the entire united states in exit polling said was not qualified to be president and he stands on the precipice of becoming president.
10:49 pm
from hilary clinton would change that. >> as you know, republicans, especially in the wild counties. they weren't all on board with donald trump, in fact his brand of politics didn't stand up here in the primary. what changed in the general election that donald trump would come here five times. >> i think he saw some states like georgia fall off the map and limited options foron trump when you look at his key demographics with white working class voters. wisconsin is prime territory for that. demographically, the country made the most censored donald trump, and that's why he campaigned here hard. >> and part of that infrastructure was house speaker
10:50 pm
congratulating ron johnson. we appreciate your insight, still waiting here, still a few folks, but they're feeling this is a historic night. >> definitely the case, thank you. we've been talking about courtney, and -- >> we will begin with shannon sims, and find out the mood there. some have to be disappointed so far. >> the room is still packed here. if you could zoom in, the crowd is still glued to the tv. nbc news is reporting that wisconsin is still too close to call. but we look at the electoral college, it seemed that hilary
10:51 pm
many believe she'll need michigan, and pennsylvania and wisconsin to take that. wisconsin has voted democratic in the last five presidential elections. the supporters are hoping that comes true tonight. we're still waiting here trying to see who will be the next president of the united states. >> yes, i have to tell you it's anticlimatic. we saw the prediction on the phone, but because we were at the senator ron johnson party, the crowd missed the big announcement. trump's road to victory in wisconsin is rocky at best. charles talked a bit about that, he didn't win the gop primary,
10:52 pm
push to actually oust trump from the state not be elected was a big thing here back in the primary. but tables have turned apparently, because he's projected winner here in wisconsin. so now moving forward, if he is president, what does he do get the key gop leaders on board. to push the message forward and do things in washington. it's wait the next president will be. people are sticked around at the ron johnson campaign party. even though the work here is finished. >> you can consider just a few weeks ago, people were talking about the news of the tmz videos. and donald trump is going on to persevere.
10:53 pm
quick broke and be right back.
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welcome back, a look at the eighth congressional district race, gallagher taking on nelson and this one for gallagher, this district covers a big chunk of the green bay area. >> and this district covers parts of milwaukee county. and the first district, paul ryan defeated ryan [inaudible]. this covering racine, waukesha, and parts of milwaukee county as well. >> back to charles benson, on the inside of the victories. >> well, clearly the ron johnson victory will go down as one of the greatest victories for
10:57 pm
i say that if you look at the record of how the republicans done, they've not been able to put the ground game together to overcome the ground game the detection have put together -- democrats have put together. that's why you've seen governor walker reelected three time. when it come to the presidential races, that's when the republicans are knocked down, and not have the c in wisconsin. for russ, he thought the number were there, and he gave it another try. let's listen to what he had to say of the outcome. >> something is happening in this country tonight, i don't understand it completely. i don't think that anybody does, but we as americans have to do the best we can to heal the pain in this country.
10:58 pm
>> as you can hear from his voice, this is a real shocker, a set pack for democrat. they -- set back for democrats. they thought hilary clinton looked like she was leading in the polls, yes, it had tightened in the senate race the number would come together for him, and history would be on his side for russ to win back his seat. they thoughthe turnout would give them the advantage and history had shown that would give them the advantage. ron johnson, the only other time that's happened in a presidential race, you had to go back to 1980 in wisconsin, casten winning in 198 0shgs and he does it in the same year that ronald regan wins wisconsin. he wins in 1984, and it looks like donald trump takes
10:59 pm
republicans. >> and the big question now, how were all the polls so off base? they weren't even close. that's what is disconcerting, maybe people didn't tell the truth? >> i'll be waiting to hear what they say. keep in mind, in the feingold johnson race, they said it was in the margin. but the last poll h clinton up six points in wisconsin. >> and that's charles benson for us, thank you charles. >> we'll go back to network coverage of the election, decision 2006, but we'll -- 2016, but we'll be here all night to break in.
11:00 pm
the drama, the anxiety, the sense of this night can certainly be seen in the faces at twoif not far away from each other here in midtown manhattan. and the trump headquarters, happy faces, hands in the air as they watch their candidate defy the polls and powering to a significant lead here. tonight in this race for president. where at the clinton headquarters, long faces and tears. here's the national vote right now, the popular vote. trump with 48% to 47%, but as we


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